Semi-pro circuit a weak challenge for youths


A one-season trial in the Lowland League for Celtic’s B team, the fifth tier of Scottish football, got the green light yesterday.  It will present nowhere near the level of challenge I think our youth players need, but at least they will face men, not aspiring boys who themselves may end up on the semi-pro circuit.

They need to compete against sides the calibre of the Falkirk team that visited Celtic Park on Scottish Cup duty last month.  They are currently mid-table in League One, but have the wherewithal needed to test and develop the best of Celtic’s youths.

There was a hope that the current economic position of the SPFL’s lower league clubs would make them agreeable to any opponent that could muster more than a dozen visitors per game, but despite the financial argument, online fan pressure groups like to say “no” to pretty much anything, so that proposition never got off the ground.  We will see if the impact of forgoing this income to the benefit of the Lowland League changes minds going forward.

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  1. Mmmm.



    Not necessarily the topic uppermost in the minds of Celtic fans at the moment.

  2. SAINT STIVS on 11TH MAY 2021 12:19 PM


    ta da







    Some of us read the article first.



    Though, on reflection, there was nothing to be gained by that approach.

  3. I think the kids will get hammered physically, there will be many an old pro who will take great joy in booting a celtic player all over the park.



    I really dont see the point, our best kids either breakthrough or go on loans.

  4. How many of ours youngsters will lose their performance window as a result of semi-pro tackle?

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Still waiting on the managerial review. Five months and counting. When does the new year stop being the new year?

  6. As it used to be the case(Dalglish comes to mind)many of your youngsters where loaned out to junior teams who had had many old pros in their ranks,to toughen them up.Our squad could def be doing with toughening up.just wonder if our new manager will be happy

  7. Relaxing Covid restrictions….


    I dont have a Granny of my own to Hug from next Monday…so I will just have to settle for Hugging…and Snogging other peoples Grannies !


    Yet again LOL !


    The more things change…the more some things just remain the same….


    Lock up yer Grannies…I’ll be out and about next week !




  8. Not only will I be oot and aboot next week starting on Monday…but I will also be Swallying vast amounts of Beer !


    Still NO Beer since last October…The longest ” Dry” spell ever in my adult life.


    I will probably be steaming boats after just TWO Pints of Beer on Monday….then again, maybe not ?



    I am determined NOT to go to any Pub Beer Garden between now and Monday, as I have resisted that temptation for a couple of weeks now, I may as well stay at home and watch lots of horse racing at home this week.


    Fast Wummin….and SLOW Horses have been my Downfall throughout my Life !







    To all Unionists and Brexiteers…where is the £350 MILLION a Week for the NHS…? Show us the Money !

  9. timmy7_noted on

    Big Jimmy, I’ll be joining you. Got plans to meet up with friends and family on the 22nd and 23rd. So, so looking forward to it, already booked a few tables and I’m hoping some pubs around the Gallowgate will accept walk ins.



    Due to the lock down I have lots of holidays to take so I see a few Friday afternoons in the pub when the weather is decent.



    Anyway whatever you do enjoy it!!!

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    Big Jimmy



    Wayne Rooney will be pleased (allegedly) that is now ok to hug other people’s grannies.

  11. Still quite staggering that Tavernier, the serial loser, ill hoist out League Trophy above his head this weekend.




    How the hell did that happen

  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    I think folk have perhaps a misguided view of the Lowland League.



    It’s recreational football for the most part, not professional, semi or otherwise. The majority of players are young, either released by senior team academies or who have come through each club’s own community programme. There are three specifically student teams.



    The older players tend to be former semi-pros who work full time elsewhere, being unable to get a wage for playing football.



    As a football development exercise for young elite players it looks pretty unlikely. As I mentioned previously, it only makes any sense if it’s viewed as a route to the SPFL.

  13. TIMMY7_NOTED on 11TH MAY 2021 1:18 PM




    Some of us will be Meeting on Friday 21st My in the Saltmarket, in my local Pub.


    I dont know how many may appear, but you are most welcome.


    I will Post on here nearer the time…The meet will probably be for around 2pm….although I will start a bit earlier no doubt ?





  14. FAO PAUL67…


    You are also most welcome IF you can join some of us next Friday afternoon in my Local for a Bevvy.


    I will be happy to buy you a belated Birthday drink.



  15. Garngad to Croy on




    Smacks of double standards, we all campaigned to stop Newco being parachuted into the SPL and now we want our wee team placed into the lower leagues along with our friends the New wee huns ?



    Big Jimmy







    Wayne Rooney will be pleased (allegedly) that is now ok to hug other people’s grannies.




    Aye yer right mate….I wonder how Wayne would feel IF I Hugged his Grannies ?



  17. GARCIA LORCA on 11TH MAY 2021 2:06 PM







    …. it’s called negligence.








    …’s called a loat o’ things imo and while the above attribute is certainly worth considering some of the more usual scoddish traits when dealing with Celtica might just take precedence?




  18. DREW1967 on 11TH MAY 2021 12:34 PM


    As it used to be the case(Dalglish comes to mind)many of your youngsters where loaned out to junior teams who had had many old pros in their ranks,to toughen them up.Our squad could def be doing with toughening up.just wonder if our new manager will be happy





    I don’t know what sort of standard the lowland league is at, though I think both Kenny and Danny spent time playing with the juniors. Never did those two any harm. Actually, it’ll maybe sort out anyone who has prima donna ideas, which I think, some of our players have had.

  19. 79caps @ 9:55 am



    Apologies for a political post, I kept off CQN during the post-election stooshie, but although not a supporter of the SNP, credit to Nicola Sturgeon for her statement in support of the Palestinians. I won ‘t hold my breath for a similar statement from Labour’s knight of the realm.





    Did you even look to see if anything had been said or were you waiting for The National to report it?



    18 hours ago



    “The violence against worshippers during Ramadan at the al-Aqsa mosque was shocking.



    “Israel must respect international law, and must take steps, immediately, to work with Palestinian leaders to de-escalate tensions.” (Keir Starmer official twitter)



    Now, I have no brief for the man and did not vote for him as leader, but I’d prefer him to be hung for what he did or actually did not do. It was a fairly crass boast, indicating the scale of priorities, for SNP supporters to criticise this statement by saying Nicola Sturgeon said it before you, as if it was a race to comment (especially, as the SNP were far later in supporting the Palestine cause than Labour were)



    If you wanted to criticise the Labour Party over Palestine, a more obvious target was their Friends of Israel Group who had put out some anti-protestor statements 3 years ago.



    Or the decision by Nicola Sturgeon 5 years ago to allow a stall at their conference by the SNP Friends For Peace in the Middle East, who were perceived to be too pro-Israel by the SNP Friends for Palestine.



    Better still, we should stop trying to point score for virtue on these more complex debates and seeing any realistic comparison between the struggles of the Palestinians agaisnt Israel or the Occupied 6 against the UK, and the SNP Civic campaign for Independence.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bit torn on this one Pablo.



    Obviously we all want our colts to be appropriately tested. Vested club interest.



    That said, if SPFL lower league clubs are resistant, I have some sympathy.


    (Garngad to Croy’s earlier point is, IMHO, perfectly valid).



    Presumably, this situation has arisen, in part, because too few Scottish Premiership clubs can financially resource a colts set up?



    Daft Laddie Questions …



    Isn’t establishment of a colts team a pre-condition of competing in the top division?



    If not, why not?


    (Or is long term sustainability just a BS buzz phrase for Doncaster to trot out for the Annual Report?)

  21. Hibs used to have a Colts team in the East of Scotland League- it is nothing new.



    There are many European countries who “allow” or encourage B teams to play in the lower leagues provided they do not enter the same league as their A team.



    We have joined at the 5th tier of Scotish football, just below League Two. Even if we did join a the lowest level of this pyramid- we would be promoted from that 7th tier to 5th in 2 years without difficulty. This was not an issue of the mrality of entry- if the Lowland League had insisted on 7th tier entry- the clubs would just tread the water of succesive promotions for two years until they got to the same place.



    As TBB states, reaching 5th tier is not much use to these players in getting a development. We are trying to create a competitive league setting which suits their development needs. Reserve leagues no longer do this, not even the English Reserve premier league, because restricting their playing experience to their age group, no longer kicks them on by much after 16 or 17. That is why Chelsea and Man City loan out so many of their prospects as they need higher level football. That is why theu have feeder clubs



    The rest of the teams in Scottish football quie rightly fear the influence of Colt teams in their league because, with the crowds and finance they will attract, in comparison with the 4 men and a dog that attend their games, they will restrict their ambitions and potential for promotion. It would be a situation akin to us accepting Real Madrid into our league. Yes it would be great for our prestige but we’d probably not win the league for the next 20 years.




    This is political jockeying to see if we cannot force an entry into the 4th, 3rd and 2nd tier on merit, despite the opposition, which is where these players need to play.



    The alternative would be to adopt a feeder club like Clyde or Queens Park and offer tham 6 to 10 of our youth and fringe players to develop together.



    Celtic invests so much money in promising players but cannot provide a competitive environment to develop them as it is. If it is successful, the other clubs can follow. If it is a one year experiment that leads to being blocked to League Two promotion, then it’s pick your Lower league club to be your feeder. Many of them are close to going bust and , as you said, they held their nose well enough to let Sevco field a team there without having qualified

  22. BIG JIMMY on 11TH MAY 2021 12:57 PM



    ‘To all Unionists and Brexiteers…where is the £350 MILLION a Week for the NHS…? Show us the Money !’







    Would you not be better addressing that question to Brexiteers alone?



    At least that way you wouldn’t be excluding the estimated 30% of SNP voters who voted to leave the EU.



    And for all I would disagree with them on both counts, I would concede that they were at least logically coherent and consistent, unlike those who voted to remain in the EU but to leave the UK.

  23. setting free the bears



    There was a protest bout palestine last night in George Sq






    Ernie what was jeremys/lab policy on brexit?





  24. hahahaha


    Ernie you craic me up



    logically inconsistent




    bank crisis



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