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  1. Today’s official starting line up V Aberdeen ……



    Bain; Frimpong, Duffy, Bitton, Laxalt, Brown, McGregor, Christie, Rogic, Elyounoussi, Edouard



    Subs: Barkas, Taylor, ElHamed, Soro, Ntcham, Turnbull, Griffiths, Klimala, Ajeti

  2. Cornelius on 1st November 2020 1:28 pm – From previous thread



    It’s the goal down the road, yes. Pretty sure you have to pay some obscene fee to join during expansion phases.



    In the 100’s millions mark I think.

  3. Massive game for us today.History beckons.


    Like the line up,but who knows.


    Plenty on the bench to change it.



  4. rarely used “Old Man” Davis booked late in the game to make numbers look good.




  5. Lewis Morgan has been nominated as the MVP with Inter Miami in their inaugural MLS season.


    Two footed in a way I didn’t see in his few appearances for us.


    He takes all their corners – on the right with his left foot & on the left with his right.


    Also a main freekick guy & although mainly wide right he has floating role.


    Glad to see him succeed – 5 goals & a few assists.



  6. Ah,well,Kilmarnock okay did as well as they could,but the slobbering of Walker giving me the boak.Anyone telling me this Hun team is a bit tasty,we we will do them at Ibrox with our full team.The difference being the moronic Huns won’t care,its 3 points.On here,yeh,a win,but we we have been crap.Huns will be dancing.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    Unfortunately was a clear penalty….



    Huns grind out 3 points.



    Dallas gave them everything that was going.



    At least we have the chance to make history!



    That last foul when the Killie player had a great chance,was NEVER a foul.The replay really showed it.Shocking.

  9. There might be a crossover with some people who think Sevco didn’t play well but yet “the result is all that matters” when we toil to late wins.



    We need to beat Sevco. Lennon needs to find a formula to beat them in the head to heads because I really don’t see them dropping too many points this season.



    No, they’re not brilliant but neither are we and I don’t think you need to be – just be consistent.

  10. Cup games just have that extra edge.


    You must do it on the day.


    History Beckons, Come on Celtic, just win it.

  11. Even more worrying that today’s “game management” by Mr Dallas is the fact that this Motherwell born MIB is doing our game at…er….Motherwell next Sunday!



    I find that an odd appointment.

  12. hope duff y plays to his strength today as he is up against the type of player he was brought in to defend against, we will see.

  13. Dallas and every other referee in Scotland are cheats – Fact



    That’s why we need to score at least 2 more than the opposition as the MIB will always have their say.



    D :)

  14. BILLYBHOY1967



    Pretty sure it was posted on here that after he refs us next week Dallas will have reffed almost half our domestic fixtures this season.



    Strange indeed.

  15. Cosgrove will be seeking out Bitton to match up with. Duffy must ensure this does not happen.



    Watching the weather in the games today (including the GAA in Ballybofey), it is a ground which will suit the big men and the battlers. I will be surprised if Elyounoussi is as effective,



    Ajeti could be very effective though when he comes on

  16. as we wis walking through the wood….we saw 3 sheep and they looked guid..



    as they were 3 and we were 2 …I bucked wan and Timbuktoo




    smiley get your wellies on Celtic …and buckle up tight thing




  17. glendalystonsils on

    Huns have been anointed so far , being able to field their strongest team with no injury/covid worries .


    They will start to drop a few points when their luck runs out .



    We have more important matters at hand today . COYBIG.

  18. Premier Sports is a festering sore on the butt-cheeks of televised Scottish fitba.


    Worse than Sky, and BT, and continue to leech the money out of Celtic fans pockets.


    They’ll never see another penny from me. Would rather miss the game and watch on CQN, than sign up with them again. 🍀

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