The Governing Law of Celtic


There’s a familiar feel about Celtic being unable to agree a new deal with Liel Abada, very reminiscent of what we heard in the months before Giorgos Giakoumakis and Josip Juranovic left the club.

Liel is one of my favourite Celtic players.  His ability to find space in the box and convert chances is the most prized in the game.  At 21, he has time to mature into a striker, just as Kyogo has, just as the Great Swede did, both in their mid-20s.  This could be his trajectory and I would like to see him stay at Celtic to get there.

But we have to respect the Governing Law of Celtic.  If we are to reach our potential, there has to be ruthless adherence to strategy.  Bring them in, scout for replacements from the moment they arrive, sell them on at a mark up which supports growth, and go again.

To really kick on, we need to increase the velocity of churn in the squad.  Players all just pass through Parkhead gate, none stay forever.  This is the way it has to be.

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  1. Do we know the players who will play for the Legends team on Saturday.?



    I really hope this is a mega success. Charity is in our DNA.




  2. Fieldofdrams



    Joe seems to just pick a side and go early. Most pen takers keep half an eye on the keeper and stutter a bit. Very old school keeping from Joe

  3. Abada is a good penalty box striker. He finds space in there and has great technique when it comes to picking out a pass or having a pop at goal. For a winger though, he often struggles to beat his man and his balls into the box are not as good as say Jota’s. I’d have liked him to stay longer and see how he develops, but he won’t be a big loss to the squad at this stage and we should get decent money for him, maybe around the $4m-$6m mark.

  4. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Ally McCoist has claimed that Micky Beale has closed the gap between the top two in the SPFL Premiership.



    I take it their ST’s will be renewed shortly, keep talking them up, sells tickets….

  5. I’ve been unimpressed with Abada recently. When he broke against David Marshal at the weekend, I knew he wouldn’t score. I have no confidence in his ability to past a full back. His finishing is hit or miss and more often the latter.


    No one is bigger than the club, and if he thinks he can make a career elsewhere, sayonara.

  6. as a weer aside,



    who has left us for the richer leagues and really went on to be a better player, and pushed on to something special ?



    Keiran ? Virgil ?



    the last 20 years who really got to the top of the game ?



    i really thought Moussa and Eduord were going to go all ther way and be world superstars.



    what do i know.

  7. watching with interest – will people really take to the streets of NYC to protest about the fat ex pressy getting lifted ?

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Credit to the manager.



    Based in part on my (alleged) awareness of the pedigree of their replacements …



    … I thought we’d miss Juranovic and Giakoumakis



    … even if just a little bit for a little bit.



    We haven’t

  9. Saint Stivs



    Probably not in Democrat NYC but in the mid west they will. NYPD have to be seen to prepare i suppose



    If he gets lifted and let off, he will probably walk the Republican nomination



    Interesting times in US

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    So we’ve had “these things even out over a season”, to “honest mistakes”, to simple “paranoia “.



    Now the excuse seems to be “a challenging weekend for officials, who are not full-time professionals in Scotland”.



    How about we call it for what it is: Huns with whistles. Still, an independent, non-Scoddish organisation running VAR would be a start.

  11. Who do people on here think will win the SNP leader vote and will we have pregnant chad’s challenges?


    I’ve seen very little on polls etc



    Last time i voted on one of these was in the 90s and i went for Blair over Prescott to get into power



    My votes in the Irish Labour party were not seismic😎

  12. glendalystonsils on

    UNCLE JIMMY on 21ST MARCH 2023 5:42 PM



    I dislike the term ‘churn’ . It suggests disruption , turmoil . Structured , measured development is what we need IMO

  13. CONEYBHOY on 21ST MARCH 2023 6:25 PM



    Who do people on here think will win the SNP leader vote and will we have pregnant chad’s challenges?






    I think Forbes will win it, but that is is not good enough.



    All 3 on the tv panels have been rubbish.


    They have been poor at their jobs as ministers. and they are just not likeable enough.



    What always strikes me in these things is how little abour real life politicians actually know.



    much of a muchness without any policies that will make a difference imho.



    however watching the tories on parliament channel today, dearie me I would hate to have them as my mp.


    The guy for Peterborough today defendinh Bojo what a nast piece of work.



    I would vote sinn fein if they put a candidate up here.

  14. Uncle Jimmy



    I’m with you, I don’t like to see a high turnover



    Paul promotes asset management and he has a great point but it has to be phased



    I work in an industry with assets and contacts and we look at phasing all the time. We don’t sell or buy as a policy, it is based on analysis



    PS velocity involves speed and a vector so increased velocity of turnover could involve selling to ourselves 😎





    best quote from one of my favourite managers was ‘can we have a quick word Gordon?’




  15. Edourd – Palace 11 goals in 58 matches over 2 seasons total down south – he went to the wrong team imho.



    chridtie – bournemouth – 1 goal in 21 matches in the epl this season – he picked the wrong club imho.



    frimpong – leverkusen – 81 bundesliga appearances with 8 goals – i would suggest the bhoy made the best move and is playing and growing



    ajer – brentford £13.5m – 10 games this season, wrong club great fee for us.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The SMSM strategy to associate Celtic front and centre to ANY story with ANY negative connotations is alive and well.



    Scotland strip overpriced?


    Guess who is pictured modelling it?


    Captain Andy? No chance



    Remember the home team at League Cup final?


    (It finished R@ngers 1 Celtic 2)



    Apparently it was Celtic vs R@ngers after all … now that police are looking at CCTV pictures.




  17. TET



    “So what, the info is correct is it not”




    No idea- I listened for a couple of minutes and he was talking about Maths standards in NY schools- with fairly banal insights and poor delivery. I wasn’t gonna wade through 20 odd minutes of that to get to the Trump arrest analysis. But this guy has been shilling for Fox and MAGA for many years and is part of the Culture Wars where truth is decided by which side you support.



    If Trump is arrested, we will, I expect see civil unrest and some atrocities. Reason has gone out the window in the bleach drinking, elk-dress up community that has captured the Republican Party.

  18. Player churn / turmover, ins and outs if you look at the base numbers it is quite the revolving door, and has been for many years,



    sticking to Ange




    I had a quick look at the YouTube clip, the Trump comment is at the start of the post.




  20. SFTB


    Ha, that’s when I stopped listening to it, the Trump stuff was at the start of the vid.


    Anyways, he reckons he will be arrested, as for trouble, it’s been on the cards for long enough, IMO it’s what they want, it’s all a game, right, left, Rep, Dems, Tory, Lab, Black, White, they are all playing the same game and it’s not for our benefit.

  21. To Everything


    Churn Churn Churn


    There is a Season


    Churn Churn Churn


    And a time for every purpose under Heaven

  22. As long as we go for the cream , the churn will work in our favour just don’t butter us up 😜

  23. Increase the velocity of churn – helluva an ask that paul67 – players need time to adjust to ange, sfa, fitba, being at celtic, the pukki factor etc.



    Mind you we’re doing so much right at the moment ; why not!

  24. We have been here before.


    Jeremy Frimpong, the finest young player in Scotland, railroaded out of the Park just two short years ago.


    Demonised on these very pages, and undermined by a manager who was hanging on by his fingernails, before being driven to the airport, not sure if WITS was involved there.


    On returning to Celtic Park with Bayer Leverkusen he said he was delighted to come “home”.


    Not a cynical old pro then. And there is the alternative route for a Celtic right back, welcomed back at our game against Hibs. Yes Michael Lustig, the only honest man to ever wear a checked hat in Glasgow. Eight seasons of absolute commitment. Bit more experienced when he arrived of course but who would put a price on what Michael brought to us? Not me

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