Bans and rocking Saints


Celtic’s email to those who had their season tickets suspended yesterday, in the Green Brigade section, alleges a series of incidents, including “intimidating and threatening behaviour towards staff” on multiple occasions, “forcing open fire exits to permit access to individuals without tickets” at Fir Park, a list of pyrotechnic and banner violations and several other transgressions, which they hold the Green Brigade responsible for.

Consequences extend beyond staff wellbeing and Uefa fines.  Last season, Glasgow City Council’s Safety Advisory Group, who licence the stadium to open for spectators, wrote with “concerns regarding the conduct of certain spectators located within the north-east curve area”.  As a result, Celtic have to report to the Safety Advisory Group after every home game.  Hoped for progress has not been made.

The Uefa fines mount up but alone were not going to move the dial.  Behaviour towards staff, forcing open gates and the Council’s safety certifiers are absolutes.  No one should be threatened at work without their employer taking appropriate action.  Organised groups of people cannot try to open gates to allow additional number in.  The Safety Certificate is non-negotiable.  Inevitably, Celtic had to be prodded into action.

I witnessed none of this (apart from the pyro and banners, obviously) and it could be a different group of lads behind everything.  Talks will inevitably take place to resolve the issue; we can hope.

St Mirren are third in the league and absolutely rocking.  They got the St Johnstone manager the sack at the weekend and only went behind at Ibrox after a red card and a penalty kick.  We are not short of big games but this could be a significant one come the end of the season.  An early goal for the good guys tonight would be very welcome.

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  1. “RC on 1ST NOVEMBER 2023 12:26 PM


    and if we don’t get an early goal”





    Then we`ll just have to get a later one :-))

  2. Prestonpans bhoys on

    From videocelts:



    Drawing in the threat of closure from Glasgow City Council has been disputed by Councillor Kelly





  3. A bit of a miserable day here in Arbroath. I am hoping to feel a lot brighter between 7:45 pm and 9:40 pm in Glasgow tonight :-)



    Weather ok there?

  4. “RC on 1ST NOVEMBER 2023 12:26 PM


    and if we don’t get an early goal”



    Then we keep the faith, keep supporting and hope for a later one.



    Or moan at every misplaced pass then moan that the players look devoid of confidence and aren’t showing for the ball / are playing safe…




  5. Very interested to see tonight’s starting 11 to see how much rotation BR feels comfortable with. I think we’ll see maybe two changes, DT for Bernardo and possibly Ralston for AJ.



    BR has a task on his hands over the next two months in trying to find space to give his main players some rest. I don’t envy him.

  6. Glasgow City Council’s Safety Advisory Group



    so we spent a lot of money to install a safe standing area within our all seated stadium , and for seasons now, and within all stadiums fans have been allowed to stand up and not sit in the seat they have paid for during the match without a word said regarding health and safety.

  7. absolute BS


    you’ll notice not even a mention of the flags – even to say it wasnt about the flags

  8. The Rail Seating Area, always looks very overcrowded, that’s for the Club to police better,I would like to see evidence of some of the rap sheet.

  9. if Meada is selected tonight hope its at outside left to assist defensively with our targetted left back position that Palma doesn’t offer , just feel that GT and DM had a understanding when playing together.

  10. Hypothetical, I know but,


    Imagine there is a religion called La La, I know, I know, but imagine. Then England decide to take a portion of Scotland say from the border to the Clyde and Forth, and then call it La La land and push out the Scots who live there and fill it with La La folk.


    Would you be a bit pissed off at having to give your home and land to this cause ?????


    Well cast your mind back 70 odd years and ask if England, ( not Britain) had the right to do this in Palestine.


    As for the Palestinian flag fiasco, it’s ok to fly the Ukraine flag, but not the Palestinian one.


    People need to get a grip and face facts




  11. Just win tonight, as comfortably as possible, be interesting who or which players get the playmaker role, personally I would move McGregor to a 10 position and if possible two Centre forwards make their defence worry about us, dont give them and easy shift.

  12. in a world full of cameras and mobile phones i am struggling to find any footage of gates being opened, staff abused and intimidated, threatening behaviour, breaches of security, and so on and so forth.



    even arrests, unless they are going to do it in dawn raids months after the events, like they have done previousaly.



    where are all the clips uploaded to the internet ?



    personal wintness accounts from cqners about what you have seen ?



    in my job world, i dont actually think the “council safety executive” have that authority to put you on a watch list per se and demand an after event report, the stadium co-ordinator and the police actually could say why do you need it ?


    i would believe it if an accident report has to be sent, but the rest, has me puzzled some.



    safety concerns at celtic park , anyone seen anyone get hurt from crushing or bad behaviours or people rushing the gates ?



    anyone been pushed out the way ? forced from their seats ?



    Sanitizied support csc.



    its collusion i tell ye.

  13. Trying to suggest the ban is anything other than a result of the Palestinian flags is disingenuous in the extreme. No one leaves their right to political expression at the turnstiles, unless we’re looking to get the Offensive Behaviour at Football act re-instated.

  14. My witness acounts –



    i told before the double bump at the hampden turnsyle, into the main stand, two substance abusers, well dressed, but out their faces, doubled up at the turnstyle and with a bit of aggresion one forced into the turnstyle when i used my ticket, from others seems like a common occuance now.



    others have told me of easter road crushing caused by police cordon, ticket screening and horses to corral supporters in a narrow street.



    i have heard of the m0therwell gate opening but others saying again some mis handling form police and stewards.



    so those those who actually attend what do you see.



    i reached out to a colleague, a degree in arabic studies lived and travelled throughout the region , she and a friend actully spent the summer in lebanon,



    i am looking for images of the “terrorist” flags within the gb last wednesday, so far i cannot find any,


    accoriding to another person, the white arabic on green backgroun triangle flags, said CELTIC ULTRAS and while the symbalism of the flags replicate others, they are not terrorist slogans attached.



    sack the board.

  15. glendalystonsils on



    Team sheet latest………….unlease Speedy Forrest



    Whoooosssshhh CSC




    Maybe he’s not invisible after all . Maybe he just moves quicker than the human eye can follow…….



    UsainForrest CSC

  16. “SONSOFERIN on 1ST NOVEMBER 2023 1:11 PM


    Trying to suggest the ban is anything other than a result of the Palestinian flags is disingenuous in the extreme.”



    Given the GB (and others) have flown these for years, it seems strange to think we suddenly have an issue now re: Palestinian flags.



    “SAINT STIVS on 1ST NOVEMBER 2023 1:11 PM


    i am looking for images of the “terrorist” flags within the gb last wednesday, so far i cannot find any,”



    I think there were one or two weird red/white flags which I did not recognise that others have said fall into this category. There was a picture posted on a previous article iirc.




  17. Adi



    Is the ticket for Madrid still available?



    I reached out to you last night.

  18. spikeysauldman on




    red & white ? if the GB were flying red-hand of ulster flags then defo ban then :)

  19. There will be a tribute to GG (RIP) of this parish on the big screen before the match and at half time tonight.



    red & white ? if the GB were flying red-hand of ulster flags then defo ban then :)”



    Lifetime ban for sure. They act a bit hunnish at times, but that really would be taking it too far!






    this red and white flag”



    That might have been it?! Tbh I didn’t really delve into it too deep.


    Wee numpties flying flags doesn’t really interest me.




  21. Quadbhoy



    There were two red flags in the display. They were from an organisation proscribed in the USA and elsewhere – although NOT the UK. The image I saw was on a Celtic blog.

  22. I see some narrative about the ban being due to Palestine flags being flown.



    This seems complete nonsense to me.



    If it was for that then why not say it. It’s not illegal to fly a Palestine flag …… yet. Suella B is on the case mind you. It still makes me laugh that that weird looking abomination of an individual is called after a character in Dallas.

  23. PRESTONPAN BHOYS ,I’ll try that ,I knew a big family from Prestonpans The Gourlays some guys ,anyway thanks for replying.

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