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  1. Taking the pitchfork to hampden,



    Was that not what res 12 was all about?



    This was the point, not about old rangers, but why they were given the CL licence by the sfa. A clear out of the SFA.



    That was our chance and as people said, when we were on top “we should have complained about the refs”. But for some unknown reason,we didn’t do it. Was it for the old firm $? You know don’t you.



    To all you people how thought and knew better, RES12 was the opportunity to clear the decks at the sfa and have a level playing field. but thats the direction the board chose and who was at the helm? who,?when we were winning who ? You all know who, PL and this was his choice. As a professional CEO and so called leader of CFC LTD, he had a duty of care to his shareholders and customers, but he neglected his duties.



    All of you board defenders tell me please, what was the reasoning apart from the mighty $



    Oh we might have went bankrupt



    Stick it up your arse.

  2. Broonie has been a most Magnificent Servant for Celtic.



    Neil got too caught up in uniqueness.



    Soro should have been played a lot Earlier.




    Everyone makes mistakes….. Even me.



    I Forgive you SFTB.

  3. lets all do the huddle on

    It was right to keep schools open.



    It was not playing with other people’s lives.



    As I recall you were calling for pubs and restaurants to be open.



    And I’d guess you don’t have school age kids/grandkids.







    it wasnt right to keep schools open



    if you are trying to stop the spread of the virus in the community then allowing hundreds of folk to spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week in the same building with each other then all of them go home to their families to spread it amongst them as well, isnt a genuine way of trying to stop the spread of it



    so my point about resturants etc is why should they be forced to close when their danger level is very small, but schools stay open when they are the major spreaders of covid (and death) in the community



    that muppet boris said last week when he was announcing the new big lockdown, that schools will be the first things to open when things improve



    its that ideologic pish that had got us in the state we are



    you dont get a gold medal for opening first



    if your establishment is safe to open, then you should be allowed to open



    if it isnt safe to open, then you shouldnt be allowed to open until it is safe



    i cant see how having hundreds of people in a building all day for 5 days a week, then going back out into their families can be safe until the community has been vaccinated



    so thats where the hyper inflated squirrels come in…

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    And I’d guess you don’t have school age kids/grandkids.




    and that point is irrelevant when it comes to working out where the virus is spreading from

  5. Well what a great result against the mighty Livvy.



    PL, NFL, JK, ffs and even the puppet Gavin what ever his dads name is what a dream team.



    Diddy’s. I honestly think I could do better than them.



    D :)

  6. My old boy took me to see the new statue on the clyde when I was a boy and it never left me.



    He spoke the words to me, as if pay attention boy.



    Better to die on your feet than live forever on our knees” this will never leave me and it was erected for me and mine.



    Pay attention PL

  7. Change is a coming



    The new Celtic Buzz phrase.



    Next year or the year after…..






    Celtic board you should be ashamed.



    D :)

  8. @Tontine.i always knew there was something special about you. Thanks for that inspiration…I’m raising my grandson..with his disabilities .. we lost his dad in 2015 ..He struggled as the weak one in class………….He found a calling in Rap….and now he has followers in every continent….like you he’s got bigger

  9. DAVID66 on 17TH JANUARY 2021 12:06 AM



    Change is a coming



    The new Celtic Buzz phrase.



    Next year or the year after…..






    Celtic board you should be ashamed.



    D :)





    Aye they messed up David66.



    Celtic go on.The wheel keeps turning


    Thats the challenge to us and our club now.


    Hope your coping as well as possible after your recent losses,todays watch would bring cheer,but it got worse by the half!.hope to get a sit doon pint once this covid thing over with jimmy and The railroad blues fella😊



  10. Good evening or morning AN.



    But the challenge should have been addressed 9 years ago with the res12.

  11. Keep riding the gravy train. PL you will always be in our history, but for all the wrong reasons

  12. PITYMEVIN on 17TH JANUARY 2021 1:09 AM


    Good evening or morning AN.



    But the challenge should have been addressed 9 years ago with the res12.





    Good late sat nite sittin havin a dram Pitymevin.



    I can only answer that from my own view.



    Res12 as a shareholder question was raised on these pages and is totally correct and just.The major shareholder to me reflected his view in well documented golf course 2012 interviews.He reflected on great history and traditions(wasnt us btw) and we see confirmation in this(of all) years now.it went to a vote in s/h terms it lost,but the library of knowledge built up by Auldheid is an awesome record/diary/log of that periods corruption



    They didnt address it in corporate terms well at all.A plc will only look after its own,the liquidation of the hun in their eyes is seen as another entity altogether in the area they operate in.the self harming was theirs..even tho me you and that guys maw know the financial synergies they dont need to comment.



    I recall cva failin morn of 14 june 2012.


    9am meets starts


    9.09 toileted.



    9.10Comment then loss to scottish football.etc.would i have been ideal imo


    End.comment.but we didnt.



    As history and time goes on it will only contrast with actual history PM.


    Maybe DD doesnt want to steal mintys ownership of the toileting.its his for the rest of time.


    Hope yir well fella 😊



  13. I thought that Celtic were dire yesterday. We could have played all night and not scored ?


    BEFORE the game and the team selection, I Posted that I couldnt see too many goals being scored…for once I was correct. I also Posted that we were too lightweight up front…but I wouldnt be alone in that view ?


    It PAINS me to say it but….


    I just cant see any in that Celtic Squad yesterday giving us much hope for the future ?


    I also include young Dembele and Harper in that view.



    Only God knows where we go from here…




  14. AT – Thanks for the kind words. It’s my good lady and her sisters who have taken the 2 passings hardest.



    I hope you are well and yes I cannot wait to meet up with yourself, the ghuys and as many CQNers as possible.



    Right I’m going to try and get another hours kip as I was Hmm pished last night.






    D :)

  15. Sorry, I meant to OMIT Soro, Turnbull, Calmac and Christie ( absent yesterday) from my last Post, all who CAN be part of our Future ?


    IF we can add Griff and Eddy ( IF he stays ?) to the above, we only have SIX/SEVEN Players who can fill a Celtic Jersey for the future , so we have so many positions to try and fill .



    I love Tam Rogic…but he needs to have Players around him who can try and be on the same wavelength on occasions.


    What a sad state of affairs and all of it is our own making from the Board Room downwards.






  16. Who’d have thought we’d have a shambolic collapse this season: we honestly thought we were going for 10iar. We have been a mess.

  17. Pitymevin,



    Agree CEO has destroyed his legacy. There are 3 key failures



    – mismanagement of Celtic as a control freak and acting as Director of Football with beancounter mindset



    – 5WA legitimised their cheating and conferred 54 titles on a new club. The 55 celebrations in a few weeks are a gift from him. He would have given a nod and wink to the truncated Nimmo-Smith inquiry.



    – Res12 he buried it with Paul67 weighing in to. Lawwell lied to Celtic fans on this and to shareholders.



    The one that does most damage to us going forward is 3. The dice is still loaded against us , Lawwell gave the green light to them to give us Madden, Beaton , Muir, McLean etc Rangers Football Club called out Collum and SFA pull him from Ibrox games for a year. When they need help a red card here a penalty there , the SFA are a corrupt as ever. Only Jim Goodwin spoke out about their penalties against column. Cheating was legitimised by Lawwell when he buried Res 12.



    What would Fergus have done with Res12 ? He would have used it as a lighting rod to clean it up. Our CEO buried it —- why. The last person we can expect a truthful answer on that is Lawwell.



    His legacy is destroyed not for all the failures and greed we have seen —- but helping the SFA take care of one club.

  18. Good morning all from a slightly hungover Garngad



    Oh ma Heed.😢



    Every single decision our club has made this season has been disastrous with no thought for the fans.



    We do not need to keep hearing about change, just feckin do it.



    D :)

  19. And again


    As a Celtic fan


    Why was Eric Riley in our executive seats yesterday ? He no longer has a position on our board

  20. NorrieM,



    A very important point ; Riley should not be in the cushy seats.



    I fully expect Lawwell to still exercise his influence and tap into his placemen at Celtic FC and elsewhere. He can still do damage when he is removed in the summer. He needs to become persona non grata at Celtic FC. If he wants in he can buy a ticket and the fans will make sure he feels at home.



    He can also join his muckers at SFA and scratch their backs to his hearts content.



    Keep him away from Celtic he has done more damage to the club than all others combined since 1888.

  21. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Lucky Cody on 17th January 2021 9:02AM



    Same fiddle, same tune. You are as wide of the mark as the last Green Brigade banner. It’s clear Peter Lawwell is a busted flush, so spitting bullets at a corpse is just a waste of ammunition.



    I’d be interested to know the number of season ticket holders who watched the team yesterday.



    Tom Rogic put in a real shift and he has my thanks for that. He isn’t a 9, but he didn’t chuck it in. Doesn’t have the speed, acceleration, aeriel strength or finishing instinct to play the position to a proper quality.



    Those attributes have been missing in every game I’ve seen on the Passport (probably six now).



    If I was the scream at the sky, demanding type then I’d be demanding evidence, showing there is some oversight on what has been going on at Lennoxtown since the return from lockdown in June.



    Why are four senior 9s unable to provide reliable support to their team-mates? Game after game they trundle on then walk off an hour later – no goals, no assists. This isn’t X-Factor, I don’t care about their back stories.

  22. Cricket quick news


    Sri Lanka are 42 ahead with 2 wickets remaining – at least they’ll make England bat again.

  23. We been a victim of the covid madness and paranoia . Julien is apparently well -no symptoms ie a healthy person who just got a positive test . But he’s not ill. Nothing wrong with him. We know many of the positives are based on finding traces of old colds or flu.


    The other 15 or so Celtic players are also not ill ,in fact they are very fit healthy persons as are the manager coaches. The understrength team drop 4 points and any slight chance of retain the league is gone.


    It is completely farcical . Sums up the whole year – Weve let the lunatics takeover the asylum.

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