Validation of earlier angst, Well played Fernando


In the last six years of his life, which ended this morning, Fernando Ricksen did what he could to raise awareness of the research into Motor Neurone Disease.  MND is a cruel and indiscriminate thief.  Fernando will be remembered as a footballer, but his greater legacy may be to the research into this terrible disease.  Well played, Fernando.  Our thoughts are with his family.

Last night’s Champions League results supplied some validation of the angst we felt a year ago when our Europa League group was drawn.  Salzburg scored six against Belgian champions, Genk (who finished 20 points ahead of Anderlecht), while Leipzig won away at Benfica.  That we managed to get out of that group is a significant achievement.

The other result that caught the eye last night was Slavia Prague’s 1-1 draw with Inter at the San Siro; the Italians equalised in added time.  Slavia beat Cluj 1-0 home and away after the latter dispensed with Celtic in this season’s qualification campaign.  At the time, I thought – in haste – that proved how weak Cluj really were.

A lack of reputation is no guarantee of anything in Europe, which we would be well to mind when Cluj come calling again.  We committed every defensive cardinal sin in the book when they last visited, but they were still good enough to get the job done.

The opportunity to surprise this week lies with Celtic.

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  1. “Bloody Sunday “Soldier F. Court adjourned til December. The British wheel of justice turns slow alright.

  2. I had similar thoughts myself Paul. We’ve no given right to beat anyone. Teams we’ve never heard of from an unfashionable country are often seen as cannon fodder and if we don’t hammer them we’re lillian gash!!



    I’ve never understood that.



    It could also be argued that both those teams have improved while we have stayed stagnant. I think that would be lame given the restructuring and rebuilding of not only our team, also or footballing set up.



    Valencia also beat Chelsea away, Liverpool got turned over in Naples and by some accounts Dortmund were the better side against Barca.



    I’m glad Neil Lennon is doing our rebuilding job.



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    Past performance (UEFA Rankings) is no indicator of future results (Current Form).




  4. Fernando Ricksen rest in peace



    Your personal battle is over as Paul says your legacy is in the raising of consciousness and knowledge in the fight against such a horrible disease.


    God bless your family




  5. Totally agree TBB. Liverpool as far as I can see have more or less the same team as last year. I have no idea about Napoli and no time to research. Perhaps the Liverpool players are not as focussed on the CL this year as they’ve ‘done it’?



    Maybe the league is their focus this year…..?



    Good chatting but as is oft said on here…. aff oot



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  6. RIP Fernando Ricksen. He fought it bravely to no avail, at least the pain has gone. Would not wish that terrible illness on anybody. My thougjts and prayers are with his family.

  7. MND is a curse, let us hope that the bravery and selflessness of Fernando will eventually lead to a breakthrough.


    Thoughts with his family and friends.

  8. Celtic are to fast-track Jonathan Afolabi into the Hoops first team after the summer signing caught the eye in training.



    The Hootsman

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on 18th September 2019 1:22 pm




    Fortune favours the brave. Double, plus forecasts. None of that single nonsense for treble treblers.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on 18th September 2019 1:22 pm


    ….he brought it all on himself




    one second thoughts two single bets too

  11. Rest in Peace Fernando Ricksen.



    Horrific illness fought with dignity and bravery. Huge respect for the young man.

  12. I remember Paul67(i think) wrote a piece a few years ago, pointing to the very incident and subsequent head knock, that Fernando received in the 6 – 2 game at Celtic Park in 2000, which could have been the major contributory factor to his illness. RIP Fernando and god bless.

  13. jc2 on 18th September 2019 3:07 pm




    No pressure whatsoever on BB to deliver :-)

  14. Prayers and thoughts for Fernando Ricksen’s family. After his battle against such terrible odds, I pray that his suffering, joined to that of Our Blessed Lord’s, will see him safely home in the arms of the eternal Father. R.I.P, Fernando, you have been an example of enormous courage to all of us.

  15. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Cheers, I dabbled a pound on that. Just saw the tip four minutes before the off, ain’t online bookies Braw.


    Aye !!BADA BING!!…. nae pressure 😃




    PS. When the fun stops, stop!

  16. Paul67 et al



    I read an interview with Fernando earlier in the year in which he said that while he did not fear death he did get frightened on those occasions when he found himself struggling to breath. Life doesn’t get much more difficult than that. He certainly raised awareness of Scotland, as wee JImmy had done before him. I remember hearing Carlo Rovelli, the theoretical physicist in a radio interview expressing a wish that he could apply more of the lessons from physics into medicine beyond the use of radiation as treatment or magnetic resonance as imaging. He didn’t specify where he thought the benefit would manifest itself, but you would hope that nerve cells is an area that one day might. We can but hope, and in this case, pray.



    RIP Fernando Ricks

  17. Motor Neurones is a dreadful disease. Fernando fought it bravely, Past spats fade into the reality of our common humanity.


    Your suffering is over Fenando Rest in Peace,



    Very interesting reading titbits re Afolabi. First time I saw him play under 19’s for Republic I was immediately taken by his style and I can remember saying I hope Celtic are watching..


    A hardy bit of stuff for a young fella, busy bustling style. Still a bit raw around the edges, I really hope he makes it at Celtic but it will be a tall order.

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