Celtic spend afternoon asking same question of resolute Aberdeen


This time last year the league was in the bag, as it is today, but we had Champions League football to look forward to in the coming days, and would ultimately go on to win the Scottish Cup.  The Champions League is always going to be a hard place to measure progress for a club seeded in pot 4, last season it was hard enough to Benfica, a pot 2 team who were eliminated by Celtic but still progressed to the Europa League final.

Domestic cup performances for Celtic is a more accessible measuring tool.  After home defeats to Morton (good grief) and now Aberdeen we may well ask, what went wrong?

It was evident from early in the second half that whatever match plan we had was not effective, and despite the introduction of fresh faces, the performance didn’t improve.  Aberdeen defended outside their box very effectively, making it difficult for Celtic to play the kind of passes which Samaras released Stokes with to score early in the game.  Forrest found red shirts blocking his path whenever he got going.  Commons had a day when nothing sparked.  Possession was cheaply conceded throughout as Celtic continued to ask the same question of the Aberdeen defence.

While we are playing in in impoverished Scottish football Aberdeen represent the strongest possible opponents.  They are second in the league and were the last team to score against us on merit.  Yesterday wasn’t a fluke result, it was deserved and marked the progress of Derek McInnes’ team.

So where does this leave us?  Celtic remain imperious in the Premiership, the fact that they’ve not tasted defeat against a weaker team there, or conceded in 11 games, is historically impressive, but against the best of the rest, there are question marks, as there will be for Champions League qualifiers.

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  1. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    Snake- it’s my birthday too



    Have a good un –


    in respect of yesterday’s result



    “It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I wan to”




  2. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    PF Ayr



    I really enjoyed his revolving door trick although BT tried it and never came back




  3. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    Just back from Colintrive Hotel for a smashing birthday lunch – now I’m on the podium – can I get a. Game in midfield please?


    Might as well get in the squad before I hit ma cot!

  5. Gene's a Bhoy's name on



    i think mcinnes’ last words in the dressing room before the game were “stop Commons stop Celtic”

  6. …..and another thing! Would those who don`t want to go to Celtic Park anymore just not go. No need to come on here predicting Armageddon .




  7. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;- Have to agree, no shame in losing to the Dandy Dons, good luck to them. Have to also agree that Lenny does not seem to be able to learn from his mistakes and that is a worry. However, there is no need to be sacking anybody, the sloution is one of placing people in positions which are more commensurate with their particular talents. To this end, I would employ Malky Macay, John Collins and Morten Weighorst to run the football side of the operation thus freeing up Gary Parker for stadium and training facilities painting duties, Mjalby would make an excellent commisionaire and Lenny would be the ideal man to manage the Kerrydale bar. I think it would work.




    Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem





    Shocker of a post,mate.



    Never seen any reason to comment on your posts before,as they are generally well thought out and well-intentioned.



    Not so with the above,IMO.



    You are obviously entitled to call it as you see it. I disagree,and I think one or two of the points you made are cheap and unworthy.

  9. Not the way I wanted it,but as the “Dream” draw in the Cup is not on for the MSM,its time for the other top tier teams to take up the cudgel and slap down thems and if it happens at Bigotdome all the better,we can be thankful it wont be the “Mullet” `cos they got turfed out by who?;)))



  10. South Of Tunis on

    Serie A



    Verona 2 —–Rubentus 2



    Par for the course, 2nd place Roma failed to capitalise ( they drew 0 0 with Lazio )



    Rube are 9 points clear of Roma , who have played 1 game less.



    AC Milan are 11th.–31 points behind Rube.



    The Rube post match stuff featured a Rube suit stating that PSG , Chelsea and Real Madrid have offered 70 million euros for Paul Pogba but Rube want more.



    Sunday night , way down south. Pizza in Avola and some Nero D Avola beckons.

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    ipaddy mccourt supports wee oscar



    16:14 on 9 February, 2014



    They are a tad more desperate this time, since they are careering towards administration.

  12. mickbhoy1888



    16:44 on 9 February, 2014





    And with respect to yourself my good mhan economics would dictate that if you made an initial purchase of a season ticket it was financially viable to do so. Tickets are available on a match by match basis if your ideal match day out includes the sundries you mention. The point I was try to make is that season ticket seats are being abandoned by their owners who are well able to afford the supplementary costs in fully utilising their season ticket. I know of season ticket holders who actually make the journey to Celtic Park on a match day then choose to spend their day in local hostelries.


    My own season ticket covered me for entrance to yesterday’s game I was only 5 minutes away by car and I had no other commitments but still gave it a miss and I know I wasn’t the only one

  13. williebhoy supporting Wee Oscar on

    Got to disagree with the lead article….it was obvious way earlier than the 2nd half things were not working – more like 20-30 mins. More than enough time to make a few simple alterations and take control of the game. Instead we did NOTHING – not for the first time alas the fans & the club lose out due to Lennon’s inability to read a game.

  14. We have had a good few shocking cup results throughout our history even under MON era but in recent seasons it is verging on becoming the norm.



    Is it tactics or attitude?



    Yes any team can be beaten on a one off but explain this seasons league form and then 2 home cup defeats.

  15. StPatricksday1956


    Yes…..and I will be back in my normal seat and not that unlucky one I had yesterday.The unfamiliarity I had with my new seat meant I couldn`t exert my normal influence on the outcome. So, the defeat was not Lennie`s fault,not the players` fault and not the crowds fault. It was the Ticket Office .




  16. As well as asking a question of Aberdeen perhaps NL wanted the team to answer some of his questions?


    It may be that I saw it differently because I had to move from the upper tier to a lower viewpoint but the 4 4 2 formation with two wide men, the selection of the rusty Matthews and Samaras and the use of substitutes gave me the idea that this game was being approached differently.

  17. Aye, yesterday hurt in more ways than one, but look on the bright side – you could be a ManUre supporter…

  18. I am not a big fan of criticising anything Celtic because the MSSM do a wonderful job in that area without my help. I do believe, though, that Sammi yesterday was as bad as his critics always think he is. His heart (and head) looked as though it was elsewhere. Shame.









    PS Like I said earlier. If you are a real Celtic fan but no longer don`t want to go, then don`t but remember there are many thousands of us who still love going to see the famous Glasgow Celtic and we`ll be there again on Sunday.

  19. Loving this Armageddon at Old Trafford.



    Moany Moyes and his ManUre Muppets…..



    Have It.

  20. Bhoys



    The repeated references to the next round of the Scottish Cup draw, to conspiracy theories and predictions etc., is proof positive of an unrelenting myopia amongst the Celtic support (which is reflected and/or encouraged by the PLC).



    Can we not try to forget that liquidated club? The folly that has trapped Celtic for the past decade or more has been the obsession with a team from Govan. The failure to look beyond Glasgow’s city limits.



    For many years, the PLC board attempted to do the bare minimum to match or stay in front of them, rather than investing from positions of our own strength, rather than rowing our own sponsors’ boat, rather than seeking to break the “Old Firm” dependency syndrome.



    It is apparent that the obsession continues. Amongst supporters and the board. The PLC is currently of the opinion “why should we seek to spend anything? We’re going to win the league no matter”. There is no threat of significant investment whilst the rest of the SPL remains so weak.



    The limited ambition of the board is only encouraged by supporters’ internet fora, radio phone-ins, where they can read and hear almost as many references to another club as opposed to our own.



    A proper, self-serving strategy of investment in quality will see the return of fans to Celtic Park, will see a realistic chance of qualification for the CL and will also facilitate independent moves to seek footballing competition beyond Hadrian’s Wall and further afield.



    We are Celtic. Just Celtic.




  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    morrissey the 23rd viva resolution 12!



    16:52 on 9 February, 2014











    A good initiative from the Dons fans.



    I hope it catches on with all the clubs.



    My one concern is that the media will blank any publicising of the banners; e.g. The Sky cameras never showed them yesterday.



    Perhaps SMSM readers can confirm if any pictures featured in today’s press.

  22. Let’s not hide behind the one horse league race. Lennys cup record is unacceptable and yesterday was groundhog day ; outthought , out fought , samaras



    That’s 8 trophies Lenny has tossed away. The league record this season is irrelevant.



    Lawwell and Lenny will be glad we return to focus on an unbeaten league record to avoid the painful truth. Let’s face reality we need a new manager.

  23. Sir Paul..



    In Ma Opinion..



    Yesterday’s, Boondoggle.. Wiz Maistly the Fault of Oor Manager.




    He Messed up.. wi’ the Team Selection..



    He shoulda went fur a Five Man Middy.



    He should..



    Ayewiz, go for a Five Man Middy.. Whenevah..



    Celtic, Ur Involved in a Game wi a Stuffy n Dangerous Opponent..



    Bettah, tae be safe..than tae Be…well.. Unsafe..






    Hivin’ Said that..N in daeing so..



    Placed the Blame fur oor Ignominious Defeat.. where it .. well, Where should be.. Placed..





    Ah wid ,still… Keep Neil.



    Not that Ah believe fur wan Nano, that He is a Great Manager… Na..



    He is No.






    It is a case o’…



    “Bettah , the Diel that ye Know.. Than…………..”



    Great Managers are as Scarce as.. Hairy Ducks.






    Like Ah said..



    Ah wid Keep Neil.



    Fur Ah live, In Hope..






    Wan o’ these Fine Days.. The Penny, that is Rattling Aroon ,in Neil’s. Heid..












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