Pittodrie prospects. Flares again


Their three most recent games, all on the road, have not been kind to Aberdeen.  Defeats at Livingston and St Mirren, and a point at Ross County, took the air out of their sails after taking a point from Newco on their first outing after the winter break.

Their away form has been terrible.  Since taking a point at Ibrox in October, they have lost four, drawn one and won once away.  They are a different team at home, where they have not lost in three months.  It is the latter stat that Ange Postecoglou will be most exercised with.

Tonight’s game at Pittodrie is one of the most important in what is left of our season.  Win, and your confidence will receive an endorsement.  Fortunately, Celtic are on their best form of the season and travel with as strong as squad as they have had in years.

My generation of football fans are probably more circumspect of our prospects at Pittodrie than younger fans, who were not conditioned through the 80s to celebrate a fighting draw.  Be in no doubt, a win would be celebrated heartily.

I saw some confusion after Celtic’s correspondence to fans in the standing section yesterday.  It is not Celtic who make the rules on flares.  The stadium is licenced to open for football games subject to Health and Safety rules, which nationwide do not permit flares.  Everyone should be aware of this.  When rules are broken.

Flares provide Instagram-ready moments that are shared worldwide within moments.  For some, this is a large part of their football experience.  This debate is at least a decade old, it will continue for years, with sporadic outbreaks and consequences.  I doubt anything will change soon.


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  1. park the bus 442 on

    If Broony becomes manager of Aberdeen he’ll shock the football world to Joe Kinnear proportions. 💥

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  3. Not to debate, but the flares add nothing to my personal enjoyment of the game atmosphere – mostly enjoyed from afar, of course.

  4. Every Scotland game,there are flares.Every time there is a club game there,there are flares.Hampden.


    Why does it seem only Celtic Park is a target for the H&S brigade.With the use of flares being worldwide,where is the evidence to back up the “Danger”diatribe we keep hearing about.Must be some figures out there,even if only to make people aware.Personally,I have never heard of any incidents in the UK.


    I t remains a great cash cow for UEFA.

  5. Games like tonight are those the huns pin their hopes on – it’s a difficult away game mid week.



    A win for us would be great for our confidence but also demoralise them.



    We need to be relentless.

  6. Hampden is an away ground, i think the Club have warned the GB a few times, flares are unacceptable……

  7. Aipple,



    If you are interested,watch the 4 part BBC,The Universe.Absolutely incredible.Mind boggling.

  8. park the bus 442 on

    Ange should get us the goods tonight.


    My only fear for us under Ange is that the opposition parks the bus.


    Ange doesn’t do the cynical side of the game but a lot of like minded Celtic managers of the past have been replaced because they too wanted the nice & clean product which can at times be elusive especially in a corrupt to the core country like Scotland, on and off the pitch, in and out of the game, appeasing the corrupt should never by tolerated by Celtic ever, but sadly we are led by leaders who do nothing but appease, paying the odd lip service just like 53,000 did to Res 12 before walking off the pitch as their day oot was more important than marching behind the integrity of Auldheid and getting the job done, draining the corrupt swamp, sacking all of the corrupt colluding boards, but these PLC appeasers don’t finance the club themselves they are financed by 53,000 Celtic ticket holders who are totally indifferent to this diminished status of Celtic’s integrity which in turn exposes the lack of integrity amongst the 53,000 themselves financially backing a Celtic executive with zero integrity then compounding that stupidity by voting for a political party which is so lacking in integrity that they brazenly speak out about using £500 pens for signing off the save Rangers Crookery show documents and all the maliciously prosecuted squirrels as David Murray rolls about the floor laughing his ass off at how dim Timmery actually is.



  9. As a lad in the late 70s and early 80s, draws at Pittodrie and were not to be scoffed at. They were the team to beat. Rangers were finishing below St Mirren.


    At the moment they are not a good team. We should win with some room to spare. 3 pts, no injuries and a goal or two for GG would make for a lovely evening.



    On another matter, is there a secrecy veil around Kyogo? Has he gone for surgery? I know Ange played down his injury when it happened but that is around 7 weeks he has already been out with at least a few more to go based on what he said yesterday.

  10. Last word from me on the subject.I am sure many have witnessed games in Dortmund’s stadium.Makes the GBs look like Sparklers.The Wall has never been closed.Bayern,the same.


    I have a feeling its the majority of older fans who are tut tutting.We have had our time.The younger fans love the spectacle,because,that’s what it is.The reason millions are spent at every celebration every year.


    If there was anyone who did not think that last Wednesday was a fantastic spectacle,not much anyone can say to you.

  11. There can be no doubt the “red fire” looked brilliant on Wed night along with the message “send them to hell” and the lightshow. On TV, videos and photos it got us massive attention and kudos.


    Glad I was not standing in it or downwind mind you. I guess there is a good reason why Ultras wear masks.


    For sure a few people were not happy and had their view ruined for a while. Maybe someone can invent transparent smoke :)

  12. Isn’t the flare issue evidence of rather egomaniacal tries by ultras to create their own Instagram moments?



    Finkelstien, Hulten or Warhol were quite perceptive sorts right enough.




    BIG JIMMY – from previous re the nasty Zouma cat business:


    Naturally this woulda enraged you, given the loss of your wee sparring pal Rocky.

  13. Pod Cierto,



    See my reply to Aipple.


    Mind boggling,the Universe.Brain cannot comprehend the distances,and what’s out there.If you have not seen it,its a must see.

  14. park the bus 442 on

    TURKEYBHOY on 9TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:54 PM





    Why don’t Celtic supporters elect a board who’ll fight the fans case, every case, awe the time?


    If Celtic supporters don’t stand up for themselves then they’ll be used as Guinea pigs, used as a dumping ground for wee nippy torn faced fly wummin every time she needs a deflection.


    Why did Callum not say to Boydy “I’ll meet you anytime and you can show me what you meant?”


    Why did Celtic PLC not say “Sack this prk or Sly sports is banned from Parkhead, effective immediately?”


    Nice is fkn useless in the corrupt swamp




    Thanks, I have it ready to go on Iplayer for this evening, cheers, por cierto.

  16. If the GB had had a flare display prior to the hun game does anyone think our spineless, tory board would have banned them from the hun game?



    Answers on a £10 note, please.

  17. Quadrophenian,



    I suppose the same could be said of governments around the world,about who puts on the best Fireworks display every year.A million people seem to enjoy Sidney Harbour annually

  18. If the PLC were to continue to ignore offences being made under Health & Safety, then, the standing section would be liable to closure for the foreseeable future and maybe closed entirely and made into a seated area again. This way they are showing that they take the requirements to have a standing section in the ground seriously by closing it for one game. By doing so they can appease those who would shut it in an instant, citing that the PLC is not taking the matter seriously or the measures required, por cierto.

  19. I have sympathy with all on the flares debate.


    It provides a spectacle and is replicated across Europe.




    It is not permitted, for various reasons.


    I’d like to, legally, drink at the football. I can’t. It’s against the terms and conditions contained within the ticket.


    Too many tens of thousands have been lost in fines. Lost, not spent.


    Time to reconsider

  20. Turkeybhoy



    The “problem” with the banners was that in the middle there was a tombstone with HUN on it. This is ,allegedly, a sectarian slur these days. 🙄



    Isn’t the flare issue evidence of rather egomaniacal tries by ultras to create their own Instagram moments?







    Finkelstien, Hulten or Warhol were quite perceptive sorts right enough.









    BIG JIMMY – from previous re the nasty Zouma cat business:





    Naturally this woulda enraged you, given the loss of your wee sparring pal Rocky.




    Yes Mate I was very angry with that CRUEL CHUMP at West Ham when I saw the news this morning.


    For many years now, I MUST avoid any images and/or stories Online or on TV Etc regarding Animal cruelty.


    It SICKENS me to the Pit of my Stomach.


    Thank you also for remembering that wee Scamp ” ROCKY”…He was my BEST Pal for over 15 years and I STILL miss him every day. He made me LAUGH very often with his antics.


    He literally ” Took the Piss” outta me on a daily basis LOl.


    I have his Ashes in a nice wee Wooden Casket in my Living Room…so he is STILL with me in one way.


    Cheers mate.



  22. BILLYBHOY1967 on 9TH FEBRUARY 2022 1:20 PM




    “The “problem” with the banners was that in the middle there was a tombstone with HUN on it. This is ,allegedly, a sectarian slur these days.”



    It can be alleged as many times as anyone wants, but, the matter was settled in a court case and the term Hun was found to neither be racist nor sectarian, por cierto.

  23. I don’t like the flares for two reasons. They are anti social and they are the call sign of the Ultras the GB wants to imitate. i hate the Ultras having been their victim at grounds in Italy over the years, ruining games by bullying players or clubs, terrorising ordinary supporters and brining their brand of extremist politics and mafia like extortion. It baffles me that the GB would want to emulate or be associated with that or associate Celtic and our supporters with it.

  24. Flares? Do nothing for me, but so are a lot of things, but they are against the rules. So, if that’s the case are Hibs fans banned the next time they play in Hampden as they let off flares after they scored the first goal in the League Cup final, no? Why not? What’s the difference and in this case the exact same Council. Is it only Celtic who enforce the rules?

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