Celtic 2-1 Dunfermline


Dunfermline looked out of their depth in this SPL encounter for most of the game but a combination of sloppy finishing, last-ditch defending and Celtic’s still-unresolved problem from the penalty spot meant the game finished on a knife-edge.

Gary Hooper intercepted a cross-field pass from Dunfermline’s Paul Willis after 6 minutes, took a great first touch and fired a bullet shot into the bottom left corner of the goal to put Celtic ahead.  After 19 minutes more slack play from Dunfermline allowed Celtic to break with fluency.  Kris Commons, Anthony Stokes and Hooper combined to setup James Forrest to put Celtic in what looked like easy street.

Stokes almost finished from a tight angle after Forrest flashed the ball across the face of the goal, while Forrest failed to hit the target with a couple of shots from inside the box.

Commons, restored to the starting line-up, was clearly enjoying his free role, drifting from left to centre-midfield and twice found Anthony Stokes with outrageously precise 40-yard passes.  Celtic’s effectiveness suffered when Commons, who must surely have been injured, failed to appear after half time.

Celtic, perhaps having things too easy, dropped off the pace without the prodding of Commons and, with Dunfermline offering no apparent threat, looked like getting away with a 4-4-2 formation, with two traditional wingers.  Dunfermline had not read the script, however.

Andy Barrowman thundered a shot from the angle of the box into Fraser Forster’s bottom right corner with five minutes remaining – plus an eventual four minutes added time.  Any match report should record that Dunfermline never got close to adding a second goal in the remaining nine minutes, but this was also a period when Celtic lost all composure.  Fraser Forster was booked for timewasting and Adam Matthews will never take as long over three throw-ins all season.  The final whistle was greeted with enormous relief by the home support.

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  1. Stayed the night in Glasgow so not long back from the game. Posts, in general, seem quite reasonable (ie I agree with them!!). I thought we were quite brilliant going forward in the first half. We could so easily have been seven up at HT.Second half, minus Commons, our possession was almost total but we were not really going anywhere with it. Even so, still created enough chances to add another four. Last twenty minutes or so, fizz went out of the team, the fans, because it means so much to us, became resless,then worried and finally ,really nervous. Overall, however, some wonderful stuff and,when confidence is gained for real, many teams, Huns included, will take big beatings at the hands of this team.


    Haven`t heard Lennie`s comments (any link?) but will be disappointed if he was critical of the support. If he was, he would seem not to understand just how much Celtic success means to us in Scotland. I find that hard to believe.




  2. voguepunter says:


    24 November, 2011 at 11:46



    It sound like him.



    If it’s him, I know the guy and if he said it happened, it happened.




  3. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Special Branch at a loose end it would appear.



    If only their resources had been deployed elsewhere, they might have been quicker catching the dastardly duo who were sending parcel bombs earlier in the year.



    Singing appears to be a far greater offence. Maybe they are fighting the War Against Tenors.

  4. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again









    Posted on Tuesday, 22nd November 2011 by Joe McHugh



    Charlie Richmond will take charge of Saturday’s crunch Division Two clash between Airdrie United and Arbroath.


    It is the first appointment that the Ayrshire official has been given since his below par showing in the recent Motherwell-Celtic match.



    After turning a blind eye to a number of bone crunching challenges from Keith Lasley and Steve Jennings- mainly targetted on James Forrest- Richmond finally discovered his red card in the 83rd minute to dismiss Tim Clancy with seven minutes left to play.



    Richmond was overlooked for SPL appointments throughout last season with his appointment at Airdrie on Saturday suggesting that he is in for another long holiday from high profile fixtures.



    Tomorrow night’s visit from Dunfermline will be the first Celtic match refereed by Bobby Madden. The 33-year-old has been on the Category 1 list since 2008.



    Saturday’s home match against St Mirren will be refereed by Steven McLean with Alan Muir in charge of the Kilmarnock v Rangers game at Rugby Park the following day.

  5. on the refs


    Mclean has refered 4 spl games this season – none for us , them , Aberdeen or Hearts obviously a top ref then , maybe he will be our willie collum and over compensate and give us a few penalties in the knowledge we are likely to miss them !!!



    last weeks ref O’Reilly does not have an SPl game this weekend , despite him leading the SPL ref tables in number of games at 10 , closest before this weekend is Thompson with 8 hmmmm

  6. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall says:


    24 November, 2011 at 10:52


    Henriks Sombrero says:


    24 November, 2011 at 10:14



    Henriks Sombrero



    I am with Jinky on the SONOS, amazing piece of kit, I have had it for nearly 4 years now. Can be fairly expensive to set-up, but worth every penny. You can also use iPod/Pad as the controller for playing different music throughout the house. Which means I dont have to listen to the wifes trash……..




  7. Hun Administrators hmmm Saluko for £100,000



    Rangers had initially been told they could sign Aluko, right, for nothing but Aberdeen were adamant they were entitled to training compensation for a player they bought from Birmingham City for £80,000. Ibrox administrators held talks with the SFA and sought legal advice but were told it was too risky to sign the player and that it could end up costing them more if it went to a tribunal.




    Rangers will complete the signing of Sone Aluko today after agreeing a £100,000 deal with Aberdeen

  8. Ah, Special Branch at Glasgow Airport, takes me back.



    When we first started travelling to games by plane, me and one of my friends were always stopped by Special branch at arrivals. Always the same questions, where are you coming from (flight was from Belfast so not rocket science to find out), what is the purpose for your visit (Celtic jersey and scarf usually a give away) and when are you heading home.



    They would also usually ask a couple of silly questions like are you part of any terrorist organisation or are you intending to commit any crimes when you are over.



    Usually a 5 minute job and just taken to the side, not a seperate room. No real big deal but just annoying as without fail it was always the same 2 of us despite travelling in a group of 8 or 9. Must just have that look about me. Small, blond hair and glasses, must be a typical profile for a terrorist.



    Can’t remember exactly when, but once no-one came to see us and since then, haven’t been stopped at all.




  9. glendalystonsils on




    No, Zheng Zhi coaches them. He is given one day a week off to fly over to Samoa on the condition that he flies straight back to Lennoxtown for training.

  10. I think the special branch are barking up the tree. When will they twig that it’s time to leaf it alone and go root out some real villains.

  11. BlantyreKev says:


    24 November, 2011 at 12:16



    Have you opened your Christmas crackers early?

  12. Exclusive by Keith Jackson


    hes funny




    Exclusive by Keith Jackson



    Sone Aluko Image 2



    Hitman Sone gets dream move after Ibrox club thrash out deal with Dons


    SONE ALUKO will put pen to paper on a six-month deal with Rangers today – in a bid to land himself a bumper two-year contract.


    Record Sport revealed exclusively two weeks ago the Nigerian winger was heading to Ibrox to begin a trial spell with the SPL champs after spending four months frozen out of the game.


    And now the delighted 22-year-old is ready to turn down an 11th-hour offer from Championship outfit Watford to sign on the dotted line at Murray Park this morning.


    The short-term agreement was thrashed out after a deal was struck with his former club Aberdeen, allowing him to chase his dream of making it with Ally McCoist’s side.


    Aluko had feared the Pittodrie club might price him out of his big break by demanding around s200,000 in compensation if he clinched a contract with the financially-stricken SPL leaders.


    But after two days of talks involving Aluko’s representatives and officials from both clubs, an agreement was finally reached late last night.


    Now Aluko – who wowed McCoist with his performance in a closed-door bounce game win over St Mirren on Tuesday – is ready to begin the fight for a long-term future at Ibrox.


    Record Sport understands although the initial deal will run until the end of the current campaign, a clause has been inserted that means Aluko could trigger an improved two-year contract so long as he proves a success between now and May.


    And he is so convinced he will cut it in Glasgow he was prepared to turn down a late counter offer from Watford.


    A source close to negotiations said: “Sone only wants to do one thing – play for Rangers. Watford came to the table but it simply did not interest him.


    “Since the minute he arrived in Glasgow his heart has been set on making the most of this opportunity. He is desperate to prove he can make a difference to this Rangers side.”

  13. Like others amazed and astounded as my brother and I returned home in the car last night at shortbreads take on our two “gifted” goals,apparently dunfermline lost possession on both occasions and gently stroked the ball into their own net on our behalf!!!!!..which i may say was rather sporting of them!…AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!








    thats better!

  14. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again






    Meeting agreed between fan groups and ACC Corrigan



    Published on Thursday 24th November, 2011 by Celtic Trust



    Last week the Trust published an article responding to the press coverage of a proposed meeting between the Trust, the Celtic Supporters’ Association and the Assistant Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police.



    Both organisations pulled out of the meeting because it had been misrepresented in a tabloid newspaper.



    However, the Trust indicated that we would be willing to meet with the Police or any other individual or organisation if it was in the interests of our members and the Celtic support generally as long as it was on the basis of an agreed and published agenda and conducted in good faith.



    We were contacted by ACC Corrigan and he has informed us that his position was misrepresented and we have now agreed an agenda for a meeting. In that spirit the Trust, together with the CSA, the AICSC and the ARCSC will meet Mr Corrigan today to discuss the following agenda:

  15. made me smile on signing aluko “It’s down to finance now and as soon as we get it sorted he will be a great addition for Rangers,” added Durrant.



    expect Aberdeen will want paid in cash as promises from the MBB ar not worth much.

  16. On the subject of inspirational coaching; Alf Ramsey’s team talk before playing ‘the oldest International in world football’ consisted of the simple instruction’ Get stuck into those Scotch f###ers’.



    Maks sense tae me.

  17. Just read Phil’s article what an absolute disgrace!!



    To the gentleman who was questioned I would say well done for keeping your head. However I would also recommend that you lodge a complaint via both your MSP and your Westminster MP and demand that they ask the questions from Special branch and ensure you get a reply.



    Why in this day and age are we as a group being targeted by the security services. Membership of the Green Brigade ( whether you are or are not) is not a criminal offence (yet). When you think how many people they will have video taped and photographed how did they manage to pick out one guy travelling through the airport. Unless he was flagged as a person of interest or they are using face recognition software then it would not be possible. Ask the questions. We need to show that we will not stNd back and be bullied for our support of a football team or our faith



  18. Big Brother is watching you .



    Special Branch ——



    Their job is to protect the public from National Security threats .



    They do what the Government tells them to do. Their primary focus is to monitor /expose terrorism and ” extremist ” activity.



    The Government thinks that Poppy Protests / The Green Brigade are related to terrorism and ” extremist ” activity . ?.



    A Government that wants to enforce legislation re what you can say and where you can say it . A Government that wants to enforce legislation re what you can sing and where you can sing it ?



    Very sinister . Clampdown time . Big Brother lives








    Another player on McCoist’s radar is South Korea midfielder Yoon Bit-Garam.



    “He is a player we have seen and watched in a few games and he has impressed,” added McCoist.



    “But there has been no contact to the best of my knowledge between the player and the agents and the club. We are not any further forward in terms of that player.

  20. Steinreignedsupreme on

    johann murdoch: 24 November, 2011 at 12:19



    Shortbread wasn’t actually too bad last night. They were gushing in their praise of our attacking play in the first-half and on several occasion commented how it was incredible that Dunfermline were still in the game.



    They were probably trying to strike a balance in the comments you heard in case a mini load of Huns turns up for another protest or the Motherwell-born businessman threatens legal action again…

  21. Watched the game afterwards on Celtic Tv having tuned in to the audio just before half time knowing we were 2 up, so quite relaxed going into second half.


    But the litany of supremacy and missed chances continue right up to the penalty miss and my confidence turns to fear that in spite of clear superiority it could all go ts up.


    Did the players feel that too?


    Anyway next thing our goalie is having to make saves and they finally get the goal fate tells you was always coming based on the past.


    Thankfully the full fear was not realised and if anything good comes out of the last 20 minutes it will be no complacency against a good footballing St Mirren side who outplayed us at Love St for 80 minutes and drew with Rangers at Ibrox.


    On the first half I wondered what the fuss was about as Dunfermline were doing ok in spite of being 2 down but then we hit the purple patch

  22. ‘The first Special Branch, or Special Irish Branch, as it was known, was a unit of London’s Metropolitan Police formed in March 1883 to combat the Irish Republican Brotherhood. The name became Special Branch as the unit’s remit widened’



    -lifted from wiki/EWLM/EWTB



    -Will the circle be unbroken?

  23. “I see steven (brother of ex rangers player brian) mclean is the impartial man in black for the Celtic – st. mirren game this weekend.”




  24. Sheik Yerbouti hates the HUNS & loves THE BOYS OF THE OLD BRIGADE says:


    24 November, 2011 at 12:21








    Another player on McCoist’s radar is South Korea midfielder Yoon Bit-Garam.




    I wonder if the MBB’s wealth is on that one.

  25. Just been on to a Dunfermline site to see how they had responded. Quite a varied mix from the ” We are British” guys to someone posting the words of ” Let the People Sing” !! (Honest). Anyway, here are a couple of fair-minded sounding guys:



    “Topic Originator: Playup_Pompey


    Date: Thu 24 Nov 10:25



    Socks I said seem to have 1 song. Go back a couple of years and as well as the stuff at opposing fans the team would be backed from start to finish. Last night there was no songs that I heard about supporting the team until the 2nd half and only one that everyone joined in was “parkheads a ****-hole I want to go home”.



    Will no doubt get slated for this but if we looked at opposite corner at the “green brigade” it’s everything that our fans are trying to be. Loud, standing, singing, dancing, backing the team for 90mins, Getting other areas of the stadium singing.





    Appletons Blue and White army



    [IP address logged]



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    Re: Fans a disgrace


    Topic Originator: Socks


    Date: Thu 24 Nov 10:43



    Well, if that was the only song you heard that was ‘supporting the team’ then I can only assume you have selective deafness. It’s not even something that should be up for debate – I heard it from about two metres away, did quite a bit of singing myself and quite enjoyed the night. It started off quite loud, dropped off later in the second half when we looked like we were going to get an absolute tanking, then picked up again in teh second as things improved a bit on the pitch. Why you would have even the slightest issue with that I really don’t know. Yes, the Celtic fans opposite were good and made for a decent atmosphere, but funnily enough they quietened down near the end when it started to get a bit tense and their team wasn’t playing so well. Not that anyone who understands football would be surprised or disappointed at that in the slightest. ”




  26. vmhan.


    not being negative my friend, just asked a question.


    sorry if it upsets, but just because someone asks a legitimate question people shouldnt have a go at fellow posters.


    i was actually concerned for lenny.


    i couldnt believe it when i saw him going up the tunnel.


    i just thought someone could explain thats all.


    hail hail.

  27. Dontbrattbakkinanger says:


    24 November, 2011 at 12:20


    On the subject of inspirational coaching; Alf Ramsey’s team talk before playing ‘the oldest International in world football’ consisted of the simple instruction’ Get stuck into those Scotch f###ers’.



    Maks sense tae me.



    Perhaps sir alf was a hun, sounds very Hunnish to me.




  28. Gordon J -I see ole Bruce is touring next year; will it still be the E Street Band without Federici AND Clemons?



    Big, big shoes to fill.



    He’s playing Sunderland,Manchester and Dublin.

  29. Sone Aluko: “allowing him to chase his dream of making it with Ally McCoist’s side” – at least Ally is taking up Jimmy Saville’s mantle… And Rangers fending off a last-minute “swoop” from Watford. Brilliant!



    Someone ages back put up a post which was a jokey “Press Guidelines for Rangers Signings” which it appears Jackson has taken to heart.

  30. Henriks Sombrero on

    Isn’t it satisfying to see now that the Huns are fending off last minute ‘swoops’ from Watford instead of AC Milan, Juventus, Barca etc etc etc ?



    Oh how the mighy have fallen, and they haven’t hit rock bottom yet :-)