The makings of a Plan B


A game which for a long time ran parallel to our experience at Rugby Park earlier this season, ended with Celtic earning a draw.  The game should have been out of the reach of the home side by the break.  Celtic contrived to miss a hatful of chances, including two off the crossbar and a Liel Abada opportunity with only the keeper to beat.

Peter Leven had one game as Aberdeen caretaker manager (this morning replaced by a 75-year-old former ‘get Brexit done’ campaigner), but he managed to turn the game with his halftime tactical changes.  Aberdeen went direct from the start of the second period and went ahead when Maik Nawrocki was twisted inside out by Bojan Miovski.  It was a masterclass from Leven.

The one bright spot for Celtic was that their equaliser came courtesy of the two January arrivals.  Adam Idah, making his debut in the second period, flicked the ball to Nicolas Kuhn, who started the move on the right wing and continued to the left of the box before firing a deflected shot into the net.

You may have put money on Celtic winning at that point but while they had chances, Aberdeen probably had the better of them.  For the second game in succession, the often-maligned Joe Hart was called on to make saves which earned his side additional points.

The best news of the day filtered through from Qatar during the second half that Japan were eliminated from the Asian Cup.  Daizen Maeda will hopefully be available for selection on Wednesday, adding to Brendan Rodgers’ tactical options.

Idah is a classic looking target man, far more so than Oh or Giakoumakis.  With our new man leading the line, Kyogo was able to influence the game more in a deeper role.  Although Kuhn’s headline stat from the game is his goal, his overall play suggests he is a better crosser of the ball than we have at the club.  We have the makings of a Plan B.

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  1. And be grateful that Lawwell didn’t take that offer from Arsenal all those years ago…….

  2. The Kyogo dilemma is turning into a bit of a strange one.



    Genuinely cant think of a Celtic CF (or any CF) where we had to cater specifically for his skill set or his goal scotong falls off a cliff. Should we be looking at the players limitations in that case ?.




    We have had some bang average CF score 20 plus goals a season.

  3. We all know the oft used phrase, It’s the hope that kills them. Maybe, just maybe it’s all part of a cunning plan, maybe.


    That plan being, to let them think and dream they might win the league, then boot them in the bollox to end it, wouldn’t be nice ?



    Another thing, after BR mark 1 leaving, the board did not want mark 2 back, but were told by DD, suck it up, he’s coming back. The board is certainly not backing BR, but as well, his style of play is so slow annd passive, piss poor in my book , and I’ve said before I really feel sorry for Kyogo who is being starved of service from the wings. So obvious, but BR knows best eh, yeah, right




  4. NOTTHEBUS- Kyogo running off the last defender is as good as I have seen at CP,our midfield in particular, are incapable of playing an early pass forward to him,too intent of going sideways

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    KINGLUBO on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 1:59 PM



    Rodgers must be concerned that damage is being done to his reputation.



    Let’s face it if it was his or Celtic’s we know who he would choose.

  6. ONIL


    He said he would have liked to manage in Glasgow for either team, don’t doubt he is a Brexit supporter and he loved the colours of Crystal Palace.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    DESSYBHOY on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 2:30 PM



    On Warnock…



    His proclamation back in 2020 during the January transfer window that he was a ‘Rangers guy’ earned him acclaim at Ibrox…….

  8. NOTTHEBUS on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 1:58 PM


    The Kyogo dilemma is turning into a bit of a strange one.




    Genuinely cant think of a Celtic CF (or any CF) where we had to cater specifically for his skill set or his goal scotong falls off a cliff. Should we be looking at the players limitations in that case ?.





    We have had some bang average CF score 20 plus goals a season.






    Yeah. I can’t remember a Celtic striker to be handed as many excuses as Kyogo. Or to maybe rephrase that, a Celtic striker that has be given so much patience despite a long run of anonymous games.



    We either change his role and drop him deeper or straight out drop him to the bench. There’s little point continuing down the road we’re currently on. It won’t work out well for Kyogo or Celtic.

  9. That the team is under performing is not up for debate but what is causing it. For me slow build up play is nullifying Kyogo’s main asset which is his pace. We either need to drop him deeper, as we did on Saturday, or not play him.


    The manager has always preferred a strong, quick player up front. Think Edouard or Dembele. If we drop Kyogo into midfield then that makes that group even more physically inferior than it currently is.


    Injuries to CCV and Hatate have reduced options in midfield while three players off to the Asian cup has also limited us.


    While some people are in denial that anything is not working at the club, it is plain to most that there is issues within the recruitment department and the ceiling that the club are now willing to spend on players. What has change since we paid £9M for Edouard and £6M each for Jota and CCV.


    I don’t understand the logic of buying seven players, only two of whom look capable of playing, then being unable to buy again before we can offload what has been bought before. No club in Scotland can match the wages we are paying so if we do get a loan club we will end up paying more than half their wages at the loan club.


    The ever burgeoning Bank balance surely has to be addressed. What is this money being saved for ?


    I do not think this is an unreasonable question to ask


    If it is to pay for misdemeanours at the Boys club then fine, I don’t think anyone would have an issue with that but if it is a rainy day fund then, not properly investing in the team, guarantees it will be needed sooner rather than later. Also the size of the fund would now cover a downpour of biblical proportions.


    While these issues remain undiscussed there will be turmoil at yhe club. To pretend otherwise is actually adding to the problem.

  10. I’ve said many times, I did not want Rodgers to return. I was wanting the Bodo Glimpt guy, don’t know if he’s available now or not.


    Rodgers’s problem is his massive ego, massive. Thinks he is right up there with the best, sorry Brendan you’re no where near it, nor will you be , sadly for Celtic.


    His ego is writing cheques his talent cannot cash, it’s that simple




  11. KINGLUBO on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 3:58 PM



    I wanted Maresca and got hammered for it. My Leicester supporting mate is rather glad how it all turned out.

  12. We are where we are, recruitment has been awful and the coach needs to find a way now of getting 15 wins in the league.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “We have the makings of a Plan B”






    Bit too succinct for my liking Pablo.



    Does this mean we have the makings of a Plan B that Brendan has been wanting for a while?



    Or is this a new plan?



    BTW – often, the difference between “makings” and “made” are a while lot of time.



    I hope plan B is simple and implementable quickly.

  14. Let me get this straight, Maeda just back from the Asia Cup, throw him into the game against Hibs.


    Shades of Neil Lennon, Big Effie just back from Africa, in against Juventus at Celtic Park……


    How did that turn out again?

  15. MARSPAPA on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 4:31 PM



    He would’ve been a good shout but not willing to leave Norway by all accounts

  16. garygillespieshamstring on

    Maeda on the left wing instead of Palma brings more pace in attack and a stronger defence on the left side due to his work rate.

  17. Chances being created and missed …palma on Saturday wasn’t a half chance it was a sitter….Abada was 10 yards out with the keeper to beat …O riley tried to be too cute twice …Barnardo I will give a wee bit Leeway but still should have scored …..Idah won’t score us the required amount to win the league…Kyogo can..not sure how much longer we can give him though.


    We are not functioning properly though I thought we played better first half than we did earlier in the season when we won 3 1.


    On another topic what a fine song that. North London Forever is or Angel to give it its proper name a real anthem Arsenal fans taken it to their heart’s…kinda wish it was ours …if you know what I mean

  18. Playing Maeda from the start on Wednesday would be a mistake and a panic measure.



    Saturday 2nd half was a bombscare performance but the first half approach play was exceptionally good, apart from the finishing.



    I would still go with






    Johnston Nawrocki Scales (anyone but Bernabei)



    Holm McGregor O’Riley



    Kuhn Idah Palma




    A short spell on the bench would be good to keep Kyogo motivated and let Bernardo know he’s not sealed the deal just yet.



    Brendan has a hard task in getting them back on form but Hibs back line should give us plenty of chances whilst their new players have not had much time to gel together. We may need to win handsomely to preserve a goal difference lead in Mid-February when Sevco will have caught up with games.

  19. BURNLEY78 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 12:59 PM









    Warnock was definitely one of the celeb gammon types in the Brexiteer camp.







    He also has stated a strong affinity for the rangers franchises old and new. Not sure if he might just opt for a seat in the stand tomorrow and let the real work start later in the week.







    I hope I am 100% wrong of course.







    he was on talkshite today with jim white, sourface and simon weirdo jordan.



    he said never a rangers supporter, put up to that by mccoist to wind up Alan brazil.



    he then said taksin a short term job in scotland would allow him to go more to dunoon, where he has a place.



    and that he is in fact a greenock morton fan.



    dunoon to aberdeen, anyone want to tell him

  20. Prestonpans bhoys on

    What Brendan needs to fix is these Jekyll and Hyde performances. The stark difference in the half’s from the Killie/ sheep games were unbelievable!

  21. You know sometimes it’s not what I’m seeing on or off the park. I just have this nagging feeling that this is all wrong, I forever live in hope of turning this around, but that nagging feeling keeps coming back. Oh I hope I’m so wrong, por cierto

  22. Though never really an advocate of 352….it would maybe be worthwhile trying at Easter Road


    Welsh looks a decent choice for right and scales on left …they have a little pace that could make up for nawrocki in the middle…Johnson on right anyone on left …McGregor O’Riley Bernardo…Kyogo and Idah …no real wingers ..maeda left wing back ?….Hibs are gash ..but they have an abundance of pace with gives me the fear

  23. According to JohnJames Celtic made an offer to Aberdeen for Bojan Miovski, (he guesses around £2 mill) and when that didn’t cut it with Dave Cormack, waited until the last minute of the transfer window, did not make an improved offer, (JJ reckons £6 mill is nearer the mark) we then went for the Norwich reserve Adam Idah. On loan. Now this story reminds me of our attempt to sign Ivan Toney from Peterborough a few years back. According to Barry Fry, (Director of Football at said club) Ivan was actually in the door at Celtic Park when the deal fell through. Now Barry is a bit of a Harry Redknapp character, but no reason to disbelieve him re Toney. In fact he said on TalkSports a couple of weeks that if Toney is sold for £100 mill Peterborough would pick up £10 mill. Nice work if you can get it. We could have got Toney for less than half of that. Miovski too almost certainly. And he has at least played in Scotland for the last couple of seasons, and scored in all competions for the Dons this season. Brendan suggested we could have been a bit “braver”, was the above scenario the one to which he was referring? Nothing against Adam of course, and hope he does well for us, but, rather than “have the makings of a Plan B” is on loan Idah in fact the Plan B to which Paul67 refers?



    Lieutenant Commander Data CSC

  24. Reggie,



    And rightly or wrongly,you just had to bring up the same shit we have been listening to,not just since Saturday,for 12 bloody years.We have a vital game on Wednesday.What’s more important?.


    For me its the future.

  25. Just read this:





    We have two choices…



    1. Increase pressure and negativity by attacking and criticising the team and everybody associated with them for the remainder of the season or…



    2. Motivate and back the team & push them on to the league title!



    It’s your call!

  26. PLB,


    Total agreement.BR has to work out how to get Kyogo into the game.Not the wee mans fault.Now he has plenty cover on both wings,in the absence of REO,could he not try Palma as a No. 10.Surely has to try something.

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