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  1. Right of out to sit on the beach with Mrs TB to watch the Comets.We should see plenty because we have a bloody”Big Sky”infront of us.A wee bottle of chilled wine.Lovely.

  2. JMCCORMICK-enjoy -still nothing to stop you giving out menus-:))rite am of babysitting our youngest grandwean,happy days marspapa:-))))))




    First thing you do, as GFTB suggests, is buy some pork and chorizo. The best you can afford and go for pork shoulder.


    Olive oil, red onion , smoked bacon, garlic, paprika in a pan until onions are soft.


    Add chopped pork shoulder, after 5 mins add sliced chorizo.


    Brown meat and add one tin of good tomatoes.


    Slowly add half of the pork stock, chopped peppers and beans of your choice. No Heinz allowed, go with butter beans is my suggestion.


    The starch in the butter beans will thicken the sauce, so keep the rest of the pork stock only if you need it. Add two bay leaves, salt n pepper to taste.


    Cook on slow heat for at least 2 hours. If you have to, add more tinned tomatoes, however add a tablespoon of sugar to level acidity of tomatoes.


    Be patient, nothing good came from rushing anything. Add smoked paprika powder to suit your own taste.


    When you feel it’s good, chop fresh parsley and throw in the pan.


    Serve with rice, bread or roast potatoes.


    One rule applies….buy. fresh ingredients,


    Good luck. HH

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Totally agree, BR will already have his team selected for Wednesday, Nir & Jozo at the back with the Griff up top, Paddy might just give KT a wee lift nothing better than your pal joining your team



    2-0 would be tremendous, hope the Astana defence are shattered since we will kick off around midnight their time, its good to be in the knockout stage with a wee sniff of the group stages

  5. Hot Smoked: Cheers. Got a ‘special’ bottle in Malaga Airport the other day. Will probably keep it for Christmas.

  6. JMCCORMICK,I would love to try out your two restaurants,can you give me an idea on the menu

  7. Usain Bolt pulls up with big hamstring issue.



    Pity – he could have been a wild card sigining if we make the EC group stages.

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Cardhu whisky is excellent.


    There is no product going by the name of Cardhu whiskey.




  9. Kevin G


    It was announced on Clyde 1 Super score board today that the players union were Stuart’s Advisers

  10. Dennytim



    His adviser – basically a lawyer – is appointed via the players union. Like they appointed the same adviser -lawyer – to a player I know.



    I can assure you its not the chairman of the players union ignoring PL’s phone calls.

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    The Huddle 10.49pm



    1995 sorted for E’s & whizz (Saltcoats Metro)



    Pierre, there’s only one Pierre !!!!

  12. Only 1 of my 5 bets for the PGA still in with a chance. Justin Thomas , backed after I believed the story that his caddy is Jimmy Johnstone. Currently 4 strokes off the lead.

  13. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Whiskey reads better.



    Whisky just looks like a cat or something.



    Invented in Ireland anyway, gifted to our Celtic, Gaelic kin over in Écosse.



    They took it to another level though, to be fair.



    Similar to those bagpipe things.



    The Book of Kells was also crafted in Écosse.



    Celtic as well.



    James Connolly.



    Luke Kelly Ma was fae there also.



    National treasures.



    Strange but true.



    It’s a wonderful life.




  14. weebobbycollins on

    JMcCormick…why tinned tomatoes over fresh?…personally, I prefer fresh every time but would appreciate your opinion…

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