The makings of a Plan B


A game which for a long time ran parallel to our experience at Rugby Park earlier this season, ended with Celtic earning a draw.  The game should have been out of the reach of the home side by the break.  Celtic contrived to miss a hatful of chances, including two off the crossbar and a Liel Abada opportunity with only the keeper to beat.

Peter Leven had one game as Aberdeen caretaker manager (this morning replaced by a 75-year-old former ‘get Brexit done’ campaigner), but he managed to turn the game with his halftime tactical changes.  Aberdeen went direct from the start of the second period and went ahead when Maik Nawrocki was twisted inside out by Bojan Miovski.  It was a masterclass from Leven.

The one bright spot for Celtic was that their equaliser came courtesy of the two January arrivals.  Adam Idah, making his debut in the second period, flicked the ball to Nicolas Kuhn, who started the move on the right wing and continued to the left of the box before firing a deflected shot into the net.

You may have put money on Celtic winning at that point but while they had chances, Aberdeen probably had the better of them.  For the second game in succession, the often-maligned Joe Hart was called on to make saves which earned his side additional points.

The best news of the day filtered through from Qatar during the second half that Japan were eliminated from the Asian Cup.  Daizen Maeda will hopefully be available for selection on Wednesday, adding to Brendan Rodgers’ tactical options.

Idah is a classic looking target man, far more so than Oh or Giakoumakis.  With our new man leading the line, Kyogo was able to influence the game more in a deeper role.  Although Kuhn’s headline stat from the game is his goal, his overall play suggests he is a better crosser of the ball than we have at the club.  We have the makings of a Plan B.

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  1. What has happened to Kyogo?



    Granted he has a lack of service, but the chances he has had he has squandered. His general play is a poor imitation of his play under Ange.



    Does he deserve place in the team ? For performances this season , the answer must be No.


    I really hope he can recover some form, but if we were to assess Kyogo on this seasons form he would not get pass marks.



    Every player in Scotland has a price. Rumour has it we went for certain players.



    It seems we were not willing to pay the price.




  2. Big Ivan does HeeHaw closing down,goes through some motions,but a pain for opposition when attacking.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Been out all day and just caught the national news.



    “London man unwell”



    How could I be so parochial and selfish while a nation frets.

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Kyogo has missed sitters the whole time he has been with us , it’s nothing new . The difference is he would score 2 or 3 crackers for every sitter missed because of the number of opportunities he would have . The opportunities have dried up and so have the goals .

  5. correct – “not brave enough” means – recruitment and Rodgers identified the player, the club were ok him leaving, the player(s) wanted to come, the Celtic board didn’t want to pay the fee.



    Ok if that our model when buying players.




    But this is for a 6month loan. For key positions CRUCIAL for success – this is negligent and unambitious of the Celtic financiers. It really is that straight forward.



    Now, Rodgers , CCV and Mcgregor have their work cut out to turn this into a winning team. Tall order and wed’ll need some luck with injuries

  6. interesting watching man c take throw ins, compared to ours, the ball is thrown in a forward direction ahead a running player with the ball close to the ground in a attacking direction , compared to ours , we always have a defender peel off in backward direction then he will pass the ball sideways, rinse and repeat or we will throw the ball mid height directly at and to a player who is standing still facing the thrower, again schoolboy stuff from us

  7. interesting watching man c take throw ins, compared to ours, the ball is thrown in a forward direction ahead a running player with the ball close to the ground in a attacking direction , compared to ours , we always have a defender peel off in backward direction then he will pass the ball sideways, rinse and repeat or we will throw the ball mid height directly at and to a player who is standing still facing the thrower, again schoolboy stuff from us.

  8. B2B 9.59



    As i always say, radical political change takes a generation to bear fruit



    Thatcherism is rife in the economics of the UK



    The fightback from unions last year was predictably in old school industries. Short lived



    No strong unions in services or finance . Needed a Corbyn government to wake people up; chance missed



    If Starmer doesn’t pivot to calling ceasefire in Palestine, nothing will change in the risk averse Labour Party



    Still, Vote Labour, especially in Scotland 😎

  9. Coneybhoy



    Never Again will I vote labour.


    I’m 57 and have never voted any other way apart from a local election when I voted a STUC candidate,

  10. Please take time and watch/listen



    Chris Hedges



    Chris Hedges an honest, brave man is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief for the paper.



    “The Death of Israel:How a settler colonial state destroyed itself”






  11. Coneybhoy



    Corbyn was authentic socialisms(remember that) last hurrah against the rollback of collective worker rights and the advancement of feral capitalism,in short the painting of the left as lunatics.aided and abetted by cowtowing to the binraiding and phonetapping media.



    In 1976 it was Lab who went and introduced Monetarism,buckling community to the individual,have over have not,law of jungle- fittesr


    Thatcher took over in 79,stripped and deregulated unions working with a ‘natural unemployment’ to ensure she could proclaim victory of thrme individual over society at the church of Scotland.


    As Labour stripped out clause4,buckling to anti union law and feral capitalism,sellin out to gain power under the war criminal,it adopted the speak of feral capitalism as redistributing wealth was forgotten,no tax cuts we had tax credits,not 1 anti union law repealed and finally the adoption of ‘market liberalization’ policies leading to an exponential growth in ‘offshore earnings(if earning enough)as zero hour contracts proliferated and the free market policies from Blurr and Broon collapsed in the Banking Crisis of 2008.That transfer of wealth from poor to rich paid since by the poor in austerity as we cant regulate markets,so the gap with rich-poor,have- havenot is now an unrepairable chasm


    Stammers dyed Tories will do zero to change society,whorin themselves to anythin to attain power,


    He wont pivot anywhere the “friends of israel” dont want him to pivot,like an internal virus the zionists -same group who ousted Corbyn as antisemitic ffs,he is a marketing eexercise for ahead as a peace envoy like murdochs poodle



    The individualism of Thatcher is in you Coneybhoy,unwittingly of course,if i were a lab voter it would be in every seat in uk,one people one country one socialism,not ‘esp’Scotland,UK there is a divided people & nation,and socialism went out the window when it bailed bankers.joined up members of the feral capitalism club that wont change,if they want change


    Renationalize our NHS as it gets stealthily switch to private sector.


    Redistribute wealth at base,via tax


    Transparent offshore/hidden accounts for all uk residents and registered companies with office here.


    Full reset of voting system to PR.




  12. Fittest-There- sp.




    Next time your over feel free to rip the pash,its the betrayal that gets me







    In these turbulent, anxiety-inducing times, this is a shock and blow for us all. Get well soon, Your Majesty. Your country needs you…

  14. I’d try Palma as a 10 behind Idah – Rodgers has tried Kyogo in a deeper role but for me his touch is poor, he is too anxious and just looks odd in that role. Palma has great technical ability and can link up with clever passing – he’s wasted on the wing and doesn’t have the burning pace to get to the line anyway.



    Worth a try and we’d find space for Maeda, Abada and Kuhn on the wide areas



    Rodgers needs to find something in this team – something different – Whether thats Welsh as a 6 or Palma as a 10 – lets mix it up and reinvigorate the team.

  15. God morning all from a nice calm (no feckin wind) Garngad. Currently 5 degrees and dry. May it cont inue .



    GP on reading back about NED Non Exec Director you say, well why did the. Conversation go down like John Reid was more likely to stick the Heado on someone.



    But if I miss understood I apologise.



    I think if employers in life go down the route of ruling out certain people for jobs not only is it illegal and corrupt they are holding said business back from a whole new potential.



    Anyway we move forward as a team to tomorrow which now becomes our biggest game of the season in my eyes.



    D. :)

  16. Good Morning Celts – Grand Day To Be A Tim.



    DESSYBHOY @ 1:20 PM,



    Folk aren’t as thick as pig shit as you describe it, they just have a different point of view, and if Celtic is so successful because of Lawwell why have we not won a knock out game in Europe for nearly 20 years? What a testament to the beancounter, incidentally 60k for non ex suits is a damn good wage in this country, damn good it might not register with you but I have never earned that in a year and I have a degree level education. Guess you don’t do humility.



    Very good post and puts the “professional”, executive, loadsa money Celtic supporter and Director’s attitude in context.



    Just before Covid hit I changed jobs, my last two jobs have been working for Charities, just before Covid I went from a role supporting people on the Autistic spectrum, on minimum wage, to my current role in Social Care mainly supporting people living with Dementia.



    While still a charity, they pay a bit better and of course being on a “living wage” helps with my expenses.



    It’s my choice to do this work of course, and this is not a moan, far from it, the rewards might not be monetarily great, but in other ways they are huge.



    As is the challenges and responsibilities.



    Everything from dealing with “expressive” behaviour to administering medication; keeping vulnerable people safe and happy and as content as we can.



    The fact that someone “in the know”, thinks our senior Directors shouldn’t be trying a leg for 60K plus benefits, plus expenses tells it’s own story.



    Plenty of folk would “not get out of bed”, for what the vast majority get paid, as you say many, many, doing crucial, important and challenging work for well under 60 K.



    Wonder how much the great fholk in the Celtic Foundation get paid!?



    We have had fholk like B78, Darwin etc tell what a great contribution our Chairman has made throughout the years.



    Twenty odd years, thirty five trophies, an era of Domination.



    PL was COO for a year, CEO for sixteen years and Chairman for a year.



    Being as thick a pig $h!t and creating a bogey man to enable me to deal with my inadequacies, has certainly created confusion for me.



    If he has no serious input as Chairman, no influence on the Club, since he left as CEO.



    How come he has been showing “leadership” for twenty years and is responsible for “35 trophies”.



    He became CEO in 2004.



    That would mean, like the bedwetters have been suggesting…



    He was and is a defacto leader through the Dominic McKay tenure and Michael Nicholson era.



    So are they wanting it both ways, or is it just ’cause I’m as thick as pig $h!t, I don’t get it!?



    Hail Hail

  17. Chairbhoy – That was a good post.



    Well done on your employment without good people like yourselves many a person old be thrown on the scrap heap.



    My wife works with kids who are all on the spectrum in some way, very challenging but she loves it and parents thank her about how well their kids are doing.



    Myself, I have started employing adults with some sort of additional support needs and like all staff some last and some do not, but this last year has been very successful for both myself and the guys with ASN and their coaches/carers.



    On that note if anyone knows any tradesmen looking for a start give me a shout and I can point them to our website.



    Keep up the good work.



    D. :)

  18. DAVID66 @ 6:40 AM,



    Thanks, for me it’s just about doing what you can and you and your family obviously do that.



    Before my kids grew up and became (very) independent and parents themselves, I couldn’t have afforded to do the work I do now.



    That’s the reality, as we know, looking after our own is as crucial as looking after others and we find ourselves in different circumstances at different times.



    Just to clarify the NED thing…



    My ham fisted attempt to say that our last four non-executive Chairman have approached the position in a quite different manner, with more or less input to the Club, was picked up and joked upon by GREENPINATA.



    He was just having a laugh it seemed to me…



    As a young man, John Reid courted one of my cousins, so I’ll try to get the sp on his more youthful exuberances:)))



    Hail Hail

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning CQN.



    Genuine question….



    Anyone know best way to go about buying Celtic shares?

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    And while I’m at it … Is the dividend reinvestment scheme from way back still on the go?




  21. David 66, Chairbhoy,



    The NED thing was a joke and a play on words. Re John Reid, I really liked him for the short periods I spoke to him. He just seemed like a regular Glesga punter



    If it upset anyone, then apologies.



    Cheers and HH guys.

  22. “TURKEYBHOY on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 10:00 PM


    Concerted effort by the Media,egged on by our fans,to show we are in turmoil,they are flying.”



    It has always been thus re the MSSM .Unfortunately, the `egging` on by our fans , if I judge by CQN, shows that the MSSM is achieving its objective .


    I THINK we spent more than any other Scottish club in this window but I don`t recall any other Club`s expenditure being labeled disastrous .

  23. Just had a look and would revise my `THINK` comment to I THINK we spent more than all the other clubs combined !!!




    It’s not just about the money. Can you name a success in the transfer market since January 2022 transfer window? The only ones I can think of is Aaron Mooy who cost us nothing and Johnston. Correct me if I’m wrong and missed anyone out. We have lost Juranovic, Giakomakis, Starfelt, Mooy and Jota. There has been a definite decline in the quality of the first team 11.


    Hail Hail

  25. Fran Alonso insights give an insight to a very poorly run club.



    Michael Nicholson the invisible man—- spends his whole day guessing what Lawwell wants. Even if he could fix the wifi it would be a rip roaring first success for him. Of course he landed Brendan shout the gullibles—- DD done that and he went over to hand him the contract and countersign. No docusign for our backward club.



    These failures Fran Alonso points out are a microcosm off what he see all over the club including vision and ambition.



    Until the Lawwell’s are removed from the club the downward spiral continues.



    DD has lost interest especially as his bumbling lieutenants make mistake after mistake and hand the title advantage to Sevco. He needs to plan an exit that leaves Celtic in safe hands.



    Lawwell’s legacy will be restoring the Ibrox club to the top of the Scottish game and financial health when they were dead and buried. Quite an achievement for a supposed Celtic man.

  26. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Lawwell and cronies guilt of “corporate negligence” says that notorious Board attack dog Stephen McGowan. With friends like those….



    No more friendly leaks to Stevie bhoy.

  27. 418



    Still peddling the same old uninformed pish I see.



    If it had not been for Phil and the 4 Requisitioners there would be nothing to notice.



    In spite of what emerged from those efforts folk queued up, and still do, to pay their £49.

  28. garygillespieshamstring on

    Fran Alonso?



    His women’s team experience has no relevance to anything to do with the real team.



    The women’s team only lip service and of no real concern to the vast majority of the support.



    The women’s wages presumably reflect the amount of money generated by attendances and sponsorship attracted by the women’s team.



    As a result, they can’t pay big transfer fees or wages as the lack of interest in the poor quality product doesn’t bring in enough cash.



    They can’t even sell more than a couple of hundred season tickets at £50 a ticket. I’d be surprised if it breaks even over a season.

  29. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Lawwell and cronies guilt of “corporate negligence” says that notorious Board attack dog Stephen McGowan. With friends like those….



    No more friendly leaks to Stevie bhoy.





    PLB – Lol.



    SMSM going all in … at all levels.






    Slight hat tip to our execs (and execs and diplomats all over the world).



    To remain on polite almost friendly terms with people or interests you personally despise … a skill that is beyond me !!!!

  30. onenightinlisbon on






    Lawwell and cronies guilt of “corporate negligence” says that notorious Board attack dog Stephen McGowan. With friends like those….



    Surely not? These guys only want the best for……….

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