Principled resignations, ASA withdraw adjudication


I cannot fathom why someone would leak their intentions to quit as chairman of a football club.  Either Walter Smith is sufficiently alarmed by the conduct of his club to resign, or he should be busy working to resolve matters.  Leaking that he intends to resign will surely only add to the nonsense that surrounds the club.

Some will believe that Smith, who accepted the position as chairman of Rangers International when season tickets went on sale in May, can shuffle of the scene now 34,000 tickets have been sold.  Shareholder votes will determine the future of the club, in this instance, the identity of the chairman has little reach beyond parting fans with their cash.

Some investors may consider a more immediate problem is why the club are burning a hugely disproportionate amount of cash to secure promotion from the third tier of Scottish football, and why a management structure is not in place to deploy resources more effectively.

In light of Francisco Sandaza’s off-the-cuff comments to Tommy in Glasgow, and his subsequent dismissal by Rangers International, we urge Mr McCoist to be more cautious than he was after his team’s spirited, but ultimately fruitless, performance in Forfar on Saturday.  It would be unfortunate if McCoist transgressed a condition of employment and suffered accordingly.

Advertising Standards Authority ruling withdrawn

It doesn’t rain but it pours.  The Independent Review Process of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has looked into the ASA’s recent, and widely reported, ruling on Rangers International’s claim on football titles won by a liquidated club. The Review found that “it was a procedural flaw for the ASA to have relied on an extract only of a report sent to it by the advertiser”.

Further, the review process ruled that “there was also the risk of a substantial flaw of adjudication in the distinction that had been made between ‘club’ and ‘company’, especially in the light of previous ASA decisions about companies that change hands and the circumstances in which the new company could or could not trade off the reputation of the old company”.

The Chairman of the ASA, Lord Smith of Finsbury, as decided to reopen the ASA’s investigation into the case and to withdraw the published adjudication, which favoured the advertiser.  Withdrawing this adjudication does not infer that a different outcome will subsequently be reached.  To use a football analogy, it’s half time and they’re all square.

An interesting, and potentially critical part of the story, is that after the initial ASA decision was issued, the club’s web site noted that their submission to the process included information that a “panel of the London Stock Exchange” supported their claim.

The Stock Exchange subsequently appeared surprised at this assertion, so much so that the club promptly withdrew the claim from the web article.

“You’re history, that’s what you are, na na na na”.
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  1. Vmhan, it’s the wee things which get us through the day.



    Doctor Whatfor, aye. Niccolo knew a thing or two.



    RogueLeader, ha!



    Tallybhoy, aye.

  2. Paul67


    I would want to distance myself from that kind of history, not cling on to it like, well like a Klingon does.



    They would be far better concentrating on stablising their present in an attempt to secure a future, any future.



    Sounds like a job for Captain Kirk ( or is it Chapel) to boldly go where no fan has gone before.

  3. Walter Smith will quit as Rangers chairman today, Ibrox insiders now say Stock Exchange announcement is expected before close of business.



    Whats the odds ? go or stay by close of business today

  4. squire danaher on

    roy croppie



    12:00 on 5 August, 2013



    Most surprising of those comments was the claim QOTS were paying a young player £700 pw



    Least surprising was that the zombies were prepared to pay him more than he initially wanted



    Last time I heard of that was Leeds under Ridsdale when they were after the Derby youngster Seth Johnson. The boys agent allegedly briefed him before signing talks that “you won’t be signing for less than £30k pw”



    In they go for the talks and Ridsdale pulled out a contract offering the boy £80k pw



    What happened to Leeds??




  5. This week will bea belter for that mob. I wonder when they will announce the cancellation of the Newcastle game…

  6. “City figures are urging #Rangers to sort outproblems or face prospect of a “catastrophic” collapse in share price”.

  7. oldtim67


    There should be a hospital cotact number for the secretary give them a call.



    I took mine with some clear barley water added to help with the taste.



    Follow the instruction to the letter my friend my brother cheated and did not take his 2nd drink and they had to stop procedure half way through and he had to do it all again, you will be fine but dont make any plans for when you have taken drink. by the time you are getting taxi to hospital you will have nothing left.



    Sorry for going on but I hope it helps

  8. Hun websites seem to think that Ashley and other merchandisers have stuffed Greengo with a deal loaded in their favour….



    Any thought been given to the possibility that Greengo was “compensated” for setting up such deals

  9. Squire



    Sevco signing policy is akin to Oldco which was akin to Leeds



    Their spending at the moment is crazy …..who is sanctioning this ??

  10. squire danaher


    12:24 on


    5 August, 2013


    In they go for the talks and Ridsdale pulled out a contract offering the boy £80k pw



    For some on CQN Risdale is the CEO they dream off, he knows how to get a player in quickly

  11. Murdochbhoy, yermanfromMK on

    Surely this is the very time Walter Smith should stay and show his oft quoted mantra of protecting the supporters best interests was more than just lip service.



    We don’t do walking away me a**e.

  12. PFAyr – suggestions that Rangers are getting a flat rate of £2m pa for their merchandising and that the joint company between Sports Direct and Sevco have a clause that can be activated by Sports Direct that puts said company into Sports Direct control.



    For perspective, prior to the JJB deal, the Huns were getting £6m – £8m pa from merchandising.



    Wouldn’t be like Green and Co to allow their “investors” a lovely slice of the pie eh? Just like he sold the CEO job to Mather (who has no qualifications for that role) for £1m investment. One he will recoup in wages in 2 years.



    Recoupment via wages will become very sore for the bears…..

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Their descent into the abyss has happily led to nothing less than an entire of exaltation of larks, old Pip old chap.

  14. Watching yesterday that Sunday Supplement.



    Would appear Graham Carr, Newcastle scout is unhappy and wants out. Any chance we could add him to our network.



    Unearthed a few crackers over the years

  15. Careful bhoys,


    I think the Walter’s away story is being manufactured to give the huns a boost when he comes out with the I don’t do walking away pish,hence more season ticket sales

  16. Margaret McGill on

    So the return of CG, the leaked possible resignation of the cardihun and a few other “signs” is to precipitate a share collapse to facilitate a true blue Wally takeover on the cheap?

  17. Said before that Green gets to sell his shares early if a ‘takeover event’ is triggered. Burning the cash and administration would trigger that.

  18. “I don’t do walking away pish ”



    He already done it twice, soory he was told to go in the 10 in a row season as Murray secured advocaat and he walked away last time as the proverbal s**t was going to hit the fan and he knew he was implicated with David Murray and rest for getting the club in that stae with his mad spending in the 90’s.

  19. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    Their protest is a lot of b@##ocks Irish news showed it last Thursday (1st day of rain since twelth) and there was no-one to be seen !!!!



    I drove past on Friday – 2 aul dolls in union jack dresses with OO flags and some poor disabled bloke in a motorised wheelchair all while the people of ardoyne went about their business at the shops totally ignoring their presence



    Are we going to have an administration sweepstake ?

  20. WGS,


    aye but as far as the bears are concerned he can do no wrong,so if he comes out and says he is staying then everything in the garden will be rosy as far as the huns are concerned

  21. For those who are interested in such matters:



    Sell: 41.00pBuy: 42.00p No change



    The shares were over 90p at the beginning of the year.



    (Hun shares)

  22. The whole problem with their support is summed up by 1 post on the woe is me Walter is leaving thread on FF –



    “I hope Walter tells it as it is when he leaves. If he tells me to cancel my season book I will do it. If he tells me to protest I will do it. I hope he tells us what we should do”

  23. ” I hope he tells us what we should do”.



    A patsy put in place on the board to empty your bank accounts/piggery banks.



    Just do what Smith does, look after number one.



    Totally incapable of thinking and acting for themselves.

  24. pmarsh22


    12:22 on


    5 August, 2013




    Dont know of many regular CQN posters from Perth (Ramie and our very own Kano live there) other than Proudbhoy who is a Derry lad originally, I think he works away a lot.



    Molly Malones is where the Celts meet for live games.







  25. Walter and his cohorts are playing a dangerous game if they think they can scare the spivs away



    SHOW US THE DEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    the only show in town

  26. On the comedy show at Ibrox. McCoist has history in digging his heels in , remember when he was benched by Souness , so I expect McCoist to do whatever maximises his bank balance, which will mean he will hang around for a pay-off.



    Walter on the other hand will do what suits Walter image, which means he will exit stage left just before the next administration.



    The spivs are up against a despicable group of individuals, plus the entire Scottish legal system and football administration. I suspect the spivs know this and have already spirited away the original investment plus interest and will now start to ‘drip feed’ the Football Club ever decreasing amounts of cash for running expenses.



    This will appall Walter and Alastair who will need to be able to make lots of people redundant ….



    There will be total carnage between the competing factions , I suspect that the spivs cannot afford full accounts to be published, so it will be a race to take the club down into a second administration. The SFA have probably already been told that this is a likely outcome and will have special measures in place to accommodate this.



    Logically, Rangers cannot afford the players and Ibrox , but they will just keep trying to square the circle / pentangle. With Green back in charge of investor relations , alarm bells should be ringing – so I am betting that the cash position is much worse that most folk have previously estimated and he has been brought in to find the next group of suckers , sorry investors.



    The first liquidation was the warm-up , the second admin / liquidation will be crazy – its 50-50 if they will survive , I suspect most folk think that somehow they will wriggle out of it but the sums do not add up unless brutal action is taken. Between 1/3 and 1/2 of non-playing staff to go; all football contracts down to £1K per week; football mgt contracts ripped up , no pay; all directors pay cut to £50k max , training ground sold and so on – do they have the stomach for this – I’m not so sure – their own mgt stupidity , duplicitous MSM, and gullable fans are the right ingredients for a crash.




  27. Still scarred by the 90’s and going down each morning for the papers before going to school and seeing them buying x y z on players while we stagnating.



    Only decent thing to come out of it was i managed to get autographs of ravennelli, vialli , van gaal etc… when they where training night before a CL game. :) :)



    That aside, they loved sticking the boot in to us. Roles reversed now, but i tell you what Celtic have not booted them hard enough in footballs.



    If it was them they would haven done everything to shut us down, then again that was tried as well as Murray was quite friendly with the bankers in Edinburgh in the 90’s to his downfall now :)

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