We’ve seen more of these games than Brendan


Thus far results haven’t mattered, but if his players walk into the dressing room at halftime tomorrow without being in the lead, you can believe there will be an edge in the team- talk. You and I have probably seen more of these kind of games than Brendan. They are seldom straightforward and while the manager plays with pretty much the hand he inherited, I don’t expect a remarkable change in outcomes.

Assuming results go to plan, we’ll have six Champions League qualifiers in the next seven weeks. That’s a lot of football, hopefully most of it will be played with the benefit of one or two more arrivals.


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  1. Hail Hail Paul 67


    Maybe Brendan should put his


    savvy-Portuguese-heid-on ?


    Better to play rubbish and get through, eh ?


    Idealists don’t work – CSC

  2. Anyway….Auldheid


    Thanks for the comprehensive reply yesterday.


    If anything, I’m more confused than ever ;-)


    God Bless the Fab 4, even though TD67 has


    a point…..imho.


    You’ll Never Walk Alone….in the Jungle.

  3. Tricoloured Ribbon




    Yer right – get rid of those players


    that were skelped by the huns in


    the SCSF last season.


    There’s only one wee problem….


    Brendan see’s something in them.


    Either that or, as I’ve suspected all along,


    he’s a puppet being told to clean up


    PL & RD’s mess.


    If he’s savvy-streetwise-Celtic-cute-enough,


    then he’ll get us over the line.


    If…..is a big word!


    Btw,….Big Efe looks guid playing in


    Yaya’s position…on the Playstation ;-)


    Yer Rebel-Tricolour fly’s high & proud


    on the ole Jungle roof.


    You’ll Never Walk Alone….in the Jungle.

  4. Good morning friends from a damp, drizzley, grey, cloudy, breezy East Kilbride.



    Holidays are over and work’s a callin’.

  5. Mountblow tim on

    Good Morning CQN



    Off to NYC today looking forward to that


    Planning a visit to NYCSC in the Parlour Bar



    Doing some travelling around USA


    And will try to get to a few other CSC in the USA


    Washington DC, Las Vegas, Hollywood, L.A



    Hope to meet some American Celtic Supporters on my travels



    God Bless you all


    Hail Hail




  6. Daily Record online lists Lincoln Red Imps v Celtic as being broadcast live on Premier Sports.



    All well and good, until you check the channel’s TV listing and they have Aberdeen’s Europa League tie listed on Tuesday, and they don’t play until Thursday.



    What manner of alternative universe is this?

  7. Mountblow Tim –



    The Parlour was my favourite watering hole when I lived in NYC. Must get back for a visit soon. Your US tour sounds fantastic.




  8. Auld Tam



    I prefer the parlour over the other Celtic bars in NYC .



    Great boozer with good grub.








    Mind if I join you?



    Sounds smart,bud. I hope you have a belter.



    If any of the local CQNers are looking in,hopefully they’ll get in touch.




  10. I’m glad that Portugal won the final.


    Payets tackle was meant to impare Ronaldo.


    It was dirty in the truest sense.



    He wasn’t even booked,sneaky wee bassa.



    As for the tournament .



    3rd placed qualifiers from the qualification stages meant that fans from smaller countries who rarely make finals were allowed to travel.


    This added enjoyment and carnival to the overall proceedings.



    There were no outstanding teams ,therefore many matches threw up surprises and draws.



    The highlight of the whole touring for me was the Irish boy on you tube singing “we’re taking over France”.



    The Irish won the hearts of the European people.



    Eire go Bragh








    Aye,but he had to let it bounce before he shot-typical nosebleed midfielder!

  12. It also allowed my hero Martin O’Neill to show just what a great manager he is.



    Whilst everyone is delighted with Brendan ,I was praying that it would be MON.




  13. Mountblow tim on

    Auld Tam



    Looking forward to going



    I met some of their club members when they came over to Celtic Park


    Just before the end of the season



    Really looking forward to this holiday



    Will have a pint or two in for you in the Parlour Bar



    Bobby Murdoch’s Curled – Up Winklepickers


    If you can fit in my case come on down love to have you along



    Hail Hail








    Nice offer,pal. I’ve never so politely been referred to as excess baggage before(!)

  15. Just thinking about the greatest Celtic highlights in my 52 year old life.



    1979 4-2


    The centenary season double.


    2-0 ST Johnstone to stop the 10.





    My first treble ,against the Hibs.


    That 3-1 away win in Amsterdam.


    The wins at Blackburn ,Anfield and Boavista.



    MON did a great Jon for us.




  16. 50 shades of green on




    Just waking up from my Guinness induced sleep.



    Missed the final at the euros after cheering on Andy,



    Allez le blewit I see.

  17. Mountblow tim on







    Nice offer,pal. I’ve never so politely been referred to as excess baggage before(!)




    You will never be that my friend in Celtic



    I will get you a NYCSC badge




  18. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Morning Bhoys it is a damp morning here in Central Scotland.I was under the impression that BT Sport were showing all the Champions league matches is that not the case ? I think the Red Imps game is on the same level as last years cup match with East Kilbride a mismatch in which Celtic struggled.





    Canny beat having a dig at yourself,self-deprecating humour is under-appreciated.



    I find it funny,no-one else does…



    Post a photo of you doing the NY thang-wrassling wi a four pun steak wi fries.

  20. TINYTIM on 11TH JULY 2016 7:54 AM


    I’m glad that Portugal won the final.



    Payets tackle was meant to impare Ronaldo.



    It was dirty in the truest sense.




    He wasn’t even booked,sneaky wee bassa.







    It wasn’t a foul and it wasn’t intended to injure.



    It was a hard, uncompromising tackle but the ball was won cleanly and decisively.



    It was the way Ronaldo moved his left foot after he was dispossessed that seemed to cause the damage.



    And watching him on the touchline was far more entertaining than watching him on the pitch had been in the tournament.





    Martin O’Neill gave us our pride back. THAT is his main achievement,and why he ranks with legends.



    Before he arrived,we could not see our way out of a dead-end seconditis(Wim apart,but that lasted a few days)



    Aye,he should have won more. But he won plenty. And he made them know his name.

  22. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    MT-enjoy the trip. You deserve it.



    BMCUWP- trust you got home safe and sound?



    Had one of the best weekends ever. Thanks to all that were able to be part of it and make our 25th wedding anniversary at Paradise, so special. Really just didn’t appreciate how well the Big Cup would go down.



    Back to normality now :-)








    Anyone fancy a wee trip to Kirkintilloch to sort out a pseudo-hardman who batters lumps outa disabled people?



    I know the link is to the Record,but the story would break your heart. As would the photos of the poor victim.



    But,the photo of the accused? There you go,lads. Named and shamed wi a bunnet to prove it.

  24. I felt the tension from the stands, particularly at Celtic park contributed to some of the slow (and bad at times) play, international players terrified to make a mistake, heart breaking to hear some of the Shiite that was being spouted at them, hopefully with Brendan being on board a lot of that tension won’t be there, as in the Martin o neil days.

  25. Good on Portugal. makes a change for the usual suspects. The Tackle on Ronaldo wasn’t a dirty one.the other player isn’t a rogue, it was one of them tackles. which looked worst,but really it wasn’t intended, but you notice with some on here,Celtic players are not dirty players.its other football players from certain teams that are culprits.





    It was a fantastic weekend,spent in marvellous company,and an occasion which did everyone proud.



    And yer kids can sing,I used to get telt tae shut it,singing The Soldiers Song in The Jungle. Ruined it for everyone else,apparently.



    Well worth it,but nightmare trips back and forward. I got back to Swindon about 7am today. Missed my nightshift,first in about nine years. Not a happy bunny with Megabus. I texted my sister as the bus-an hour late in leaving-hit the hills at Hamilton,that the turbo was knackered.



    It barely limped into Preston. There will be a considered,accurate,and forthright complaint heading their way.



    My next trip home is planned via Bristol Airport.

  27. Masty –



    I agree.



    Last 2 seasons I and my son were in front row of main stand about 10 yards from Celtic bench. Because Ronny and his management team were within earshot, the personal abuse they took, especially Ronny, was sickening. Grown men rising to their feet and screaming foul-mouthed poison was a regular occurrence. And it often happened simply because the opposition NEARLY scored. How very dare they?



    It got so bad that we stopped looking forward to visits to Paradise and it became a chore, not because of the fare on the park – we don’t care if we win lose or draw – but because of some of the people around us.



    We are now relocated to the Jock Stein lower, 15 rows up, just to the right of the goals, and both really looking forward to going to see the Celtic again.



    PS. Cue the usual “They pay their money . . . etc”. I’m sorry, but no amount of money gives anyone the right to abuse anyone, let alone a Celtic manager, to the degree I was witness to last season.

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