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  1. BMCUW



    Well pashed and i think i even picked ole Mo Bangura at one point


    now that is drunk.


    Harry and charlie both players i much admired.


    H.H Mick

  2. Most important things first, sincere condolences to Kev J on the death of Mrs Duddy. May perpetual light shine upon her soul.


    Main “sports” report on the back page of the Irish News is about Celtic supporters disrespecting the minutes silence up in Dingwall. The author of the report and the Irish News Scottish football correspondent is Ronnie Esplin author of 8 books on the dead team including their Official biography. Ronnie never misses a trick in serving us up a blue tinted specs version of events including a piece on Ronnies “rant” last week and “Rangers” “re emergence” in the 3rd tier of Scottish football. Apparently liquidation is just for Christmas.


    Haven’t seen anything by him on financial doping or on last weeks verdict by the Court of Session but I live in hope. Point that needs addressed is how does this hagiographer get a gig reporting on all things Celtic for the Irish News. AICSC need to address this. I got a piece published in a comments section of the paper last week but it was edited beyond all recognition i.e Ronnie Esplins previous was left out. For the avoidance of doubt I don’t want my Celtic coverage “mint sauced” but this guys coverage is beyond belief.


    On further points raised on the blog this morning. The Irish Govts “territorial claim to the North” (as Unionists referred to it) in Articles 2and 3 of the Constitution had to be amended by Amnd 19 as the Unionists insisted upon it before signing up to the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. No Amnd 19 no Good Friday Agreement.

  3. Gearoid1998



    How long has he been writing for the irish news ?



    as you say no one wants bias either way but i doubt any ibrox followers buy the Irish news so whats the point in having such a bluenose Scottish correspondent.



    very strange.

  4. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gearoid, Esplin works for the Press Association . Many papers take their information from Press Association releases. Unfortunately, he is their Scottish football guy.



    In Newsnow, all the links to Australian media run about Tom’s goal, as expected. None about the less enlightened guys interrupting yeaterday’s silence.



    I wish the international break was Saturday and Sunday just gone . We could have avoided some of the media’s desire to have a go at us.





    I saw that post last night and was waiting for you to come on to thank you for the heads-up.



    As you know,of all the injury problems Jock faced in his last season,I believe Pat’s was the one which he found insurmountable.



    A great player for us,despite only one season. A treat to watch.





    Good one,hell fire it into them



    Just had a similar argument. In Swindon. There’s a styoooopit hun everywhere. This one was so styoooopit I had to inform him of his team’s almighty dicking on Friday.



    In court.



    He was waxing lyrical to the lads about poppies and being relegated for eff all.



    Doubt he’ll do it again.

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    There hasn’t been a light cracked from Hampden Park, but from what I’ve read over the weekend, including this morning’s quite awful ‘statement’ from Mordor, all of the Drums are beating out the same rhythm.



    An awful lot of folk, in light of the CoS ruling, consider the Game was rigged for 10 years and want something done about it. If they only knew (published) half of what was going on…

  8. Árd Macha on 9th November 2015 12:29 pm



    That Sevco statement is really quite funny.



    It has ‘fear’ written over it.






    Árd Macha





    Mibbe they heard about Friday’s meeting?



    Good thing about this is that they draw further attention to the issue. People outside the corrupt Scottish leagues will ask why they need to make such a statement at all – and will then discover why.

  9. Davie Moyes won promotion with Preston from league 2 to league 1. He then lost the play off in league 1, 3-0, to Bolton and lost out on successive promotions. The following season was relative consolidation and he went to Everton having won under 50% of his total games in charge of Preston.



    In over 11 years at Everton he won 42% of the games in charge. Given the size of the club and the competition faced, each person will have their own opinion on how successful that record is. He avoided relegation with Everton by a whisker in his second season. In his 3rd season he took Everton to a CL spot where they lost out in the Qualifier to Villarreal, going on to finish 11th in the league.



    He went on then to finish either 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th in the remaining 8 years of his time there, accumulating no more than handful of European fixtures in the 3 other years of that rein in which Everton qualified to play in Europe.



    A 53% win rate at Man U got him the sack in a role that was always going to be a challenge given the predecessor but a 28% win rate to date in Span sees him teetering on the edge.



    Davie Moyes seems a decent bloke to me, he found a niche in Everton where relative success is afforded patience and fallow periods. His siege mentality and steel won him friends and admirers, I’d suggest more than his actual managerial record.



    He has no trophies to his name at all beyond the Preston NE League 2 title 15 years ago.



    We have recruited a young manager with no real European experience and none at a Club the size of Celtic. The league title and one domestic trophy rather than a treble (you cannot legislate for events such as the ICT semi) should buy him the time to learn and develop. The alternative is to recruit a manager with a track record of success at a big club and perennially in Europe, and we are not able to compete in that market.

  10. “If they’ve cheated and are found guilty, they don’t deserve to have their name down in the history books as winners, even if it happened in the previous seasons, because if that was the case then they would have been banned for the 2007-8 UEFA Cup”


    Kirk Broadfoot



    Shhh Kirk. Your fellow RFCil zombies might hear you.

  11. Proudbhoy


    He has been writing his guff for quite a while now. Like yourself I don’t want my Celtic reports sugar coated. After all that is one of the reasons the dead team are in the position they are in but….some of his columns lately have been outrageous.


    Dallas HH fhriend.


    I know that but there are plenty of other journalists ( note not churnalists) who syndicate Gavin MC Cafferty for example. One of the problems is the same person can syndicate using different nom de plumes.


    The Irish News used to send a sports journalist to cover all of the matches. I bumped into him on the boat all of the time. Actually emailed him a copy of the Dallas pope email.

  12. GEARROID 1998 fully take your point but the answer lies in the readerships hand, don’t like don’t buy and let them know why only language they understand, same with the phone-ins and websites no hits no money. I realise it is difficult but no pain no gain. H H Hebcelt

  13. proudbhoy on 9th November 2015 8:16 am







    Remembering the murdering British army isn’t something I would do nor would I disrupt those who wish to. The Fault should be laid at door of the SFA and uefa.



    *nothing to do with UEFA, chelski didnae have poppy on their strip midweek in the CL. It’s an SFA/EPL thing.

  14. mullet and co 2 on

    That Rangers feel the need to comment is good. Regardless of the press agenda of mirth and magic, someone with the power sees the need to do something.



    We won those titles on the pitch not in the courtroom


    The players we got weren’t very good and we therefore had no sporting advantage


    Some of the players weren’t on EBTs and don’t deserve to have medals stripped


    The rule book might not cover this.


    Other clubs are failing so removing titles would just be to cover this up


    If you take our titles we will take or naw elsewhere.


    Rangers have been punished enough


    And the best yet – Rangers were just unlucky that their tax advice was duff and other clubs got away with it!

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    David Moyes a manager who has had his teams play some of the most boring football you are likely to see a manager who was sacked by Man. Utd. and if he becomes available it will be because he has been sacked again.Now we have a manager who has won two league championships and will in my opinion win his third title this year so some want to sack Ronny and replace him with David Moyes. It does not make any sense what so ever under Ronny we are playing some lovely football and when our injuries clear up so I believe will our defensive frailties.In Europe I say lets judge Ronny next season on wither he gets us into the CL group stages or doesnt.In Ronny and Peter I trust. H.H.