A national proxy for Celtic


The Scotland national team is a decent proxy for Celtic on the international stage.  If anything, they are more limited in resources, unable to innovate in different markets, as we are.  In previous generations, when domestic leagues across the Continent were semi-professional, Scotland’s 5 million population and fully professional league was a sufficient bedrock.  Not anymore.

Scotland are entitled to enjoy this moment in the sun.  They will qualify for the Euros and in Steve Clarke have a manager who will ensure cheap defeats are rare.  It will only be a moment, though.  This is unsustainable, Scotland will regress just as Wales did and Ireland before that.

Celtic’s ability to innovate will bring them to the top table regularly, but the demographics are against everyone from a small country, club, or national team.  This reality is a hard enough burden to carry for the club we love, so best wishes to Scotland, but I can’t get up for it.

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  1. Mod from previous thread, did I have a post deleted if so could you email me and let me know why please.



    D :)

  2. Why are all the media outlets claiming Scotland just need a point tonight to qualify?



    Norway are on 7 points with 3 games to play, meaning they can achieve a maximum of 16 points.



    Scotland have 15 points with 3 to play. Draw tonight and we have 16 points. Mathematically Norway can catch us and potentially beat us on GD/head-to-head if they win their 3 games and Scotland draw tonight and lose their last 2 games.



    Or am I missing something?

  3. Lisbon Lions Upper on

    Tom – a point will do because then we’d be guaranteed at least second place. Spain and Norway still have to play each other and we’d either have more points than either or at worst a better head to head with Spain.

  4. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 12TH OCTOBER 2023 12:38 PM



    Why are all the media outlets claiming Scotland just need a point tonight to qualify?





    If Spain draw with Scotland and lose to Norway, then they can only get to 16 points, level with Scotland. However, having drawn with and beaten Spain, Scotland will have the better head-to-head record.


    I think…

  5. Have Scotland qualified? Or can they still mess it up?



    Last time I looked I thought there was still potential to cock it up even after the great start.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Are Scotland playing this weekend?



    Was wondering why my beloved Celtic don’t have a game.




  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Too many games being played by modern footballers.



    Pep didn’t tell them to strike but he wasn’t a million miles away either.

  8. Tom McL



    1 point is definitely enough. UEFA rules are different to FIFA in determining qualification. Goal difference comes after head to head in UEFA. A draw with Spain sees us guaranteed to be above them. Not that it will happen !!!!!?



    Hopefully a draw tonight and Scotland can actually focus on topping the group and getting a more favourable pot in the finals. That would be an achievement.

  9. Tom McLaughlin on

    Thanks for putting me right re a point tonight. My thinking was stuck on Scotland winning the group, forgetting that second place does us.

  10. Morning Aipple,



    We are matching your weather today after a breathless and awful summer – turns out you can have too many blue skies.



    On Scotland, I’ll be following with some hope in my heart later today. I think only on FUBO over here, so maybe just on the BEEB website.

  11. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Abada being encouraged to get out of Celtic by an Israeli team mate


    I hope he has the strength and support to stay



    Maybe the guy who wrote the GB statement can put a friendly arm around him and say it’s OK you are welcome here



    And BTW it’s not just Abads team mate that has no respect for Celtic our name will be trolled into social media and linked with supporting Hamas



    Unless the GB have the talent to designs a banner sympathising with all victims and distancing Celtic from terrorism



    The chaos continues.




  12. Re Abada being urged to leave for the political views of the fans …bullshit …if that were the logic SEVCO would not be able to field a team !?…We are a team open to all with a dissident minority of fans …he only recently signed a new contract ..it’s all about the filthy Lucra Celtic …keep that good and keep them sweet Celtic …players these days play for money ..nothing else …including Abada 🤔

  13. Play for the money and your big move to the land of milk and honey Abada..and of course the better you play the quicker this will happen and the better choices you will have …Simples 🍀

  14. Scotland tonight feels a little like Celtic in Europe.


    Don’t do anything daft.


    Realistically, we shouldn’t expect too much. The elusive point will come another time.


    All international players back uninjured please.

  15. here is another wee puzzler that has me scrtching my head.



    I have never quite understood the logic in all Top league games having no scheduled matches when internationals are on.



    I dont see why teams without players being represented could not go ahead and play a game.

  16. CARPE DIEM 63 on 12TH OCTOBER 2023 3:01 PM


    Re Abada



    Do you really believe what you have posted ?


    Liel Abada is a human being who is not immune from current events. He has family and friends who probably know the poor innocent individuals.



    We as a fanbase need to show we care about all human life.



    There is a perception, note the word perception all over social media and the MSM that Celtic supporters were ” celebrating ” Hamas atrocities.



    We may broadly support the Palestinian cause, but we cannot be seen to ” celebrate ” any atrocities committed by any blood thirsty party..


    No right person can.



    As AT said earlier ” Blessed are the peacemakers ”




  17. Absolutely correct and Celtic like any organisation should take care of his welfare needs ..all I am saying is his primary motivation for playing for Celtic is financial ..the same as other players ..who may also have alternative and just as pressing private welfare considerations …see Maslow hierarchy of needs 🤔

  18. Hun infiltrators and now spooked by our enemies in the MSM. We’re back to repeating the lie about the GB cheering on the death of Israelis. Club have put a statement out. All a bit tiresome now.



    Liel will be more worried about relatives at home. Hope the club help him process that from afar.



    There’s enough footage of him running to the GB after hunskelping to fill a day’s watching and he’s a handsomely paid professional.



    The GB do seem to hold the ability to cheer Liel to the rafters and express sympathy for the Palestinian cause. Liel will know that his worldview about Israel is probably a minority one out there with Governments, fellow players and fans across the footballing world.



    Lazy journalism csc




  19. TEXASTIM re: the game



    Ever since I switched from jailbroken Apple TV to the Amazon sticky thing with Proton VPN I never struggle to fin any game.

  20. GREENPINATA on 12TH OCTOBER 2023 3:56 PM



    Our ‘enemies’ perception of us?



    Do you have any evidence to suggest there is any truth to the GB celebrating Hamas atrocities?



    What are you suggesting practically? A Zionist day for balance ?



    The club have sought to manage the impression. I thought, as a Celtic fan, it was a but clumsy and hypocritical but I understood why we did it. What more do we need?




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