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  1. cowiebhoy



    I agree it’s something Ronny needs to look at. All I’m saying is McGregor is probably just following instructions.



    Hail hail :-)

  2. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    VVD and Denayer together with Guidetti are far and away our best players….I’m concerned we will not have any of them next season





    Good luck to you,bud. Me,I enjoy every one I have,ya sanctimonious wee bassa!



    Usual tomorrow,wi any luck?

  4. Yeeeeeeeeeeersssssssssss.


    Brilliant ending. Thought Virgil took his goal very well, clever change of feet.




    Well done Sir. May your luck continue.




    Song rubbish!!!!

  5. Leftie……………….



    ..that’s the wan.










    Until The Last Chick Young.


    The wee Aberdeen player’s red card ? Surely he’ll be ok, it’s one man’s word against another, after all ?

  7. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on



    15:05 on


    9 November, 2014


    6 days and still going strong. :-))



    If you were watching today’s game you might have been sorely tempted.



    keep it unlit :-))

  8. As good a result, given circumstances, that we have ever had at sheep dome. Well done to Ronny and the team.



    A replacement for Mulgrew and we are all set.

  9. voguepunter



    14:56 on 9 November, 2014





    That one had them rolling in the aisles but it’s a good idea on your part the smell would probably hide the smell of shite that you usually spout

  10. WeefratheTim


    Well done again frabhoy yer a winner .


    Till later all Dog to walk and calm down he disnae like shouting a gets confused when I start running round the living room shouting GIRFUY McInnes Tanner McCann and McGinn:))))

  11. Great to see the passion at the end.


    Team Spirit.


    Hard work and battling?


    When it is rewarded with a victory like this in hostile circumstances it SHOULD become ingrained and THAT spirit carried on into other games.


    It would be nice if it was prettier.


    That would be brilliant.


    Today is our tomorrows right now.




    Hard fought away wins.


    Get the taste.


    Want more.






    i must add that i have a washing machine to transport in an hour or 2 so although i am not driving it may be wise to now cease the alcohol conshumpshion…..

  12. PFayr, You may well be right but surely not the time. Lets just be happy & celebrate for a few hours. If we can’t allow ourselves a bit of craic after that, what’s the point of it all?.

  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    I think those three are a bit behind Big Mik and Craig. I share your concerns though.

  14. BMCUW



    Hahahahaha, brilliant as usual. As you say, tomorrow. :-)))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  15. nah……i think if it fell on me i wouldnt feel a thing or i would just say……





    Craig Gordon too………..he’s a worry.



    If Lawwell and Deila had their acts to-ge-th-er we wouldn’t be in this mess:



    – Took Celtic to nearly Daffodil time to get to the top.



    – Are we even in the Scottish Cup ? I can’t remember playing a tie yet.



    – Ok we are still in with a wee chance of qualifying in Europe, but we haven’t won away yet.



    – The League cup – we are having to play our top team. What happened to giving the youths a chance ?

  17. Left click…



    I asked that earlier…I knew someone had taken vvd to score!



    A good bonus for you.

  18. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Loved Ronny’s passion. If he repeats it against Sevco, Wee Nicola will all a Summit :-))



    Funny seeing John Collins laughter at the shenanigans of Ronny and the Bhoys. Well done Lhads on a great win.



    Thought the ref had a good game but was conned at the red card. Broonie was always running the risk as was Robson.



    Ruggygman – your pain is palpable.

  19. Hamiltontim



    More importantly any Liverpool fans on here must be worried about how crap they are – crap manager, crap players, crap excuses when the get beat, when they win the manager is still crap just lucky.



    Fancy a square go when you get back from Aberdeen?

  20. Today reminded me of the 10 men win back around1980. The late great Tommy Burns was the miscreant on that occasion but we scrapped in a win ugly way to get the result. Great trip back to Glasgow that day via Auchterarder for chips.



    Great games to be at. Great times to see real fans and team unite and bond. We don’t go. Many places and have only 10 percent of support. Esp tough after an away Europa tie in Romania.



    Even better we won it late. Kept all the whinging malcontents on the blog to the last minute today to see a celtic triumph. Great days to support the club to 4 in a row and beyond yet all some want to do is worry if some players won’t be here next season.



    Enjoy the moment CSC Great win. I have seen many teams win ugly from Brazil to Ballingry and I would take it anytime over losing a game like today.



    To all who just want to moan about celtic on this blog. Enjoy your misery today at least celtic fulfills a function in your lives.



    Even sky sports was more pro celtic than the blog today. Really great to hear them pig sick at the end. As RD and the team showed how much it means and how much they want it.

  21. Madrid tomorrow Easyjet from Edinburgh. Work there 1 week in 3. Wee bit warmer than here and a few good bars for the fitba



    Don’t like this tapas thing though Like pies!