Pride and confidence the target for Celtic


Before Barcelona opened the scoring with a 27th minute penalty, Ferencvaros hit the crossbar and had a goal disallowed for offside; incidents that would make it into a season review DVD around these parts.  Messi & Co. eventually won 5-1, but that gap was half that until the final 8 minutes.

The Hungarians are remarkably organised, but that should not have been enough to remain in the Champions League after they left Celtic Park.

I suspect that both Celtic and Milan have bigger fish to fry this week than each other in tomorrow’s Europa League game.  Milan sit atop Serie A with maximum points from four games and face Roma on Monday.  Celtic’s most important game of the week is in Aberdeen on Sunday.  The domestic league, as always, remains paramount.

The biggest prize on offer to Celtic tomorrow is an opportunity to win some pride back.  Aberdeen will be flying after beating Hamilton last night, a result, or performance, against Milan, will go a considerable way to building confidence in a team that looked short on Saturday.

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  1. The Bullseye comment — look what you could have won …



    We have a pretty good squad and we can play at a high level.


    Just a case that we are a jazz band playing against orchestras.

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  3. Don’t Think much thought or effort went into the lead article today. Fair enough, but would be interesting to hear Paul’s thoughts on what he thinks is really going on within the squad and within the club.


    Maybe tomorrow.

  4. Ms Elaine Knius on

    Paul67. Spot on. We need good showings tomorrow and Sunday.



    On last article:



    Cornelius SFTB and Ernie Lynch. Great reading. And thought-provoking comments all round.



    My view is that we don’t want turmoil this season. Neil can’t get the support he needs from Peter. So look at professional coaching – PR to get him near the slickness of Brendan in interviews, and someone with a european pedigree to advise and give an alternative perspective on tactics.



    Surely it’s not just about Saturday.


    Goes back to Ferencvaros game and has got steadily worse since then.


    I’m not buying this , it’s only one defeat. There is something seriously wrong at the club and needs sorted asap

  6. Luckily Milan are likely to treat Europa way down their list of priorities.



    Wonder what they made of the Saturday playback to prepare for the game?



    I expect they will be packing their slippers and cigars.




  7. MADMITCH on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 12:09 PM


    The Bullseye comment — look what you could have won …






    On my granny’s eyesight, I was on the point of posting something about Jim Bowen but decided against adding to the negativity.



    But yeah.

  8. JERSEYBHOYS on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 12:15 PM


    Still no analysis of what went wrong on Saturday?



    i will give you comment after Saturday



    You are a rancid hun.





  9. DB @ 12.12



    The SCSF debacle in 2016 just brought about change in the football department.


    Nothing much elsewhere — low paid fans with blazers just about everywhere else.



    I fear that we are now facing a failing exec level thrashing about blindly in the face of adversity.


    We seem to have binary management in play at the moment.



    Last year — normal times / sell a big name + buy a medium name and bring in some agent friendly punts.


    This year — full 180 no big names out although a few are getting itchy feet and spend some money on first team starters.



    No thought / no analysis / no subtlety — just tick box management.


    Spaff enough money up against a wall and all will be fine.



    Apart from the coaching desert.


    The doldrums at the side of the pitch.


    The unhappy dressing room.


    The lack of focus.



    Consequently the local management is totally out of his depth — looking at you PL.


    The wild card is that DD calls a few people and pulls in a few favours.


    He is the only person who can make a difference.



    PL is way out of his depth.


    NL does not have the backroom staff to take things forward.


    The dressing room is in transition and too many cannot wait to get away.

  10. glendalystonsils on




    I think we know what went wrong on Saturday , What we want to know is why.

  11. MADMITCH – can’t argue with any of that.


    DD has facilitated a few tete-a-tete meetings in the past to get things moving. Hope some are planned for this month.

  12. Paul 67,



    I would dispute that domestic games are more important to Euro participants.



    From our perspective, Euro football gives us status, money, widespread coverage, international relevance and fantastic occasions.


    As moves are afoot to revamp Euro competitions in the face of contracting domestic fare our participation becomes even more vital.



    It enables us to attract young ambitions foreign players and may assist in any future coaching or managerial appointments.



    We are also acutely aware that domestic success gives the much valued prize of European football. This is considered an honour and reward. We devalue this at our peril.



    I would wager everyone on here regards Celtic as a ” big ” club despite our financial status.


    Why is that : It’s because of our unique European nights, the same reason that many many football ” A listers ” rave about playing at Paradise.



    HH to all.

  13. GREENPINATA – fair point but this season all our focus and energy needs to be on the league. History awaits and we are in serious danger of letting it slip.


    Win it, we are back in the Euro CL mix like we have been for the past 9 seasons.


    Not to say we don’t try to win the Europa games but if, for example, we need to rest players then they should sit out these games and not the league games.

  14. DENIABHOY on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 12:51 PM



    We’ll still be in the CL qualifiers if we finish second in the league

  15. Whilst I dont disagree with the lead article, it is disappointing that we have allowed our expectations to lower so.



    Out of 2 Euro competitions by early November and hoping to be 1 point behind sevco?



    Not great. It’s really not great

  16. We will be stuck with what we have , no top rate manager/ coach would entertain coming to the club without full say on team matters and interference from other departments of the club . Big jock on taking the Celtic managers job in 1965 was on the understanding that he had full control of team matters or he would not take the job . I do not know what cv the boy strachan has , or who brought him to the club , but something is very wrong at our club . This league is not lost ,the ten can still be there for us ,but there are problems that need sorting ,and sorting pretty dam quick before it is too late .

  17. Absolutely right Paul. Nothing wrong with some introspection after a day like Saturday but we need to put it behind us now and do what we do well under Lenny which is put set backs behind us and defy the odds.



    Perfect opportunity

  18. Standard Liege Have announced on Wednesday that three players plus a goalkeeping coach have tested positive for Covid and a further two players are being forced into self-isolation.



    Last season all newcos opponents had mngmt departures before playing them. This season Covid is giving them a helping hand.


    Dark arts at work.

  19. It wouldn’t make sense for Milan not to take the EL seriously. They are desperate for the CL and while they will obviously be hoping to finish in the top 4, the EL is a realistic gateway into the CL for them

  20. I think it is likely that sevco would have disposed of both ferencvaros and monde.


    Sevco in the group stages. Now there’s a thought.

  21. Pingback: Pride and confidence the target for Celtic Paul67 - Celtic FC News Aggregation




    There is a nasty irony that after our domestic dominance and our tricky route into the CL, we face a very real possibility of Sevco winning the league and getting an easy route to those millions.



    We need to win the league for reasons beyond even 10IAR

  23. Geebee.




    This is a huge season for us. If they get champions league money we will be in big trouble.

  24. We’ve got the Huns in the group stages next year already.



    We’ll get better and win the league

  25. CELTIC40ME – cheers for the correction. I assume more qualifiers for 2nd place?. And the following season, Winner straight into group stages, no?



    Newco will be salivating. They are seeing a real chance this season and next to get serious money in. Remember King said without CL money we were a house of cards? In conjunction with Covid, his prediction of our power being eroded is at least a genuine possibility now. They have gambled everything they have, and a lot more that they don’t have, for this moment.


    There have been plenty of hints from Paul and others that our next Set of accounts will make bleak reading. We have burned through our reserves.


    We have spent big but are in danger of not getting the desired return.



    League is only priority for me.

  26. WESTCRAIGS on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 1:19 PM



    This is a huge season for us. If they get champions league money we will be in big trouble.



    We won’t. They’re way behind us financially and they’re making huge losses every year. Even with champions league cash they’ll not match our turnover.



    They’ll need several seasons of cl money to compete with us financially, by which time who knows what the European football landscape will look like.

  27. TIMBHOY2 on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 1:17 PM



    Some of you need to get a grip on here ,Sevco This Sevco That ,forget about them we need to get our own Club back we’re it belongs,







    If I could emphasise part of your post



    “we need to get our own Club back”



    The Onlooker

  28. DENIABHOY on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 1:23 PM



    3 qualifiers for 2nd, 2 for first, and I’m not sure if there are different streams



    If our accounts are grim reading theirs will be a full on horror show. They haven’t published their interims for the first time ever which tells a story



    King’s story about a house of cards has been proven to be more of his lies – we’ve had two seasons in the Europa and we’ve still been profitable and had a turnover £30m greater than theirs



    We’re profitable in the Europa, they’ve posted relatively huge losses every year. They’re in breach of uefa financial fair play regulations but they’ve been saved, for now by Covid. They will have to cut their costs or they’ll risk heavy fines or worse. They’re already talking about a sustainable model but failure to sell anyone in the summer means their accounts for this year will be another mess.

  29. ST TAMS on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 12:19 PM





    Surely it’s not just about Saturday.



    Goes back to Ferencvaros game and has got steadily worse since then.



    I’m not buying this , it’s only one defeat. There is something seriously wrong at the club and needs sorted asap




    You’re talking to a troll. Best ignored.

  30. CELTI40ME – cheers.


    As I said earlier, dark arts at work when it comes to them. The usual rules of finance simply do not apply. They do not care.

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