Pride and confidence the target for Celtic


Before Barcelona opened the scoring with a 27th minute penalty, Ferencvaros hit the crossbar and had a goal disallowed for offside; incidents that would make it into a season review DVD around these parts.  Messi & Co. eventually won 5-1, but that gap was half that until the final 8 minutes.

The Hungarians are remarkably organised, but that should not have been enough to remain in the Champions League after they left Celtic Park.

I suspect that both Celtic and Milan have bigger fish to fry this week than each other in tomorrow’s Europa League game.  Milan sit atop Serie A with maximum points from four games and face Roma on Monday.  Celtic’s most important game of the week is in Aberdeen on Sunday.  The domestic league, as always, remains paramount.

The biggest prize on offer to Celtic tomorrow is an opportunity to win some pride back.  Aberdeen will be flying after beating Hamilton last night, a result, or performance, against Milan, will go a considerable way to building confidence in a team that looked short on Saturday.

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  1. Mick



    Just enjoy yourself. The worries about food choices and singing al masco or not will resolve themselves on the day.



    🎼 Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think


    Enjoy yourself, while you read still in the pink🎶




  2. QUAD


    Really? hope we’re not counting our chooks.




    Yes it hurt, more than the black gravel.


    H.H. Mick

  3. GGH



    I’m doing ok, a lot of ‘firsts’ for us as a family right now but we’re all supporting each other. God Bless you for asking.

  4. BADA BING I was under the impression that SKY Sports had outbidded BT Sports for the Champions League,I just wonder if I could get a deal from BT Sports and they have the rights for Europa League is that true,anyway thanks BADA for replying back to me.




    Now thats got me thinking lol.


    Where exactly did you rub that stuff on ?




    I’m sure they will, a coupla rid biddys and i’ll eat onyhing and sing through


    a shitty cloot 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  6. I didn’t attend the Kilmarnock boycott game but stayed in the pub rather than go up to the park and make people feel uncomfortable about going in. Missing the game was incredibly difficult but the right thing for me to do.



    I’ve still got black ash in my knee from the pitches on Charles St in Royston!

  7. Quad


    Just checked official figures, only 5 infections this morn.


    But you’re correct, could change so quickly.


    H.H. Mick

  8. wbc.


    my first saturday job was in castlemilk.it had no pubs then and the labour club was only place for a beer,or go to ruggy or busby.



    There seemed to be a lot of different gangs in the area,same as most areas at that time.i never had a prob as i always had some o the 16 lassies i worked with to the bus lol.



    your right bout black ash it seemed more dangerous than the red shards,not much in it after dabbin on the iodine…sore thinkin bout it.




  9. Red ash “blaize” (sp)?……………at St Columba’s…………….



    Same at Dalsetter in The Drum………………



    Playing in Woolworth’s Winfield Wonders – plastic fitba’ boots………………………



    Thems were the days!




  10. Right: 16 is the Aussie number MM – I am, you are, we are Horst Raylian.


    An Tearmann: I used to walk from Busby to the C-milk – Bogany Drive my destination – and never any probs either! HH

  11. so the real CQNers turn up tonight concerned about Neil Lennons health, well being, and thanking the man for his efforts for Celtic.



    so that narrative now is , we are worried about Neil enough , but, but maybe best he goes for his own health.



    Saturday after the match comments and onward were disgraceful, utterly shameful.



    There were very few of us, well you know, the imaginery clique, on here, calling it out, and supporting the man.



    The personal comments about his life make me sick to the stomach,



    You know who you are, take a good look at yourselfs, and well, you know, hang your heads in shame

  12. Best laugh i ever had in amateur footy.


    Our team turned up at an away cup tie with no boots.


    car with all the gear broke down and never made it.


    Long story short, we won with the bhoys all wearing their shoes


    and the style was yon big high heel winklepicker thingys.


    Oh ! not surprisingly the winning goal was a heider lol.


    H.H Mick

  13. HT



    How are you doing my friend. Do I know you?? Of course I do. We have met on numerous occasions at CP and I have followed your mountain climbs daily. You’ll know me by my likes, who I am, seeing my twitter name. HH buddy.

  14. QUADROPHENIAN on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 11:24 PM



    what a small world :-) i used to do that as a cycle from tbank up to busby headin to thorntonhall roundabout take the left and come down that brae past stmagmarys.still a brilliant panorama of glasgow.



    Friesdorfer of this place hails from Busby



    hope your good 😊😆

  15. Cornelius,



    Some interesting posts today. I happen to have made the same journey as you – from being broadly content with how the club was run to being much more sceptical about things.



    I agree we don’t seem “professional” and there’s a few things I’d point to as ways we could improve:



    (1) Have a proper Director of Football/Sporting Director who is in it for the medium to long term – that person would set the direction and ensure certain things are constant;


    (2) working to the DoG, having a proper sports science and medical department who are empowered to do their jobs to the best of their abilities regardless of who the manager is;


    (3) having a proper identity as a team – how we expect to play (attacking for sure, but passing based like Man City or direct like Liverpool? Or a bit of both?); what our player strategy is (for me a need to have half a dozen good pros who form the core of the side (Brown, Forrest, CalMac, erm…) over a period of 3-5 years, supplemented by a few players we expect to actively trade (Eddie, Ajer, Frimpong), and the very best “local” talent we can get (who will end up in the Core or Trade groups eventually) – preferably from our Academy but bought in if needed); and


    (4) recruiting a manager who fits into what we want to do – your Jesse March was impressed by the RB teams professionalism and that’s because they have the three things above – DOF (Rangnick) setting up the supporting infrastructure and creating a RB identify. Marsh fits the team – they’ve groomed him to do so! By contrast, We’ve gone from Lenny (Old school manager) to Deila (tentative attempts to install a sports science based approach) to Rodgers (took RD’d work and properly implemented and with it but also ran off with it all when he left) and back to Lennon.


    There’s no strategy or longer term planning there. The basics of a modern football club infrastructure isn’t there. There’s no desire to be the best we can be. And it’s no surprise then that as we start to develop good youngsters, the likes of Bayern Munich come and poach them.



    I hope Lennon can do the 10, I really do. I think we have a lot of problems (perversely keeping some of our big hitters for the ten may be part of the problem) and I think we need to give Lennon more help. Two key additions would be a modern coach to work with him (perhaps the Bayern Munich u-23 coach?) and someone to be a confidant for the players and feed back to Lennon in their behalf. John Hartson maybe?

  16. It is ok not to be ok.



    Those dinosaurs who cannot accept this statement need to have a long hard look at themselves and join the 21st century.




    Laughed out loud last night at your report on Hamilton v The Sheep. Brilliant, funny post. Hope you’ll do more of them to cheer us all up. You might become the next American Soccer Guy. 🤣

  18. WeeBobbyCollins



    I try to explain the reality of Glasgow park football to my son & grandson.


    I’d be as well talking Urdu.


    I get half nods & little else.


    On holiday at the beach this year I showed then the extensive scar tissue on my knee.


    They were unimpressed it seemed.


    Grandson seemed more engaged when I told him we played some school matches with no refs, nets, corner flags so that offside was optional depending on how big your opponents were.



    Clinker CSC



    Another Sadie giving herself a finger again is of no consequence. Please repost the report at your leisure.


    Ave Ave

  20. AN – have swapped some stories w FRIESDORFER as well.


    Were you a Busby babe or just a float-in for work ?

  21. SPIDEY101 on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 12:03 AM



    10inarow was always just a chant – until we got 9.


    Now I’m not so sure it’s not in danger of becoming a bit of a curse.


    In the absence of facts & openness I’m left to deduce from circumstantial evidence what might be amiss.


    I find it impossible to ignore what seem like telltale signs of unrest within the footballing side of things.


    The lack of team spirit & the gutlessness of Saturday were huge red flags to me.


    In a comment on Sunday I spoke of the lurching from one type of coach to another with all that those changes meant for current & new players. But more importantly it’s what it says about our whole outlook.


    We’re expected to trust the board with the welfare & future of the club, but if they can’t establish a basic identity for the main function of the club it casts doubt for me on their acumen & judgement in other areas.



    Guardiola had Arteta as one of his assistants at ManCity.


    Arteta is now coaching at Arsenal in an identical style to Pep & it’d be no surprise if at some time in the future he was lured back to City to continue the work of his mentor.


    Celtic are so far away from that model it’s embarrassing.



    The ManCity board invited Pep to outline his vision when he was talking to them about how he saw his football teams & staff at the club. Continuity & consistency of the football vision was key to his appointment.

  22. AN TEARMANN – missed your t/bank reference…If Thornliebank, I have outlaws fae that parish too!

  23. SAINT STIVS on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 5:43 PM






    xxxxx xxxxx



    HH sir


    ISSING THE MOST – typo (freudian perhaps?lol) missing or dissing , all of the above lol



    one of the few that keep me coming back to this site, I like your stuff. its turned into a cesspool of scared angry people and that breeds germuns.





    keep the peace

  24. HH





    muttada, your happiness is my happiness



    Numbers are looking good in Vic with Coved. more easing of restrictions. hail hail


    I like your Premier, knows the writing is on the wall for his career and decided to go all in, bugerr the politics and do the right thing, the peoples safety. hold fast amigo.


    it can be done.



    Melbourne is on my bucket list but we have no plans to open the border till April. its a sandgroper thing, WA – wait awhile.





    best wishes






  25. GEEBEE1978 on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 9:36 PM



    Belated response to you.



    I accept that some of my examples were a little flawed.


    For me it’s like us & Sevco, so that in Denmark it’s Copenhagen & Midgytland while in Switzerland it’s Basle & Young Boys. The notion is that their leagues are no more competitive than the SPFL.



    With Newco, I was glad when they were not in our league – not because we had a smoother run to the title but because I didn’t miss the games against them. I know that’s almost sacrilegious to some people but it was how I truly felt.



    I actually believe that we can be a consistent force again in Europe in spite of the league we’re obliged to play in. We have the fan base, the stadium, we’re not in debt to moneylenders or a bank in Hong Kong, we are a known brand & we have a steady route into Europe – all of these are the basics upon which to build.



    What’s missing is a professionally driven programme around a sustainable football model.


    Not one that rarely leads to our own youth development projects making it into the first team while at the same time we spend time & money recruiting other teams youth graduates to hopefully turn into realizable assets – to sell on.



    Spidey earlier spoke of Bayern Munich signing our youth players Hepburn & Morrison who were both happy to leave Celtic.


    Other German teams are doing the same to English sides – Borussia Dortmund signed 16 yr old Jude Bellingham from Birmingham City & promptly stuck him in the 1st team. The same club signed Jadon Sancho as a 17 yr old from Man City. Both the clubs who are harvesting young players from us & others AND those same young players are telling something – if we’re smart enough to listen.



    Celtic lost Jack Aitchison to mighty Barnsley this month – but the day after he signed for them he joined Stevenage on loan for the season. He made his Celtic debut in May 2016 but played only 3 minutes the whole following season. He spent season 2018/19 on loan at Dumbarton & Alloa and had a full season loan last season with Forest Green Rover. After scoring with his first touch in the 1st team in May 2016 he only played 3 minutes for Celtic’s 1st team in the next 4 years. He is only one player & may not be the best around but he is typical of how Celtic treat most of our own youth graduates. Why would



    As other smart teams sign youth & put them into the first team Celtic dither over our youth players or pay money for other guys that we’re not even putting into the starting line up.

  26. Good morning CQN from a dark, damp Garngad



    Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions on the many common people.



    So why is International and European football still allowed? Hunbeilavable



    Youth football – I played at every one of those Red/Black ash parks, having played a lot of my youth football in Possil from about 10years of age and (Drumchapel for a few years before that) our home park was the red ash at Denmark/Closeburn street, also used Cowlairs and St Augustine in Milton. My legs and thys are covered in scars and nowadays my knees are fecked.



    Big Jimmy – how you getting on with that new fandangled computer thingy, who would have thought when we were young we would be communicating in this way.


    Ffs incredible



    Now COYBIG



    D :)

  27. DAVID66 on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 6:23 AM


    Good morning CQN from a dark, damp Garngad







    Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions on the many common people.







    So why is International and European football still allowed? Hunbeilavable







    Youth football – I played at every one of those Red/Black ash parks, having played a lot of my youth football in Possil from about 10years of age and (Drumchapel for a few years before that) our home park was the red ash at Denmark/Closeburn street, also used Cowlairs and St Augustine in Milton. My legs and thys are covered in scars and nowadays my knees are fecked.







    Big Jimmy – how you getting on with that new fandangled computer thingy, who would have thought when we were young we would be communicating in this way.





    Ffs incredible







    Now COYBIG







    D :)





    Cheers DAVID66, My new ” Windows 10″ Desktop has a few different features from my old “Windows 7″, and as you can imagine I have plenty of time to mess around with it due to being at home since the Pubs closed again on October 9th.


    Sadly, my Pet has been very unwell and Ive had trips to the Vet in the last couple of weeks with me having to use Taxis. But he has been my best Pal for 14 years and I am doing all I can to get him through this illness no matter the cost.


    Ive to take him to The PDSA ( Shamrock St) on Monday afternoon…as I NEED to get a ” second opinion” about his poor health, which is not helped with his old age ?


    So as you can imagine I have been feeling pretty down, watching my wee Pal being unwell…but hopefully after a FULL Investigation by The PDSA he may live longer with ongoing treatment ?


    If he goes I will be Broken Hearted.



    As for Computers, ?….I needed written instructions on how to use an “Etch a Sketch” when I was a Bhoy !


    Only Joking mate.


    I hope that you and the family are well ?


    I also played on numerous Black and Red Ash pitches…and one of the worst was Charles St, Royston…I think it was called ” GLEN CONNOR” ?


    That wasnt “Black ASHES”…It was Feckin LUMPS of CHARCOAL….Just as well my Ball Control and First Touch were both excellent….Only Joking again….PELE would have had trouble with playing on some of those pitches…never mind the Copacamba Beach ?


    Those Brazilians have always been greeting about playing on the Beach and the Streets of RIO etc……that was LUXURY compared to GLEN COINNOR.


    They should have tried Glen Connor and the streets of Easterhoose !


    Stay safe mate.



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