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    Early 80s,after a hard shift in the pub wi the troops,my best mate and I parted company on a Saturday morning having set up the arrangements for the game later that Saturday morning.



    Almost as an afterthought,I said-oh,btw,(my kid sis)is going to the game. Wi us.



    He loved my sis to bits,but a 10yo? At the fitba? Hmmm. …



    Fair play to her,she kept up wi us and we planked her behind Exit 8 in The Jungle. Uninterrupted view,and we could keep an eye on her.



    We won 5-0. She GOT IT right away.



    She still does.



    I hope your daughter does too.








    You win. How you managed a ‘clean’ joke,well done!

  3. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Can’t get too excited about thrashing Dundee however,before the Ajax game and our miserable form I had thought about how in the past a good European performance has helped bring us back round,it seems it’s worked a tonic and a new perspective on the best 11 has been reached and welcomed so let’s kick on from here and the message to the sheep is “moan nen”.

  4. Great article today from the clumpany, a very good read, and you just know he reads the posts in here. :))



    Good Morning (and please Vote ‘Clumpany’)!



    First of all, an apology.



    The title of this piece isn’t a reference to a politician. [Although frankly it was a bit of a bind to be a non-political ethereal entity last night when social media was in full comedy flow].



    The above headline was a cynical attempt to get you to click on the piece by saying something that hinted at lurid-but-vaguely-topic content.



    Think of it as a small tribute to the Scottish sports media. In particular, their approach to Celtic.



    Speaking of which…



    How is everyone feeling about the crisis at Celtic that we have been hearing about?



    Ever since that gut-wrenching exit from the Champions League – when Ronny Deila apparently brought the total amount he had personally lost the club to £17m over two years – the narrative around Celtic has been a downbeat one.



    Actually it has been relentlessly doom-laden. The subsequent poor performance and defeat to comfortable league leaders Aberdeen – complete with shocking defending – only intensified things.



    Ronny’s ability as a manager of players and tactician was called into question. This was apparently the worst Celtic team in years, and it was suggested that Sevco were not lagging all that far behind them.



    One journalist even went off on a diatribe about how Peter Lawwell had failed to bury the Ibrox club for ‘a generation’ and would regret it.



    The piece in question (unsurprisingly) failed to notice that Rangers had buried themselves in 2012, that tribute act Sevco is still hanging on a shoogly financial peg, and that the current ‘all conquering’ side is only playing in the second tier.



    However, the deployment of such crucial points of context isn’t exactly conducive to the prevailing narrative about Sevco marching ‘back’ triumphantly to the top tier under the leadership of the world’s greatest manager, is it?



    But back to Celtic. Yes, according to sections of the media almost everything was going wrong. And it was a view shared to varying degrees by some fans.



    Pretty much everyone was exasperated by the repeated defensive shambles, and most suspected (possibly correctly) that there was some disharmony in the dressing room. There was also ongoing concern that the club simply hadn’t spent enough and/or bought the right kind of players in the transfer window.



    These are reasonable gripes which fans of most clubs express at some point each season.



    But most didn’t view it as a crisis. Some calmer heads saw a couple of bad results and abysmal performances as a blip, and called on the club and player to get it sorted.



    But in substantial parts of the media commentary, things were more cut-and-dried: this was a crisis.



    There haven’t been many occasions on which the media have been able to talk ‘doom and gloom’ about Celtic since Rangers boarded the liquidation bus to play Aidrieoneans, Gretna and Third Lanak in the Great League In The Sky. So perhaps they can be forgiven for commenting on Celtic’s recent difficulties with some gusto.



    It’s a way of letting off steam.



    But guess what?



    Things aren’t actually that bad.



    A good away performance in Europe (and how many times have we been able to say that in recent decades?) brought a point back from Amsterdam last week. It would have been all three had defensive frailties not reared their ugly head again at the end of the game. Nevertheless, it was a good start in a tough group, which the fans and much of the media applauded.



    And yesterday, Celtic dismantled a decent Dundee side 6 (going on 10)-0, with some great play and goals, and with Ciftci finally getting on the scoresheet.



    Celtic’s players looked more at ease with the ball and each other, and showed that they can get a result three days after a Europa League game.



    Everyone went home happy.



    Although the gap to Aberdeen remains at 5 points, people seem less worried about it than they were a few days ago. It is after all a very long season.



    So is the panic over? Well I am not so sure that there was a need for panic in the first place.



    Frustrations over signings are not going to go away. It will be interesting to see whether Carlton Cole signs and proves to be a revelation. I am looking forward to seeing what he has to offer. However, you do have to wonder what the board is playing at trying to sign a player like him in late September having had the whole of the summer transfer window to find a striker!



    And of course there is still a need to work on those defensive frailties. Relentlessly.



    But right now – and as I did last week, and the week before that – I think Celtic are well set for a good campaign during the rest of the domestic and European season.



    No, really…



    So come on Celtic fans, treat yourself to a smile.



    You know you want to!



    There is always someone worse off.






    NB if you have enjoyed The Clumpany’s output thus far, you might like to consider voting for it in the ‘New Blog’ category of the Football Blogging Awards. Votes can be cast by following the below link. Many thanks!

  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    The 5-1 Lubo game was on my birthday. Went with one brother in law, the other was also at the game. Big memory was the 3 of us walking back in to town along the Gallowgate, singing, dancing’ and laughing like eejits. Looking back now, I think a sherbet or 12 had been taken :-)))

  6. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    I just hope Cameron doesn’t go selling his story to the peppers,the pair pig!!!


    Btw,no pigs were harmed during this particular unsavoury incident.



    It was already dead.



    Probably the best chance he’d had in months…

  8. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    The Tories like to tell us they’re pork scratchin’ aboot to pay the benefits bill meanwhile they’re runnin’ aboot on the pig’s back!

  9. Captain Beefheart on

    Carlton Cole, like Cifci and Blackett, would be another bizarre signing. When did he last play a game? It would take months to get him fit and integrate him into our side. By that time, we might be out of Europe. We wouldn’t need him for the SPl. Why bother?



    He may well be a success but it is another sign of poor planning.





    I think there may be a few ‘Oink Oink’s at PMQs on Wednesday.



    This could be fun. Political reputations have been lost for less.



    Maybe he should hook up wi Sarah Palin. But then,that’s another joke entirely,the difference between lipstick and gangrene.

  11. Celtic midfielder Tom Rogic has told the club’s official website that the mood in the dressing room is positive, despite a slow start of the campaign.



    The Bhoys are trailing Aberdeen in the Scottish Premiership standing, but their 6-0 win against Dundee in their most recent outing suggests that they are ready to start moving through the gears.



    It was a victory which has lifted spirits around Parkhead, but Rogic insists that the morale in the camp was good – even before their latest success.



    “The mood in the dressing room is very good,” he said. “Obviously it was disappointing last weekend but we performed well during the week and got a good point away and could have got more.



    “On Sunday we had another strong performance so we are just looking to keep going and everyone is feeling good at the moment. We’re just looking forward and hopefully we’ll keep going.



    “Within our team all the players are feeling good. What’s said is out of our control so we’ve just got to focus on ourselves and get better and keep going.”



    Rogic has come into Celtic’s team this season after making a slow start to his career at Parkhead due to injury.



    The Australia international joined the Bhoys back in 2013, but he had made just 11 appearances over his first two-and-a-half seasons with the club, with most of his time being spent on the treatment table.



    SEE ALSO: Download the brand new HITC Sport Live App: An essential live scores and news companion



    It seems that he has finally overcame his fitness issues, though, and could be set to play a key role for Ronny Deila’s side this term.



    Rogic has largely impressed during his time on the field, with the 22-year-old having netted three times in his first seven appearances of the 2015/16 campaign.



    Have you been impressed by Tom Rogic so far this season?



    List page image © BrianHargadonWell Thomas , not according to some of the drama queens and fish wife’s, an Huns who come in here, BUT, I think I will take your word for it kid.

  12. Captain Beefheart on 21st September 2015 11:51 am



    If it’s a pay per play deal it’s maybe worth it. He seems to be a good leader and good with younger players. One of the biggest comments about at the end of the transfer window was that we could do with some old heads around.





    Firstly,apols for the clumsy wording of my post the other day.



    Cole,i doubt that fella needs a fitness regime. One big lump of teak,he’ll be able to do the job Ronny wants. A new Evil Genius. Though probably wi less goals.



    He’ll provide graft and muscle up front. Others can provide the guile,the rapier.



    He’s still a young fella tbh. So it puts him in the shop window too. Nine month contract suits both parties.

  14. Captain Beefheart



    Why should we sign Carlton Cole?



    1. He’s probably cheap


    2. We are a body short



    It’s perfectly plausible that both Ciftci and Griffiths could get injured or suspended at the same time.



    I agree that it’s hardly an ideal situation that we bring him in at this stage rather than pre-season. He was probably holding out for a move in the EPL. He was very close to joining West Brom in January but it fell through when the Adebayor to West Ham deal fell through





    Ecxellent,glad you knew the joke. Saves me getting sine-died….

  16. Happy birthday Ronny D.



    When We Lose, So Who Takes Credit For A Win?


    From the minute Ronnie Deila walked through the doors of Celtic Park a year past June there has been a concerted effort from the media in particular to discredit him at every opportunity.



    As we all know this is part and parcel of being Celtic manager, most before the big Norwegian have had to experience the same but in Ronnie’s case he’s getting in the neck despite being a success.



    Two hacks, who in my mind are without a shadow of a doubt most to blame for this vitriol are former…




    Both have in the last week basically accused Ronnie of lying over his selection or non selection of Kris Commons, who don’t forget missed the first few weeks of the season with a broken toe following a domestic accident.



    Ronnie will see Kris everyday in training and decide along with his management team whether or not to use Kris as he sees fit. Being manager it’s his decision. He knows best. Not Keevins nor English. Nor for that matter us!



    What is abundantly clear is both have a desire to ‘turn’ the Celtic support against the manager by blaming him for every little thing that goes against us. A good example is losing goals at corners. Or from cross balls.



    Last week Arsenal, who have paid tens of millions of pounds on their defence lost the second goal of the game from a corner against Dinamo Zagreb. Anyone blame zonal marking or Arsene Wenger? Nope, they just got on with it.



    Celtic’s second goal in Amsterdam courtesy of Mikael Lustig came from….a corner. Anyone blame Frank De Boer? Nope they just got on with it.



    Or what about Emilio getting sent-off against Ajax? I’ve seen and heard people blaming Ronnie for…




    So, if Ronnie Deila is to blame for all these things, who takes the credit when HIS team thrash Dundee 6-0 at Celtic Park? By the way, were it not for the visiting goalkeeper Scott Bain, the score could easily have been double figures.



    Anyway, today is the gaffer’s 40th birthday, I sincerely hope he has a great day, and I’m sure the rest of the Celtic support wish him the same…

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Sam Allardyce spoke about that the other evening. Said the lad was disappointed the move didn’t go through as he wanted to play more games. But just got his head down and got on with it. No sulking or anything.

  18. Had to get the real story, from a Dundee newspaper, didn’t see this in our msm ones, funny that eh?





    Dundee boss Paul Hartley admits players were “outclassed”



    By IAN ROACHE, 21 September 2015 9.00am.














    Nadir Ciftci scores Celtic’s sixth goal.SNS Group


    Dundee manager Paul Hartley admitted his players were “outclassed” as they were beaten 6-0 by Celtic.



    The Dens men lost half-a-dozen goals – scored by Tomas Rogic, Leigh Griffiths, Emilio Izaguirre (two), Scott Brown and Nadir Ciftci – on a difficult afternoon at Celtic Park.



    It could have been even worse yesterday had Dundee goalkeeper Scott Bain not played so well, denying the Hoops regularly with a string of superb stops.



    Also, Izaguirre missed a penalty and Ciftci had a goal chalked off as the Dark Blues were pinned back by the champions.



    Hartley said: “It was a poor performance – not acceptable.



    “It was a really bad day.



    “I don’t think we feared Celtic going into the game but when Celtic come in for criticism you know they are going to have a reaction.



    “So when you come here you need to make sure you stay in the game as long as you can. We didn’t manage to do that.



    “Instead, we were really poor and if it wasn’t for our goalkeeper it could have been more, to be honest with you.



    “Scott is an outstanding goalkeeper but we gave him too much to do today.



    “I felt we were off it all over the park. We had one performer, the goalie, and 10 who were off it.



    “We are embarrassed by the performance, that’s for sure, but we have to regroup.



    “Overall, we were outclassed – it’s simple.”



    Dundee number one Bain added: “Not much was said between the lads after the game.



    “It was a bit quiet in there, to be honest.



    “People are disappointed in themselves.”



    by TaboolaSponsored LinksFROM THE WEB





    TBJ has been singing that keeper’s praises for a while. Good judge.

  20. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 21st September 2015 11:53 am



    I think there may be a few ‘Oink Oink’s at PMQs on Wednesday. –







    ‘I have a question from Peppa, who asks, should I be frightened?’

  21. Is he worth a punt?














    Imagine for a second that you’re Leigh Griffiths. You’ve come home after a difficult day of singing offensive songs about Rudi Skacel that mean nothing to anyone except you and a few Hibs fans, you’ve plopped yourself down on the sofa and opened the ‘hallowed’ pages of the BBC Sport website.




    What’s that? Your manager’s talking about Carlton Cole coming in to train? That’ll be nice for him, give the old man a chance to blow off some cobwebs. With a view to signing? The same Carlton Cole who’s scored less than 100 league goals in his career? Despite being in the Premier League for most of it?



    It’s enough to make you want to knee someone in the crown jewels.





    On the bright side there’s a chance that Cole, who has lived in London all of his life, might not like Glasgow and would prefer to return South of the border in the hope that West Ham have another injury crisis. Cole had already turned down a previous offer from Celtic in June so it’s nice to see that Ronny Deila’s persistence has paid off… even if has resulted in this.



    Of course, Carlton Cole is in himself a comedy figure what with his propensity to miss the target but that might play into Celtic’s hands. What if starting Carlton Cole is a trick? With their opponents rolling around on the deck, laughing their arses off at the sight of Carlton Cole, one of the worst footballers ever to grace the Premier League that he might get a one-on-one with the ‘keeper… before skying it obviously.



    Of course, the really worrying thing is that Carlton might arrive in the Premiership and actually be good and score a lot of goals. After all of the positivity surrounding Scottish football this season, Carlton Cole leading the scoring charts might finally be the thing to kill it off.



    Michael Park


    Michael Park


    According to Vanity Fair, Michael Park is “The Internet’s Most Thoughtful Hipster”.



    He writes for anyone who offers him a shiny sixpence, edits this fine site, and his own wee blog called Old Glasgow. He is a regular on the Scottish Comedy FC Podcast but refuses to go into Owen McGuire’s house.



    He supports Kilmarnock and is a comedian to no-one but himself.





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  22. A lot of non Celtic related talk on here today.






    Thought this was just a Celtic blog?



    Ah. I get it noo. Non releated Celtic talk is good, fine, dandy etc… if it is non related Celtic talk the majority are happy to discuss.



    Don’t you just love CQn and it’s couple of resident knobs.



    MWD said AYE

  23. Left foot, right foot, headers, poacher, target man, gives his all & can hit them from outside the box. Carlton Cole what’s not to like? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mnhpJfrkQuI



    We are well short of striking options even more if Leigh picks up a knock or has a dip in form. So I for one hope Carlton signs & if he can settle away from London then he’ll score for fun in our league. Just a shame we couldn’t get him or someone like him in before the Europa deadline.

  24. .



    Fell asleep at Half Time watching the Game..



    Just watched again..Did Not Realize Izzaguere had Missed a Penalty for his Hat trick..



    Feel a bit bad Not for Slating him for getting sent off as I’m a Fan..;-)






    Ps..Did Griffiths pick up a knock as he was Subbed on 57 Mins..?