Unprecedented period, our No. 9


Drawing Clyde away in the next round of the Scottish Cup means eight of Celtic’s first 10 games after the winter break are away from home.  Three of those games are on plastic pitches, which often results in a tactical change – and prohibits Jozo Simunovic from playing.  Jozo was drafted into action on Saturday due to injuries to Ajer and Bitton.

Away fixtures piling up is a significant burden, there is no margin for error.  I cannot find a similar run of games in our history, this is an unprecedented period.

I’m sure Neil Lennon was as delighted as Leigh Griffiths at the opening goal at Firhill.  The manager showed faith and support to Leigh that was missing in some quarters.  The player is one of the most natural goal scorers we have had in years.  The space he found inside the penalty box for the goal is typical of his game-intelligence.  There is more to come from our No. 9.

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  1. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    “Celtic are now planning to form a team capable of winning pretty much every domestic game between now and the end of the season. That is the bar required.” Paul67, 31 December 2019



    It’s now the 20th. Have we formed a team capable of winning pretty much everything? We have signed a striker who is a project and are about to sign a midfielder who is equally a project who NL has said not to expect too much from between now and the end of the season.

  2. Norrie,congratulations to your family on the birth of wee Leila


    God bless and good health to all



  3. weebobbycollins on

    I wonder if Alan Muir has phoned Neil yet to apologise for the wrong penalty calls…


    No? You don’t think so?

  4. Can’t post under the sea of towels chucked from the Celtic ‘support’…






    Bring on the Hearts, the Hibs, the ‘Rangers’……



    p.s anybody got a spare for Copenhagen away.

  5. WBC,



    Don’t think so,with Seethin,it’s normally done straight after the game.Think we are now”Time barred”.Never mind,any day now,our Board are going to give them all,both barrels.


    Well,as much chance as an apology from the Mason Muir.

  6. Another great musical writer and performer has left us. David Olney who died on stage mid-concert in Florida on Saturday. His co-musician Amy Rigby said “Olney was in the middle of his third song when he stopped, apologised and shut his eyes,” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51173270



    He wrote 2 songs which I found very special.



    1917, a song about a first world war soldier on his last leave before “going over the top” and how a French prostitute gave him comfort on his last night. Here sung by Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris.





    Jerusalem Tomorrow, a song about a travelling trickster who faked miracles but his business collapsed when he came after Jesus had been in through each town.





    RIP David – what a way to bow out and what a legacy you have left.

  7. I really hope that Griff does get back as its hard to play a striker who doesn’t score and who needs games. It is a quandary. I am glad Neil tried the two strikers a I feel we should use this option more often at Home against the “so called ” lesser teams.



    After Neil scored on Saturday and his finger in the ears gesture then I noticed as he went back to his half that he kissed the badge.

  8. The Hands,



    Everyone is a “Project”in your way of thinking.Lets see how they play first before commenting.Not that difficult.If “The Project”comes out and scores,and plays great,you only look foolish.How is that “Project”Frimpong,playing.

  9. glendalystonsils on




    The CB situation has us walking on thin ice , with injuries and Jozo’s unavailability on plastic . It might be as well not loaning out O’Connell.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    An Dun on 20th January 2020 12:42 pm


    A couple of first tram ready signings would help us during this unprecedented run.



    To be first tram ready , do you need the correct fare?-)))

  11. Paul67



    Poor game, job done and a tale of two penalties.



    Just the latest chapter in the SFA’s unfit for purposeness, no doubt Celtic will take another ‘one on the chin’, along with with Salary McCoist who had a great laugh, whilst a sickened Celtic support await communication, any communication with those that lead the club towards a jeopardised ninth title.



    Thought we looked fit and sharp, so we should, but its now clear having scored no more than two goals in any game, for eons that Celtic will require further surgery to have any chance of keeping the second half of the season as bookies favourites.



    Engine room has been running on empty since St Brendan voyaged, and we’re crying out for a new dynamic player in midfield which is hopefully Soro but maybe another player? – that will take the game, by the scruff of the neck. Leigh Griffiths in a two up top with Eddie, is a must for Wednesday with Kris Ajer restored on the plastic pitch where he gained his stripes.



    There are very few top flight Scottish referees that don’t have previous, but Allan Muir has it in spades, his dreadful performance will be subject to the compliance officer won’t it? – and Celtic will tackle the problem of new maladministration before it’s too late.




    Won’t we? CSC



    “Celtic are now planning to form a team capable of winning pretty much every domestic game between now and the end of the season. That is the bar required.” Paul67, 31 December 2019



    It’s now the 20th. Have we formed a team capable of winning pretty much everything?



    Just a quick post before going out. Given we have won the last 10 domestic trophies, haven’t we already built a team “capable,” of winning by everything?

  13. BIG WAVY on 20TH JANUARY 2020 12:19 PM


    TURKEYBHOY on 20TH JANUARY 2020 12:09 PM




    Form is temporary, class is permanent. Winter on plastic and ploughed pitches is enough to make any modern footballer weep






    Totally agree. I still have the utmost confidence in him. Others need to carry the weight though



    That’s why we should be pleased to see Griff look sharp

  14. As it stands this Celtic squad will not win our 9th consecutive title.



    We simply don’t have enough quality in the squad.


    Over the last two seasons we have sold all our best players and replaced them with inferior players or not replaced them at all.



    If we play like we have in recent matches , this title will be lost before February is over. .



    We need 2 full backs with pace and power


    A Hartson type CF .


    A wide man with pace and power.



    We won’t get them in this window.







  15. Had a thought. There must be a plethora of true funny stories/anecdotes which Celtic fans have experienced at games.


    To start off I will give you one of my best. About 15 years ago at Parkhead, can’t remember who we were playing but as we were going into the North Stand, just before the turnstiles and there were three of Glasgow’s finest aboard their horses, one of which was ridden by a WPC. Approaching the three horses we noticed that the one with the WPC on board was champing at the bit with froth everywhere. A guy in front of me shouted, ” Heh missus, yer horse is frothing at the mooth. Without batting an eyelid, the well built WPC said” Listen sonny boy, if you’d been stuck between my legs for three hours ,you’d be frothing at the mooth as well”



    Very true and very funny.


    I’m sure there are equally funny tales out there, let’s have some please.




  16. Pointless banning Brian Rice for owning up to his gambling addiction, he should be praised for his honesty, and probably helping others seek help.

  17. 20 January 2020





    TINYTIM on 20TH JANUARY 2020 1:32 PM


    Why so down? We have picked up 10 more points than the same stage last season. In fact, if you compare like for like (1st Hibs game away, 1st Hearts at home etc.) from last season we are also 10 points better off.



    Do you think Frimpong, Taylor & Elhamed are not good enough?


    What about Elyounoussi?



    Challenges lie ahead. But did we really think we could win 10 titles without a bit of resistance?

  18. I echo all the above posts re the bias from the SFA and the influencing that Refs are now having on our games. The most sinister of which is their ability to spoil moves by deliberately obstructing Celtic playmakers- especially in a flowing move.



    I’ve seen it too many times by different refs this season for it to be a coincidence.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    San Luis



    A very good point. Blocking off a through pass which could lead to a goal is just as effective as a ‘phantom’ offside or an ‘Allan Muir’ type penalty decision.

  20. TinyTim – I agree with you on the full-back situation. Elhamed looks the part but can’t seem to stay fit. While Frimpong and Taylor are fine for the domestic game, in Europe they will be exposed due to their lack of height and power.



    Let’s get Benkovic back for half a season to cover our central defense.

  21. Timaloy29



    Agreed. Great to see Leigh scoring. I was made up for him. Thought Tom Rogic was great and Ollie looked impactful.



    Think we all know that pace and power to help break those eternal banks of defenders will be needed.



    Does that come with Soros, Polish Paddy, Christie, Jamesie, Arzani, Bayo and Schved, or the 2 experienced boys tbc? Here’s hoping.

  22. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TIMALOY29 on 20TH JANUARY 2020 1:50 PM



    I think we have done well with Frimpong, Elhamed and Jullien. It is too early to tell re Taylor (he has been 3rd choice after all). Although Elhamed’s injury record is slightly worrying- I think he has only played 3 league games this season?



    However, we have not seen much progress in the forward part of the field; scoring goals has been an issue for the last two seasons. We have lost Armstrong, Dembele, Paddy and on form Sinclair- have any of those players been replaced? The only one I would confidently say ‘yes’ to would be Armstrong. Christie is better IMO. However, the others have departed without adequate replacement.

  23. I stopped reading the MSSM many years ago because of their negativity re My team.



    I am beginning to feel the same way about many on CQN.



    Cheerio for now.

  24. How many goals has Edouard scored across his last 12 Celtic games ?



    I don’t have the answer to hand. But my guess would be, not very many.

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