A kind of transubstantiation


Bobby Clark was the first Aberdeen goalkeeper I knew.  He was thought of highly, until Jim Leighton and colleagues stepped the performance levels up a pace at Aberdeen.  He has two places in the history books, one for the longest period not to concede a goal in Scottish league football, which when established in 1971 was also the European record.  He was also the first goalkeeper in European competition to face a penalty in a penalty kick competition.

Back in the dark days of the late 90s I had a Celtic mug with the message ‘Records can be broken but history can never be changed: Celtic, first British team to win the European Cup, 1967’.  Bobby Clark lost his European record within months and at Tynecastle next week Fraser Forster can break his Scottish record.  Bobby’s place as first to face a penalty competition is his in perpetuity.

Records are harder to break than they should be.  People get nervous when they approach, but it will be enormously satisfying if Celtic can sail through 31 minutes at Tynecastle without conceding.

Back in 2011 and early 2012 practically the entire CQN community was discussing Rangers impending insolvency event as an absolute certainty, but we’ve never been the most impartial community.  It was not until Daily Record journos stopped applying to Our Hero for a job and suggested ‘this excrement is about to get real’ that the penny dropped in many places.

This included portions of the Celtic support, who responded to the ‘news’ with a Congo line at Inverness, at the same time forever changing the substance of jelly and ice cream; a kind of transubstantiation, if you like.  This was no longer a sweet, it is nourishment for the ages.

Now the same newspaper has been authorised to run a story that there is doubt over this month’s payroll – would they dare suggest as much without authorisation?  When your friends are telling you they can hear the bell toll, you know where this is heading.

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Thindimebhoy 15:53 on 17 February, 2014



    I suppose it depends on reporting restrictions being put in place as well right enough.



    But the fact that material from CF is admissible is a fairly significant step.

  2. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    John O’Neil




    15:55 on 17 February, 2014




    The fact that loyalists claim that Ray McCreesh was involved?

  3. 67Heaven,



    You just made my day, my month, my year……Look forward to seeing Alex Thompson’s programme. I hope and pray that the likes of Ogilvie, if he’s guilty, and whoever else connived to cheat Scottish football and us, particularly, get what they deserve.

  4. Steinreignedsupreme



    15:42 on 17 February, 2014



    The case will be heard by a judge, not a jury, so that won’t provide an excuse for the SMSM not to report the CF stuff.



    Doubtless they’ll come up with another excuse.

  5. I’m bewildered and bothered, but not bewitched.


    The Rangers go into liquidation and reemerge as Third Rangers.


    How does this solve their cash flow issue?


    There will be no new cash injection.


    Unless they sell their assets, and that’s going to drag up more muck than a dredger on the Mississippi River. (Did I manage to spell that properly?)


    And who will buy a crumbling Theatre of Farce?


    A local morning radio guy commenting on New Jersey used to have an expression.


    Bend over here it comes again, shortened to




    So a call out to fans of the reincarnated, mutated forces of darkness







    The mid-70s was a particularly repellent time in the history of “The Troubles”



    It was a time of tit-for-tat against communities,rather than military/economic targets. Both sides committed atrocities in that time which while they should never be forgotten should be balanced against the overview of events at that time.



    The one you mention was in retaliation for an attack on the Nationalist community which saw,IIRC,seven innocent civilians murdered in cold blood.



    At the time of an official IRA ceasefire,I may add.



    A calculated act by Loyalists to stop any vestige of a peace process,IMO.



    Your reasons for mentioning this? I’d love to know.

  7. Bmcuw I’ve been eating peasano panatellas at Valvona & Crolla for years and loved the mustard and sweet chutney taste that was saturated into the bread and it turns out it was Mostarda. Mutts Nuts.

  8. 67Heaven,



    You just made my day, my month, my year. I look forward to Alex Thompson’s programme and I hope and pray that the likes of Ogilvie, if he’s guilty, and whoever else cheated Scottish football and us, particularly, get what they deserve.

  9. HamiltonTim, one angle is that that particular person may have been involved in such a hidious crime. Another angle is the possible involvement of security forces.





    Aye,I read your post about it this morning.



    Had me salivating like a slabbery wummin!

  11. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    John O’Neil




    16:06 on 17 February, 2014




    I take it you’re familiar with the term ‘Dirty Tricks’?

  12. Paul67 et al



    “Transubstantiation”? Proof Positive (as in the Graham Greene short story of that name, which should be read by all on here) that some of us on here at least are;


    Keeping the Faith!



    Bobby Clark, mmm, 1970 Scottish Cup Final, not his fault, but I still say that the goal that he gifted Bobby Lennox should have stood. Even now. But I’m not bitter.

  13. Bobby,



    Curiously, you haven’t asked that question to those who post from an Irish Republican perspective. As somebody who enjoys debate, one would expect you to not wish to only read what you want to read. It is worth posting about as it mentions a topic which is often discussed on this site – moreover it also mentions Celtic. We wouldn’t only want to give one angle on such complex issues would we?

  14. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ernie lynch 16:03 on 17 February, 2014



    “The case will be heard by a judge, not a jury, so that won’t provide an excuse for the SMSM not to report the CF stuff.



    “Doubtless they’ll come up with another excuse.”



    That being the case then I’m sure most of the alleged journalists in the SMSM will implement their own ‘reporting restrictions’.



    But there are still a couple of journalists who may step forward and get the ball rolling.

  15. masty is neil lennon and both of us are supporting wee oscar on

    john o neil



    don’t see what a song about 10 men that starved themselves to death for what they thought was right, has to do with the killings done by a dissident republican splinter group has in common, this is not the 1st time you have tried to debase the republican cause, or the actions of men who at the time were at war with an invading racist/ sectarian army,and don’t come back with the killings happened during a cease fire, the ra have never accepted responsibilty, it was a splinter group that admitted it in retaliation of what happened the night before.2 wrongs don’t make a right, and both incidents could/should not have happened, but your constant snipes at guys that gave their lives for a cause are becoming tiresome…not gonna say any more on this as its neither the time nor place,

  16. Googybhoy-Bit of a longshot mate,a pal’s been let down today for 2 tickets for Man City v Barca tomorrow night,anything doing down there? HH

  17. Masty, it is the place as the topic is often mentioned here. Hence, why I thought it may be interesting for some people here. As for your other points, tell it to the newspaper.

  18. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    John O’N



    I don’t think that it would come as any great surprise if it was established that some of those involved in the massacre were in fact informers for the security forces. This was the mid ’70s when infiltration of the IRA was at its most prevelant.



    You’ve suggested to BMCUW the importance of a balanced debate; perhaps if you were to highlight some of the suffering which Ray McCreesh suffered then you may go some way to achieving this yourself?

  19. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Phyllis Dietrichson




    16:15 on 17 February, 2014




    Sincerest apologies!!!!!!!!!



    I’ll sort it on Wednesday I PROMISE.



    Please, please accept my smiley face as a form of an apology :-)

  20. Simpson


    Craig. O’neill


    Murdoch. M’Neill Clark


    Johnstone. Charmers. McBride Lennox. Hughes



    Anyone know if this team ever played together, reason I am asking is that it was brought up in the pub last night that Jock Stein played an all catholic team once, and that he is the only manager in Scotland to do so, this is maybe as close as I can get, don’t even know if they ever did play together, just putting it out there, as I said I would try and find out, I don’t even know if the statement the guy made is right, so fill yer boots.

  21. HamiltonTim, CQN often gives a certain narrow perspective on various subjects. The sufferings which Catholics faced in the North of Ireland have often been mentioned here. I don’t think that sphere of thought is missing from CQN do you?





    I stand by my view that the loyalists tried to break the 1975/6 IRA ceasefire by targeting civilians.



    Over 100 of them in that period,in fact.



    That does not excuse Kingsmill,but it does provide a reason for it.



    Again,may I ask? Why mention it?



    You are to the fore of those on here who say that Ireland and Celtic should have nothing in common,that anything which commemorates or celebrates the armed struggle has nothing to do with Celtic.



    Do a little bit of research into the events of 75/76 and decide if you would sit idly by while your community lives in fear while your leaders place their faith in Perfidious Albion.




  23. HT @ 1607




    I don’t know what the Paul Daniels/ Debbie McGhee sex tape has to do with this discussion.

  24. If my memory serves me correctly I’m sure Bobby Clark played a few games outfield for Aberdeen when he lost his place in goal.



    When Frazer gets the shutout record I suggest Neil moves him up front for the remaining games so he can get the top goalscorer award too

  25. Good afternoon all






    If your lurking, many happy returns. Hope you have a great day. (How did I know? Was chatting to BmCUW) :-))



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  26. I would have thought that what they’re after here would be administration as they would still be Sevco.


    A liquidation event would surely mean Sevco dies in it’s current form and if anyone wanted to restart a new entity again they would need to reapply for entry and if granted would start up in the bottom tier.



    Might be wrong as I know there were recent changes (friggin’) but I thought that only pertained to administration.






    /Bishop B





    You still likely to be available for a wee meal/drink early May?



    Weekday if possible,your venue(I gave up trying to teach my granny to sook eggs a while ago)

  28. Bobby, I have already told you why it was mentioned. No need to repeat it.


    Your point about my attitude to Celtic’s connection with Ireland is greatly mistaken. I have always defended Celtic’s Irish dimension on this site when others have been quite dismissive of it. Celtic is an Irish club to me. Other Celtic supporters don’t agree with me on that issue.

  29. masty is neil lennon and both of us are supporting wee oscar on




    I don’t need to tell any newspaper anything, the facts are facts,kingsmill happened for a reason only known to those who did it, all the rest is pure guess work, there was no guess work with what happened the night previous, sectarian murder pure and simple. why you always try and be the devils advocate is beyond me…..deffo last words from me…

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