Principled resignations, ASA withdraw adjudication

I cannot fathom why someone would leak their intentions to quit as chairman of a football club.  Either Walter Smith is sufficiently alarmed by the conduct of his club to resign, or he should be busy working to resolve matters.  Leaking that he intends to resign will surely only add to the nonsense that surrounds the club.

Some will believe that Smith, who accepted the position as chairman of Rangers International when season tickets went on sale in May, can shuffle of the scene now 34,000 tickets have been sold.  Shareholder votes will determine the future of the club, in this instance, the identity of the chairman has little reach beyond parting fans with their cash.

Some investors may consider a more immediate problem is why the club are burning a hugely disproportionate amount of cash to secure promotion from the third tier of Scottish football, and why a management structure is not in place to deploy resources more effectively.

In light of Francisco Sandaza’s off-the-cuff comments to Tommy in Glasgow, and his subsequent dismissal by Rangers International, we urge Mr McCoist to be more cautious than he was after his team’s spirited, but ultimately fruitless, performance in Forfar on Saturday.  It would be unfortunate if McCoist transgressed a condition of employment and suffered accordingly.

Advertising Standards Authority ruling withdrawn

It doesn’t rain but it pours.  The Independent Review Process of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has looked into the ASA’s recent, and widely reported, ruling on Rangers International’s claim on football titles won by a liquidated club. The Review found that “it was a procedural flaw for the ASA to have relied on an extract only of a report sent to it by the advertiser”.

Further, the review process ruled that “there was also the risk of a substantial flaw of adjudication in the distinction that had been made between ‘club’ and ‘company’, especially in the light of previous ASA decisions about companies that change hands and the circumstances in which the new company could or could not trade off the reputation of the old company”.

The Chairman of the ASA, Lord Smith of Finsbury, as decided to reopen the ASA’s investigation into the case and to withdraw the published adjudication, which favoured the advertiser.  Withdrawing this adjudication does not infer that a different outcome will subsequently be reached.  To use a football analogy, it’s half time and they’re all square.

An interesting, and potentially critical part of the story, is that after the initial ASA decision was issued, the club’s web site noted that their submission to the process included information that a “panel of the London Stock Exchange” supported their claim.

The Stock Exchange subsequently appeared surprised at this assertion, so much so that the club promptly withdrew the claim from the web article.

“You’re history, that’s what you are, na na na na”.

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  • hoopeddreams


  • Burghbhoy

    Hail hail

  • roy croppie

    Celtic Glasgow oh oh oh oh

  • bonzodog

    Near miss !!!

  • Burghbhoy

    Congratulations hoopeddreams .
    Maybe 1 day!!
    Can read Paul’s article now


    Too early for me,that one.

  • Big Georges Fan Club

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. It’s prediction time! I have three games that I am going to predict on.

    1) Elfsborg 0-2 Celtic
    2) Celtic 5-3 Liverpool
    3) England 2-3 Scotland

  • Tallybhoy

    Bring back the unbroken green n white Hoops I say!


  • oldtim67

    post from last blog.

    11:56 on
    5 August, 2013

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    Good old ASA and the UFH

    Pity it takes a London-based organisation to call them out.

    Maybe Jack just hasn’t got the dirt on this particular Lord Smith.

  • weeminger

    If, and it’s a big if, they do see administration this season. I look forward to the SFA tying themselves in knots as to punish them for their 1st administration – correct but against agenda or 2nd, fits agenda but not correct and likely to send the hordes apoplectic.

  • roy croppie

    “Some investors may consider a more immediate problem is why the club are burning a hugely disproportionate amount of cash to secure promotion from the third tier of Scottish football, and why a management structure is not in place to deploy resources more effectively.” Paul67

    From twitter: Nicky Clark on £700pw at Queen of the South, wanted £1700 pw from Sevco but their first offer was £2400.

    They’ll never learn.

  • connaire12


    During my days down south last week, I read the following in a book of reflections on the Hymn of St Patrick called The Cry of the Deer by David Adam. He attributes the following words to St Columba at the end of his life. I thought of your late father and said a prayer for him:

    Were all the tribute of Scotia mine
    From its midland to its borders,
    I would give it all for one little cell
    In my beautiful Derry.

    Incidentally travelling to the south and returning I experienced a delay of 45, 16 and 8 minutes at different times. This gave me time to reflect on the journeys so many of you distant fans make week by week to support the Celtic. It left me full of admiration for you. I only travel a round trip of 56 miles to CP. I now appreciate immensely your efforts for the cause. Thanks.

  • !!Bada Bing!!

    Any Jo’burg Tims about?

  • hoopeddreams

    Apologies to all podium chasers given my recent infrequent posting.

    Still, quality not quantity.

  • Jungle Jim

    Just asked my brother re Cobbles.They were on Yates Street which ran on to Camlachie Rd/St ? and that he wasn`t sure if they really were a memorial to Johnny Thompson or , as !Bada Bing! suggested, an urban myth.
    He also told me that, many years ago, he was on his way to the game when an old drunk guy came up to them, ten to three ,Home game two minutes from Parkhead and said: Look at them! No matter where you are in the world what do you see? Celtic supporters!!

  • hoopeddreams


    That’s an awful story about the Ardoyne protest.

    I can only imagine the hardship.

    I think we should send them a crate load of Forfar bridies to console them.

    Sure, wouldn’t it be the charitable thing to do, now?

  • Vmhan

    Great article Paul67, esprcially the cheeky we part at the end (thumbs up)

    “You’re history, that’s what you are, na na na na”.


  • Dontbrattbakkinanger

    Today’s Scrofularity index at 12.00 BST- Pungent.

  • leftclicktic

    Thoughts are with the family of the young jockey killed at the Darwin cup meeting.

  • Doctor Whatfor


    The main difficulty in trying to fathom why a chairman would act as ‘the dignified one’ is doing is trying to fathom it from an honest and decent perspective. Try fathoming it from a perspective of duplicity and self-seeking and see if that helps.


  • Monaghan1900

    11:49 on
    5 August, 2013
    Monaghan1900 11:43 on 5 August, 2013

    “As well as the above, Vanguard Bears has also supplied 1,000 Rangers rosettes”

    As what?

    Toilet paper.
    Might provide something of an explanation for their plug ugly contorted mugs.

  • Dontbrattbakkinanger

    Old Tim- why don’t you get my e-mail address off B/Tim?

    I’m more than happy to answer your questions.

  • bankiebhoy1

    “wheres walter?”

  • Dontbrattbakkinanger

    Many thanks for all the answers on the Janefield St ‘goalposts.’

  • leftclicktic

    I met my usual zombie banter opponent this morning and he put his head down and his hand up . So not a word was spoken . :))

    Retired on his stool I would call it ,

  • Big Georges Fan Club


    11:59 on 5 August, 2013
    post from last blog.

    11:56 on
    5 August, 2013

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    Good luck mate!


  • jackie mac

    Monaghan 1990 – is that where the bombs were thrown at the school kids going to their primary school ?

    Walter smith leaves when things go south ! Hmmmm I think we saw that coming.

  • Doctor Whatfor



    Retired at stool ;-)

  • RogueLeader

    Paul67 – Next up – the ASA is a sectarian organisation riddled with Opus Dei members

  • Tallybhoy


    They are indeed history.

    Confined to the dustbin, wheelie-bin, trash can and buried in a land-fill site with all the other rotting detritis produced by modern man.


  • Tallybhoy

    What school did this Lord Smith attend?

    Ampleforth perhaps?

    Sally demands to know.


  • bankiebhoy1


    Anti-Sectarian Association

  • leftclicktic

    When you look at the damage Walter & Sally have inflicted on both oldco & newco and how much money they have taken out ,
    I for one hope they are both their till the enevitible end.

    Some not bad prices for the players to score anytime in 90 mins against the Swedes with Wm Hill Kris 2/1 Joe Ledley 11/2 and my old faithfull Efe 12/1:))

  • Saint Stivs

    Re The Cobblestone Goal posts.

    As a very young kid, getting of the Shammy bus, which parked at the Toilets near Terry Tattoo artist, My Uncle made a great play of showing me the stones, and seeing if i could work out what it was, and that sort of suprise as you got it and saw the boot and the ball.

    It was allmost a right of passage on route to the game in those days, as each new family member was shown the cobbles at their first games.

    The story we were told was as simple as it was a Celtic supporting irishman, working for the council that laid it out way back in time.

  • pmarsh22


    Perth WA CQNers.

    I am coming to Perth on Saturday, 14 day business trip, am staying in Northbridge,

    Be nice to meet for a drink with any of you guys living locally.


  • Vmhan

    12:01 on
    5 August, 2013
    Thanks for that post, and not for the first time your kind words re my father.

    Lovely Doire is where I’d be now if there was the work.

    I’ll be in your dear Green place next weekend, HH

  • weeminger

    12:13 on
    5 August, 2013

    Tsk! I left 10 years ago.

  • Paul67

    Vmhan, it’s the wee things which get us through the day.

    Doctor Whatfor, aye. Niccolo knew a thing or two.

    RogueLeader, ha!

    Tallybhoy, aye.

  • Auldheid

    I would want to distance myself from that kind of history, not cling on to it like, well like a Klingon does.

    They would be far better concentrating on stablising their present in an attempt to secure a future, any future.

    Sounds like a job for Captain Kirk ( or is it Chapel) to boldly go where no fan has gone before.

  • John O Neil

    Bobby Murdoch, can you give me your email please?

  • lionroars67

    Walter Smith will quit as Rangers chairman today, Ibrox insiders now say Stock Exchange announcement is expected before close of business.

    Whats the odds ? go or stay by close of business today

  • squire danaher

    roy croppie

    12:00 on 5 August, 2013

    Most surprising of those comments was the claim QOTS were paying a young player £700 pw

    Least surprising was that the zombies were prepared to pay him more than he initially wanted

    Last time I heard of that was Leeds under Ridsdale when they were after the Derby youngster Seth Johnson. The boys agent allegedly briefed him before signing talks that “you won’t be signing for less than £30k pw”

    In they go for the talks and Ridsdale pulled out a contract offering the boy £80k pw

    What happened to Leeds??


  • ASonOfDan

    This week will bea belter for that mob. I wonder when they will announce the cancellation of the Newcastle game…

  • ASonOfDan

    “City figures are urging #Rangers to sort outproblems or face prospect of a “catastrophic” collapse in share price”.

  • leftclicktic

    There should be a hospital cotact number for the secretary give them a call.

    I took mine with some clear barley water added to help with the taste.

    Follow the instruction to the letter my friend my brother cheated and did not take his 2nd drink and they had to stop procedure half way through and he had to do it all again, you will be fine but dont make any plans for when you have taken drink. by the time you are getting taxi to hospital you will have nothing left.

    Sorry for going on but I hope it helps

  • ….PFayr

    Hun websites seem to think that Ashley and other merchandisers have stuffed Greengo with a deal loaded in their favour….

    Any thought been given to the possibility that Greengo was “compensated” for setting up such deals


    WAlter’s walked

  • ….PFayr


    Sevco signing policy is akin to Oldco which was akin to Leeds

    Their spending at the moment is crazy …..who is sanctioning this ??

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