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A few hours ago we discussed Brendan Rodgers eventually retiring from Celtic through old age. That took a step close to reality today when he signed a contract which commits him to the club until 2021.

Brendan knows that he and Celtic are perfect for each other. He has no interest in returning to England, or leaving for foreign shores. He has made his home in Scotland, at Celtic, the club he loves.

If you think Champions League group stage and an unbeaten 38 game domestic season are the limits of his ambitions, think again. He has been planning for the period up to 2021 since shortly after arriving at the club, keen to build a lasting and memorable legacy.

I’ve reprinted today’s earlier blog below, as it’s pertinent to today’s announcement. And there’s a bit about the Celtic Disabled Supporters’ Association dinner dance………

The earlier blog:

You will have noticed minds elsewhere have recently turned to the most difficult question in Scottish football, how will Celtic’s inextricable domination of Scottish football be stopped? If you have been reading CQN for as long as I’ve been writing it, you’ll know the information you should consult on this question is the financial fundamentals.

Celtic’s domination was assured since well before it was predicted here (in 2004). Our only opponent worthy of the name was indulging in an orgy of irresponsibility. While the eventual outcome was more delightful than any of us dared hope, the consequences for the Scottish title were always going to end up the same way.

Celtic just needed to stave off the desire to join the lemmings, keep to a responsible budget, and their long-term outcome was assured.

But this is not the issue most commentators ponder when considering how Celtic will be clawed back into the pack, all they can see is a manager with the apparent Midas touch. While Brendan is here, the story goes, it’s not even worthwhile discussing Celtic’s domination.

I agree with this point, although I could add that Ronny won two leagues more than comfortably, Neil won three, and when Brendan eventually reties due to old age, we’ll be very capable of recruiting an effective talent.

There’s been a fascinating juxtaposition this week on the subject of Brendan as he secured his first title as Celtic manager. 11 months ago, when Ronny announced he was leaving, Peter Lawwell drew up his targets. Two names were at the top of the list, Brendan, and now-Sunderland manager, Davie Moyes. Both were interviewed and both knew each other was under consideration. I’m pretty sure Celtic were prepared to sign up the first one who would commit.

11 months on and, from 100 miles away, life seems to be disentangling for Davie Moyes. The jocular threat to slap a female reporter is systematic of a man who is losing control. After a promising honeymoon period at Sunderland, his team is destined for relegation, most probably as bottom of the division.

There is a haunting realisation in the North East that, like a struggling swimmer who has bobbed below the waterline a few times, the next time they are under could be a great deal more consequential.  Moyes’ reputation has taken more than a slap.

I remember Davie as a player (splay-footed and unconvincing), and wanted his as Celtic manager when Gordon Strachan resigned. His decade at Everton provides ample evidence of his genuine talent. These are the things my mind turns to when his name is mentioned.

When Brendan hears Davie’s name, what chance he thinks, “There but for the grace of God………”

We’ve got a great manager, but he knows he’s got a great job.

Celtic Disabled Supporters Association
Dinner Dance
Kerrydale Suite, Friday 21 April

The Disabled Supporters Association invite you to addend their annual Dinner Dance later this month.  Tickets are a mere £25 per head, which includes a three course meal, live entertainment from The Foggy Dew, and a Q&A with Jim Craig, Bertie Auld and Tom Boyd.

The trophies will be there for photos and there will be lots of additional entertainment.  All are welcome.

For tickets, contact events@celticdsa.co.uk or 07514-059870 (office hours).

Coolest T-shirt on the planet in remarkable book offer, shipping later this month:

Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. TTR



    In response to your post about finances I asked if Walfrid measured Celtic in such away.



    Can you reply please.






    A great post earlier about….

  2. DD



    Absolutely DELIGHTED with the first response.



    Absolutely disgraceful second one mate.

  3. mike in toronto on

    AoW @11:27



    I can live with being called a bear on the blog … but Durrant?! Man, that’s cold … I mean, he’s one ugly %#}

  4. Honestly



    The lengths some will go to to excuse the PLC is astronomical.



    Celtic no longer has an ethos!



    They use the foundation for publicity and good PR while turning over the support who sadly more and more fall for their capatilist elitist Celtic.



    Year on year this PLC further extracts itself from the man and men who founded our club. I’d love to be there when PL and DD meet Brother Walfrid at the gates of heaven and St Peter asks then to explain themselves! And those same supporters who excuse them. How thick are green tinted specs?



    Paul67. Can you provide a article on your opinion of our clubs underhand exploitive tactics today?









    HT 12.21am




    Did the Kelly’s & Whites follow Walrids ethos ???






    Who cares now.



    Do the current plc?

  6. A fair number of supporters are becoming gutless and spineless all for the want of success!



    Celtic FC – no different to any other club in the country.



    Enjoy that strap line.




  7. Gerryfaethebrig on

    MIT 12.38pm



    Stop rewriting history…..you were not called a bear on the blog, your assistant referred you to as a bear with a sore head……



    GFTB never accused you of nothing …..apart from picking Sevco in LMS then repeating the this misdemeanour in GFS 1 and in the balance of probabilities GFS 2



    Stop deflecting, deal with the facts ……



    I rest my case :-)



    CQN Good night and God bless

  8. Delaneys Dunky on



    When Pedro meets San Pedro?


    More worried about when I meet San Pedro. :)


    Hope he’s a Tim who likes a puff. ;)

  9. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    HT, I owe you a tenner for CT membership. I texted you about it and you didn’t reply ya faggot……………..:_)




    Sort yer organisation oot.

  10. GFTB


    They do get way more tv £££s but they also have higher wages to pay for Ribery,Robben etc..,


    Anyway, my view is that the bundesliga is good value for money and their stadiums are full. There are things for our club/league to learn from in Germany.



    Tv revenue does give them an advantage but it doesn’t mean we can’t implement fairer ticketing policies e.g more affordable tickets for the less well off.



    The fans are the most important thing in football and the board would be wise to treat them as such.



    BTW I’m delighted BR is signed up ,hopefully for four trophy laden years.




  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    HT 12.48pm



    My point was and always will be the fans have always been miles away from the boardroom, not much has changed since 1888….. Am pretty content with that, the Trust, the Foundatin, the Green Brigade do our charitable efforts, as Dallas pointed out there is a food bank collection tomorrow why not announce that with Brendan……am sure more fans would go into their cupboards if they heard that

  12. Delaneys Dunky on




    Enjoy Portugal. Never been to that country. I will rectify that on May 18 when I fly there for 10 days.


    In the heat of Lisbon!



  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Dbhoy 12.55am



    No disagreement at all



    Am never a lover of a Celtic board (the way my father brought me up) but I actually think Peter Lawell does a great job commercially…..an arsehole when it comes to the normal fans though :-)

  14. thetimreaper on

    HAMILTONTIM on 8TH APRIL 2017 12:21 AM






    In response to your post about finances I asked if Walfrid measured Celtic in such away.




    Can you reply please.





    Been watching the golf. Is Brendan Rodgers salary consistent with Walfrid’s ethos? The answer is no.

  15. Delaneys Dunky on

    Strapline after 6 o’ the best fae a mad psychotic teacher, remained on my wrists for weeks. Hey teacha, leave those kids alone.


    Evil bassas that tried to educate me. :)

  16. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Lisbon 17 SCLAFFBAW Outing update.



    Transport to and from the scaff arena is now confirmed, big thanks to Graff.



    We have a two vehicles picking up at two of the four hotels and hopefully doing a return journey.



    don’t forget yer baws.:…………….)

  17. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    DD, there will beno coias doggie bag…………………:_(



    HH and see you tomorrow.

  18. ACGR- In my day a strapline wiz a bit of shooder that didn’t tan.



    Nowadays its newspeak.



    Which is where Ernie comes in.



    Man, did he try today?


    I think he’s a plant. Either that or he’s a retired gentleman who was once in the loop and is now outside, looking in.



    He seems to have some support fir his (paid) opinions – Canamalar – because he has been around for a while….the very definition of a plant.

  19. Delaneys Dunky on




    Great song for Lisbon next month


    Portuguese summertime. Canny wait. :)

  20. AOW



    You seriously think Canamalar is a plant?



    He’s had a few too good malts, but a plant?



    What’s next? PL is a socialist.




  21. Gerryfaethebrig on

    TTR 1.05am



    On the money………



    We love the celebrations but at times we worship the money because if it wasn’t for the cash we wouldn’t have Brendan……

  22. I was going to say something there but I’ll hold my council for a couple of days to give the Celtic bloggers a chance to offer up an opinion on PLC’s targeting of the less well off supporter via their clandestine maneuver’s.




  23. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Maggie doll………………………………………………..nae offence babe, we can sort it oot in Lisbon.



    Looking forward to meeting you and seeing that wee saint Shug again.



    Wee should write a song aboot him.





  24. GFTB



    And do the club need to attack the Celtic fans finance to afford Brendan at a point in time that they are hitting highest turnover and profit margin for 10 years whilst trying to bury the attack on supporters finance with fantastic news?



    Surely you mean “On the fans money” Another great strap line.



    As I said gutless and spineless!



    Far removed from the Celtic supporter I’d happily share a beer with.