Window to show our credentials is closing


I wish I could be more convincing, but the wind has gone out of Europe for me this season.  Tonight, we play our final home Champions League game of the campaign, hoping for a win to keep our slim chances of Europa League football alive, earn a couple of Uefa coefficient points and bank close to €3m.  And a goal would be nice.

Shakhtar Donetsk started their campaign with a stunning 1-4 result in Leipzig and were denied a stunning win over Real Madrid when the European champions equalised in added time.  Their 1-1 draw against Celtic, a game which Celtic bossed for the most part, now looks like their poorest performance, we can only look back in regret at what may have been.

If this Celtic squad are as good as they (on occasion) promise to be, this evening, they have the perfect opportunity to provide evidence.  Can we defend against a proficient counter-attack team?  Can we punish a defence that so effectively frustrated Leipzig?  The window to prove the case will soon close.

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  1. Any kind of victory tonight would be a huge boost. Only a few weeks ago most of us thought we could get 9+ points from this group.




    I think if you read back to your early morning blog


    You’ll see your not alone in expecting Celtic to shine






    Not long back in the hoose after showing all those weans


    how to play soccer the Celtic way. just read your post


    and the k.o here in Oz is 5 am ish. just when I’m turning


    over lol, but I want to see this one live so the roll and square


    ready just to heat, no biddy though, I’m driving later 😇


    H H. Mick

  3. BIG JIMMY on 25TH OCTOBER 2022 12:01 PM


    TURKEYBHOY on 25TH OCTOBER 2022 10:50 AM





    Big Jimmy,











    The day before Truss guaranteed the Triple Lock for pensions,Hunt said it would have to be reviewed.She was put on the spot,and lied.











    Not hopeful.










    Sunak at the PODIUM…He has just stated that ” HE will deliver on the Tory manifesto of 2019″…That means that STATE PENSIONS WILL rise with INFLATION.





    I will STILL NOT be holding my breath, I will believe it when I see it.





    HH Mate.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I think we have done enough to show that we can be competitive at this level, Paul. Extra experience needed to sharpen up at the margins which will bring results.


    The worrying thing for me at the moment is one clean sheet in our last ten games. That needs to be turned around. Tonight would be a good start.

  5. Now if we want to see ref bias against Celtic – how about this incident from the Ladies match last night where Jacynta gets a straight red for seemingly calling the ref an idiot because he would not get out of the way of her intended pass. Have we ever seen a straight red for language by a player before. I know managers get them but….



    about 2min 10 seconds in



  6. ST TAMS from Previous Thread…


    I am UNSURE about any benefits going up next April. I hope they do, as I receive State Pension and a couple of other Benefits ?


    I sincerely hope that workers can get decent pay rises also, and they can somehow meet their ever increasing BILLS ?


    HH mate.

  7. Still a big game for me and one I’m looking forward to, this will be our second biggest test of what remains of the season so let’s give it everything.



    Should we come up short tonight then I’m afraid we won’t be able to complain too much when pundits lump us in with the huns as euro flops.

  8. SFTB – from what I could see, absolutely ridiculous. She, of course, is the team’s most potent goal threat. On the other hand, nobody seems to protest it so maybe she knew she had crossed what is acceptable.

  9. Celtic are more than capable of blowing away Shahktar in the first 20/25 minutes. I also have respect for our opponents and their capability to counter attack.


    MON the Hoops…Just DAZZLE this mob Tonight !





  10. Grandson and his dad managed to get tickets hope they have a great night.


    2 nil to the Hoops.

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    Game seven in Europe without a win, inferior sides have done better, tonight is a must. Full backs to rotate Juranovic and Taylor incoming, Kyogo for GG? Saed for Daizen? Liel for Jamsie?



    Happy days at Celtic with arguably the best squad ever, time for three points and a lump of CL money.

  12. Little at stake = Less pressure on the players = Better ratio than in previous games of goals to goal scoring opportunities?

  13. Finished watching the Hearts game 2nd half.


    The other noticeable thing was how Kingsley and Cochrane dropped to the floor anytime a Celt came near them. Self-ignited trips. Brother Walsh and the linesman fell for it every time and awarded them frees.


    Anytime a Jambo rough-housed GG, Walshy waved play on. Jacko was furious all game long; no wonder.



    Tonight, Matthew, it’s gonna be tomorrow at 6AM for Mick and the bhoys.


    Start with JJ, Abildgaard and Kyogo. Rest Tony, Aaron and GG.


    Give us a win, eh bhoys.

  14. SFTBs,



    I like Scots Squad.Big Cameron Meikleson is a superstar.


    I think abusive language directed at the Referee,was a bit stupid.They are very sensitive wee souls.

  15. Tonight’s game is massive. Win it and it makes the game in Spain, meaningful. OK, we only have a very slim chance of making the Europa, but if we did, it would be a great achievement from our current position. The women’s sending off, looks like another stupid ref who is full of his own self importance. Surely a yellow card would have been enough. Still, it’s not quite up there with the disgraceful sending off of Johnny Doyle.

  16. Well,just got word their,my Sister in Laws ,sister,has just won the Celtic Way contest.Flights,accommodation,2 tickets for the Real game,spending money.


    Jealous.Not a bit of it.

  17. Just read there that the Sunaks personal fortune is,£ 730,000,000.Wee Rishi married well.A looker as well.

  18. £730,000,000



    I wonder if he would turn up to the shipbank if he was extended an invitation ………….

  19. Thoughts and prayers requested from CQN Community for my dear mum Peggy Doogan who passed away this morning.



    When I was a teenager, many moons ago, she always used to plead me to cover up my Celtic top on way to games cos there are ‘bad buggers’ out there. Strange how that popped into my head just now.



    Thanks to Father Balmer, St Ninians, for attending so quickly.

  20. TURKEYBHOY on 25TH OCTOBER 2022 1:12 PM


    ‘A looker as well.’







    Sexist comment.



    The offended brigade will be all over this.



    Won’t they?

  21. I honestly don’t know what to expect tonight, apart from maybe a 0-0 draw! We could win by 2 or 3 goals and also lose by the same margin. Whatever you think of this team and its playing style, it’s one hell of a ride!

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