Background on the SPFL and Sky negotiations


I see reports that the SPFL are looking to compensate for the TV contract for this season not being fulfilled by reducing the next five-year deal by £300k per season.  It is worth putting some perspective on where the SPFL finds itself before assessing the merits of their approach.

The SPFL failed to perform to the existing contract, which specified a number of games to be broadcast at set times and dates, with backup dates available where re-arranged fixtures were necessary.  These dates were all to be complete by 31 May, games played after this date would be outside Sky’s agreed (and premium) slots, and, as the Premier League in England have found out, would still constitute a failure to perform the contract.

Sky sold sponsorship and advertising on the back of this contract, which they themselves were unable to perform.  Not only are subsequent payments in these contracts (SPFL with Sky and Sky with their advertisers) no longer due, an earlier payment that was made against a contract that was not performed can be subject to reclaim.

I am sure Sky’s legals were clear, end of season games deciding the title, relegation and European places, generate above average viewership and advertising revenue.  They also provide video for future promotion of their sports product.

If this went to court, Sky would need to demonstrate a loss before forcing a repayment of monies, but their core metrics would support at least some compensation.  These metrics are likely to have featured when Neil Doncaster first discussed the matter with Sky back in March.  Control was always with the broadcaster; finding a solution that did not bankrupt the league was the primary objective.

A £300k rebate for five years represents a 1% discount on the reported figure Sky will pay the SPFL.  In the circumstances, this would be astonishing.  The deal is yet to be concluded, but if and when it is, it will be informative to see how reporting angles split on the story.

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  1. ….☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️..
























  2. The virtual season ticket is intriguing, will it be available only to existing season ticket holders and capped at circa 55K subscribers ?



    If not, the club, may have an opportunity to take more money in from fans that for travel reasons can’t get to every home game and do not purchase a season ticket.



    Demand for Celtic games next season among the support will be an all time high, allowing supporters from across Ireland and England to subscribe for every home game could net a tidy sum.



    Just make sure the service is there to facilitate the demand, Celtic.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    AD- The way I’m reading it is,ST holders will get it cheaper than others who want to buy one.

  4. This whole thing is bizarre. I don’t really know what to make of it.



    Celtic will need to provide clear terms and conditions before the renewal deadline at the end of the month.

  5. Season ticket holders get a virtual season ticket along with the price we pay for our physical ticket.



    Whatever price that is, bearing in mind thousands have already renewed and the direct debits are kicking in.

  6. I’m in London.


    I’d have renewed anyway, even if there was no football, to do my wee bit for the cause.


    I’m missing my footie so much it hurts



    So, despite having to hold my nose ref Sky, it’s a welcome piece of news for me.



    HH jg

  7. I surely don’t need to pay to watch it on TV. They sold me a season ticket to watch it at Celtic Park, if they can’t do that then they either let me watch on Sky for free or refund the games I miss at Celtic Park, por cierto.

  8. fourstonecoppi on



    Season ticket holders get a virtual season ticket along with the price we pay for our physical ticket.


    Whatever price that is, bearing in mind thousands have already renewed and the direct debits are kicking in.



    I surely hope to hell i’m not expected to pay a full whack physical ticket to get a virtual one ?????

  9. Virtual season ticket?




    How does it work if have a ST and you already have SKY TV?

  10. Did Sevco’s damp-squib ‘smoking gun’ not state that around £10m would be lost to the SPFL from broadcasters?

  11. STH get free access and non STH pay for the service.



    Being where we are, today’s announcement is good news for fans and our club.

  12. Remeber the virtual Season Ticket is only for home games, away games will still be shown via a subscription to Sky Sports por ciert.

  13. I assume it means if you have a season ticket you get to watch all the home games, so if Sky aren’t showing a particular home game, you will still get to see it because you have a season ticket



    I don’t have a season ticket due to where I live, but I would definitely consider buying one in order to see all the home games next season sitting in my living room




  14. DAVID17 on 3RD JUNE 2020 1:20 PM


    Virtual season ticket?



    How does it work if have a ST and you already have SKY TV?



    How does it work if I have a ST but don’t already have Sky (and never have had, for the obvious reasons).

  15. Paul67 et al



    So let me get this straight the new SPL deal with Sky is worth one hundred times three hundred thousand minus three hundred thousand times five? No?

  16. Celtic TV Cover all the Home games, normally the TV deal prevents Celtic from showing these games live in UK or Ireland, as they would be competing for Market Share with the main League Broadcaster,


    It appears that as part of the new deal this prohibition is being lifted in relation to Season Ticket Holders,

  17. I for one much prefer live football than TV coverage. Listening to Andy Walker would put you off football for life.



    Sky is biased towards the Huns as is BBC. Having our product in the hands of Sky is dangerous.



    I prefer Celtic TV,

  18. fourstonecoppi on

    Roughly how many home games would we play??


    If we play about say 19 home games……. that works out about £28 a pop on my ST price!

  19. FOURSTONECOPPI on 3RD JUNE 2020 1:19 PM



    No idea about how much a season ticket will cost, I can see now why Celtic were pushing the SPL to produce


    the fixture list obviously with this in mind, as the virtual ticket is supposed to be for home games ST holders won’t be able to attend.



    Celtic will take part of the financial hit, but in order to maintain the gap that exists and to keep our best players


    no doubt we’ll be asked to dig deep.

  20. I imagine the plan is to initially give all Season Ticket Holders free TV Coverage of all Home Games & hopefully as Season progresses, the ban on live attendance will be relaxed , Maybe allowing circa 10,000 fans into Stadium initially & hopefully increasing depending on progress re suppressing virus.


    With a bit of luck Season Ticket Holders might get to watch 5 or 6 games live.

  21. Sky rarely show Celtic home games anyway and I would assume the clubs will just use their usual in-house production teams to cover the matches



    Sky would presumably get a cut because the clubs will be using their technology in order to have a reliable streaming service, with ‘in stadium’ Sky advertising

  22. fourstonecoppi on




    I’ve been diggin deep and ‘standing up for the champions’ for nigh on nearly 50 odd years. This could be the end. Unless i could get a family member to take my ST.



    Wonder if our heirarchy/major shareholders will dig deep. Or is it that we do so the don’t need to??

  23. Fourstone, The current Celtic TV Sub is 50 pounds per annum for UK & Irish Residents, but you only get delayed coverage of matches. You do get other content as well.


    Outside of UK & Ireland, I think it’s 15 pound a month but you get all games live.

  24. Sky are restricted to 4 Home games per Season.


    The 2 home Hun games and 2 others.


    They normally show the opening game unfurling of Flag etc and usually keep the last one till near the end, when they might get lucky & show a Title Clincher.

  25. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Under the Sky deal, Celtic were contracted to have four home games televised.


    These consisted of two hun games, plus another two, usually trophy day and flag day.

  26. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Sorry Corkcelt. Didn’t know you were on the same rack.


    Back to hibernation, isolation and a spoyt of cocooning.

  27. Celtic TV has been killer for me since they launched it some 12yrs ago? Back then it was Windows only and I had to do some jiggery pokery with my Mac.



    It’s also rock solid for me as well, seldom drops. Also you get to hear Tom Boyd, worth the money to hear his honest commentary.

  28. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I wonder if “Now TV” will be part of the solution for those who don’t have Celtic TV or SKY – particularly since many clubs don’t have a dedicated broadcast option available.



    NOW TV seems to be a pay per view platform owned by SKY that operates through multiple platforms (telly and/or internet).



    I presume that BT Sport are also owed some kind of rebate for unfulfilled fixtures?

  29. BATEEN BHOY on 3RD JUNE 2020 10:37 AM


    From previous thread…Yes mate I do have the Internet on my Smart TV…Thanks for your advice.



    To all others who replied about my query about Pubs selling pints in England outside etc…again thanks for your posts.



    I am a bit confused about this Virtual TV Celtic matches and what exactly does it mean, as I am unable to attend Celtic Park due to health issues, I would gladly pay for Celtic TV to show all home games for next season……however…does this new deal mean that I could watch ALL Home games on Celtic TV….and from what I have read on here for at least the last Two years is that plenty of supporters were having serious issues with Celtic TV, taking their cash but NOT providing a proper service etc.


    I am also confused IF Celtic TV are planning on having only 55k subscribers for these Virtual Games….why would Celtic “Limit” the amount of subscribers ( IF thats true ?)…as it doesnt make sense, especially in these times and every club would be hoping to make as much money as possible thru selling a season long of ALL Celtic Home Virtual TV ?






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