Sectarian abuse from visiting Aberdeen fans


Being away from it for two years probably sensitised me.  It’s been that long since I’ve been forced to listen to thousands of people chant sectarian abuse in unison.  Aberdeen fans pointed at us, singing that Jimmy Savile, the sex offender, was “One of your own”.  Savile was a Catholic, Aberdeen fans used this to tenuously link to Celtic fans, showing as little understanding of modern Celtic as they have of modern ethical standards.  It was an open and shut sectarian act.

The offence took place immediately below the police observation area and would have been caught on CCTV.  Every offender will be clearly visible.  This is unacceptable and it must be investigated by the police.  Any failure to act will only affirm the behaviour.  No one should be subject to criminality like this while attending a football game in Scotland.

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  1. St Stivs.



    Was watching this short on YouTube.about the poster that inspired john lennon to write the song -for the benefits of Mr Kite.


    If you look along to 3.11 the poster mentions


    Pablo fanques ( ?) Circus



    Wonder if that was his inspiration? .




  2. Had suspicions for…let’s say my entire life.



    But it’s almost as if several different areas of Scottish society whether that be geographical or structural in council, police, govt, football association, other clubs, their supporters hate our club, supporters, players, staff, and yes even the board.



    Why is that?



    Because whether we are or aren’t they perceive us to be Irish and Catholic. (Please be aware you don’t have to be in those categories to be perceived as such in a discrimation case.)



    Someone always responds at this point to say but I am not a Catholic and not from Irish descent. And quite rightly, we are open to all faiths and nationalities who should be treated equally. However, we are perceived as such those affore mentioned groups.



    But discrimation can be about PERCEPTION- that part is really important.



    So hypothetically the club, or a group of supporters could raise a civil case on the grounds of any unequal treatment we receive from either individuals or, indeed, organisations. Difficult to prove but possible.



    Why do the Police treat our fans differently?


    Is the organisation systemically racist and anti -Catholic?



    Why do the SFA treat our club differently? No laughing at the back….is it systemically racist and anti -Catholic?



    In the interest of keeping it relevant and avoiding the wrong debate lets stick to the above two.



    Those two discrimatory practices are illegal in Scotland. Criminal high burden of proof and difficult with a full organisation.



    But civil claims and complaints to the Police regulator might and could be considered.



    And civil claims perhaps the sfa.



    Just a thought…..



    Thursday night’s Celtic night














    Ralston CCV Welsh Juranovic





    McCarthy McGregor





    Forrest Kyogo Turnbull Jota







    Subs…….. Abada Rogic McCarthy





    you could that , im not sure though 😂😂👍…..

  4. GERRY123 on 28TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:28 PM



    I think we all know Clancy, Walsh & Collum are not Rangers supporters. So their motovation has to be money Bribery is the word £££££ . Stands to reason what else could it be .Two games most weeks.



    *I have mentioned this before that Bribery is correct but not IMHO in the brown bag variety but in other means, promises of big games as well as European ones for example.



    Our referees now have the advantage of earning up to 10 grand a year, no bad for a part time job, plus if they are on the FIFA list they can earn up to 10k a match, in fact the highest paid Scottish mitb is allegedly column who is on the Elite list with 8k per game, I know WTF, while cheaton who is on the First category gets 3 grand a game.



    Paul has highlighted the sheep fans and their “jimmy saville” chants while in the early game against scarface’s side the scum there were chanting about how they were having a party while we Tims were molesting young boys.



    And yet the UEFA official who ensures the Scottish mitb get prime games in Europe is the same one who was bulleted fae a similar role in Scotland for denigrating the Holy Father only tae turn up in Nyon in a plum role, the tentacles of the craft reach far and wide.



    BTW it wasn’t as a result of a complaint by Celtic that he lost his job but the Bishops Conference of Scotland headquartered in Airdrie who demanded an investigation for which he was found guilty and punished, seemingly his offspring has commented on how his da hates Catholics. We are more powerful than we know.



    Apart fae the extra gene tunney that they can earn there is also the first class flights, hotel accommodation and meals thrown in, again as long as they keep in the double glazier’s good books, that’s gravy on top of the bread and butter of the SPL games which as we all know the Bonkle bigot still has a heavy influence in, what chance do we have of a fair shake in the best we bigoted country in the western world.



    Now we can say the likes of clancy, column and walsh are no different fae the members of the one true, holy and apostolic faith who join the craft tae further their careers, or the likes of the trackie seller and wee morton supporter that joined them.



    Again correct, the craft members in pursuing the big penny do good honest educated men and women out of jobs and in some cases forced them tae leave the country tae further their careers.



    As for the 2 supposedly Celtic supporters that signed for them, both have scored against us, the former IMHO set us back so badly that 5 years after he stabbed us in the back by signing for them we almost went oot the game.



    The latter again IMHO was the catalyst for the coin throwing incident when he fouled big Mahe forcing him tae retaliate which ended up in Steph being red carded, a game in which the bigot patted a hun on the chorus and verse before giving a penalty tae them, that hun is now their latest saviour. Incidentally, both have a history of singing the cadbury’s smash while celebrating with the vermin.



    So tae reiterate it is all about money, however as our Saviour once said “”it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”.

  5. JACKIEMAC on 29TH NOVEMBER 2021 6:00 PM



    what about ‘you’re in the wrong country’?





    If you mean thems saying “go home” referencing the famine etc, then by extension they are treating you as Irish, and prejudicially as Irish, which is a race and nationality which, yes, could be a discriminatory comment and, indeed, unlawful.

  6. 250 sit-in in protest on Sunday – that’s .01% of season-ticket holders…and a %age of the Celtic family too small to calculate. These people want to hold the club to ransom….wonder if they are the same ones that embarrass, drag our reputation through the mud, jeopardise our European participation, and cost us many hundreds of thousands in fines – if so they are punching way above their weight….or importance.o

  7. AN TEARMANN on 29TH NOVEMBER 2021 5:58 PM


    St Stivs.







    Was watching this short on YouTube.about the poster that inspired john lennon to write the song -for the benefits of Mr Kite.





    If you look along to 3.11 the poster mentions





    Pablo fanques ( ?) Circus







    Wonder if that was his inspiration? .













    Steve told us that himself one night. I was always puzzled to ask out right, in case it was something really obvious, but someone else did, i think.



    what comes across in the colourisations, look how friendly they all are, how close they are, but still only young men. yokop wjo got a bad press, and linda, they all look content with each other, less musical differences and more just going their own grown up ways.



    it it fascinating study.






    At the time of their breakup in 1970, none of The Beatles had even reached the age of 30. Ringo Starr and John Lennon were both 29, while Paul McCartney and George Harrison were just 27.

  8. Subs…….. Abada Rogic McCarthy



    you could……………………….that , im not sure though



    “get away with”missing from above lol

  9. Beatles fame



    The poster for Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal from 1843 that inspired the Beatles’ song Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!


    In the mid 20th century, John Lennon, in composing The Beatles’ “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!,” borrowed liberally from an 1843 playbill for Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal.[27] Lennon bought the poster from an antique shop in Sevenoaks, Kent, while shooting a promotional film for the song, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, in Knole Park. Tony Bramwell, a former Apple Records employee, recalled, “There was an antique shop close to the hotel we were using in Sevenoaks. John and I wandered in and John spotted this Victorian circus poster and bought it.”[28] The poster advertises a performance in Rochdale and announces the appearance of “Mr. J. Henderson, the celebrated somerset thrower” and “Mr. Kite” who is described as “late of Wells’s Circus.” Lennon modifies the language, singing instead, “The Hendersons will all be there/Late of Pablo Fanque’s Fair/What a scene!”



    The title “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” is taken verbatim from the poster. The Mr. Kite referenced in the poster was William Kite, who is believed to have performed in Fanque’s circus from 1843 to 1845.[28]

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 29TH NOVEMBER 2021 11:55 AM




    Any increase in the transmissibility of a novel virus isn’t good news because it increases the chances of a more dangerous mutation occurring.


    More people infected = larger pool in which new variants appearing.





    You may have unintentionally misinterpreted my points although, in isolation, there is nothing to disagree with in what you have said either. I think our posts are not mutually exclusive of each other.



    Just to clarify, my points were that:



    1. We don’t yet know whether this specific mutation is more dangerous or more transmissable than the prevalent Delta mutation



    2. In some cases, the paths that viral mutations follow can see an increase in transmissability along with an associated reduction in health impact for individuals who contract disease as a result of viral infection.



    In effect, the impact can peter out in subsequent mutations. One hope is that this is what might happen here – the worry (as you indicate) is that the opposite might happen – more transmissable and more severe.



    We don’t know whether or not increasing prevalence of this specific strain is bad news at this point in time – we need more data and can only keep our fingers crossed in the meantime.



    On the general point that less transmission is good – obviously that is correct. If there is no transmission there is no pandemic.






  11. ST TAMS on 29TH NOVEMBER 2021 6:21 PM


    Preferably the one that’s sub






    Aye , it was Bournesouprecipe that posted his team and i messed up pointing out he had 2 McCarthys in the squad …..



    Typing , talking to grandkids and concentrating not easy …for me .


















    Anyone who takes part in putting up thier team selection ( a bit of fun ) has done it at some point ….


    your in with the rest of us numpties noo.

  13. Superbru Update



    Tremendous performance this week from Auldheid who got the exact score right for 4 games, Celtic, Sevco, Hearts and Hibs. He also predicted the Ross Co. vs United draw but had it down for 2:2 not 1:1. Only Dundee’s surprise 3:0 win agaisnt Motherwell surprised him ( only Paddy’s Maw and Tirconnel forecast a Dundee win but neither got the score exactly right).



    Auldheid romped home withn14.5 points heding the 11.5 of Traveller Bhoy and the 10.5 of Jmccormick and Billy Bhoy. Bottom this round with 1 point each were Chalmersbhoy and Magnificentseven.



    In the overall leaderboard, Auldheid has shot up 21 places to 12th. Our top 3 remain as:-


    Call me Gerry- 88


    Bateen Bhoy- 80.5


    & Hpeful Hoops- 80




    Propping up the table are the forgetful Wee BGFC (48 pts), TheLurkin Tim (49) and Chalmersbhoy (51). Jobo’s brother-in-law can escape from an ignominioid mention this week.



    New predictions are due by Tuesday 30th November at 7.45 pmas Well are playing. There are also midwek games on Wed & Thursday.

  14. JOE ORDINARY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2021 6:39 PM


    Looks like the huns were singing about, Bertie Auld, and, Tommy Burns yesterday!














    Mr Higgans will be on our side very shortly ……we’ll start winning the war against these parasites …Right ??

  15. I agree with everything supporters groups are saying about Higgins.



    But you can’t expect Celtic to comment on any individual.



    Mr nasty would have us in court.



    The people raising this know the club can’t comment. On even if it’s a yay or a nay.



    They literally can only say no comment.

  16. SAINT STIVS on 29TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:09 PM


    In the interest of transparency were was the job role advertised






    The ” 20 20 club ” Rutherglen ….

  17. Still say Murray Park looks a lot better than Lennoxtown,incidentally a lot of Bluenose Supporters put a lot of time and work ,free of charge to upgrade it ,As for Celtic Park it to needs especially outside the stadium a complete overhaul which I don’t has ever had since it’s redevelopment,,Next time your at Celtic Park have a good look and you will see what I’m saying .

  18. Saint Stivs



    Celtic usually advertise specialist positions on linkedin and think the Safety Officer job is on there closed on 05 November.

  19. TIMBHOY163 on 29TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:21 PM



    Still say Murray Park looks a lot better than Lennoxtown,incidentally a lot of Bluenose Supporters put a lot of time and work ,free of charge to upgrade it ,As for Celtic Park it to needs especially outside the stadium a complete overhaul which I don’t has ever had since it’s redevelopment,,Next time your at Celtic Park have a good look and you will see what I’m saying .





    Ibrox is falling apart.



    And they are called huns.



    Liquidation, you let your club die😂🤣😂🤣

  20. TIMBHOY163



    The only thing apparent that could do with a clean up and im not even sure they could be cleaned up are the alu/metal structures on the roof.



    The staining from the rain/weather has given them a look of disrepair, other than that not to shabby don’t you think.

  21. A few ‘dunts’ from a bulldozer in 1994 was all it took to destroy the old pish flowing Parkhead Jungle, and the rebellious gathering point for Celtic working class rebels, in the 60’s,70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s, with a 12,000 capacity, was bulldozed into millions of pieces, and blown into the winds, and the rebellious undertones of the Celtic support was gone, and hasn’t been in evidence since 1994.


    It was over!


    Capitalist Celtic had just begun.


    Fergus McCann deceived the “Rebel Consortium” on day one and the crest remains cracked to this day!


    Who would ever have thought that, Michael Kelly would’ve coined the phrase of truth, which has chimed true all the way since March 1994, when the laughed at, and mocked, joke figure of, Michael Kelly said,



    “March 1994, will go down in record as the day that the Celtic Football Club lost its soul.”



    A new and more sleekit PLC board, were masters of their oldfirm orientated world.


    They were, and are, untouchable to this very day.


    Collusion, deceit, deflection, evasion, trickery, smoke and mirrors, even raising the dead, and tricking supporters into rubber stamping the risen Rangers, who died in 2012, rose again a short time later, were baptized at Brechin, and 4 years later, were officially confirmed when, the sleekit and full of themselves, Celtic PLC, conjured up an agreement in a dark smokey room, probably full of folk wearing bowler hats, and white gloves, when the ticket price for oldfirm games was agreed. The price of £49 was agreed. This price, £49, was the price for a ticket to attend an oldfirm game, in 2012, when Rangers died, and the same £49 price was charged for attendance at an oldfirm game, in 2016, when Rangers had risen, to the SPFL, as the top league was now known, and when 7,000 Celtic season ticket holders, paid £49 for a ticket, to attend the oldfirm game at Ibrox in December 2016, that was it! The four years of blogs burning with fury at the same club lie, then Sevco became Rangers, the very minute that a single Celtic fan paid £49 for an oldfirm game ticket in December 2016, that was it!



    “The Game, The Game Is Over..The Rebels Were Bulldozed Along With The Jungle In 1994!”



    27 years later and the Celtic support are mugged by everybody, and anybody.


    The present day [support] would have to be shovelled off the Hampden pitch in another riot.


    The present day [support] don’t have board sacking ‘Celts For Change’ in their make up.


    The PLC know it.


    The ScotsGov know it.


    Rangers PLC know it.


    Rangers support know it.


    The SMSM know it.


    The MIBs know it.


    PS know it.


    MON knew it, when he tipped us off about “The Slow Lane” and some walked out the front door with MON to keep their integrity intact, but 53,000 displayed their 2 faces with turning the narrative on its head and blaming MON !?


    “MON is a dinosaur!”


    “MON is a long ball merchant!”


    “MON blew black Sunday!”


    “Strachan will be a breath of fresh air!”


    This was some of the remarks from probably some of the same 100,000 Celtic support who danced on the streets of Seville, 2 years previously !?


    Two years later, MON was declared a dinosaur, long ball merchant, who blew black Sunday.


    Remarkable? Or, telling of what was to come?


    How do we get an executive who’ll remove tickets from those ‘easy meats’ who vote for wee book burning Bessie?


    Until that happens, Celtic is a swamp creature, supported by a 50,000 library and 3,000 loose ends singing an entire wikipedia of Irish rebel songs, at every Celtic game, for 90+ minutes, of every game.


    Its a bit of a mess.

  22. MOTD,



    “Steven, following on from your very successful time in Scotland”.Gary Linneker.



    This is another,tell a lie often enough scenario.Not even BBC Scotland.




    I’m up in Wishy on Thursday, if your near that area fancy meeting in a pub for a chat might even manage to get that toe rag WISHAW TIM 😂😁😁 tae join us ……

  24. Joe Ordinary,



    I was sitting on the wall at the back of the Jungle (or the Hayshed, as my Dad always called it) in the 50s. Imo, the young team who changed the atmosphere there only moved in in the 80s. Again, imo, it wasn’t a good move, because many of the folk who originally stood in the Jungle did it to get a good view of the game.

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