Celtic tackle critical Europa challenge


Confidence, which was abundant just a few days ago, is less evident just a few hours from kick-off against Suduva.  It’s not that we are short in central defence (we are), it’s more that I’m not sure what’s going on in the dressing room right now.

There’s disappointment, which perhaps contributed to a sluggish, if straightforward, win on Saturday.  But the players, manager, you and I need to get over it and, for the players, get a result tonight.

Europa League football is critical to our season.  Financially, it is a £10m bonus, which is important but not to a fundamental extent.  In football terms, it is necessary.  We need to compete and win games in Europe.  This tournament gives us a chance to win three of four group games, and possibly progression through another couple of rounds.

The coefficient points are just as necessary.  With the great 2012-13 season now a distant coefficient memory, new landmarks are required.

Get the job done, Celtic.

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  1. PAUL67



    I am not sorry we didn’t make it to the CL Group Stages.



    I’m sick of getting a roasting from the big, and not so big, teams.



    Europa League is just about our level this season.



    I may even watch the games from on the settee instead of from behind it.



    Assuming we qualify of course.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ 79CAPS on 23RD AUGUST 2018 10:07 AM – from previous article.



    Re blame for not qualifying.



    You could argue that BR has over performed in the last two years in achieving CL qualification (especially given the relatively small net spend).



    This year the CL bar was raised. We had record turnover and profit to utilise to assist in qualification and, if anything, we regressed. BR was asked to qualify with the same team even though they would face a greater challenge. For that reason, I don’t think you can lay it all at Brendan’s door, or even the lion share of the blame.

  3. on 23RD AUGUST 2018 12:05 PM


    Council meeting to consider re-routing OO parade on Saturday just finished. Committee unanimous. Parade rerouted away from St Alphonsus and ordered to start 2 hours earlier. Police are as relieved as us!





    They will take it to the compliance officer









    I’ll take this victory and look to see how it is approached in the future!

  4. A big well done and thank you to the big, handsome ? Bhoy for your important role in protecting Faith from bigotry.



    You know who you are! So do we!



    HH my Fhriend. Jg

  5. Paul 67


    ‘We need to compete and win games in Europe’ you state in your header.


    To do that needed investment in areas we were crying out for, namely right back, centre half


    and replacements for Armstrong and Paddy all in place for the most important matches of the season,


    which are Euro qualifiers.


    You can’t have one without the other.


    This all comes back to the board and your man Lawwell.


    To do what you stated in your header means getting rid of Lawwell or we will probably be back


    all discussing the same problem this time next season.

  6. The Hands- BR could have given up a few of his signings that haven’t worked out, de Vries,Kouassi, Gamboa, Benyu,and a few guys he didn’t sign, Allan, Christie, Jozo.A shedload of wages going out the door every week for no return.Brendan said he likes working with a small squad, we can make it smaller, by punting the above , and getting 3 better players in.HH

  7. P67



    Rather begs the question of you, are you sure of what goes on the dressing room at other times?



    Teasing or trailing a story?



    In terms of why the Bhoys might have looked and felt down at the weekend, perhaps like us, a visit to firhill brought into sharp relief the loss of top European excitement?



    Or is there more to it?



    HH jg

  8. JIMTIM on 23RD AUGUST 2018 12:35 PM


    on 23RD AUGUST 2018 12:05 PM





    Council meeting to consider re-routing OO parade on Saturday just finished. Committee unanimous. Parade rerouted away from St Alphonsus and ordered to start 2 hours earlier. Police are as relieved as us!












    They will take it to the compliance officer








    Brendan said he was very happy with the January window.This Summer he got Morgan,Edouarde,who he wanted,two forwards.We failed to get Mc Ginn,a midfielder.Where are the CHs we needed?.Not having this ,”How do we know “nonsense.If we had approached any CHs their agents would have blabbed right away.Its what they do.It shows you the state our scouting is in when Mc Kenna looks like he was top of the list.


    Yes,just like everyone else Brendan has to take his share of the blame.To say otherwise is just ass licking.He is not the Messia,he is just a very naughty,non defensive minded boy.

  10. The winning team tonight





    Lustig Ajer Tierney


    Forrest Brown Ntcham Izaguirre


    Rogic McGregor





    Subs Bain Gamboa Simunovic Kouassi Johnston Sinclair Griffiths



    3-1 to the Hoops, Moussa 2 CalMac

  11. What is the Stars on

    Have a contact involved with the Syndicate that own Aibell in the 5.00 at Killarney. They say its fancied. Been well backed overnight from 20s into 8s.





    If course the same syndicate have Lady Godiva in the same race.Hope she doesnt spoil the party

  12. ‘A couple of rounds’ I’d like to see us get to the Final.


    We might need to invest £5/6m first though. Progression would see us recoup that money. Speculate to accumulate Peter. Sell Boyata and we could be breaking even before we start.


    Pity it wasn’t done before we got knocked out of the CL qualies though eh!



    ????????? come back horsey

  13. TURKEYBHOY on 23RD AUGUST 2018 12:46 PM


    Playing devil’s advocate, perhaps the manager has been told that we need to offload CHs before we get any in. Given that we have 5 + 3 others who can, and have, played there, that’s not an unreasonable request.


    I still think Boyata will be sold and a replacement brought in. I hope Simunovic is sold and Compper released and a 2nd CH is signed.


    McKenna wasn’t for the now, he was for the future. It’s best that he stays at Aberdeen and plays week on week out, continues his Scotland career and we can revisit any bids next summer, or beyond. Even if Aberdeen accepted our offer McKenna wold be mad to join us now, he’d be on a hiding to nothing with hun like entitlement of the keyboard Klopps in our support who just abuse current players and targets for being Scottish and/or from SPFL.

  14. TURKEYBHOY on 23RD AUGUST 2018 12:57 PM



    Definitely won’t be the team ;-)


    I just have a problem with Jozo playing, which he probably will. It’s like starting a goal down.



    There’s a rumoured leaked team going around that has Mikey Johnston playing. Don’t believe that’ll happen either.

  15. Orange Order forced to re-route march planned to go past Glasgow church where priest was ‘attacked’



    From The Hun website- note the word forced, and ‘attack’ in commas, reprehensible, in The Bestest Wee Bigoted Country in the World.

  16. G67- i got the team with Johnston in it too, canny see him ahead of Rogic or Sinclair…..

  17. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ !!BADA BING!! on 23RD AUGUST 2018 12:40 PM



    We have already gotten rid of Musonda, Roberts, Sviatchenko and Armstrong (Ciftci is also off the wage bill).



    As Rodgers has stated, Roberts and Armstrong haven’t been replaced. What would be the incentive to get rid of further players if they will not be replaced?



    Also, in terms of the players you mention, I believe we have told De Vries he can go; Benyu is a youth player (he will hardly be taking a big wage home); and I imagine we are trying to punt Allan and Christie as they have never contributed.



    Kouassi, Gamboa and Jozo are all still contributing. We need to have a decent level squad given that we have played 60 games a year for the last two seasons. We would be left incredibly short if any of the above were sold, unless they were immediately replaced.

  18. GARY67 on 23RD AUGUST 2018 12:58 PM



    I’ll bet Peter Lawwell is looking forward to retirement in any warm country where he doesn’t have to worry about whether his driveway is heated or not.



    Standards are low when that is seen as an emblem of luxury…sheer luxury. By his critics of course.

  19. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TURKEYBHOY on 23RD AUGUST 2018 12:46 PM



    The January window is gone and didn’t pan out. Do we no longer trust the manager because a few signings didn’t work out?



    We have spent £1m net this summer. Brendan’s net spend after 3 seasons must be £5m or under. I don’t think a credible argument can be made that we have strengthened and pushed on this window.



    You can’t make the argument that Brendan is neglecting the defence if he is barely spending money (net) elsewhere.

  20. The Hands- We have guys who cannot take the chance when they get it, too much money wasted every week, not every signing will be a success, but we are now left with Allan and Christie in their last year, both have contributed zero, transfer fees and salaries down the drain.Maybe we should be more proactive getting guys out the door HH

  21. 50 shades of green on

    TROONCELT on 23RD AUGUST 2018 9:48 AM


    50 shades





    Hi pal,sorry to hear about your angina





    Could be worse I could beat you at pool.





    Take care mate,catch ye in the Greenhill soon






    Cheers big mhan, am fine just got to take things easy for a bit and eat more of something called fruit ?…



    Ham and pineapple pizza for the game tonight…



    See you in the hills sometime soon hopefully.







    The ole CQN Transfer Window Specialists Clique.



    Ever seen a seagull up a tree?



    What did Eric Cantona say about the seagulls? Something equally cryptic and just as meaningful.



    But I’m just guessing of course.

  23. Neither a Board lover or a Board hater; they’re there and always have been/will be…


    but I’m not sure we’re being fair to Brendan or anyone within the Celtic camp when we write statements like ‘net spend €1M’ etc. that of course is true and I’m sure can be backed up by the Accounts but what I would think is our net spend on wages firstly has sky rocketed in the Brendan era, not an accusation just the reality both in terms of new contracts for existing players and any players who have come in as well the bonus payments for Double Trebles, games won, CL qualification etc. must also cost a lot of money.


    As I stated at the start of my thoughts not on here to defend anyone but this is the reality our costs have increased by a fair chunk I’d imagine I for one wouldn’t like to try and keep everyone happy at a club like Celtic; huge in some terms but dwarfed in purely financial terms by other European clubs who don’t live next door to the Las Vegas Premier League.




    Good post!



    Some (mibbe lots!) on here need to get a reality check.

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