Return to Tannadice, Bisgrove’s chance slipped


Tannadice was the scene of some great Celtic games, a couple of memorable league wins and several hard luck stories.  The venue has been missed from the Premiership roster, a consequence of a strong football club falling into the hands of general incompetents.  Good to see United back.

Say what you like about Mike Ashley, he must be a nightmare to do business with, but at least he ships quality product.  How you leave Ashley behind and allow ‘two Tims from Liverpool’ to make matters worse, beggars belief.

This time last year, Newco had a route out of their matching deal with Sports Direct.  Commercial director, James Bisgrove, had to set an early deadline for offers for the new contract, then ask Sports Direct to match or decline the deal.  There are in excess of a dozen kit suppliers who would have been happy to pick the contract up, if Sports Direct declined, as they did.

A production slot would have been booked and a kit deal help pay the bills.  As it is, they left it too late for a production slot.  Castore were the only outfit prepared to hawk manufacturing around, whatever the cost to quality and reputation.

Still, the contract only has five years to run.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Echo your sentiments re Tannadice Pablo.



    Nowadays I don’t attend away games but, when I did, Tannadice was one of my favourites.



    I have a soft spot for Dundee United and hope they do well – starting tomorrow.



    As for the circus club – Pablo – would you care to hazard a guess as to what their realistic revenues will be from handing over kit manufacturing to Del Boy and Rodney?

  2. ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND AUGUST 2020 12:21 PM



    Inasmuch as a pub and a CELTIC website are very different places, I would say that that analogy was neither apposite nor up to your usual , forensic, acerbic standard.

  3. Big Wavy


    Thanks for that obviously informed tip. I`ll nip up to the Bookie`s now and put on a tenner.

  4. Rumour has it,there is a defender ,a CH,if your not angry,plying his trade in Outer Mongolia,that we have not been linked with, yet.


    Maybe just me,but I just cannot be assed any longer with this,will we,will he,transfer farce.Just how much negotiation does it take to sign a player.We have now had 2 weeks of Duffy speculation.If that falls through,the whole process will start again.Just as far too many people seem to forget we are in the middle of a Pandemic,defenseless,our club seem to be in the same thought mode.Forgetting we are going for the 10.Forgetting we are in a difficult CL qualifying set of games.Again,defenseless.


    Totally,urined off.


    Anyway,no idea about today.Which team will Lenny bamboozle us with.Play well,we win.Play like we did against Killie,??????????.

  5. Big Wavy


    Absolutely :-)


    Cheerio for now ; I`m away for a Big Jimmy



    NB a pint not a pee !!

  6. HOT SMOKED on 22ND AUGUST 2020 1:22 PM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND AUGUST 2020 12:21 PM







    ‘Inasmuch as a pub and a CELTIC website are very different places’






    Two points



    1. From extensive experience I can say that conversations and discussions in Celtic pubs (ie pubs frequented pretty much exclusively by Celtic fans, at least on match days) range across a huge range of topics. They are not confined to Celtic.



    2. There’s any number of matters discussed on here, from black puddings to golf clubs. It’s only when politics is discussed that people take the hump. And generally only when someone dares to question or criticise the Nats, as if being a supporter or fellow traveller for the SNP should somehow be the default position for Celtic supporters, which is an utterly bizarre idea, for anyone who knows their history.

  7. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    So a 1000 maybe allowed in for the Motherwell game………rock,paper,scissors.



    ‘Lets all do the huddle’…….

  8. Turkey Bhoy


    As you will know, there are several factors at play in any transfer. In this case, it might be that Brighton agree a fee with Celtic and Duffy wants to move to us but wants a pay off from Brighton to compensate for reduced wages at Celtic using the projected savings for Brighton.


    All speculation of course, and might be rubbish. We will see.



  9. Much confusion in the Huns tacky Superstore.When trying g to purchase a replica top,customers/ victims/ gullibles,being asked,”Which size S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL,sorry,but XXXXL,sold out.OK,you will have two,XXXL.Now which country would you like your Top Quality Castore top from,India,China,Turkey,.OK,that will be two,XXXL,from China.Now would sir like the Premium quality tops,with all badges straight,and in alignment with all other Logos,all panels of the Tops being the same shade of Blue and both arms of the same length,approximately,or would sir prefer the lesser quality Tat from Mehmets,made in Turkey,many of which have the Club Crest,on the back,8 different shades of Blue making up the top,one arm,short sleeved,one long”


    “EH wits the difference in price,doll””No difference,all Top Quality Castore tops are priced at 65 pounds”


    “OH,awright,give me 2 from Turkey,wis there fur ma holidays wance,it wis brulliant”

  10. And generally only when someone dares to question or criticise the Nats, as if being a supporter or fellow traveller for the SNP should somehow be the default position for Celtic supporters, which is an utterly bizarre idea, for anyone who knows their history.






    why ?



    celtics founders were Nationalists,


    Irish Home rule supporters, members and speakers of the various shades of Nationaist organisations at that time. Benefactors and organisors.



    It is not a huge stretch to imagine that 130 years or so later that the descendents of those people would maybe have nationalist leanings. I personally cannot square how I could support a unitied ireland free and seperate and not the same for Scotland.



    Anyways 3-0 for the celts today.



    Yes,I know ,but the endless speculation is driving me to distraction.We had it on here for a week.I don’t think its rubbish,probably ,on the nail,just interminably long.


    Hail Hail.

  12. Personally I think the transfer window should be a day long, sponnsored by the QVC channel with available players made to go across the screen in old The Generation Game style….

  13. I support,The Palestinians,The Catalans,The Kurds,The Basques,in their desire for freedom.


    When the Berlin Wall came down,most of the free world rejoiced that so many countries formerly under the Soviet yolk,got their freedom.None more so than me.


    Should I now want to see my country of birth free from England.Wait,I need to stop and think about that.


    Aye right.

  14. The Tannadice pitch is apparently looking good, no tractors or ploughs have been used in the prep, less than 10% chance of a light shower around kickoff. It’s overcast in Dundee right now, but warm. Wandering up about 5pm, see if I can pick up a ticket outside the ground 😀

  15. If you know your history indeed.


    Our Irish Nationalist founders for sure were involved in Labour movements, I would argue as a vehicle for delivering what they felt was best for the Glasgow Irish, and Home Rule









    The newspaper reported that the Celtic players were wearing something else that day – black armbands. The previous Sunday, after attending mass at St Mary’s in the Calton, Hugh Murphy was waiting for a horse-drawn brake to take him to Airdrie where he was due to address a meeting of Irish nationalists. He collapsed while waiting and, a few days later, he died at his home at 579 Gallowgate. He was 47 years old.



    His sudden death plunged the Celtic club and the Irish community in Glasgow into mourning. Hugh Murphy was one of the most prominent and celebrated political figures that the Glasgow Irish claimed as one of their own. Having arrived in the city with his family as a 10-year-old boy from Newtonbutler, County Fermanagh in the 1860s, Murphy became active in an array of Irish organisations as a young man. He quickly came to the attention of John Ferguson, the book publisher who was the unchallenged leader of the Glasgow Irish for the greater part of the latter 19th century. According to Ferguson’s biographer Elaine McFarland: ‘On first acquaintance, Murphy, aged seventeen, was still pledged to physical force nationalism, but he was soon won over by constitutionalist arguments.’



    As one of Ferguson’s key radical lieutenants – alongside activists such as future union leaders Richard McGhee and Edward McHugh – Murphy helped build up Glasgow’s Home Government Branch of the Irish National League (INL) into that organisation’s ‘boss branch’ in Britain. It was through their efforts that Glasgow and Scotland became a bedrock of support for Michael Davitt throughout his years of dispute with Parnell and others. They developed a radical edge, encouraged by Davitt, that was unusual among Irish activists in Britain and abroad who tended to focus solely on the national question. Using the Home Government Branch as a base they built up an effective political organisation that could largely guarantee the electoral support the Glasgow Irish, no mean feat at the time.



  16. BADA,


    Cue the talk of a gigantic offer on its way from,well,take a pin and stick it in a map.

  17. St. Stivs



    None of our ancestors wjo faced the contemporary choice had no such confusion. They knew Ireland as a colonised state, subjugated over 800 years. Scotland was in a voluntary union that, should it wish to do so, could break that Union through the ballot box.



    Our forefathers showed very limited interest in Scottish Home rule when it became available to them in the late 1920’s or when the current party started in 1934. Even at the time of the SNP surge in the 1970’s, it would be a minority of our support that backed them. The idea of some inextricable link between a desire for Irish Independence (yet to be achieved) and Scottish Independence, is a ploughman’s lunch, a modern fabrication. We do a great dis-service to the vast majority of Celtic men from 1880 to 1970 to depict them as proto-Scottish Nationalists when they explicitly disavowed that choice.




    But, as you say, today is a match day and we are facing an away fixture against a fired-up newly promoted team. I have confidence that, on grass, we are playing well at the moment, but our defence is far from being tuned; that is dangerous with a sniffer like Shankland around. They also have spme promising youngsters in Ian Harkes, son of John, and Louis Appere. I think their defence is weaker than ours so I can see us winning 3:1.



    Incidentally, United have two US players who are uncapped at Senior level. We have sent our two back because they cannot get permits. I know Gutman is hampered because he ha no under age caps- we need him to get a chance of a Full cap before we can sign him, but Manny Perez has under-age caps like the 2 United lads, so why can we not utilise him? Any thoughts?

  18. I don’t think The Generation Game is the best analogy for the PL narrative.



    Surely he would have been on Bullseye being consoled with “let’s have a look at what you could have won”.



    Instead of a speedboat- we’d ahve John McGinn and various exotic continental superstars. :-)

  19. Celtic is what unites us.


    Politics and religion are subjective with no rights or wrongs and so divide us.


    10iar, transfers rumours, qualifiers, COVID and Castor (oops the ‘e’ fell off ) plenty to keep CQN busy.


    3 points tonight and another 90 minutes in the players legs enough for me ⚽️🏐⚽️🍀




    You fall into the trap set by the SNP to con our ‘kind’, traditional Labour voters, to give them votes.



    The SNP know the all nuances involved in Irish politics.



    They emphasised their NATIONALIST name – they labelled other parties UNIONIST…..and you know what, the “let’s f*** the huns, who cares if Scotland ends up a basket case, who cares about massive unemployment, who cares if the SNP couldm’t run a parish council – we’ll stuff the butcher’s apron & Rule Britannia down the throats of the Ibrox dwellers”



    You are all so wrong – Ibrox is not the UK. We have many friends in the UK, many many more than we could ever have in Scotland.



    SNP have given the working class NOTHING – why?, because there is not the hint of left-wing politics in the DNA of the SNP – never has been.



    How crazy to think that many of the new converts to SNP could not make ends meet without Labour’s Tax Credits.



    I’m no Tory, however with the furlough scheme protecting wages, salaries & many businesses, they have done more in six months for working people than the SNP have in their existence……what an indictment on SCOTTISH NATIONALISM.

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