AIK, Malmo, Elfsborg, Dunfermline Backlash


AIK came through a tense final few moments in a 1-1 draw with Moldovans Sheriff in Stockholm last night to face Celtic in the Europa League playoff round, the first leg is in Glasgow on Thursday.

AIK were bottom seed in the Champions League first qualifying round, where they overcame Ararat-Armenia 4-3 on aggregate, but were bottom of the unseeded pack for the second round, which they lost 4-3 to Maribor.  Maribor were beaten home and away by Rosenborg in the last round.

Last season AIK eliminated Shamrock Rovers from the Europa League qualifiers before losing home and away to Danes, Nordsjaelland.

Neil Lennon twice faced Swedish opposition in Champions League qualifiers in his first term at Celtic.  Two comfortable 2-0 wins over Helsingborg in 2012 were followed by a more testing examination by Mo Bangura-inspired Elfsborg a year later, which resulted in a 1-0 aggregate win for Celtic.

Ronny Deila needed to overcome Malmo to reach the Champions League group stage in 2015 but despite racing into an early 2-0 lead, the first leg at Celtic Park was turned on its head when Malmo scored an added-time goal to make it 3-2. Jo Inge Berget, who Ronny had on loan months earlier, scored both Malmo goals. The Swedes won 2-0 a week later to knock Celtic out.

Although AIK are 19 games into their domestic league campaign, there should be a negligible gap in fitness by the time we face them on Thursday.  There can be no excuses.

You and I were there in the dark summer of 2010, when Utrecht and Braga were the last teams to deny Celtic group stage football, and a year later, when Sion came within a CAS ruling of doing the same.  It took Neil time to get it right, but a year later he earned 10 points in a tough Champions League group.

Before AIK, we have the small matter of a League Cup to defend against Dunfermline at Celtic Park tomorrow.  Celtic have won a record 27 consecutive domestic cup games.  Avoid defeat tomorrow and we set an unbeaten record.  Let’s hope Dunfermline feel a backlash.

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    you are correct but already it’s too late for Ibrox game, we will lose for sure, negligence.

  2. Ruggyman, Kelvinbhoy



    I did consider the wingback option too and part of me was doing so with the thought we need to own and win the midfield battles in our next league match.



    I’d like McGregor to get a run out to get the “metronome” moving again :) You could make a case for his resting to avoid any over physical challenges which will no doubt be a part of the upcoming cup match.



    This putting a team on the park is supposed to be easy :)



    I would like to see Shved get a run to see what he can bring

  3. If you think with our current squad we should not be concerned by the Sevs then you are as arrogant as them. We may well beat them in two weeks but equally it could the other way, neither would be a surprise – head out the sand lads. We have gone backwards (or at best stood still) and allowed a huge advantage over the new club to be bridged through complacency, stubbornness and arrogance from those in the free seats.



    This utter pish about putting us in danger to achieve CL is mind numbing in its stupidity – real investment in players, coaching, scouting/recruitment and management need not cost fortunes and as we have seen is hugely profitable if done correctly and so the wheel keeps turning………

  4. TRADITIONALIST88 on 16TH AUGUST 2019 12:04 PM


    HRVATSKI JIM on 16TH AUGUST 2019 11:55 AM



    The Auld Heid is a newco of the now defunct BRTH, apparently!





    The situation has been resolved through a 5 way agreement.



    Party 1 Auldheid shall forever retain his unique identity and illustrious history on CQN and shall be fully indemnified for any losses arising from future posts by The Auld Heid



    Party 2 BRTH has admitted his inability to continue to post on CQN under his original posting name All previous accolades earned by BRTH shall remain the property of that posting name and shall not be transferable to any new name.



    Party 3 BRTH 5088 wishes to apply for posting rights on CQN under the name The Auld Heid. The Auld Heid agrees to I indemnify Auldheid as per clause 1 of this agreement



    Party 4 Paul Brennan agrees to grant The Auld Heid posting rights on CQN subject to The Auld Heid progressing through the following levels



    Level 4. For one year The Auld Heid shall only make posts denying that he is a Hun. Should he convince the readers of this, he will be promoted to Level 3.



    Level 3. For one year The Auld Heid shall only post to establish his Celtic supporting credentials. Should he convince the readers of this, he will be promoted to Level 2



    Level 2. For one year the Auld Heid shall be entitled to post his views on Celtic’s current performances. Should he convince the readers that his views are valid he will be promoted to Level 1. If not, he will spend another year in Level 2.



    Level 1. The Auld Heid shall be allowed to post his tales of time past and his advice on the future structuring of Celtic’s business model




    Party 5. The moderators shall scrupulously monitor that all parties remain in accordance with this agreement.



    Further the parties have agreed that this agreement is not open to challenge by any lawyer based in Canada.

  5. Furthermore – if we build a team capable of getting the CL and make a decent fist of getting to 3rd place we would have nothing to worry about on the home front on top of £30m+

  6. Mike In Toronto


    Sevco fans that I am friendly with have said that since they were promoted to the top league that Lawell’s running of Celtic would be their only chance of winning the league.

  7. Melbourne Mick on

    LAMBERT 14



    Yes, and many of our young ghirls at our youth club say i look


    like Justin Beiber.


    H.H Mick

  8. Mike in Toronto on




    I have realized that most people just scroll by my legal posts …. ‘heard it all before, MIT, … move on …. yada, yada, yada…’



    so, I have been trying a new approach …. some humorous posts ….(I know people dont usually think of lawyers and humor, but if they would bother to read my posts, I’m actually funny as fuck .. )…



    and I have been trying for some time now to show the new and improved MIT … you know, hoping to boost my CQN Q rating….



    and then in one post, you come along and prove that not only are you a better lawyer than me, but you are also funnier….






    you gonna leave me anything?

  9. TRADITIONALIST88 on 16TH AUGUST 2019 2:09 PM


    AIK’s main man up front suspended for the first leg






    It’s not their guy up front we need to worry about it’s our guys at the back. 😉


    We need to score at least 3 on Thursday without conceding. They have shown that they can concede at home but get the job finished on Thursday Celtic!



    I just lost the above post due to the blog reloading. I wrote yesterday that I thought Paul67 just does an editorial now and doesn’t read the blog, I am convinced that is the case because he does not address the numerous problems with the tech on this Blog.


    Time to remove the “not lazy journalism” from the header methinks.

  10. *BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*



    Come in Number XX……….yer times up!







  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    30 minutes to go before the Huns have to pay £444k to big Mick or someone is going to prison………….

  12. There is surely no need for Brown, McGregor , Forrest or Eddy to be anywhere near the team on Saturday.


    I mean it’s Dunfermline at home for god’s sake

  13. Melbourne Mick on




    You know it’s one of those things, a great post from you, lets hurry,


    move on and read the next one.


    And thats the way the blog works, you know that.


    Personally i love your posts simply because they are different, but i


    am negligent in answering simply because i’m always catching up


    here in Oz due to time difference.


    But a wee tip to everybody who feels their post is not given due credit


    ala not answered, it’s not personal, it’s just people wanting to read on


    and on lol.


    H.H Mick

  14. traditionalist88 on




    True, massive concern, but no square pegs in round holes and we should be fine(I know…)



    I know some in reaction to Tuesday night are saying the Europa League can do one but we need it as a club on several levels and its a better and more lucrative competition than it was 2/3 years ago.



    It is worth noting also that Celtic are one of the main protagonists behind the reintroduction of a 3rd European competition. The viability of that would obviously be questioned but it is interesting nonetheless as the route to the CL gets tougher and tougher.




  15. Gordon


























    calmac broonie ntcham forrest eddie ralston GK……..If this isn’t the team tomorrow then ill eat my celtic baseball cap …when Fairhillbhoy returns it.. :)))))))

  16. Regarding the Board’s intransigence in steadfastly resisting for 6 years the evidence painstakingly provided for them by the inestimable Auldheid (the original one😊) and his Resolution 12 colleagues, did anyone consider a group of shareholders suing the Board for neglecting their fiduciary responsibilities? That would shine some sunlight on the tawdry proceedings.


    Asking for a friend.



  17. traditionalist88 on

    Bilbao v Barca live on ITV tonight – pretty sure its a stopgap until La Liga can sort a deal with another broadcaster but long may it continue.




  18. Gene


    I am never quiel when it comes to letting them know about the treble treble and how their old club died owing over 100 million.


    Melbourne Mick


    Believe what you want.


    Their reasons for Lawwell being their saviour were the John McGinn debacle, keeping millions in the bank rather than strengthening the team and the recruitment of Lennon.

  19. Gordon



    Elhamed Jullien Bitton Mbombo



    McGregor Ntcham



    Morgan Christie Johnston






    Kill the game early and rest Mcgregor and Christie.

  20. Mike in Toronto on

    Melbourne… thank you, I feel much better. But I’m still angry with Hrvatski…. I dont go to his place of work, and do his job better than him!



    On an issue I have raised before, I dont like the bedwetter moniker (and no … that is not the reason why…. I just dont like it) ….



    apparently, the terms amongst Trump supporters for people who question anything is RINO (Republicans In Name Only) …. so, may I suggest, that for the sake of consistency…. if the CQN’s Trump wing is going to keep referring to those who question anything, perhaps, instead of calling people bedwetters, we be called CINO’s (Celts In Name Only).

  21. Melbourne Mick on




    Just maybe some sunlight will shine soon.


    As that great warrior Sun Chu said ” the sun


    shines on the rightous ”


    H.H Mick

  22. MIKE IN TORONTO on 16TH AUGUST 2019 3:22 PM



    Lawyers also like a joke, especially when they send out their bills.

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