Another autumn, another messiah


Another autumn, another messiah across the city. They arrive with the regularity of the nights drawing in. As the shops sell Halloween tat, sections of the media sell similar quality stories of a new beginning under a brilliant new manager.

Unlike the last guy at Newco, Philippe Clement at least has more than 19 games as a boss under his belt. He won the Belgian league with Genk, against better funded rivals, then won two titles with an exceptionally well -funded Brugge.  We can all look very messianic floating on a bed of euros.

He jumped ship to Monaco in January last year. Despite being able to pay players without having to worry about income tax (cough), Monaco were in deep financial trouble, pressing up against Uefa Financial Fair Play rules. Clement had to sell his best players, spending less than half of what he took in. Results crashed amid dressing room turmoil and he was sacked in June this year.  A football messiah without money is a very ordinary thing, find a French football fan and ask.

He has not worked in a value market, Europe’s top clubs search Belgium and France for talent, so don’t expect a string of great budget signings others have overlooked. Just as at Monaco, Newco are under Uefa supervision, unable to pay their way out of inadequacy.  Having sacked a manager in each of the last two years, Clement negotiated a lucrative three and a half year contract, so like Beale and van Bronckhorst, if/when the natives demand his sacrifice, he will at least have a bundle of cash to fall back on.

There is not enough information to know if he is an improvement on either of his two predecessors, but my biggest doubt about his abilities is that he has taken this job.  A poor squad, mostly under long-term contracts with very low resale value, insufficent money to spend, a scouting network which is already earmarked for disbandment and a support which has yet to realise their place in the foodchain.  He must have been without good options, but sure, the Saudis wanted him, just as Wolves wanted Beale!

Celtic’s position at the top of Scottish football did not come under threat yesterday, if anything, it was enhanced.

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  1. A newly recruited football manager being ridiculed and dismissed by rival supporters before a ball is kicked.



    What short memories some people have.

  2. When GVB took over the amount of blatant diving from the Huns reduced considerably only to pick up again when Mickey took over the reins.



    Mickey has however saddled his replacement with a team with very little width and pace and if the new bloke tries to play football out from the back , fast on the break etc then he won’t be around for long.



    Huns are an outlier in European terms and the new bloke will have multiple problems in getting them to be a regular team if you like without the cheating.



    It will end in tears this summer , it could end sooner if he tries any crazy tactics which confuse the Hun back 4 who now have the look of a side ready to cave in against any decent opponent.




  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Great to see we continue to be a stand-alone club!


    Couldn’t care less who is manager “across the city” or anywhere else. Got absolutely no effect on how good Celtic can be.

  4. Paul 67,



    Time will tell if the latest hun manager is a decent appointment for them.


    I do not believe he will be in the same bracket as Brendan Rodgers who is the best fit possible for us.


    However, we welcome the chase and this appointment could actually benefit us.


    We need to have some competition which will remove any underlying complacency in the league.



    Our major prize and aspiration remains European football after Christmas. It is still very possible.


    We know if we remove any underlying complacency we will win the league, so our priority must be Europe.



    On another note , I’m delighted that Scotland qualified for the Euros. However, surely that Spain goal was offside ? What about interfering with play ????



    Modern football is a totally different game from yesteryear. The parameters are different.


    No use criticising the referee and Var, week in week out. This new football sport has a new set of rules.



    Collectively we need to learn them.




  5. I think it’s fair to say he is a step up in class from Mickey B and closer to a GVB level of manager so a step in the right direction.



    Hopefully we are more than a step ahead though and it wont change anything if we continue to do the business.



    Next two (SPFL) games for me are crucial to maintain momentum.




  6. bournesouprecipe on

    And they’re off…………………………..















    Murty ( again )




    Van Bronkhurst







    Suddenly though it’s not suddenly at all, Celtic are ‘only seven’ points clear of Booed on Booed off FC and world class breakfasts are back being served at Sir Minty Moonbeams world class training centre. By design, they’ve conned another world class “ never seen detail like his “ coach. Though the gagging orders, are gagging off the radar on their two previous world class Peps?



    Shoehorned in for two consecutive would you believe it home games after a disastrous transfer window, previously dressed as sheer brilliance by SMSM, there is now a daisy chain of dross set to be mutually consented starting in January. Michael Beale was a good coach or ‘a brilliant young coach’ copyright Brendan Rodgers, and he was the very least of Sevco’s lifelong ‘leetle problem’.

  7. TBB



    Good to see you on here. Hope you are well ?



    Is there a reason why you think it is a good appointment aside from the garbage from rangers HQ and the MSM ?



    I am struggling to think of any of these type of appointments that have worked with them but it maybe I am missing something with this guy.



    No experience of working in a goldfish bowl / football hotbed.



    No experience of working with a huge salivating and very entitled fanbase.



    Achieved nothing outside of Belgium.



    Not really in demand anywhere it seems.



    On another note , I’m delighted that Scotland qualified for the Euros. However, surely that Spain goal was offside ? What about interfering with play ????



    A no-score draw would have been an even better outcome for Scotland as they would still have qualified AND have a real chance of winning the group.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Didn’t know this guy before yesterday.



    He might do well, he might not.



    From the facts in Paul’s leader, I’d hazard a guess his work at Genk (beat someone with more money) had the recruitment function drooling.



    When all is said and done though?



    Who cares?



    This particular circus largely keeps the SMSM in work … and in money from (let’s be polite) undiscerning consumers.



    Same old, same old …..

  10. Liam Brady (June 1991)


    Lou Macari,


    Tommy Burns,


    Win Jansen,


    Josef Venglos,


    John Barnes,


    Kenny Dalglish,


    Martin O’Neill. ( June 2000).



    We also have had 7 managerial appointments in the last 14 years, during our most successful spell ever.



    Like others, I welcome the competition. I want to feel a sense of excitement as a match day progresses.



    As things stand, it looks like this year could be another straightforward stroll to the title.



    Your leader today sounds a lot like Hubris.



    Here’s hoping for a challenge in the seasons ahead.

  11. One reason why the hun manager may be a decent appointment is when he won the league in Belgium from 2019 to 2021 Belgium were ranked no 1 international team in the world.



    How relevant is that ? . I don’t know, but on CQN we are renowned for our fair- mindedness.😀



    As previously stated, time will tell and in BR we have top dollar.




  12. Let’s see how far the latest deid kat bounces…………..



    They must now regret getting rid of wee GVB.




  13. The returnof weeron on




    I think that there is a fair possibility that the injured cat might bounce initially under a new manager……



    We have 2 tough away games coming up that we need to win in order to put the cat back to sleep….







  14. On first look they’ve done better for themselves than I thought they would.



    He’s a winner as a player and as a manager but only in Belgium. He’s only spent two years in a thirty year career abroad, all his success has come there.



    Big questions about how he’ll do in Scottish football

  15. I think Celtic are better off with a good Sevco. While the gap grows in Europe we need a strong challenge from them to raise our levels. A weak Huns breeds complacency.

  16. On a completely different subject has anyone else received a leaflet from the energy network advising how to prepare for a power cut



    Seems like they are already planned

  17. In my view we are light in the striking department. Kyogo is the only natural, quality, finisher we have. Hearts, Athletico and Hibs within the period of a week represents a huge ask of the wee man who I hope remains injury free, and does not become burned out.

  18. New gaffer. Best in the country. Glory days ahead. Defeat off Celtic. New gaffer needs time. More defeats. New gaffer needs a squad clear out. Season ends in failure. New summer window for the gaffer to bring in his own players. Going to win the league. League kicks off. Defeat to Celtic. Sacked. New gaffer. Best in the country…

  19. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    GREENPINATA on 16TH OCTOBER 2023 12:36 PM



    I think, though not 100% on this, is that if we win the league this year and take our place in next seasons CL then we automatically will have achieved this aim of having European football after Christmas as I believe two of the group stage games in the new CL format will be in January!



    Get your point though, we should be aiming not to be in the lowest cluster of clubs that don’t at least drop into the Europa League. European football into February/March every year would be magic.




  20. celtic40me on 16th October 2023 1:44 pm



    I think Celtic are better off with a good Sevco. While the gap grows in Europe we need a strong challenge from them to raise our levels. A weak Huns breeds complacency.





    Is this a joke ? Humour can be easily lost in text. I’ll assume you’re taking the piss for the good of my own blood pressure 😆

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Only six days to go before kick off.



    Mercifully only two more international breaks this season – middle of next month then March 24.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Big season ahead.



    Massive incentives to win the league.



    Unprecedented financial reward for competing in enlarged Champions League.



    Group stage guarantee. No scrambling about with qualifiers in July and August …. after some of squad play in Euros.



    Squad management will be vital next season. Some of our stalwarts risk running on empty come February 2025.

  23. The Battered Bunnet on




    Aye, all good at this end.



    Re Clement, he’s got a decent profile. Learned the trade time served. Won with a wee team, won with a big team. Some experience of managing decline at Monaco. More UCL and Europa League experience than anyone Celtic has ever appointed (bar Lenny 2nd time) and not a bad record either.



    On paper, it’s a decent appointment. The guy is credible. As Paul says, the only caveat is that he’s actually taken the job. It’s a sticky wicket, career wise. Was he underwhelmed with offers elsewhere?

  24. Some of the comments on here about their new manager bring back memories of the comments that were being made about Ange. All we have to do is make sure our own house is in order, only once in 2020/21, did we take our eyes off the ball. If we keep doing what we have been doing they can bring in any number of coaches/managers as they like, it aint making a blind bit of difference to the outcome of the League Flag, the odd Cup may go there, but that’s it, Flags are coming until” we are the most successful club in the world!!” :))) por cierto

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