The Governing Law of Celtic


There’s a familiar feel about Celtic being unable to agree a new deal with Liel Abada, very reminiscent of what we heard in the months before Giorgos Giakoumakis and Josip Juranovic left the club.

Liel is one of my favourite Celtic players.  His ability to find space in the box and convert chances is the most prized in the game.  At 21, he has time to mature into a striker, just as Kyogo has, just as the Great Swede did, both in their mid-20s.  This could be his trajectory and I would like to see him stay at Celtic to get there.

But we have to respect the Governing Law of Celtic.  If we are to reach our potential, there has to be ruthless adherence to strategy.  Bring them in, scout for replacements from the moment they arrive, sell them on at a mark up which supports growth, and go again.

To really kick on, we need to increase the velocity of churn in the squad.  Players all just pass through Parkhead gate, none stay forever.  This is the way it has to be.

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  1. Celtic Mac



    Anything Lennon did in terms of player trading, tactics, management, professionalism, personal morals, has to be taken with reference to the person he is



    Jeremie made a good move, as did everyone else who bailed during or after that debacle

  2. Celtic Mac on 21st March 2023 8:05 pm



    Interesting commentary there.



    I hope Anthony gets some game time when he is wae the Scotland squad.



    Mikael’s latter years wurnae as good, IMO. It happens, it is a tough job being a fullback / expected winger.



    He is a Celtic Legend and not just for the Hat.



    If Liel is gonnae move on in the Summer, I think he should wait another Season as he is a Cracking talent with so much room for improvement, but if he wants to go to the Premiership Good Luck Liel and ta for some Amazin’ memories. 02/02/2022 especially.

  3. SAINT STIVS re: the orange man ex Prez.



    There will be a few, yes. Not like the last one though.






    Abada, I reckon 10mill would be a solid deal. In Ange we trust.



    All media crap most likely.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on






    The SMSM strategy to associate Celtic front and centre to ANY story with ANY negative connotations is alive and well.




    Scotland strip overpriced?



    Guess who is pictured modelling it?



    Captain Andy? No chance




    Remember the home team at League Cup final?



    (It finished R@ngers 1 Celtic 2)




    Apparently it was Celtic vs R@ngers after all … now that police are looking at CCTV pictures.





  5. The league cup final was full of wankers letting off rockets



    Can’t believe the stewards and police didn’t dive in and lift them. Strange affair

  6. coneybhoy



    Doubt that Lenny wanted Frimpers to leave but he lined up alongside the man who did.


    As did Paul67. Recently we witnessed broadcasting right to the SPL sold all the way to 2029.


    Only show in town. The ‘Governing Law’?


    Or governed by Lawwell?

  7. rimtimtim



    Maybe better keep that quiet.


    Otherwise Jota wont be so much on the wing…


    He’ll be looking out at one.

  8. petec



    Wee Liel didn’t do himself justice in Europe.


    Room for improvement there next season if he is lucky enough to be still with us.

  9. Celtic Mac,



    Celtic done awright @ their first attempt at that Level of competition for a number of years. It is harsh and very unforgiving.



    I cannae wait for next Seasons Euro games.



    I think we are going to do very well.



    As the GP says……




    Europe is where its @ for Glasgow Celtic.

  10. I was looking at an England v Scotland (1973) match on youtub with Hunter, McGrain, Hay and Dalglish on show. It’s a non shortbread – stv version with Brian Moore, who was always a fair commentator, and chinny Jimmy Hill with the biased asides. The game became famous for two things at the time. A world class save from Peter Shilton from a Kenny Dalglish shot and the ghost like appearance of Martin Peters at the back post to head in the only goal of the game for England. Those were not the real talking points however, looking at it today fifty years later. In the first half Ally Hunter pulls off a really spectacular save from a powerful header from Martin Chivers. Much better than the Shilton save! Secondly, Instead of wondering why Peters mysteriously ended up unmarked nobody asked who was supposed to be marking him! And clear as day ,you see at the goal that it’s Sandy Jardine who is five yards off the pace. Peters would never have got by Danny McGrain if he had played in his rightful position. Great atmosphere in the stadium at the game and the first indication of the Scottish support starting to take over Wembley.

  11. Alright paul67



    Velocity of churn- see if i was doin Shakespeare in english class and applying it here i would have underlined that. i nearly forgot to apply it to players.:-)))


    Churn being the turnaround of players.


    Love learnin new words











    Re 1-0 v England


    Ally Hunter i thought was the brunt of a lot of criticism,that game was in the apr/may 73,Ally was no1,until sep73 when he let in Czechoslovakia’s Nehoda to put them 1-0 up,Scotland came back,qualified for west germany,2-1.i was there.iirc he fell out the scotland team not long after.







    A small but nonetheless historic moment in Celtic history occurred on the evening of April 10th 1995 in a small field in the tiny Donegal townland of Mullachdubh, in the beautiful Rosses region.



    Hundreds of people from across the Celtic heartland that is Donegal gathered to witness members of the Rosses CSC cut a sod of turf to be laid in the centre circle of the newly revamped Celtic Park. Local Fife and drum bands marched to the field accompanied by hundreds of Celtic fans and the local parish priest who blessed the turf.



    The sod of Donegal earth then travelled with 50 supporters from Gweedore and the Rosses on a bus to Glasgow. To ensure the sod made it to Parkhead in good health the grass was watered in Larne. The party was met at Celtic Park by Fergus McCann, along with Donegal’s own Packie Bonner and other Celtic Officials.



    The Sod was carried through the corridors of Celtic Park, down the tunnel and onto the new playing arena. Once at the centre circle a simple but poignant service was held and the turf planted in the heart of Celtic Park.



    This ceremony echoed one which took place back in 1892. Then Irish patriot Michael Davitt laid a piece of shamrock sprinkled turf in the centre spot of Celtic Park to mark the opening of the ground at its present site.



  13. Ajax made a superb job @ winning the Impossible a few years Harald Brattback. They came up short.



    This is a Sensational Celtic Team.



    I wullnae need Vaccination to Witness the Bhoys in Europe.

  14. Quiet today.



    Spoke with the founding Editor of this old aggregator of news and stuff a few times around the birth of Twitter, rest his soul. Love that it is still around.



    Still look in and get lost in random articles. Worth a dip on the odd occasion. Veritas odit moras, as they say.



  15. PETEC



    I should have known better than to click on a late night link of yours when I was reading something and had my speakers on full!



    Back in the day, yip.



    Did I ask you a few weeks back if you ever went to the all-nighters at the Livingston forum?



    My dad dropped us off and picked us up a few times from “what’s it called?”

  16. Aipple & Prestonpans Bhoys


    This Bhoy is going places ,I have been involved in signing young players over the years ,this lad IMO is a class act,


    2/3 years time he will Be a top notch player .HH

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. Into old Glasgow Town today to meet up with Leggy for a few soda waters.

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