Why we might need a pool of 7 wingers


News from Korea today suggests we have agreed the transfer of Yang Hyun-jun from Gangwon.  The player turned 21 two days before our last league game of the season against Aberdeen.  Gangwon have won only two of their 22 league games and sit well adrift of safety in the relegation zone.

He is young and playing for a side who are surely the polar opposite of Celtic – always defending instead of always attacking.  The journey to Europe, to Celtic Park, potentially Champions League nights and the ever-present need to win, need to always be productive, will take a while to adjust to.

A fee of around £2.5m is a huge amount for a Gangwon, so we can assume this lad has metrics which place him in the upper echelon of potential superstars.  Whether that potential is realised will depend on how well Brendan Rodgers and his coaches develop him.  We should expect little in his first season.

Yet another winger!  He joins Daizen Maeda, Liel Abada, Marco Tilio, Sead Haksabanovic and James Forrest, while Mikey Johnston’s injury almost certainly precludes him from leaving on loan this summer.  That makes seven fighting for two starting places.

That sounds a lot, but as my brother pointed out to me this morning, since the five subs rule came in, we change at least one winger and often both in each game, so any four have a realistic chance of gametime each matchday.

With two injured (as there are at the moment), that’s four from five, so maybe we are not overloaded on the wings (pardon the pun) afer all.

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  1. Yeah a development signing. I’m sure Brendan would like a few more developed players signed before the season starts. All things equal, I think we’re weaker given the absence of Jota and Mooy.

  2. quadrophenian on

    If we signed Shang Yin from Dalian and played him alongside Yang, we’d have a harmoniously balanced team.




  3. Yes Paul but we are back to quantity over quality discussion again. Few will expect much from MJ when fit, JF has battles to remain fit and even when he is isn’t the same player he was previously. We then have two new relatively young players, one of whom you state won’t be played very much. BR may be assessing his squad at the moment to see who he likes and who he does not, but let us all hope that we don’t fall back into the bad habits of yesteryear when we use every cliche in the book not to sign a player. As we stand our squad is weaker in terms of quality than it was on June 3rd.

  4. !!BADA BING!! on 14TH JULY 2023 12:25 PM


    Apparently we’ve signed Jun and are signing a Korean midfielder,this guy







    Good to be signing players and these seem like very good prospects. However, as James Forrest pointed out, the Asian Cup early in the new year could see a lot of our players absent for crucial games.



    Also, don’t think BR is behind any of these signings, even if he is rubber-stamping them.



    When does BR get one of own signings in the door?



    I get he wants to assess his squad etc, but where’s the power he mentioned at his early press conference?



    Cmon Celtic, get moving on this.



    ForeverhopefulCSC 😃👍🍀🇮🇪🏆🏆🏆

  5. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    When Jota joined on loan two years ago after a bad spell in Spain – how many saw him as a first team starter?


    Alternatively, how many saw him as a last minute sticking plaster?

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    CHARLIEMAC @ 12:01 PM



    Does anyone know if Sevco repaid the Covid loan






    Charlie – I’ll seriously go out on a limb here and guess “No”

  7. So funny all the shore chat about not being Brendans preferences for signings etc



    Mooy hardly played for first few months. Iwata has been eased into the team. Abada still plays occasionally. GG didn’t play a lot initially.



    Some players are signed knowing it may take time for them to emerge as first team players.



    We will have Iwata and the big Korean striker really pushing for first team start now. They were not ready a few months ago.



    Some of the summer signings may well not be pushing for this for a year.



    Selling 1 and losing 1 when we have a conveyor belt is ok.



    Wholesale change such as across the city is less good.

  8. Moderator1888 on

    Had a look at the video posted of the other South Korean, midfield anchor we are looking at



    He looks good, big and strong and likes a tackle……

  9. If Celtic needed to have their fixtures at home to Ross and away at Aberdeen and Hibs rescheduled due to the Asian Cup then that would be legitimate.

  10. We knew what we had with Jota & Mooy . Mooy needed a few injury free games to get up to speed, When he was good he was very good, unfortunately time & injuries have caught up with him.


    Jota was special and will be difficult to replace,


    At the moment we have the lad from Oz & Odin and looking very likely to have 2 more Korean Bhoys.


    Are we weaker or stronger, impossible to say from Scheidt to Lubo you can only judge when you see them in action.

  11. When Jota joined on loan two years ago after a bad spell in Spain – how many saw him as a first team starter?





    I think that’s fair enough but I suspect a lot of fans have raised expectations given where we are now with much talk about progressing in europe.

  12. MODERATOR1888 on 14TH JULY 2023 1:04 PM


    Had a look at the video posted of the other South Korean, midfield anchor we are looking at


    He looks good, big and strong and likes a tackle……




    Don’t want to be a party pooper, but he plays in the second tier of K league. Still, if he signs for us, I’ll support him all the way and big him up to any knuckle staggers out there.

  13. Good afternoon bhoys and Ghirls from a lovely Langbank, Port Glasgow (Coast restaurant).



    I think we need cover at both LB and RB and no projects. Established players please.



    D :)

  14. AN DÚN on 14TH JULY 2023 1:10 PM



    I don’t think anyone expects us to get better than Jota.



    As good would certainly do for me, so given his profile when he came isnt it fair to put a bit of trust in the guys who found Jota and all the other players we’ve never heard of but went on to be a Kyogo, Hatate or CCV?



    Ten weeks before the CL starts





    Following uplift from getting over virus struggled with fluid retention. Went downhill


    Emerges Foley. Painful insertion. Really painful.


    Drained fluids without effort. Took away exhaustion.


    I’m told I just need to rest. Continually.


    Off to nap



  16. bournesouprecipe on




    What’s the CQN transfer cut off price between a project and a proper signing?



    We should be told because Rainjurz FC are ready for glory according to the Daily Thugs n Thieves.



    💤 CSC

  17. “SCANIEL on 14TH JULY 2023 1:18 PM


    Don’t want to be a party pooper”


    WELL DON`T BE !! .



    “Still, if he signs for us, I’ll support him all the way and big him up to any knuckle staggers out there.”



    That`s more like it :-)))

  18. GG – Nothing quite like a good nap, so rest up and get yourself better for the new season. My money is on you making an appearance before CCV and AJ.


    Get Well Soon……..Please

  19. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 14TH JULY 2023 1:59 PM



    A free transfer can also be a multi-mulyun pound player.

  20. Hot Smoked at 2:04


    I know, I know……..the inner me always thinks any new signings will turn out to be the next Bobby Murdoch. Impossible, I know, but one can dream….. and I hope GG is having similar dreams just now.

  21. For all the talk of big experienced first teamers they’re signing did it ever cross their minds that they’re going to get horsed in Europe next season



    They’re signing reserves from the eredivisie and players from mid table teams in the championship.

  22. Keep it lit GG.



    Just back from A&E in Hairmyers, East Kilbride, having tried to slice my finger off with a stanley knife: first thing I was asked in triage was about Covid. As you know better than most GG it’s still around.



    Ave Ave

  23. Afternoon all,



    No problem at all with very young and promising Koreans being signed. However, I think we only have four players who could comfortably handle the CL at the moment: CCV, AJ, McGregor, Kyogo.



    Reo and O’Riley too perhaps, but they are liable to have quiet games and need better consistency. Possibly harsh on Charlie Starfish and GT but the point I am making is I think we need 3-4 almost finished article type players to challenge in the groups.



    P67 I think is discounting that as off strategy. Who knows.