Backfill defender first


Brendan Rodgers was a bit too relaxed looking when announcing the probable departure of Carl Starfelt this week.  You could interpret this as a sign the ‘news’ was not news to him and that a plan to accommodate was at a mature state.

Reports from Sweden yesterday suggest we are interested in Gustaf Lagerbielke (23), central defender at Elfsborg.  Like Carl, Gustaf can play on the left, despite being right footed, he won his first Sweden cap in a friendly this year.

Both Maik Nawrocki (22) and Gustaf have first team experience at a top club a league of similar calibre to the Scottish Premiership.  Unlike the rest of our central defenders, Gustaf is midseason, so will be fully fit as Scottish football drags itself up the summer hill.

If he is coming, it would be good to get him in and settled before our trip to joint-top Kilmarnock on League Cup duty later this month.  As ever, Celtic will want backfill sorted before releasing Carl.

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  2. Upgrade on Hart…..


    Upgrade on Taylor……..


    Jota replacement……


    Quick, direct and creative midfielder……maybe 2, if Hatate goes, or maybe just 1 if Holm kicks on early.



    Lots and lots of exits.




  3. Tom McLaughlin on

    Tonight’s Champions League qualifier between AEK Athens and Dinamo Zagreb has been postponed after a 29 year-old Greek man was stabbed to death in the Greek capital during violent clashes between rival fans.

  4. Because of his height, he’s a big threat on set pieces.



    5 goals in the last 32 matches in the Swedish league.



    – Another thing I’m glad we addressed. We rarely look like scoring a headed goal from a corner. And we get roughly 8 per game.




  5. Burnley78 from last thread.






    You keep mistaking me for an expert , I’m just an ordinary fan expressing his novice opinions on a football blog .



    I’m not a football scout ,or member of our management team ,or even a friendly agent incentivised to bring players to our club .



    Someone that is paid to spend their whole working hours,weeks,and months searching for new signing targets .



    Someone who is provided with software that collates all the players and their personal stats .




    Therefore I have little information that would allow me to make a suitable recommendation.




    None of that alters the fact fact that we are trading a seasoned international player .



    A player who has become a double champion and treble winner .



    A player who has build an undefeated domestic partnership with CCV.



    A player who is a tried and tested winner in our domestic league .




    Our priority is to win our domestic league .



    CL improvement is a “ would like “ not a “ must happen “ for me .




    We are replacing that player with a younger ,less experienced ,untested ( in the SPFL) with potential .




    That is without question .




    He may end up being a better player in the longer term .




    Who know’s .




    But it is without question our strategy ,at times .



    Leaves us swapping experience for potential .




    It’s about getting the balance right .





  6. quadrophenian on

    Paul, while the concept of back-filling sounds strategically progressive, what happened to the quaint wee idea of ‘in-filling’ – by that I mean re-blooding some of the existing cattle in the shed ?


    If Brendan has assessed and declined in-the-building prospects on grounds of unsuitability, does that mean our honed analytics process is a bit ‘buggy’ – or the wur couldabeen players have all gone aff ?



    We’re getting close to fanny adams out of Yuki, Scalesy, Welshy far less Daney, Bosuny… eh?



    BrightYoungFings CSC

  7. Paul67 et al



    Maybe I am looking at a different SPL league table, but the one to the right of my screen shows Celtic joint top with Hearts. Kilmarnock share the next place down with St Mirren. And that is without factoring goals scored, which would put us clear at the top and Killie in fourth place.


    Or are we trying to talk up our visit to Rugby Park down the line?

  8. TinyTim – fair points though I think the upgrade at CH has already signed and played at the weekend. Lagerbielke is going to back up for CCV and Nawrocki. Only question is who will we keep as 4th CH between Scales and Welsh.

  9. Our strategy should be about creating elite players, to push upwards in Europe and be in a position to be sold to the big 5 leagues in due course. I’m very pleased with the profile we’ve gone after this summer.



    This season, 3rd place and a wee run in Europe after Xmas. Then repeat the year after when we have more games to sell talented strangers. Be a European team trying to punch above its weight.



    That’s what we sell to talented strangers.



    By implication, this should suffice in beating der hun in a 2 horse domestic league, with the associated european runs and asset selling leaving them in our slip stream.



    We might hit £50m in sales this summer and arguably come out stronger as a result, if the outcome is a better run in Europe and the league.




  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on 8th August 2023 1:27 pm



    I like beer and cycling so Lagerbike sounds good to me.







  11. quadrophenian on

    That lagerbielke name reminded me of that hoary old jape…



    A woman arrived at a party & while scanning the guests she spotted an attractive man standing alone. She approached him smiled and said, “Hello. My name is Carmen.”


    “That’s a beautiful name,” he replied.


    “Is it a family name?”


    “No,” she replied. “As a matter of fact I gave it to myself. It represents the things that I enjoy the most – cars and men.


    Therefore I chose Carmen.” “What’s your name?” she asked.



    He answered “B.J. Titsengolf.”




  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I have nothing new or original to add.



    It’s noticeable that the punts we are targeting in Europe are now in the £3-4m bracket.



    To borrow Pablo’s metaphor … we kissed a lot of £0.5m to £2m frogs in the past.



    Indicative of where we are now as a club (and to be fair, also reflecting transfer fee inflation in this nutty industry).



    Gustaf Lagerbielke set of clips watched with interest. I’d challenge one earlier comment on previous thread. I saw nothing in these clips to evidence he is quick. Am not saying he is slow, just not yet evident he is quick.



    If he signs, I hope he gets a game BEFORE rugby park. Terrible surface to make your debut.



    As for Xavier Mbuyamba? Hopefully just paper talk.



    3 clubs in last 4 years tells me much.



  13. Welsh is by far the better player than scales.stephen was unlucky way injuries last year.scales is hibs Aberdeen class!

  14. Current scores on the doors for the ‘big 2’:



    Income: Celtic (8 players + €29.28m) + Starfelt at €5.8m) = €35m


    Expenditure 6 players = €14.21m + Lagerbeilke at €4m) = €18.21m


    Overall balance +€16.79m






    Income: The Rangers (12 players + €2.90m) + Sakala at €2.7m) = €5.6m


    Expenditure (12 players = €16.20m).


    Overall balance -€10.6m



    Miles ahead csc




  15. Tom McLaughlin on



    Brendan Rodgers was a bit too relaxed looking when announcing the probable departure of Carl Starfelt this week. You could interpret this as a sign the ‘news’ was not news to him and that a plan to accommodate was at a mature state.



    Maybe Brendan reads CQN every day.

  16. Deniabhoy 13.37



    I want a third choice ( in theory) CB to be as good as the first two .


    Otherwise when he plays we are weakened.




  17. Back to basics.



    I take your point .


    But do consider that Starfelt will have had 4 clubs in the last 4 years.




  18. Tom McLaughlin on

    Seeing reports that West Ham striker Michail Antonio may be a target for Celtic. Probably crap but I am reminded how, when Celtic played the Hammers pre-season at Celtic Park two years ago, on being subbed, Antonio was given a standing ovation by the Celtic support.



    The big man was on fire that day.

  19. TINYTIM on 8TH AUGUST 2023 1:31 PM


    CL improvement is a “ would like “ not a “ must happen “ for me .




    In order for Celtic to keep gaining automatic Champions League qualification then winning matches is a must, even if it means doing enough to get third this season and win some rounds of the Europa Cup.


    We need the ranking points.


    Players come to Celtic to play in Europe, especially Champions League, and doing well will make us more attractive to players and it raises the players profile which will lead to clubs in the big leagues targeting them and bigger transfer fees received.


    So it really is massive and a must happen for me.

  20. Tom McLaughlin on



    But do consider that Starfelt will have had 4 clubs in the last 4 years.



    As my auld man used to say — He’s had more clubs than Charlie Nicholas.



    My dad used to always get his lines mixed up.



    — I wouldn’t go there for aw the money in China.



    — He grabbed him by the heid o the hair.



    — If you think I’m doing that yer up a gum creek.



    — Stay away from him. He smokes cannibals and injects himself wi hydrogen needles.

  21. Tam 3.09



    A fit Antonio would be a real handful for Scottish defences.


    He doesn’t score a lot of goals ,and he is injury prone .



    But he was unstoppable against us .



    He is a player that IF he were within budget is worth consideration .


    My big question mark would be his injury record.




  22. Antonio is an injury-prone 33 year-old, on £70k a week, with no resale value.



    The utter antithesis of our signing strategy.




  23. VALE BHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2023 12:20 PM


    HH, from sunny Palermo.




    Palermo is lovely. Been there twice.


    Visit the Teatro Massimo if you can. First and only time I’ve ever been to see opera and it was amazing! 2nd biggest opera house in Europe at the time. Think behind Vienna. Also feature in The Godfather 3 with the buggy bouncing down the steps.



    Enjoy! 😃👍

  24. Good afternoon from a sunny North Staffs



    BREAKING: David Moyes is having a medical at West Ham after making a £60m bid for Maguire and McTominay.

  25. ” TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 8TH AUGUST 2023 3:20 PM


    Stay away from him. He smokes cannibals and injects himself wi hydrogen needles.”



    I loved that :-)))))

  26. bournesouprecipe on

    Good to see us with replacements lined up before, not after. Ask for a move for whatever reason and if there’s a suitor, you get it, nobody that doesn’t want to play for Celtic gets to.



    That’s the way it should be, Carl Starfelt won five out of six trophies then left, his worth is what the buying club are willing to pay. Ironic, that despite being maligned by the supporters, the same posters also now want a profit.



    Great job if we sign the Swede, managing to convince a young highly rated player to come to Parkhead with three weeks of the window still left. Players can sit tight waiting for a better league and a better contract right up till deadline day.



    Four competing Centre Backs Brendan said CCV, Nawrocki, Lagerbielke, plus one other sounds pretty good to me. Also underlines how well we did well to get Kyogo Maeda and McGregor tied up in improved contracts.

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