The makings of a Plan B


A game which for a long time ran parallel to our experience at Rugby Park earlier this season, ended with Celtic earning a draw.  The game should have been out of the reach of the home side by the break.  Celtic contrived to miss a hatful of chances, including two off the crossbar and a Liel Abada opportunity with only the keeper to beat.

Peter Leven had one game as Aberdeen caretaker manager (this morning replaced by a 75-year-old former ‘get Brexit done’ campaigner), but he managed to turn the game with his halftime tactical changes.  Aberdeen went direct from the start of the second period and went ahead when Maik Nawrocki was twisted inside out by Bojan Miovski.  It was a masterclass from Leven.

The one bright spot for Celtic was that their equaliser came courtesy of the two January arrivals.  Adam Idah, making his debut in the second period, flicked the ball to Nicolas Kuhn, who started the move on the right wing and continued to the left of the box before firing a deflected shot into the net.

You may have put money on Celtic winning at that point but while they had chances, Aberdeen probably had the better of them.  For the second game in succession, the often-maligned Joe Hart was called on to make saves which earned his side additional points.

The best news of the day filtered through from Qatar during the second half that Japan were eliminated from the Asian Cup.  Daizen Maeda will hopefully be available for selection on Wednesday, adding to Brendan Rodgers’ tactical options.

Idah is a classic looking target man, far more so than Oh or Giakoumakis.  With our new man leading the line, Kyogo was able to influence the game more in a deeper role.  Although Kuhn’s headline stat from the game is his goal, his overall play suggests he is a better crosser of the ball than we have at the club.  We have the makings of a Plan B.

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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Agreed. Time for Rodgers to park his giant ego and find a way. Both new boys looked decent. And Plan A hasn’t worked. The players don’t fit, so change the plan. And FFS find a way to harvest Kyoto’s power. It’s a disgrace how we’ve nullified our main weapon for the whole season.

  2. you forgot about the pin ip boy Matt o’Reilly trying to score the wonder goal rather than just hitting the target…twice



    Absolute passenger at the weekend

  3. Talk about avoiding the elephant in the room. Here are what I would consider to be indisputable facts



    Rightly or wrongly the Lawwell’s are despised by a section of the matchday support.



    Rightly or wrongly their continued presence is providing a toxic atmosphere.



    Rightly or wrongly this divided house can only be united by their resignations.



    Then the focus will switch to the manager and his tactical changes or lack thereof.

  4. Just back from a week disconnected from the digital world so haven’t read back and given the end to the transfer window/result I think I will skip that ‘pleasure’ for now especially as after a week off I actually have some work to do in work!



    “Although Kuhn’s headline stat from the game is his goal, his overall play suggests he is a better crosser of the ball than we have at the club. We have the makings of a Plan B.”



    So our Plan B is Sevco’s Plan A – cross to a big lump and play off scraps? It can be effective if done right but it’s a departure from Ange and “do plan A better”.



    Tony R has a decent cross on him, with a fair bit of variety too – obviously not as effective as a LB though and it showed at the weekend. I thought Bernie was doing ok in the first half – was he injured? I’ve read one comment (text msg) suggesting that this is BR making a show of the board to highlight the lack of LB options but not sure I think he would be so self sabotaging as the change made us much more unbalanced imo.



    Kuhn looked okay, but I read before he signed that he was a “ball carrier” with a lot of pace yet often in the second half he stopped about the half way line on breaks and played back/safe. Did I read a misleading description of him / his attributes as a player or is this tactical?




  5. We’ll either regroup and take the fight for this title to the wire, or, collapse and collapse rather quickly. Wednesday will tell us a lot.



    I’d start Idah on Wednesday, he caused Aberdeen problems with his power. Kuhn and Maeda should both start imo. Palma and Abada are better players off the bench right now.



    As for left back, God knows.

  6. Our plan A isn’t working though because our 25-30 goals per year striker gets fewer chances created for him than a bottom six side.



    There is little to suggest that this will change and that’s one of the very concerning things. Khun for all he got his goal, was very slow when building the play. It was like a mirror image of Palma on the other side. Palma also looks as if he is unable to cross a dead ball. Absolutely abysmal contact.



    If you genuinely think we can hang our hat on Adam Idah to win us the league I’d say you are totally delusional.



    Maeda will be welcome back but he doesn’t create a lot either and neither does Abada. Abada is good for a goal. Therefore, we have four wide players that I have little confidence in making chances.



    The chances created against Aberdeen were “half chances”. The much celebrated Bernardo had another quiet game and two of our best players – The captain and O’Reilly – were not good either.



    Nawrocki’s head totally went and he looked nervous and should have seen red. Johnston continues to look very slow and Bernabei is well…………..



    It’s no longer alarm bells ringing but full on 4 minute warning time.



    If we win the league it is down to BR and nobody from your friends on the board Paul. Sadly, we are second favourites now.

  7. bournesouprecipe on

    ‘ The game….ssh…ssh….the game is over, the bedwetters have won! ‘



    Inappropriate internet insults aside, Celtic closed the gap further for Sevco with an inept fitting transfer window finale at the Beach End in Aberdeen. Nobody could have thought Celtic would finish a league game with such aside that included back up players, and none of the now infamous summer nine.



    Better Celtic sides have lost title leads and Saturday’s dropped points were hardly earth shattering, but significant when its point fourteen. The inability to turn possession, to goals was a carry on show from last week, to this. Brendan Rodgers sleeps like a baby, and chooses his words carefully next day, where he needs to turn the pages of his tactical football manager album.



    Wee Alex was lively in the first half, but BR spared us further calamity in the second, as the Argentinian wasn’t just having a bad haircut day. Tony (bless him) Ralston’s odd mechanical gait looked even odder down the left. The back two and it is a back two, were both posted missing, as the Dons just like Killie took a shock lead after their HT orange. Alistair continues his adventures of Tin Tin and of ever there was a player that needed a break, its him.



    Callum MacGregor was invisible from his 451st game ,Bernardo missed another open goal and might have been better off staying in Dubai, with his burd. Matt O’Riley for the second week in a row, looked like he had a doze of the Athleti, did they really offer him £20M, or did we just make that up?.



    Luis Palma could flatter to deceive for Honduras but if he was chocolate he’d definitely eat himself. Kyogo struggled somewhere inside the low block and dropping back a bit, at least reminded us he was on the park. Abada should have scored and spared us from VAR, whatever Liel offers, it isn’t from wide on the right.



    So, it’s onwards to the unknown and Brendan’s first victory at Easter Rd? A scene where we once trundled back across the wee steel bridge to the waiting buses, having just witnessed Joe McBride, do a Miovski twice, in a shock home win. Team sheet latest…………Nicolas Kuhn




    Hail Hail

  8. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 12:23 PM



    Like it or not there are going to be anti Lawwell protests on Wednesday, and barring the kind of swash buckling performances that we have rarely seen under this manager and seem nigh impossible with this squad of players then they will continue, they will get louder, and they will get poisonous. That is the reality. I don’t think that is conducive to winning football.

  9. keep kidding yourself on.



    the club is going bad from the inside


    the golfer wont change what hes doing….golfing


    the accountant wont change what he does either….build a bank account


    and for anyone thinking the Ego will change tactics….ooft, you have not been watching

  10. A big problem for us in the last two games has been MoR loss of form.



    There’s a way for us to win the title but that only includes Matt O’Riley being on top form. We certainly can’t win it with him having too many quiet games.

  11. Bournesouprecipe



    Were you at the game when Joe McBride scored the 2 goals to beat us ?



    It was my first visit to Easter Rd. We were in the enclosure on main stand side.



    Joe scored shooting down the slope I recall. Tears / Cold Pies / that wee bridge and a carton of orange juice my old man bought me for bus home. My first ever time seeing Celtic lose live I think ?

  12. Wow some absolute garbage from folk on here.



    Rangers fans think lawwell has run Scottish football for 20 years such has the dominance enjoyed by a ‘right sized’ Celtic since he came in.



    Many Celtic fans think he runs Celtic and don’t accept that we have enjoyed 20 years of unparalleled success under his leadership.



    The truth is he runs neither now and he gets virtually zero financial gain from Celtic whether it has a huge bank balance and wins everything or nothing. He is a non exec chair.



    I can’t quite get my head around it but I think folk are either thick as pig shit and can’t understand this or just need a bogey man to enable them to deal with their own inadequacies.

  13. AN DÚN on 5TH FEBRUARY 2024 12:45 PM


    “A big problem for us in the last two games has been MoR loss of form.


    There’s a way for us to win the title but that only includes Matt O’Riley being on top form. We certainly can’t win it with him having too many quiet games.”



    Haven’t seen the RC game back yet but agree he was lacking on Sunday – some nice wee moments but too many passes over/under/miss hit and not as productive as he can be.



    I don’t believe that we got a £20M offer from AM for him but if he does then he may be distracted at best. Reminiscent of the Morelos super offers Sevco kept knocking back which then knocked him off his game. Whoever the Sevco blogging equivalent of PMGB is will be having a field day with those stories I am sure.




  14. Fair play to Warnock if he supported Brexit – it’s all worked out quite well from my vantage point. Hopefully he can mount another hard border around the dons pen box tomorrow night.

  15. SFTB



    Warnock was definitely one of the celeb gammon types in the Brexiteer camp.



    He also has stated a strong affinity for the rangers franchises old and new. Not sure if he might just opt for a seat in the stand tomorrow and let the real work start later in the week.



    I hope I am 100% wrong of course.

  16. An Dun



    Good for you on brexit.



    Definitely not good for most of the uk and especially not for many of the types who voted for it ironically.

  17. PAUL67…


    ” The best news of the day filtered through from Qatar during the second half that Japan were eliminated from the Asian Cup. Daizen Maeda will hopefully be available for selection on Wednesday, adding to Brendan Rodgers’ tactical options.”.






    Sorry but if anyone thinks that DAIZEN MAEDA will solve Celtics problems on the Pitch are gonna be disappointed.




  18. Folk aren’t as thick as pig shit as you describe it, they just have a different point of view, and if Celtic is so successful because of Lawwell why have we not won a knock out game in Europe for nearly 20 years? What a testament to the beancounter, incidentally 60k for non ex suits is a damn good wage in this country, damn good it might not register with you but I have never earned that in a year and I have a degree level education. Guess you don’t do humility.

  19. Trump will get elected and the Huns will win the League…………



    There ye go………………



    I have The Fear.



    I’m not a betting man for good reason but there ye have it.



    Celtic appear to be betting that our current line-up is good enough to secure the LEAGUE AND THE MASSIVE GAME-CHANGING BOOTY THAT WILL BRING.



    I don’t fancy our odds and things are starting to smell.



    I’m Circus-Seal grade happy clapper and I’m no clappin’ or laughin’………..




  20. spikeysauldman on




    Just 1 example of everything thats wrong with the UK (and elsewhere). A retired beancounter earns more than many scientists, engineers, teachers and health/social care workers for turning up at the people’s game in the uniform of the C*nts who drive, crash and burn the economies of the world. (and this is not a dig at PL himself)

  21. Think they’re called metrics on here, I wonder how the metrics will look when the tarpaulins are covering the upper tiers again and the only sell out is the Sevco game.

  22. The Battered Bunnet on

    Bankiebhoy – do us a favou and stick a fiver on the huns to win the league. It’ll be the best fiver you ever spent 😉

  23. onenightinlisbon on

    “Thick as pig shit”



    “Deal with their own inadequacies”



    Where do you start with this?

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