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  1. HT 1-0 to champions and league leaders


    Dark, miserable highland day lit up by a thunderbolt shot for Rogic’s goal

  2. Their free kick was played into box where their guy whiffed on chance


    Why we keep going with our possession stat nonsense and create little danger from set pieces

  3. Right I’ve changed the sausage, so it’s about 90secs behind you all, can you please delay the updates :-)))

  4. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Moderate first half…plenty of possession ….little cutting edge



    Vulnerable in defence …RC have had two very good chances



    I’ll be happier if and when we get another goal

  5. Apologies if posted earlier






    Fit for Purpose



    In a previous article, The Balance of Power (https://johnjamessite.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/the-balance-of-power/), I pointed out that the SPFL board would be deliberating on the implications of Employment Benefit Trusts being ruled as illegal. Apparently four of the six representatives of clubs unequivocally and robustly stated to Chairman Topping and Chief Executive Doncaster that the Inner Court of Session directives were a game changer.



    They insisted that the private investigation by Lord Nimmo Smith was not fit for purpose and should be set aside. Nothing short of a full, frank and on this occasion, truly independent, review of the facts would be acceptable. The four clubs have insisted that sanctions, including the possibility of rescinding the award of 13 trophies, are included in the tariffs at the disposal of this commission.



    Mr Doncaster will not be allowed to hide behind the LNS report.. The four representatives informed him in no uncertain terms that Rangers engaged in an illegal enterprise to gain a competitive advantage. Some present resorted to expletives when outlining their demand for a thorough review and the word ‘cheating’ was used liberally.



    SMSM and Level 5 are doing their utmost to derail the growing consensus for title stripping, however should Mr Doncaster not heed the the views of the four clubs, their representatives will resign and openly state their rationale for resignation.



    The desire for vengeance is not confined exclusively to the supporters. Those in the boardroom are evidently spitting blood

  6. Poor game. Just one moment and a brilliant strike. Aoart from goal thought Rogic and Efe our better players,

  7. I didn’t think that silky soccer was ever going to be on show given the conditions. Let’s hope we can slug it out to the end and stay on top.




  8. One shot on target one goal, so Tony and co are you happy with that. Then again we must take into consideration we are up against the mighty Ross County

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Our slow, laboured build up is playing into RC’s hands, they have plenty of time to get bodies back behind the ball. One moment of quick direct thinking and an incisive pass gives us the goal. We need to do more of this in the second half and we should be fine. Defensively we still look nervy though.

  10. Goals change matches.



    Swirling wind, slippy pitch and some nervous players all combined to form a nervy first 45 minutes there. One beautiful strike from Tom Rogic and, suddenly, there was a wee spring in the boots of a few other Celts.



    Not a safe lead though. There are too many balls falling to Ross Co. players inside our box- they will connect better at some stage. We need one more goal.

  11. Cathedral View on




    Scrappy first half understandable given the conditions.



    Superb goal from Rogic.



    Celtic to push on and win by at least a couple now.




  12. Poor game in poor conditions. Performance is par for the course for most of this season. Efficient but boring to watch.

  13. A cold, wet and windy day in Dingwall – Brazil’s 1970 team would have difficulty playing decent football in this.



    For the second half I’ll take a clean sheet and no injuries.

  14. The only satisfaction is in the score and the quality of the goal.


    It looks like we left a few of our team on the A9.


    We’re it not for the Rogic goal, MOTM would be


    EFE by a country mile

  15. Any win will do in these conditions and with a storm brewing off the park.


    The MSM deflector boards will be set to levels previously unseen, as Poppy bollocks will be the story of the day, the week , the month.

  16. Cautionary note:



    we should have had many more shots with that wind behind us. They will try to mix it in the swirling wind hoping for a mistake/foul not given and will shoot from anywhere …if we let them.



    C’mon the Hoops 45 mins of intense concentration.

  17. Game crying out for somebody with individual flair to take somebody on from midfield and slide rule pass.


    Do we have such a player?


    On the bench?


    We are against the wind now and might actually help LG if ball over the top holds up.


    Mon the Hoops kick in and finish this off please.

  18. Our football philosophy has to improve.


    We can’t keep on with this possession obsession.


    We are so purposeful and slow in build up we give teams an easy defensive time.


    Meanwhile we are always defensively vulnerable.


    We have to learn to play as a complete unit not fractured parts.


    If we varied our pace and movement more teams would have a tougher time against us.

  19. O.G.






    I’ve been following JohnJames site but haven’t been on for a few days.



    Looks like someone is not taking this lying down.



    I sense that if there is no appeal developments could come quickly.

  20. Cathedral View on

    Is it just me who has to loggin every time I wish to post only to have the post vanish into the ether?