Through the most testing times Celtic have narrowed the gap


Through the most testing times: illness, injury and international absences; incredibly, Celtic managed to narrow the gap at the top of the table to two points.  Newco’s lead can be shattered tonight.  By their own decision making earlier in the season, they travel to Celtic Park to play before an exclusively home crowd under a Glasgow night sky.

Ange Postecoglou still has challenges.  Callum McGregor was injured against Alloa and may be risked.  Daizen Maeda played for Japan in Tokyo yesterday, I doubt we have had a player play on successive days in 80 years, and never at opposite ends of the globe, but he is likely to feature tonight.

Matt O’Riley and Reo Hatate will be crucial to our performance, neither has seen anything like the atmosphere or pressure they will experience tonight.  I expect Reo especially to be kicked and elbowed from early on.  He will receive no protection from the referee.

Win, and the world is their’s. Celtic would go top of the league with Tom Rogic, David Turnbull, Christopher Jullien and Kyogo Furuhashi still to return to the squad.

Newco are better than the string of Scottish clubs we have beaten by a single goal recently.  Before shipping three extraordinary goals against Ross County on Saturday, they conceded only once in nine domestic fixtures.  They are top of the league and champions for a reason, any presumptions about tonight on our part should be dismissed.

Enjoy yourself tonight.  If you are there in person, play your part to the fullest until the last kick of the ball.  Make the most of the night, the lights, the stadium and the hurt you felt last season.

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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    SAINT STIVS on 2ND FEBRUARY 2022 5:29 PM






    I dont need to ask Paul67, I told the fella directly he is a bore, and I wish he would post elsewhere



    that not ok for you ?






    For me?



    I enjoy coming on here and reading the diverse views of all the different Celtic Supporters, in that regard most of the stuff you post is excellent, however it pains me to see fellow Celtic Supporters insulting one another off just because they don’t agree with any particular view, even worser when its a pile on, very much come across as a form bullying, and you will be well aware of course that is not what Celtic is about.



    whats the matter with playing the post and not the man, and if that doesn’t work just scroll on by,



    i have a concern that when its a pile on, or just constant insulting / sniping against any given poster, you will succeed in chasing away those who’s views you don’t agree with and ultimately reduce the blog to a matey back slapping stupid jokes boozy meet up for drinks type of poor mans Celtic flavoured Facebook.

  2. so, thats your view expressed, good for you. you got to say what i want, i got to say what i want, he got to say what he wants, there you go.

  3. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Come on the Celtic.


    We win tonight and it pushes them into a spiral of death.


    “Fans” will start to get on the managers and players backs.


    Good old days are just around the corner.

  4. I’m reading a confident Blog sitting here with a pain in my gut with nerves.


    Think it was Pete said it earlier, set pieces are the big worry for me corners & Madden,


    Anyway less than 2 hours to go.

  5. Man walks in pub



    Man declares, your all stupid if your a catholic that votes for independence. Man insults further with jibes about your stuck in the past, you need to move on, your a percentage of idiots, you dont know your history, and your kids schooling is in great peril.



    I think,


    I can


    set to ignore or tell him to please go away.



    others are equally as upset as me, but i try to reason with them, yir man is just sounding off, sure he has obscure views we dont particularly like, but hey its only an opinion. it does no harm.



    Man says, thank you for letting me share my views, they re not really extreme its just all you catholics that vote for Independence, while paying £49 for an old firm ticket and make up a percentage of idiots in the celtic support and by the way way, your in mortal danger from the orange threat, and ……………

  6. so it bores the arse of me, so i ask him to please go away.



    anyways I am away to the gazebo, see if i can chat with ernie.

  7. Big Jimmy



    I saw your reply and smiled.



    I was going to leave it at that but my lie detector kept pinging and only stops when the lies are called out.



    To others providing support, I think there is a spirit about Celtic that attracts supporters to it over and above football.



    I think that spirit has been lost at Board level, sacrificed on a commercial altar..



    I’m not naive enough to think business considerations should be discounted , of course not, but if the spirit gets lost, it’s not Celtic anymore. That has to be guarded against imo.



    I also believe that in restoring that connection we will become more than a club ON the park as well as off it.

  8. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Diverse views make for an interesting blog, on the other hand consistently agreeing with one another…

  9. Well he did it, he made it all about him, spread a little unhappiness, anxiety and discord among the beautiful Celtic fans. Turned us against each other and managed to piss off the most respected of posters



    Job done, he can sit back and watch the game.



    Through his fingers

  10. ROCK TREE BHOY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2022 6:06 PM


    Diverse views make for an interesting blog, on the other hand consistently agreeing with one another…



    honestly, do you find JHB posts add interest to the blog ?


    ever give you an insight and you think what a really valid point, really well made, and gives me food for thought ?

  11. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    SAINT STIVS on 2ND FEBRUARY 2022 6:10 PM



    There are certain posters that I automatically scroll on past, you’ll be glad to hear you are not one of them.



    Sometimes I read a post and I think WTF? but its football blog and that is absolutely inevitable.

  12. Auldheid @ 5:42



    I have my opinions on matters that arise – you have yours – that’s life!!!



    I choose not to personalise, but rather to address the issues honestly, as I see them.



    Having read a good deal of your postings over the years, I must say your outbursts today really surprised me.



    I believe Celtic were right in not getting involved and have given my reasons, you disagree….that’s fine, we take different positions – there’s plenty of room for that.

  13. Hart, Taylor, Starfelt, Giakoumakis, Abada, Jota, Carter-Vickers, O’Riley, Hatate, McGregor, Juranovic.


    Subs: Bain, Scales, Soro, McCarthy, Maeda, Forrest, Ralston, Welsh, Doak

  14. Good side. We may need big GG to stamp his authority tonight. The midfield and forward line could be out muscled by the opposition.

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    Team is more than capable of putting a few past Sevco.



    Jota nad Labada should easily terrorise Bassey/Bologan/Goldson.



    Would love to seriously hump them but 1-0 will do….



    C’mon the Bhoys!

  16. I find it interesting that Seethin’ G displayed zero interest in any of his previous charges Patterson, Barisic, Hagi, Kant, Kamara, Aribo and the tubby Colombian, much to the chagrin of the Zombie Club, who had hoped for a cash injection following his swift exit, stage left, laughing and dancing.



    If it’s any comfort Corky, I feel exactly the same way! It’s been far too long since we beat that mob.

  18. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a dark 5.45 am Melbourne morning.


    Bhoys and ghirls all gathering in the Dub at this early morning


    gig for a roll on Irish sausage, egg, bacon, and tattle scone.


    And probably a gallon of Guinness.


    But not this lonely old tim, he’s got papa duties today, so one


    wee glass of the biddy just to keep me calm during the game.


    Only a fool would predict a game against thems so a


    close 1-0 to the Celts for me. 👍


    H H. Mick

  19. big wavy et al



    Shame game was one, Joe Ledley seems to be another, but wasn’t there a Neil Lennon tail end of the season win against Walter, with Lee (hard as) Naylor scoring from forty yards, the Tony Mowbrey season? Was that an evening game?


    That would have been after the big Dutchman’s heroics.

  20. Loved Reo’s Lubo celebration.


    Must be something about scoring your second goal against the Huns so early into your Celtic career


    Some things don’t age


    Reo being slightly younger than the gift from god mind

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