Celtic v Livingston, Live updates


Live updates will afyerssist below after 15.00.

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  1. Was kind of hoping Duffy would sort our defence out. Not a dig at him necessarily as it’s a collective effort but we look shakier at the back than ever.

  2. Best that can be said is no damage being done whilst this poor run continues.



    Top of the league and we haven’t had a 6 out of 10 performance all season

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We’re there for the taking.



    Livi are bottom of the league and nearly scored 3 at Parkhead? We look clueless at the back.

  4. We hung on – Again!



    When will we learn to finish off teams? I hope this league does not go to goal difference.




  5. And Dermot thinks this team would beat the Seville team! Well, maybe, as they are all over 50 by now.

  6. Their second was scored by a guy who should have been ordered off. We won, playing much of the time against Livi and the officials. I think they only came into the game in the last 10 minutes.

  7. Klimala is looking like what Lennon said, a work in progress



    Great runs, eager but a touch like John Merrick

  8. I’ll take it – some very good spells – slack at the back and taking feet of the gas are two characteristics of this team.



    Time to improve and top of the league – so smiley time😀

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Goals scored – brilliant.



    Top of the league – brilliant.



    Game management – appalling.



    A cohesive unit with the talent would have won that game 6-1



    Livingston go into games expecting to concede 20 fouls, 4 yellow cards and get long throws into the box.



    That’s their entire tactical plan.



    Hasn’t changed in three years.



    Yet routinely catches us out.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  10. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    Once again, glad to hear that final whistle. There was some dangerously casual play in the last twenty minute or so.

  11. Big 3 pts but the same worries,



    Play well and get taken off, makes zero sense at all.



    Add game management to the issue list.



    Livi with a rolls Royce squad and hanging on.



    Turnbull should be on the team sheet ahead of our tiring cap,




  12. Is there any evidence of a method when we do not have the ball, this is about coaching plus 2 players Scott Brown and Greg Taylor who are not good enough, the manger needs to be ruthless, or he will find himself out of a job pronto. This is a game we should have cruised and struggled defending from the centre of the park then onto the defence is atrocious.

  13. what should have been a rout turned out to be a nervy last 20mins. I’m sorry, Neil Lennons subs disrupted the flow. Our midfield for all its ability simply does not have any BITE! It used to come from Broony but his legs have gone and Lennon needs to find out if the bite can come from Soro or someone else.



    They could have equalized in the last second with a free header as Ajer stands and ball watches – who is coaching him , he does not take responsibility. I’d take 15m for him and get as couple if players willing to tackle and attack the ball.



    the linesman and ref were utter shoit

  14. Well yet another awful display ….A real scare ….at Home to Livingston….Does it take Aberdeen to win the Semi final for the penny to drop… we need a manager now !!!!

  15. Great comments from McGregor



    Too many goals from edge of the box. He has made a lot of blocks and tackles in the last 2 games so it ain’t his fault

  16. 3 points. Top of the league. That’ll do me.



    Need to work on the midfield shape but until they scored the second they were barely beyond the half way line.



    Going from 2 up to 1 up late on is always nervy. One if footballs biggest cliches in fact.



    Work still to be done on the midfield shape in my opinion. Defences need that as much as they need their own organisation.

  17. Glad for the win but a group of talented fellas capable of moments of greatness (what a third goal by the way) painting over some cracks at the moment that will be punished with a decent outfit playing against us.



    Plus points for Ajeti, Frimpong, and massive hugs for Ntcham and Callum consistently good.



    Duffy, throwing Ajer left, and with poor distribution has unsettled the defence. Great attacking prowess but poor on the ball. Ajer still prone to diving in.



    The Brown-Taylor pairing of mediocrity is just beyond a laugh now. They add nothing to the team for different reasons.



    I hope for an overdue Brown absence, a LB brought in and the return of Tam Rogic. Eddie and Ajeti should be a wonderful sight to behold.




  18. The fault is the managers.



    No one else.



    And have we complained about the referee?



    Bend over Celtic, it’s what you do.

  19. We are currently playing like the Wizard of Oz — no heart / no brains / no courage.


    Something missing on the park and in the dug out.



    SB is finished — Livi second goal is painful to watch.


    He is not at the races and we are destroying his reputation in plain sight.

  20. Yeah my fear is a slow car crash with Neil as well.



    Team went backwards, dartboard team selection and top pros unsure what they should be doing.



    Game has moved on since Neil was a player and manager last time and brown looks to suffering from poor training and showing his age now.




  21. 3 points banked.



    Are we showing league winning form? I’d suggest not.



    Improvements needed

  22. I think I’m starting to see what Lennon sees in Klimala in training every day. Let’s hope Eddie can get fit and start linking up with Ajeti again…

  23. Philbhoy



    I made no excuses so I don’t think they can be rated as good, bad or indifferent.



    We were dominant today and fully deserved an easier win.



    Just as the 5:0 flattered us against Ross County, Livi’s two today flattered them.



    From 50 minute mark to nearly the 80th, we had no nerves to cope with

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