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Negatives out of the way first: we’re not good enough, this is a low achievement by a Celtic team who have reached a group stage. There’s no disputing that, but amid the predictable ‘Throw them all overboard’ reaction, I know I’m not the only one who is not panicking right now.

When I heard we were playing three wingers (Forrest, Mackay-Steven, McGregor) I anticipated a thrashing. Gordon Strachan would often drop all his craft players for the more industrial types in European football, with good reason.

As it turned out, we had the majority of the chances, and all the better ones, as we spent most of the second half pushing for a winner.

No arguments with Leigh Griffiths assessment immediately after the game, that was his worst performance in a Celtic shirt. Nor is there dispute in Ronny Deila’s retort that he’s scored plenty for us before and will continue to do so. Even the greats have days like that, including the Swede.

The midfield formation was fluid throughout the game. Tom Rogic initially played as a defensive mid, before moving in front of Stuart Armstrong (who moved everywhere) and Callum McGregor. The defensive mid role Rogic played isn’t one carried out by either Nir Bitton or Scott Brown. We’ve not had anyone in this role since the departure of Victor Wanyama (still pining) and it remains a large gap in the offering.

Lesson: we need a defensive mid. The deep lying playmaker + box-to-box player isn’t robust enough in Europe.

Callum McGregor carried possibly the lowest expectations of everyone in a Celtic shirt but he put in an excellent shift. His goal was outstanding, losing possession immediately before Ajax equalised took the shine off things a bit, but it was still a strong performance.

Do you know the last time McGregor started a game? October 2014. Under those circumstances that was a remarkable performance.

General consensus is that the defence played well. Kieran Tierney is as good a left back as we’ve had in years. Had he not gone off with an injury the result might have been different.

Jozo Simunovic is clearly out best central defender. I know I’m not setting the bar too high with that statement, but he’s a move in the right direction. He’s also young, still working on his fitness, and will continue to progress.

A week ago Celtic Underground’s Harry Brady suggested Dedryck Boyata plays better alongside Simunovic than without him. Dedryck still has a long way to go but the evidence suggests partnered with a game-reader like Jozo has helped him. Let’s see where he is at the end of the season.

And Craig Gordon? He could have stopped both Ajax goals. That’s not to say he was to blame for either, he wasn’t, but these were the kind of stops he was making in last season’s Europa League.

Ronny is 18 months into the job and has contributed to the situation we find ourselves in (tactical mistakes in both Molde games), but this is not the time to lurch off plan. We’re not good enough largely because we’ve recruited too few players since 2012 who have improved the team.

We need to continue to develop players like Tierney and we need to recruit better. Get this right in January, and again in the summer, and we will be vastly better. The alternative is likely to be to pick up a best from the SPFL pool, or someone from the English circuit who cannot get a better paid gig. And then it would take until November 2017 before we could assess them properly.

Return of the Bampots

Tonight, for one night onlyt, Phil Mac Giolla Bháin, John Fallon and myself are in the Hibs Club, Carfin, for a Q&A in aid of Mary’s Meals, with Phil Agnew hosting. The event starts at 7:30, £5 entry, can pay at the door.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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  1. THE EXILED TIM on 28th November 2015 11:40 pm









    Got it, now I have to think about what to call him that hasn’t been said before :-)



    I wonder what delights he will have for the blog the morra, I know one thing for sure, he will be slagging posters off for the sake of it.




    We used to call people arseholes and other great names, now the media have taken over and we pigeon hole everyone as a troll, which is pretty inoffensive, they even have trolls in children stories, aint no arseholes or dickhead in Three Billy Goats Gruff :O)

  2. THE EXILED TIM on 28th November 2015 11:52 pm






    Talking of trolls, Mrs TET is just putting the finishing touches to a kids book, and it has trolls in it, and very funny it is too.




    See everyone loves trolls, even Tolkien had them as pretty decent (when not eating humans) in the Hobbit :O)

  3. Winning Captain



    Apologies I was pouring the Minx’s drink.



    If there’s a disagreement then that particular organisation should come out and say so.



    The Celtic Trust and the Green Brigafe stand by our statement.



    We will not be brow beaten by those who who would turn up at the opening of a fridge my friend.

  4. Terrible posts again tonight from “knuckle draggers”.


    Advise some of you re-read your posts Sunday, and see if you are proud !


    Hail Hail to real non-moronic Tims

  5. The Glorious Balance Sheet



    The Celtic Board are acting fine as their statement suggests but I think the CST are missing a trick in not coming out to voice support for honest governance or at least take an interest in how it might be achieved.



    It may have been discussed but it’s not clear from HTs update that it was.

  6. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    If you belive Celtic’s more about the politics than the football then you’re a mug.



    And if Celtic ever becomes more about the political ethos than the football, then the Celtic you purport to follow is fecked.



    Celtic are here now because of the football, the entertainment, the excitement; not because you want to frame Celtic as your own little political utopia.






    Well said the SANDMAN



  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    A9 weather update. Precipitation in Aviemore is now snow, and lying on the ground. Windy too, so doesn’t look good for travel, or the game tomorrow. Likely to be rain at sea level in Inverness, but no doubt the cheats pitch will be waterlogged, mainly due to it being constructed in the Moray Firth, rather than on it. Believe there is an early morning pitch inspection.













    Nothing surprises me more is the lack of apparent interest by Celtic plc, who has left this to the Res12 bhoys to drive forward.





















    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/some-perspective/comment-page-32/#comment-2728008





    Without Celtic’s help we would not have been in a position to ask the questions that the SFA are dancing around answering.



    Every day the SFA stall is another indication of their inability to govern fairly.



    It’s a matter of timing and all supporters of all clubs and shareholders in Celtic coming together to push for reform.



    There was a time for investigating quietly which was done with Celtic’s help but kept quiet because those who misgoverned and those who benefit from it obviously don’t want their incompetence/negligence/complicity investigated and will try to depict it as a witch hunt.



    Whilst the default position between Celtic and the support is adversarial there are times when it is not so.



    This is one of them.

  9. Auldheid



    Our view is that you are doing all you can to push this issue.



    If we were to Intervene it would be pointless and detract from your aim.




    Most of what you and the requisitioners have posted has been understandably quite secretive and for that reason we’ve said nothing.



    I’m not sure but if you’re wanting something said but as a member just say.

  10. Saw this on Twitter…



    Celtic’s four Europa League Group Stage campaigns Average Attendances



    2015-16: 40,840



    2014-15: 33,805



    2011-12: 32,945



    2009-10: 37,611

  11. Just a foot all thought, there is the makings of a team at CP, but Ronny is not the man to put it together.



    Experience and character is what is needed – Allardyce, for all his shortcomings, always gets the best out of what he has to work with , as he is starting to show at Sunderland.



    We need that sort of BIG character in our dugout. Whether Moyes or Keane or Rodgers or someone similar can be gotten, I don’t know, but the time is NOW, let’ not wait for a further series of setbacks and then ‘knee-jerk’ in haste.



    There are enough projects, some good, in the squad; we don’t need one in the dugout.

  12. Auldheid, I am glad to hear the Clubs representatives are engaging in Res.12, it is a pity that they do not engage openly, in this it may not be appropriate, but in many other issues affecting our support, it should be.


    Sometimes quietly approaching issues is appropriate, such as this one, sometimes we should openly, robustly, defend our support. I can’t remember that happening since, ehm, for a while.



    And I do understand that Res.12 may be a game changer.


    It has taken a long time, so understandably the patience of many is being tested.


    I say this in full support of Res.12, and those who have worked to keep it lit.

  13. Hamilton Tim



    I contacted both CST and CSA before AGM before a statement was made at AGM because the time for widening support on Res12 looked to have arrived.



    I thought that if questions were raised at the AGM it would be useful to have a joint position based on the latest position.



    The e mail to CST bounced but not the cc . The CSA after responding got an update with a suggestion that was not needed once statement agreed.



    With the club statement focusing on governance now being made I think some briefing would be useful.



    It’s not necessarily that both need to act but someone on the wider support base as represented by CSA and CST should be a contact point on the issue to help coordination if necessary.



    I’ll contact you after 6th Dec.

  14. Neil Lennon & McCartney on 29th November 2015 12:07 am



    If you belive Celtic’s more about the politics than the football then you’re a mug.



    And if Celtic ever becomes more about the political ethos than the football, then the Celtic you purport to follow is fecked.



    Celtic are here now because of the football, the entertainment, the excitement; not because you want to frame Celtic as your own little political utopia.





    Well said the SANDMAN








    I 2nd that.

  15. Saint Stivs on 29th November 2015 12:44 am



    N Ireland – Irish Protestant Republicans





    There are Genuine Protestants and then there are Satanic Protestants.

  16. Doc



    There are indeed occasions when a robust defense is required.



    As Mark McGee’s Magic Eyeliner who used to post regularly said to me and I to him at an Open Meeting “Time they (Celtic) grew a set”



    The reason why they don’t becomes ever clearer as what should be a straight forward issue to address, is resisted by vested interests in Scottish society particularly the media.



    I’m hoping those days will one day be gone but don’t underestimate what we Celtic as a unit are up against right now.

  17. Auldheid, I know what we are up against.


    Some time, at some point enough has to be enough.


    Vested interests have to be taken on.


    I have faith Res.12 is the mechanism for this.


    FTSFA, I know that’s a rather juvenile stance, but hey ho.

  18. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    Plc need to be more transparent on this issue, IMO. This lets them down as it appears we have rolled over.



    I hope it works out well and plc perform well in the end



    Keep up the battle







  19. Hi Paull67 et al,



    Rarely post but am probably one of the thousands who read this site (and Phil and SFM!) every day. Anyway, whatever we individually think about Ronnie – and I love him by the way and would give him the time he needs. – the most important thing right now is the corruption in the Scottish game which we have a chance of doing something about. For that that thank God we have guys like Auldheid around!




  20. haha = that sign off should be FT (my name) and not FY which could be perceived as an insult! Great result for Tyson Fury tonight, loved it!

  21. Celtic Roller Coaster



    There were good reasons for not being more transparent.



    You’ll just have to take my word for it.