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Today’s blog has been prepared by the guys running the incredible Walk with Shay campaign, and has been approved by Shay’s family. Take a moment to read over it.

As Celtic fans, we are incredibly lucky that we have people doing good things in our name, people who make it easy for us to get involved in changing a life. We should be grateful we can play a small part in making a profound difference to a young life.

Here’s the article:

Many of you will already be aware of Shay McGinlay, the little 3-year-old Bhoy from Livingston who has Cerebral Palsy; here is Shay’s story:

“Hello, my name is Shay my story begins when I was born at 42 weeks weighing a healthy 7lb11oz. When I was born I was starved from oxygen for 40 minutes which led to me being brain damaged. I was transferred to neonatal intensive care unit at Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh where I was cooled with a cooling treatment to reduce swelling to my brain.

Hours and days passed that my mummy & daddy worried. They were told that I might not survive and to expect the worst. I spent 3 weeks in intensive care before being transferred back to St John’s children’s ward.

I stayed in the children’s ward for 7 weeks where I got stronger and into a stable routine to go home. I was discharged on 24th of August 2013 and got to go home with my mummy and daddy. I proved all the doctors wrong.

I have grown stronger since I have been home but I sometimes struggle to gain weight and have to have special high calorie milk to make sure I gain enough weight. I suffer from developmental delay which means I can’t sit up, talk, walk or play like other kids my age can. I receive physiotherapy and speech and language therapy due to my evolving quadriplegic cerebral palsy. I also suffer from epilepsy and suffer from seizures.

I am now in need of further treatment for my cerebral palsy which is not available on the NHS. Me and my mummy and daddy would like to ask for your continued support to help us raise funds for my therapy. This costs around £6000 per year and could help me eat, sit up and maybe even walk on my own in the future. I would love to be able to do these things and play with all my cousins and get to achieve as much as I can from living life with cerebral palsy…

A number of CQNers and friends have been working tirelessly since September 2014 to help raise money to support my ABR therapy via the sale of CQN badges and the fabulous Last Man Standing competition, which many of you I know have taken part, as well as other fundraising initiatives and donations. These efforts have raised a magnificent £10,500 towards my treatment.

Together with own family and friends fundraising, we have now raised enough to pay for the first two years’ treatment, and partially fund the third year’s treatment. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get this far.

The treatment to date has been very beneficial and this has helped to hold my head up better and develop part of a neck, but this is a very slow process. Please see my picture below.


I am also eating and sleeping better, but recently l gave my parents a wee scare on holiday in Tenerife, and had a seizure, ending up in hospital for a couple of days. I had not had a seizure for two years. Luckily thanks to the kind doctors and nurses I was ok and managed to get home on time. Hospital food is rubbish in Spain too :-)

The third year’s treatment is due to commence in November 2016, and this is when I get my next assessment.  My mum and dad is also looking into alternative treatment and equipment that may be required to help give me achieve a better way of life and allow me to progress. One day, I hope to walk.  Thank you for walking with me so far!”

The campaign to support Shay has now been consolidated and formalised into a campaign called “WalkWithShay”.


The WalkWithShay campaign was launched two weeks ago on twitter and now has 867 followers. You can follow us @walkwithshay. We can also be contacted by email at above- walkwithshay@yahoo.com .  We will shortly set up a facebook page and will also keep you up to date across the football blogs, including CQN.

We are in the process of setting up a bank account.  We also have a crowdfunding account set up to allow us to accept credit card and overseas payments. You can also make normal donations to this account until the bank account is set up.

JustGiving: Walk with Shay

The campaign team have some genuinely unique Celtic memorabilia and these items will either be raffled or put to a suitable event to be auctioned. The team have managed to achieve the amazing feat of getting the last 11 Celtic Club Captains to sign 2 Tops with 1 of these being made available via a raffle (launch date of the raffle still to be announced) so that all supporters will have the opportunity to own such a unique item. These tops span 53 years of Celtic history.

In addition, a very kind CQNer has drawn all club captains in a fantastic black and white drawing.  You will therefore all get the chance to purchase a print of this very special drawing in time for Christmas.

Please follow @walkwithshay for all updates and news.

If you want to help us by donating a prize, running an event or simply wishing us well or making a donation, then drop us an email at walkwithshay@yahoo.com Please also do not forget that you can also join in on our Last Man Standing competition which will continue to support Shay. LMS9 starts in a few weeks’ time (once LMS8 is won!). Watch this space on CQN and twitter for further announcements.

Thank you and please help share our campaign.

The Walkwithshay Campaign Team


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  1. Just read article. Inappropriate podium chasing. Best wishes to Shay.



    BMCUWP: I hear the fans’ café is on the way, along with the museum. Maybe there will be an update at the agm.



    Auldheid: Petition signed.





    Delighted to hear that,mate. ACGR will be pleased-he might get his regular table back at Coia’s!

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    My nephew also has cerebral palsy and as lots on here know has gone through numerous operations


    He is now 18 and at college studying so we can Help Shay along the way….

  4. Good luck to everyone involved with the fundraising.



    Would it be crass though to suggest that this isn’t something that should have to rely on charitable fundraising?

  5. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    I saw yesterdays article which featured Peter Lawell pictured with some Saudi team,,,is this some sort of tie up with this club or is there more to it,some Saudi investment perhaps?








    No,it’s not crass. But the NHS does not cover every available treatment or therapy,as we found out with Vanessa Riddle and Oscar Knox.



    Sometimes,other avenues have to be explored.

  7. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    BMCUWP-thanks for spotting that



    Contact email addy is of course: walkwithshay@yahoo.co.uk



    BT-it is incredible with support and determination, what can be achieved. Delighted for your nephew and his family.



    Ernie L- Not crass at all. Partial funding is available at 5 years of age and in certain circumstances/instances. Being explored by family. However, the young family has reached out sooner to try and give their child a chance of a decent/better life. Luckily they found us bampots :-)







  8. If youse are all struggling to get that “special someone” that “special something” for Christmas, then one of the twitteratti -‘LisbonLion’ – may just have solved your problem….. you could even start a “CSC for 2” and be guaranteed away tickets :)






    Hail Hail




  9. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    The article is really about awareness, whilst providing an update. There is a link within the (busy) article for anybody wishing to make a donation, which I have copied out below. Thank you for those that have already done so far and indeed for the incredible support through LMS, including Jobo who gives up so much of his time to run it.










  10. If John James is to be believed,and I see no reason not to,it seems my 1 million for Joeys 6 months work is well off the mark.Now could possibly be 1,75 million.Next seasons ticket money already taking a battering.

  11. Good afternoon CQN.



    Daily Record and Scottish Sun the only outlets carrying a story that Bitton refused to train this morning being the reason for his release from international duty.



    ‘A statement from Israeli Chiefs (cannot find anywhere on internet) confirmed Bitton won’t win another cap – he has played 17 times for his country – under Levy. It read: “It is the end of the story for Nir Bitton in the national team under the current coach.”’



    Apparently he was unhappy after being told he will not be in the starting eleven 2 days before the game.



    HH EnnisBhoy

  12. TONYDONNELLY67 on 10TH NOVEMBER 2016 9:56 AM



    ‘I bet the res12 guys soiled they’r boxers when they saw this one eh?’




    To even think that is an indication of how little you know.

  13. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Posted this earlier,,,,got rubbered thought I’d try again!



    I saw yesterdays article which featured Peter Lawell pictured with some Saudi team,,,is this some sort of tie up with this club or is there more to it,some Saudi investment perhaps?








    It was a team from the UAE, Al Wasl from Dubai. It could just be as innocent as using their facilities for a training camp.



    HH EnnisBhoy

  15. CRC/Jobo



    Did i make an @rse of it or is there no facility to



    select ” I’ve paid tax” on the justgiving page ?



    Missing out on a lot of money



    I tried to send an email to the address above but it came back as ” undelivered” ?


    Any advice Bhoys and ghirls ?



  17. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    BABASONICOS71 on 10TH NOVEMBER 2016 1:58 PM





    Was it something to do with this?







    Probably,,,,but even though we are stuck in Scottish football we must still be attractive to big money investors such as the Saudis etc?




  18. AULDHEID on 10TH NOVEMBER 2016 1:38 PM


    TONYDONNELLY67 on 10TH NOVEMBER 2016 9:56 AM




    ‘I bet the res12 guys soiled they’r boxers when they saw this one eh?’






    To even think that is an indication of how little you know.




    Seriously? I honestly couldent give a rats a… what you think, lighten up ffs. Touchy touchy touchy, i could say more, but I was asked not to so I’ll leave it at that.

  19. Barton’s sick line.


    I think I’m right in saying that Di Canio sent several sick lines from Italy when in dispute with Fergus towards the end ?


    Again, didn’t Jorge Cadette do likewise from Portugal around the same time ? Although it as rumoured at the time that Cadettes sick lines were in fact signed by his girlfriend who hated Glasgow, which apparently led to Jorge being seriously henpecked ?


    No way would I allow any supermodel, beautiful, sexy twenty something babe order me around….no way Jose !…….or Jorge as the case may be !



  20. This has been taken from SFM where supporters of other clubs might read it and act in support of E TIMS petition.






    The link in question is to Google cache where the original SII remains after being removed by the author.



    It was removed as I understand it to revise some parts so they pass legal muster and replace one graphic with another more relevant.



    I understand it is the authors intent to republish but from what was in the original and from what can be gleaned from UEFA’s responses to the Res12 lawyer, Regan has questions to answer on what exact basis was the UEFA licence granted in 2011 (there are two reasons in the SII report either of which put the SFA in the collusion dock unless they can clarify why they shouldn’t be) and why exactly did the SFA excuse themselves from Commissioning LNS and how far a distance did they maintain and did they reveal all that they knew about side letters and ebts in the lead up to the investigation launched by Harper Mcleod on behalf of the then SPL.


    So the linkage between Res12 which is primarily a Celtic shareholder concern but has wider implications for honest governance and the possible misdirection of LNS by the SFA make what happened in 2011 and 2012 a matter of concern for supporters of all clubs who value honest governance that believes in integrity.



    To that end the more who sign up to the petition on E Tims at






    the better and the more supporters who approach their own clubs demanding the truth (a stranger in a strange land nowadays, where lies rule the landscape) the more likely we will get that governance rather an accepting it’s counterfeit deceitful alternative which has become common currency.


    I understand SII will republish their report and that the separate Conclusions arrived at and disseminated to Celtic shareholders and the club as a result of Res12 lawyers writing to SFA and UEFA, will also be made public before the Celtic AGM.



    They complement or support what was in the SII which came from a different base than Res12, which was driven by the same desire for honest governance but not from a Celtic source.



    Joey Barton is the talk of today’s JJ steamie but that affair only impacts on one club, an honest SFA impacts on all clubs even the one with Joey Barton problems.