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  1. Pünktlichkeit – Wer zu spät kommt, den bestraft das Leben



    smiley hope you and your fellow Tay watchers are doing brawily thing




  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    In 2 years since Rodgers left the great ego that is Peter Lawwell has built the club according to his own whims and reduced us to this – huge underdogs with only 1 win in 5 derbies and even that a fluke. While the huns built a team, Lawwell gave jobs to his cronies and bought punts like Klimala with the express aim of selling them on quickly for profit. All whilst tickling the tummies of a supine, nose-in-the-trough Board. What a joke to render our club so weak, so quickly from a position of towering strength.



    Yet some on here continue to laud the Great Fraud for 9 years of pumping Aberdeen. Although even they gave us a scare under peak Lawwell.



    Good riddance to the man. Bloody parasite.



    As for today, it’s a shot to nothing. I suspect we’ll lose a close match due to a controversial refereeing decision in the huns favour. After all, Lawwell deliberately let them back out their box because of his love of the blue £, so they intend taking full advantage.



    One day P67 will apply his critical faculties to his mate, as he has (rightly) for wee helmet heid and her SNP con artists. It may be the day after hell freezes over right enough, but I’ll wait.

  3. Paul67 et al



    Thanks for all those who have posted links to past glories and to some of the previous matches against our previous rivals. Many of those games are in recent memory, or not too distant at any rate, so why is it that the teams managed by Martin, Gordon, Neil (Scottish Cup at Ibrox 2011 and subsequent replay), and Brendan, regardless of the personnel involved, seem to have had a far greater focus and determination about them than the Celtic team of this season? Replicate that today and we are going into the next round! And up for the Cup!

  4. Bain























    Rumoured team

  5. Come on The Celtic..



    Lets skelp the huns



    🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀× 2

  6. Celtic are in better shape for the latest visit to the stolen stadium of the southside.



    John Kennedy has stopped shuffling the pack of leftover players the way his predecessor did, and at the same time handled himself very well, fielding the press pack reporting his every utterance, especially about his position where he seems to be waiting on the new manager like the rest of us. Problem is Celtic have long gone from ‘having better players than them for every position’ to the very opposite. Dominating a whole half last time round wasn’t good enough because the game remains about goals, and like in so many games this season we rarely came close to scoring. If James Forrest fails to make it, expect Ryan Christie to plug into the gap on the right, where we’ll await him threatening on his left foot as he rarely has this season. Head down Odsonne has been leaving since the first lock down, and he owes us another cup cameo at least, season late ever present David Turnbull needs to up his game to his Lille standards. A joust for left back between Grieg Taylor and Diego Laxalt, should with hindsight include Jonny Hayes, where there would have been only one winner.



    Stephen Welsh and Kris Ajer will square up to Polaris Morelos who could dive for Columbia if they ever give him a game, but he’d need a Bobby Madden, ( oh wait ). But it’s the engine room where we toil and it all stems back to when we decided to play without wingers and James Forrest got injured. It’ll all change when the cast does, next season, key man MOI is unlikely to be there, another who could leave his mark today’s salvage mission.



    Slavia Prague may be the only team to have beaten them at Ibrokes but Celtic have beaten Sevco more times than any other club including Alloa.




  7. Good luck Celtic, tight at the back dont give them an excuse to dive around the box, take the chances we will make and play without fear, show what you all can do, individually and as a team.

  8. In case I forget later:



    Na Ceiltigh abú.







  9. onenightinlisbon on

    C’mon the Hoops.



    Blue £ very much in evidence – look at the league table and our status today….

  10. The team pretty much picks itself apart from 2 positions.



    For the sake of continuity and reinforcing the improvement under JK, we need Bain Kenny, Ajer, and Welsh in defence and Brown, McGregor, and Turnbull in midfiel with Elyounoussi as support striker/extra midfielder to Eddie up front.



    The only two choices we have are Taylor vs Laxalt and does Forrest start?



    I believe Laxalt is the superior player but he is also the one more likely to commit a foul and run foul of the ref. Taylor is a steadier but less imposing option. It is a brave call to go with Laxalt but it gives us a better chance of getting on the front foot.



    Even if JF was not carrying an injury, the first half of any match with Sevco is usually a whirlwind battle of running, tracking and tackling and that favours Christie. With fewer clear cut chances his long range shooting becomes more important too and, though he has been hit and miss recently, he is better from distance than James. Depending on how fit he is, JF can come on for the final 30 minutes or extra time to exploit their tiring defenders and increased space.



    We don’t have a lot of impact potential from the bench. Soro for Brown is just a like for like replacement. Griff and Ajeti have disappointed more than they have ffered hope recently and only Rogic has given the occasional cameo performance where a match has been changed by his presence.



    I think we need to score first and I think we need to try and dominate them as we are not strong enough defensively to play a counter attack game for 90 minutes. It’s always tough at Ibrox but I think we can sneak a 1:0 today with a Morelos og.

  11. I travel in hope that the huns an’ thur sleekit acolytes…………are well sickened today.




  12. boredome bingo started already, try supporting the team will yeese.



    Blue pound yada yada yada.

  13. Won’t be watching today. My experiences with Premier Sports are all negative but like an eejit I tried to sign up for the match only to be told my perfectly valid payment method had been rejected. Can’t even remove payment methods from your account, only add more. So it’ll be the Grand Prix for me!



    Mon the Hoops! 🍀

  14. SS – Hope Big Jimmy is listening to it.



    Big Jimmy if lurking Hail Hail amigo.



    D :)

  15. Is the game on he’sgoal please, can’t find the link



    Thanks in advance



    3 -1 the good guys

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