The makings of a Plan B


A game which for a long time ran parallel to our experience at Rugby Park earlier this season, ended with Celtic earning a draw.  The game should have been out of the reach of the home side by the break.  Celtic contrived to miss a hatful of chances, including two off the crossbar and a Liel Abada opportunity with only the keeper to beat.

Peter Leven had one game as Aberdeen caretaker manager (this morning replaced by a 75-year-old former ‘get Brexit done’ campaigner), but he managed to turn the game with his halftime tactical changes.  Aberdeen went direct from the start of the second period and went ahead when Maik Nawrocki was twisted inside out by Bojan Miovski.  It was a masterclass from Leven.

The one bright spot for Celtic was that their equaliser came courtesy of the two January arrivals.  Adam Idah, making his debut in the second period, flicked the ball to Nicolas Kuhn, who started the move on the right wing and continued to the left of the box before firing a deflected shot into the net.

You may have put money on Celtic winning at that point but while they had chances, Aberdeen probably had the better of them.  For the second game in succession, the often-maligned Joe Hart was called on to make saves which earned his side additional points.

The best news of the day filtered through from Qatar during the second half that Japan were eliminated from the Asian Cup.  Daizen Maeda will hopefully be available for selection on Wednesday, adding to Brendan Rodgers’ tactical options.

Idah is a classic looking target man, far more so than Oh or Giakoumakis.  With our new man leading the line, Kyogo was able to influence the game more in a deeper role.  Although Kuhn’s headline stat from the game is his goal, his overall play suggests he is a better crosser of the ball than we have at the club.  We have the makings of a Plan B.

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    re : Kyogo




    He is not even missing chanes, he is just not in the game. When he drops deep, his play outside the box is erratic .



    I do think the majority of teams are more effective at defending against him. maybe last tear was as good as its going to get domestically when the majority play such a low block.



    Bottom line..we need goals and he isnt scoring . Maybe time for a spell on the bench

  2. According to BBC Sport’s 14:57 piece (i)”Who are favourites for the Scottish Premiership title now?”(/i) on their Celtic page :



    “At one point earlier this season Celtic were 10 points clear of Rangers (with a game in hand on Michael Beale’s side).”



    I’d like to see that version of the league table because I sure as hell can’t find it. The nearest I found was Celtic 10 clear of them having played two games more than them.



    Meanwhile, in an alternative reality (and due to media merry-making not a lot of people know this), only Celtic and Hearts are unbeaten in their last five SPL games, with Rangers joining the exalted ranks of Kilmarnock, Aberdeen, St. Johnstone and Motherwell on 1 defeat in 5.



    It must be time for Celtic and Hearts to sack their managers. But then again, it’s a results business.

  3. TBB………………….



    I really hope I dont collect on either bets………..


    SFTB…………I’d love to pooh-pooh your assertion…………butt…!







  4. fourstonecoppi on



    That the team is under performing is not up for debate but what is causing it. For me slow build up play is nullifying Kyogo’s main asset which is his pace.



    Yup, the wee mhan is running all over the place creating space and screaming for the ball and getting ‘Heehaw’

  5. Warnock………………..???


    Another hunned-up backward nugget.



    Disappointed in the Dandies – thought they were better than that.




  6. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Interesting comments below, we were told the move was stopped because CCV was injured 🤔



    “Lecce chief Pantaleo Corvino has revealed the “exorbitant” wage demands of Gustaf Lagerbielke that saw his move to Serie A fall apart.”




    More CCTV footage has been unveiled after multiple ‘incidents’ at a Celtic game.




    Officers are looking into alleged instances of culpable and reckless conduct which is said to have taken place at Hampden stadium in the summer.



    The date in question was Saturday, June 3, 2023 when Celtic played Inverness Caledonian Thistle in the Scottish Cup final.





  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    According to Barry Fry, Ivan was actually in the door at Celtic Park when the deal fell through. Now Barry is a bit of a Harry Redknapp character, but no reason to disbelieve him.






    Remove the letters d, i, & s .. and you might be on to something.



    Celtic and nepotism, a match made in the boardroom.



    why no do it at your parents house ?

  10. Simple question.


    For those who think our board doesn’t have a vested interest in the scum, why did they not put them out of business full time in 2012.



    Answers on a postcard




  11. KINGLUBO on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 7:26 PM


    Simple question.






    rangers were liquidated.



    simple answer.

  12. FYI


    They are going to start refurbishing Estadio National in Lisbon, so if you want to see it as it was in 1967, better do it before the start of the work next year.

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Brentford playing 5:3:2 against ManC. Let’s see how ManC deal with a packed defence. Aberdeen on the bench too.

  14. SAINT STIVS on 


    KINGLUBO on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 7:26 PM


     Simple question.




     rangers were liquidated.


     simple answer





    So when Rangers died and the Ibrox club came back as Sevco


    why did PL, DD, etc agree to put old dead Rangers £49 ticket price onto new club Sevco tickets also £49 to continue with old firm clashes?



    Why not £26 like every other `ordinary` club at that time?



    Rangers £49 – Sevco £49 is this allowed?



    PS. Phil Mac and Auldheid huvny even noticed yet!






    £49 – £52 – £54….viva la old firm.



    Did Krankie make the PLC go along with the same club lie or Celtic were to be closed down altogether because of `abuse` issues?



    Plenty of the dogs on the streets were barking about that possibility at the time….then the drunken Mod banned thum lol



    Did PL, DD, etc agree to deceive the Celtic fans by charging the same ticket price £49 as though it was the same club that died?



    Are Celtic fans so thick that they didn’t notice this move or did they gaily swing along with it?



    Or are Celtic fans just PLC cuddly toys who will go along with whatever steer the PLC decides as best?



    I blame the Timmy parents who have foisted their succulent cuddly toys x 60,000 onto the club for the PLC`s unending pleasure.

  15. Rangers the 2nd could not be put out of business by Celtic.



    We should have objected at the 5WA stage to that shoddy deal but, regardless of what division they were in – SPL, 4th tier or 10th tier they would survive, thrive and get back to the top league in 3, 4 or 10 years.



    Their fans proved to be loyal and so would ours in similar circumstances. Their crowd did not switch to watching Rugby or supporting Hearts, Falkirk, Airdrie or Killie in any great numbers. Some have asserted that they stuck by them because their history and Trophies were gifted from Version 1 to Version 2- I am not convinced by that.



    Hoping they would disappear from our lives was a forlorn wish, no matter how justified it was by thir crimes. The best Celtic could have done ws to keep them in the SPFL with a commitment to look at title stripping wiht other badly affected SPL clubs. Once we handed them into the tender care of the lower league clubs who had no gripe with them, they not only got to live but kept their history and made friends as they poured money into those clubs.



    It provided us with some comedy moments but nothing else

  16. Their fans proved to be loyal and so would ours in similar circumstances. Their crowd did not switch to watching Rugby or supporting Hearts, Falkirk, Airdrie or Killie in any great numbers. Some have asserted that they stuck by them because their history and Trophies were gifted from Version 1 to Version 2- I am not convinced by that.






    like climate change deniers.



    if i say it is the same club then that is my belief system.



    no amount of facts or legal realities will change my mind.



    where did i put my grandas shares and my fathers debenture certificate.

  17. Ok we may be on the slide but we should value what we have got. Joe Hart is a legend, Palma has artistry, Abada and Kyogo can run for him!


    Too many Private Frasers on here

  18. I would be worried if the climate ceased changing,



    Experts have warned that the we only have 12 years before they will have to change the timeline on Global Warming / Global Cooling / Climate Change again. (delete as appropriate)

  19. There is no plan B in tactics, the energy and will to win is missing



    If the new players bring that, great



    The reason for the attitude is what needs solved

  20. Ps, happy St Bridgets day



    Bank hol so when I arrived tonight most people had been on. Leo



    All left an hour ago so just me and Bill Werbenuik in the corner

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Guys – happy to be corrected about Toney.



    Irrespective of my error?



    Flood, Fletcher, McGinn, Toney.



    Very old news.

  22. My Google news stories used to be always worth a look through.What’s changed,now full of Hun propaganda.Fantastic loanees,and one brilliant signing.Todders is once again brilliant,the CBC scandal,and every numbnutCeltic ex player doing their masters bidding,and talking the team,the players down.


    Concerted effort by the Media,egged on by our fans,to show we are in turmoil,they are flying.


    Countless mentions of our transfer windows,whilst erasing their last two horror shows.


    Lastly,for whatever reason,we are informed,Gustav is on,shock £13 grand a week.WTF.


    Wolves stated that Silva could go on loan for a small fee,but that loaning club would cover wages.EPL,wages.


    Our media avoid that like the plague.Scum.

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