Relief for one of the world’s busiest players


Most of us considered Cameron Carter-Vickers unfortunate not to be more involved in last year’s World Cup in Qatar.  The US international featured in only one match.  This international break, Cameron came off the bench in both US games; against Germany and Ghana – reward for his form since December, as Celtic collected a treble.

That’s now four appearances since injuring his hamstring in August, although he has yet to put in a full 90 minutes.  That achievement will hopefully come on Sunday.

Callum McGregor does not often watch games from the substitutes bench, as he did in Lille last night.  Some fleeting relief for one of the world’s busiest players.  We have talked about this before, but at 30, Callum has to plan the remainder of his career.  His body will eventually push back against continual exertion, just as it did with Scott Brown.

Brendan Rodgers has many challenges: pressure to win every game domestically, then having to make the huge step up for Europe, with few genuine advantages.  One, though, is the luxury of winning many games early, another is having central mid options.  He should make the most of them.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Glad that’s over (for 26 days at least).



    Fly them back.



    Rest today.



    Light training tomorrow.



    Ramp it up Friday.



    Tactical sessions Saturday.



    Roll on Sunday. Execute the plan.

  2. “How I wish I could have justified his [Stein’s] confidence in me. My once buoyant spirit was beginning to flag faster than he could have imagined. And, in spite of my upbeat prediction about there always being the 1978 World Cup, I just knew it was never going to happen for me as far as Scotland, or Celtic, for that matter were concerned.”


    George Connelly



    Released on this day in 1976. So sad.



    The Celtic Years: 1967/68-1976/77.



    Appearances: 254.



    Career highlight: Scoring the winning goal to cap a superb performance in the 1970 European Cup semi-final victory over Leeds at Elland Road.



    Show us your medals: Four League titles; five Scottish Cups.



    So what makes you a legend?: He had the ability to become the next Franz Beckenbaeur – yet turned his back on the glare of the senior game and sought refuge playing for Sauchie Juniors.



    Connelly’s rise and fall demanded the word enigma be redefined, and anyone who was fortunate enough to see him play is still wondering why it all went so horribly wrong.



    Jock Stein tried everything to keep Connelly in love with the game.



    But, after a series of walk-outs and returns, it all proved to be too much for the then-26-year-old to handle and he exited stage left.



    Connelly’s insecurity with his team-mates was at odds with the confidence he displayed on the field.



    As a 16 year-old, he had entertained the Parkhead crowd at the interval of a European tie with his superb keepy-uppy skills.



    By 20, he was scoring vital goals and earning a reputation around the world, his poise and power the perfect package.



    But the demons were already hard at work and, soon after close pal Davie Hay left for Chelsea, Connelly walked away for the final time to drive taxis. (Glasgow Times)



  3. George Connelly –



    My father took me to my first Celtic game, v Hibs at Celtic Park. sometime around 1969/70. I was 4 years old



    I was placed on the jungle wall, and got pointed out Jinky, easy peasy in glorious technicolour wow.



    And the guy who will become the greatest ever Celtic player he said – George Connolly.






    many years later while working in IBM Dalrymple Street had regular disputes between us in the Stores office (Vatican city) and the assemblers on the lines as we argued all things football, quizzes, banter, boasts, etc etc. Particularly bad if there was a match being played and we were on backshift.






    Cookie, a notorious rangers supporter works on the kitting part of the line, we feed him parts.



    Pat, our group leader, is the eldest bhoy of a family of 16 west end catholics. And a brain the size of a super computer, he can rip the pish like no one else, savage with it an all.



    Cookie and him have some sort of argument, and he tells Pat, your big mooth is gonny get you in some sort of trouble sometime.



    Ok says Pat, lets leave it there and I will shut up, but I will be seeing you later.



    OH, Trouble brewing and a menace in the air.



    Pat suprises us though, the next time we push the trollies out, he does a little balletic routine, fast footwork, an arm out, a little side step, a few forward , then a shuffle left, a few more steps, and a raised arm and a pirout away. Big smile and a wave.



    He does this 3 more times, all getting Cookie more and more wound up.



    He finally snaps, right Pat w t f are you doing now ?



    Pat says



    dont you recognise it Cookie, its George Connolly taking the ball off Greig, leaving him on his arse, then going roon norrie martin and side footing the ball into the empty huns net ………….



    I can still see Pat twirling away,



    memorable and funny, and a put down like no other.



    The Laurieston is up for sale. Is there no end to this folly?




    See what happens when you give up the drink.🍺🥃

  5. France played a full throttle team up to 4-1 last night, Scotland didn’t



    I posted on a group last night that that we desperately needed McGregor and McGinn on to save face



    I reckon Clarke pre agreed not to play McGregor



    PS you can’t compare McGregor and Brown. One is a skilful player and good captain, the other was bang average and a very good captain. You can admire both but can’t compare



    Pps Taylor did ok facing forward last night but posted missing in defence the same way as Lazio and Killke. We really need a LB in Jan

  6. Scott Brown – bang average ?



    dearie me.



    787 club matches across 20 seasons. scoring 68 goals.



    he played 129 in european competitions



    55 caps.



    22 honours for celtic, including captain of a team that wins a Quadruple treble.


    Might he , mcgregor, rogic forrest and bitton be the only players in the world to have this unique honour ? or who am i missing >




    and a league cup with hibs.



    11 individual player or team of the year honours.



    as a footballer he was never bang average, never.

  7. SS



    Attendance doesn’t mean performance



    Is James Forrest one of our best ever players? Nobody apart from me thinks so but he attended and has loads of flat track bully medals



    Was Peter Grant a great player? Stuck around like Brown but won not much. Arguably a better player but no medals



    Brown was poor in passing, tackling, shooting etc.



    The age thing applies to him as his attribute was energy but McGregor has everything a great midfielder should have



    He can play as long as he wants

  8. Prestonpans bhoys on

    SAINT STIVS on 18TH OCTOBER 2023 2:43 PM


    Scott Brown – bang average ?



    That was very impressive SS, to collate all those stats and type a post in 10 minutes 👏👏👍

  9. Brown was poor in passing, tackling, shooting etc.



    simply not true, the stats and analytics say different.



    Yes, by medal haul alone, Brown, Forrest and McGregor are amongst our greatest ever players.



    I personally like Peter Grant, much under rated footballer, he was excellent at the greenock celtic event last year, but that didnt make him one of the great players, where as McStay was, with the same amount of medals.



    I will state it again – Scott Brown was not a bang average footballer, not at all.

  10. SS



    I used to get people to watch him for 5 minutes solid to prove how bad his positional sense was (before Brendan hid him in front of the defence).



    They all reacted like you until they did that. Always blamed a teammate for his mistakes



    Same as Lennon; who wanted to buy either player?

  11. Coneybhoy



    I think you’re missing the point with both Lennon and Broonie


    Their job was not to be silky smooth passers full of tricks and goals. Theirs was in your face, no letting up, bite your ankles, never give peace, pain in the arse to face type, wind up merchants. Both were brilliant at it

  12. Although I dont contribute to Sentinel Celts I do read their articles, and often the comments.



    Their greatest team ever that you saw in real life is quite interesting.



    What I am liking is how people justify their choices for inclusion, without disparaging other players,



    Over the years what I have realised, it is very difficult to compare different players from different eras, and we positively discriminate to our own choices,



    I dont know why people would pick out that our players were worse than bang average or pretty rubbish in their opinion at aspects of the game, particulalry when the players mentioned played for Celtic teams that broke records in trophy hauls.



    I mean seriously.

  13. ONIL



    what has Neil Francis Lennons playing ability got to do with being appointed manager ?



    You are letting yourself down with that.

  14. It is difficult to evaluate how great players in the past would fare in modern day football.



    Modern refeering and rule interpretation make it almost a different sport.




  15. Green Brigade given no tickets for Hearts and Hibs and not getting their cards activated for Madrid apparently

  16. The returnof weeron on

    Scott Brown….



    ‘poor passer’….



    Not really. In a 2 man central midfield, he often struggled to complete the required long pass to the wings.



    In a 3 man midfield, with teammates in closer proximity, he was outstanding.



    As for James Forrest…..



    Those of you who go out of their way to denigrate a fine footballer for Celtic….shameful. He’s near the end of his Celtic career, not in the team much…so why pile on to stupid comments that have no basis in fact?



    You are welcome.




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