Team looking like strangers needs time on the pitch


Picking up maximum points this early in the season when you are joint top of the table alongside St Mirren does not always induce angst.  Immediately after a chastening defeat, things are different.  Celtic slid from control to crisis within 90 minutes last weekend and must collect full points tomorrow to steady our communal nerves.

On paper, you and I should be able to play central defence for Celtic and still collect three points against St Johnstone.  The Perth side lost 0-2 at Hearts on the opening game of the season before going down by the same margin at Ross County two weeks ago.  Their most encouraging aspect of August, so far, was that due to not making it out of their League Cup group, they had two weeks to prepare for the trip to Celtic Park.

Defeats to Stenhousemuir, Ayr and a 0-4 home loss to Stirling Albion were only offset by a win over Alloa.  Rookie manager, Steven MacLean, travels to Glasgow tomorrow with nothing to lose.

News that we will be without Maik Nawrocki and Cameron Carter-Vickers for two months has inevitably impacted Brendan Rodgers plans for the final week of the transfer window.  I am sceptical that we can move the dial greatly in the short period of time we have before going to Ibrox, but enduring half a Champions League campaign without our two first choice central defenders is arresting.

Almost as important as the result, will be another 90 minutes on the pitch for a team that looked like a collection of strangers for parts of recent games against Kilmarnock and Aberdeen.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    Tierney was in the category of never going to happen.



    Wish him well but we need to be more creative in our transfers…

  2. Fully expect us to be the front foot from the start tomorrow, despite a disrupted back line , we need to complete 90 minutes without conceding.



    Line up


    Big Joe


    AJ. Gus. Liam. Greg



    Iwata. Calum






    Liel. Kyogo. Daizen



    Defence needs a bit of cover , Iwata can do that job gives Calum a freer role.



    Usually a feisty affair with the Saints with some strong tackles coming in , they usually wait to going 3-0 down before starting to boot us.



    Predictions for fools , so 3-0 Celtic ….




  3. Coneybhoy – BRRB is in NYC.







    I have done 5 – 1 for manana.







    It does not deflect away from fact you can never have enough quality players.







    D :)

  4. AN DÚN on 25TH AUGUST 2023 10:53 AM



    While we’ve indisputably dominated our domestic game for 25 odd years, the caveat is, this is what you would expect.



    So Bayern will dominate German football not because they’re a fantastic well run club, but because the difference in finances between them and their rivals has never been so big.



    Continued domestic success is not necessarily evidence of a well run club. More so evidence of how the finances of football have changed.




    Can you explain your caveat AD in paragraph1?


    And why would we come to expect it?




  5. paulsthroughball88 on




    2020–21 Sevco (55) Celtic Hibernian Odsonne Édouard (Celtic) 18





    Who did the figures for this, Kwasi Kwarteng??

  6. We shouldn’t need to rush players back from injury for a home game v St. Johnstone. They may benefit from a late runabout before Ibrox but we shouldn’t need to risk 90 minutes.



    I think we should be good enough with






    Ralston Lagerbielke Scales Taylor



    Holm McGregor






    Yang Kyogo Maeda




    Abada, Iwata, Haksa and Turnbull can be used as subs for anyone struggling and Al Johnston can get a 15 minute run out if we’re ahead by enough

  7. Dexter P. Bampot on

    I am always wary of YouTube but Palma does look good. Can take a FK which is something we are sorely missing



    He’s also seems to be brilliant at drawing fouls and appears not to give up the tackle

  8. ZIGGYDOC1 on 25TH AUGUST 2023 12:54 PM



    Simples ;)




    Just watched a smashingly offbeat wee fillum with the irrepressible Nicholas Cage: The Trust.




    The ex-Newcastle CB Ciaran Clark is free atm – any good??

  9. Greenock Celtic Sportsmans Dinner tonight.



    The highlight of my social calendar year.



    President Greenlion at the top table.



    A host of former out of town CQNers have taken a table, so a catch up with CRC, BRTH and LENNYBOHY awaits.



    A few hundred other Celtic supporters at the event, many I went to school with, some I worked with, lots I played football with, and a couple of older mentors.



    I took a table and will host my best friend, his brother and his son, port-onions one and a several work colleagues. A great dinner will be had.



    Des Clarke and Simon Donnelly are the guest speakers, with Gerry McDaid the compare doing his things.



    In a most Celtic ethos way, many thousands will be raised and donated. Our collective experiences of matches, players, who was the best, what was the greatest game, memories of our departed fore-bears will bring a tear or two



    But I am left with this ugly gut wrenching anxiety, I cannot go and enjoy this moment, how can we when THE CELTIC are in crisis, we dont have centre halfs, PL is undermining again, and the sky is falling in, how can we forget all this, we should concentrate on the here and now, thet the there and then



    I think I will cancel, I cant face up to them finding out i am actually a hun.

  10. Our strongest 11 struggled in the first half against Bilbao. The second 11 were much better in the second half.


    We struggled against Ross County up until we got the penalty. This is one of our easiest games of the season.


    We struggled for long periods against Aberdeen, eventually coming out on top.


    We struggled throughout the entire game against Kilmarnock.


    We play at Ibrox soon and the champions league is just around the corner.


    It’s difficult to be optimistic.

  11. Hope there’s no moaning and groaning at any wee mistake in the 1st half, now is the time to support the players available, any issues behind the scenes isn’t the players fault.


    we’ve had great success recently but the team need our support right now. Hail, Hail.

  12. boondock saint on

    Good morning all from a balmy 98 degree Homewood Alabama. I am sitting in my class right now resplendant in my Nike hoops jersey from 2013. My son, who is a 9th grader in my history class is wearing last years Green away Jersey with the big 4 leaf clover on it, so excellent time for a photo to remember. Today is Jersey day at our school as tonight kicksoff the High School throwball season over here in Bama. I hope we see a better performance tomorrow, which I know we will. I was a wee bit upset after last weeks debacle but I did have to laugh at the squiggly drawn VAR line that played the Killie player onside, and the challenge from behind on Haksa, that was as blatant as youll ever see. I mean if Barry Ferguhun can see it then :))))) But it is easier if you are a Hun commentator to say it was a penalty, AFTER we have lost. Was scrolling through Youtube the other day and saw a video of the Cross Keys in Wishy, 1992, Aiden McAnespie being blasted out in the back room, and who do I see, my auld man Myles, one of the original Wishy Emerald Bhoys. Man, it made me get over that result pretty darn quick. Anyhoo, got to get back to teaching a rarther slanted and biased version of the Protestant reformation, in the hoops.


    Hail Hail



  13. Westcraigs



    “It’s difficult to be optimistic.”





    It really isn’t that hard. You cite 4 games, 3 of which we won, as the cause of your pessimism.



    It’s as if a guy won a million quid but worries that the wind is going to blow all that money out of his hand. He struggles to hold on to the money at the first gust, the second gust, and the third gust, but the 4th gust blows a £50 note out of his hand.



    Should he consider that he is the unluckiest man in the world to have just £999,950 left? Should he worry that a few more gusts might make a £200 dent in his vast fortune or should he concentrate on the larger evidence i.e. the amount of money he still has and the amount of games we have won in this setting for the past 23 years?



    Maybe there are other reasons than the form of Celtic FC to account for your pessimism.

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    Think Brendan will go,









    ……O’Riley.. McGregor…Holm………




  15. something I had not considered,



    Kieran could be back at celtic park playing for Sociedad in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

  16. God afternoon all. Thank you for the best wishes I got today for my 77th birthday. HH



    Big Jimmy, I fully intend to. Lol. HH

  17. Dexter P. Bampot on

    I have it from a very good source that Georgi Kinkladze and Rivaldo are sharing a taxi from the airport to Celtic Park

  18. bournesouprecipe on

    He draws from the left so lean to the right. There’s a wind from the east so better aim to the west. He crouches when he shoots so stand on your toes. Thanks… Growl.



    He draws from the left so stand on your toes… There’s a wind from the east, better lean to the right… He crouches when he shoots, better aim to the west… He draws from his toes, so lean toward the wind. Ah ha! I got it!



    Bob Hope Paleface CSC

  19. paulsthroughball88 on 25th August 2023 2:12 pm






    2020–21 Sevco (55) Celtic Hibernian Odsonne Édouard (Celtic) 18





    Who did the figures for this, Kwasi Kwarteng??





    I did make a bit of a b#lls of that.☹️ 😣 😖 😫 😩 🥺

  20. One of the most important philosophies at Bayern Munich is to record a profit in every single financial year. This adherence to smart financial practices has led the club to flourish financially. And the club’s healthy financial status seems to only be getting better.



    According to reporters Tobi Altschäffl and Christian Falk, as captured by @iMiaSanMia, CEO Oliver Kahn will announce a record breaking turnover of 835 million euros for the 2022/23 fiscal year to the supervisory board in an upcoming meeting. Considering Bayern announced a turnover of 665.7 million euros for the 2021/22 fiscal year, the increase in turnover is utterly staggering. That is about a 25% increase. Of course, anyone who knows even a little about how businesses work knows that the money cannot just be spent on the transfer market.

  21. By CQN Magazine on 25th August 2023 Latest News



    CELTIC target Luis Palma is on the brink of a £4million move to the champions.



    The Honduran winger is expected to become the Hoops’ seventh summer signing after his Greek club Aris Thessaloniki reportedly accepted an enhanced offer from last season’s treble-winners.



    The 23-year-old international was allowed to sit out training today and is likely to miss Sunday’s Super league game against Lamia.



    It now appears to be between Palma and the Parkhead money men to get the deal over the line with local media outlet Gazzetta insisting the forward has been offered over £500,000-per-year in a five-season contract.

  22. First of all, I would like to welcum back the covid rsc, NOT been seen on here since Ange appeared and took us tae greater heights than we had seen since the Big Mhan’s time.



    Talking of the Latter Day Christ let me take you back tae season 1967/68, at that time the Second Greatest Season EVER in the History of the Club, a Double season.


    • League Position – 1st – 3 in a row


    • League Cup – Winners – 3 in a row


    • Scottish Cup – First Round


    • Glasgow Cup – Winners – 4 in a row


    • European Cup – First Round



    But that’s not a true illustration of that season which promised so much after our first ever treble plus the Glasgow Cup and of the course the Big Cup.



    On Tuesday April 30, 3 days after the Pars had clinched the SC in a game at Hampden attended by our manager where he walked out of the stadium with his arms in the air after hearing that we were virtual champions as the huns aye we were allowed tae call them that, lost their unbeaten home record tae the sheep, this was also the last time that league games would be played in conflict with the national cup final.



    So, we headed off tae the Kingdom knowing that only a 22 goal defeat would leave us bereft of 3 in a row, there were were an estimated 30,000 in the 27,000 capacity ground as the gates were locked 15 minutes prior to ko, an estimated 50,000 Tims traveled to Dunfermline that early summer night with an approximation of up to 25,000 locked out missing the game.


    The game was stopped twice to allow fans to come down from the enclosure roof, Jock and Pars manager George Farm also appealed for thm to come down from the floodlights, other points of note, local Fifer lhad George Connolly made his debut as a sub, who would have guessed that a year later as we clinched our 2nd ever treble that he would humiliate their greatest ever thug while filling in for the suspended wee mhan, our 63 points haul from a possible 68 was a Scottish record and the Buzz Bombs two goals meant he had scored 20 goals in our last 12 league games.



    Now impressive as it was as we sung and danced all summer long wtf sounding like a Beach Bhoy here, that’s not the real story of that amazin season, in only our 2nd LC game we were held 1-1 by the huns who also had a penalty saved, although the following day outside of Govan subway station a young paper boy was heard shouting “sensation sensation! European Cup champions held by local team”.



    However, 2 weeks later in a winner take all game we recorded what Jock has always said was his greatest victory over them, they had made a host of high value signings, including sorenson, the 2 smiths, penman, and sir furious, while we fielded the Lisbon Lions.



    They took the lead very early on with a suspiciously lookin offside henderson goal while we had a similarly Lemon goal chalked off, I was in the Jungle that night and prior to the game the authorities had made it quite clear that banners would not be tolerated, well, and this is the God’s honest truth, the hun end was awash with theirs, butchers aprons, flags containing the wee dike plugger, even French tricolours with goatshaggin emblems, while in the Celtic end one, aye one, tricolour was unfurled, the whole of the brigton local constabulary must have invaded our end hucklin the lad away to which the chants of “you can shove yer orange banners up yer erse” were first aired.



    However, it looked all over in 76 minutes when Luggie sent henderson sprawling in the box, a penalty was given, I must admit that like a lot of our supporters we started tae make our way tae the exit when all of a sudden the Jungle locked itself and we were goin nowhere, then their 1966 cup hero big “kai yai yippee the popes an effin hippy”, blasted it against the underside of the crossbar and as it came out he pushed penman, who was teein up, away, who if he had connected with it the ball would have burst through the net landin in brigton cross, and tamely heided it tae the cries of jubilant Tims “yea cannae dae that” and not oul Ronnie but Bobby Murdoch plucked the ball out of the air.



    Later on, the big bit of Danish back bacon said he didnae try tae heider it as he was only jumpin for joy stating the ball had crossed the line and only hit his heid as it bounced out again, aye spoofer rsc , we then had a new lease of life with Wispy equalising in a crowded area after a corner and in 83 minutes Chopper sent a typical thunderbolt shot past sorensen and sent us intae ecstasy while he turned cartwheels of delight on the Parkheid turf, no done yet as the Buzz Bomb intercepted a slack pass and raced clear to score with a shot in off the post, and then had tae jook an irate thug who tried tae attack him with the stand side corner flag, complete with shamrock pennant.



    And yet 11 days later we lost our unbeaten record at hades tae a 10 man hun team, big provan being carried off with a broken leg caused while trying tae maim wee ten thirty who anticipating it drew his leg back, you could hear the crack all over the ground, but here we were European champions losing our first game to them aye them, the following week another point was dropped at home tae st johnstone.



    Then 10 days after that we becum the first holder to be knocked out in the first round of the big cup, normally the holders get a bye but due tae an anomaly that year with some kind of conflict goin on in Europe there we an uneven number of teams competing so we got drafted in and on a horrible night in Kiev we had Chopper sent off for his 2nd yellow, for throwin the ball away in disgust, then at 1-0 for us a big Yogi goal was chalked off by the fastidious Italian ref which if given would have seen us through on aggregate as the home side only equalised in the 90th minute against a tiring side.



    But no crying over spilled milk here and in the following 5 games, including a LC final, we scored 25 goals, after the LC win with the huns dropping a point that same day while we were enroute tae South America they sensationally sacked their most successful manager at the time, 6 Leagues 4 each of SC and LC as well as 2 lavvy cup finals, in spite of them leading the league table at that point, he was told of the decision by an accountant, classy outfit right enough haha, having spent all that money, like us up to that summer they also were accused of the biscuit tin mentality, and watching us sensationally losing to them and being dumped out of the Big Cup, they still feared the mighty Celtic.



    Meanwhile is spite of those setbacks plus our sojourn in South America we were still the team to fear and as we headed into the New Year 2 points behind the hun who were able to field a full strength team while we had big Tam switching to right back to accommodate Davie Cattenach who was filling in for big Cairney, Brogie in at right half with Chopper moving forward for the suspended Wispy while Stevie and Je McGoals dropped out as Jock went for size and fire power with the Bear leading the line, oh and John Fallon was in for the injured Faither, no matter what we absolutely battered them due tae a wee ten thirty free kick as well as a Chopper sensational goal 12 minutes from time where he swivelled and struck a thunderbolt that we all thought was the winner, unfortunately for us he that missed the penalty 4 months earlier hit a speculative shot that hit a dibot and bounced under big JF’s body with 2 minutes to go, so they were still top of the League.



    Unknown tae us Jock called the squad the gether the following day which was unusual after a big game and told them that if they wanted tae retain their hard worked title they would have tae win every game, no just NOT lose any but win them, which they did playing football the Glasgow Celtic way, that is except 25 days later when we were unceremoniously dumped out of the SC in the first round to the Pars at Parkheid in another controversially reffed Right Hun Davidson game, so that was us out of the EC and SC both in the first round of which we were holders tae.



    But that didnae stop us celebrating another double, League and League Cup 3 months later plus we also retained the Glasgow Cup with an 8-0 victory over the Bully Wee at Hampden on the same night the unbeaten Huns dropped only their 3rd point of the season, we only played 1 game in that tourney in 1968 as we were given a walk over in the semis against the scared huns who withdrew, seemingly they had a crowded fixture list, don’t know why as it was the same as us, dumped out of Europe and the SC.



    So, for all you out there petrified of what lies ahead after only 3 meaningful games, especially goin against another plastic hard man c*ntwell another k*nt, a big effin drip who probably has tae run around in the shower tae get wet as well as the rest of the dross over there, ffs get a grip and just thank the Lord you wurnae around 56 year ago or you would have committed hari kari, we are Celtic supporters faithful through and through and we will still flourish for as the song says tae beat Glasgow Celtic you’ll have tae deport the fighting mad Irish, or their descendants, their faithful support.

  23. glendalystonsils on



    New Sevco finance director announced – David Taylor ex SFA



    Nice for him …. a job within the same organisation .

  24. Giannis Chorianopoulos@choria80 6m



    ❗ Celtic are really close to sign Luis Palma from Aris Thessaloniki. Agreement in principle between the clubs, €4,1m. plus some bonuses. Palma ‘s contract €650.000 per season, probably for a 4years contract 🟡🟢