Those who live on in our hearts never die


Thousands will gather at Celtic Park and along the funeral cortege route this morning to pay their final respects to Billy McNeill.  My guess is that he will have met most of them at one point in his life.  He was available to at least three generations of Celtic fans.  Hundreds of thousands shook his hand, got an autograph or photo and listened to the great man talk about Stein, Jinky, Paul McStay, Seville or whatever the subject of the day was.

All the greats of the future will not have lived in our communities as kids, or remain here as they grow old.  They will fleet in and out our lives.

When we lost Jock Stein 34 years ago, we knew there would never be another like him.  The same is true of Billy.  We can hope and dream for European greatness again.  Nine-in-a-row will surely be ours soon, but it will never be the same.  There will never be another titan like Billy McNeill.

Those who live on in our hearts never die.

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  1. Dinnae hate if we lose Today.



    I hope Neil gets us over the line in a few hours.



    Mums Favourite



    Not sure she has seen Elvis.



    The Legend.



    Easing Mumskis Mind is all I can do now.

  2. If I can get her to her swimming I will do so.



    12 lengths of the olde Brock Baths she does and that helps negate her Arthritis… Tuesday Wednesday Friday morning.




  3. The very best of Luck Gerry and all those putting on a wee bet this weekend.



    C’mon the Mighty Celtic.

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’m sure before the GB moved to current section, they originated from the Jock Stien stand, from my understanding the moved to ditch the buckie Ned’s.


    So there was a GB (same people) making a big contribution to the atmosphere even back then but can’t remember when they actually became the GB or when they moved, hopefully someone with more knowledge can correct any mistakes or confirm the above.

  5. Brendan brought great noise frae the west side Bhoys – still going strong.



    The Board if it is Neil, I expect it to be, really have to back the Man in much more than just bringing in Quality players, as there is nae way I want Neil put through what he was put through before.



    Irks me that Paul prophecised Lenny a Long Time ago.

  6. Jobo Baldie on

    Good morning, friends. I hope we are all looking forward to what will hopefully be a gr8 day of celebrations. All focus on Celtic with kick off just over 4 hours away. And then, with hope in my heart for EKFC to overturn last week’s 1st leg 1-2 defeat at Cove Rangers.


    Beautifuly glorious start to the day here in ole EK. Too good a morning not to try another wee ParkRun so it’s Pollock for me for the 9.30 start.


    Live Every Moment!

  7. Go to it Jobo good luck and PB on the time. Me? I’M on my second beer at Sawangen Golf club waiting for kickoff at 18:30. C’mon the hoops

  8. weebawbabitty on

    THE CELT 45 , great news bud, remember sighing the card , glad it gave you a lift

  9. Jobo Baldie on

    Fess19, thanks but my days of chasing PBs are now a distant memory. I managed to get under 21 minutes for the 5K 24 times but the last time I did was in 2013. The 2 targets today are (1) to finish without any injuries and (2) to try to beat 23 mins. It is of course all about the taking part ;-)

  10. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Poor Derek McInnes. Given a 1 match touchline ban for his gesture towards Celtic, with many calling it a harsh punishment &, others making comparisons with the Scott Brown incident – during the Ra*gers game.



    Are these 2 incidents even comparable? Let’s just imagine for a moment that Scott Brown gave a 2 fingered (f**k you) to the Ra*gers.



    Are we to believe Broony would have recieved a single match ban for such a gesture?


    He would have been banned for atleast 5 games, the call from many quarters to have him to have him kicked out of the game. You would even have some at the SFA headquarters working 24/7 overtime trying to find a way to make this possible.



    In hindsight, if Derek McInnes were to celebrate in front of the Celtic fans….. that wouldn’t even be a matter for discussion nevermind sanction.



    Cuddly Justice

  11. Auroraborealis



    I see no need to bring Scott Brown’s ridiculous charge (and a ridiculous verdict too- Not Proven FFS) into it.



    I have sympathy for McInnes. He was subjected to a chant we should drop (unless we know, for sure, the individual is a member of the OO) and his reaction was quite mild and swift. I think he should have been laughed at for giving into his frustration but we cannot be showing mock outrage when a player or manager reacts to a crowd that is giving them tight.



    Next time Neil Lennon cups his ears, look out for a 2 or 3 match ban being considered.



    Big game today- hope we do it first time but still confident it will be done.

  12. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Derek McInnes a “no-brainer” for Scotland ‘



    Sweet mother…..

  13. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I hear the next baddies in Peaky Blinders are the billy boys – hope they show ’em for what they are

  14. Good morning CQN from a bright, sunny and optimistic Garngad



    The Celtic family has been through a lot since the turn of the year, let’s get the fire in the bellies, chests puffed out, win our personal battles and play football the Glasgow Celtic way and get this 8th title wrapped up and shove it right in the faces of every Hun Rat and smsm Hun rat.


    ??????? – loading, get it loaded.



    D. :)

  15. C’mon the Celts.



    G-Thang I hope you can watch the game Today.



    Molly, I’m sure has the most executive of seats Today.



    Lets do it.

  16. The after split games have been good to sevco with home games have they not . For God’s sake Celtic get this finished today .

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Happy Star Wars Day





    May the fourth be with you









  18. We’re heading out to watch this one, no SKY on my watch, and a dodgy link is good enough for certain away games, but not potential league winners.



    No point in giving Scott Sinclair an extension then leaving him on the bench so I’m predicting this side


















    Besides Sinky likes scoring up there and he’s due a game, the rest of the side pick themselves . I think we’ll win the league for the first time at Pittodrie with a high scoring game, as there has been a dearth recently that won’t last.

  19. Just been down to Royston road and got my 3-1 to the bhoys on.


    A lovely banner of Stevie Chalmers up on the Garngad bar, A Garngad Bhoy- one of our own.






    D. :)

  20. So, I didn’t even hit my first target and chucked ParkRun just 2 minutes in – slight hamstring pull. Could have plodded on but going to a wedding tomorrow and off on holiday next Friday so no point in making things worse.


    So, PeteC my time this week was 2m 11s ;-)

  21. This weekend’s CQN Coupon –


    Jobo – St Johnstone


    GFTB – Wimbledon


    AWALK – Derby


    BMCUWP – Bournemouth


    TET – Charlton


    Pog – Ayr Utd


    LB – Lincoln

  22. Surely, after the horrendous couple of week we have endured, the team will be right up for this today. That said, I predict a very healthy scoreline




  23. Organised chaos in the CorkCelt household . Granddaughters Communion today. After Church party at the house, Bouncing Castle for my 9 grandkids plus invitee kids. I’m in charge of cooking cocktail sausages, everybody knows I’m going missing for the match but nobody is too happy about it. Wish I could relax & get into match mode but no chance, however as long as we win the League today, I don’t care

  24. Today’s confirmed starting line up v Aberdeen ……



    Bain; Lustig, Simunovic, Ajer, Tierney; Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Rogic, Weah,, Edouard



    Subs: De Vries, Toljan, Hayes, Ntcham, Benkovic, Sinclair, Burke

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