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  1. HT Celtic 0-1 AC Milan



    Not good enough. Pass marks for Izzy and Dirk down the left but the rest need to take a look at themselves and realize what is expected of Celtic players. We can forgive the poor performance in Ajax, but not the same again at home in front of our own fans. Neil needs to make some tactical changes at half time.






    Sammi is hopeless as a lone striker through the middle. Stick Amido on, pull Forrest off and get Sammi and Commons wide. Give Dirk something in the box to aim at. The defense need to get tighter on Kaka and Ballotelli. They wander off our players and pick balls up with no pressure on them. Fraser needs a kick in the backside. A free header in his 6yd box is not good enough. Organise your defense or take care of business yourself. Charlie and Ledley need to work much harder.



    Time for Neil to earn his corn

  2. If sammy isint wide left he shouldn’t be playing, never a main striker.


    Commons is fine with a player like stokes to link up with he can’t play with sammy.


    A wee bit of luck and we can get back in it


    Mon the hoops

  3. Played ok. Kaka is still touch of class, although his Ma could’ve scored that one. Cement shoes from Forster (yet again).



    Commons is absolutely dire. Hook him now. Stokes please. Sammi wasted as striker.

  4. Inside Paradise



    Disappointed to concede the Aberdeen corner again.



    Bought strikers but can’t select them, waiting for another break in Europe.



    Tough at the top.

  5. tallybhoy



    20:38 on 26 November, 2013


    No Euro fitba’ after Xmas at this rate.



    Big improvement required.








    Might not be a bad thing.



    Another good run woulda let the board release little again .



    Maybe now they will relise that sometimes they need to gamble.



    Cant see it thou.

  6. Very inept and lacklustre performance so far from the Bhoys.



    Once again, absolutely nothing up front and powderpuff in midfield.



    Not at all optimistic for the second half. We need goals but where will they come from?



    With no Euro football after the new year, the cheque book will be locked away for another 6 months, but by God we need to spend big in the summer.



    All in all, very depressing to say the least.

  7. setting free the bears supports Resolution 12 & Oscar Knox



    20:38 on 26 November, 2013



    Yeh but we don’t have a striker!



    Tell me all about that. Samaras as a front man is a joke. Why have we spent good money on forwards that Lenny does not put in the starting line up?




  8. Defended the board long enough, even labeled a happy clapper by Burghbhoy, however.



    The fact we have no striker is an absolute disgrace and an affront to everyone of us.



    We have played great in every game bar 1, until we get to the final 3rd as no striker.



    Absolutely raging.



    And to the clowns booing at half time sitting behind me, pi££ off and watch the game on the telly.

  9. Come back for the hoops in second half.


    2-1 to the good ghuys.


    And Barca to waken up as well to snatch a draw in the Dam.


    You heard it here first.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Last season probably did spoil us. 4th seeds finishing second.


    This season it looks like the 4th seeds will be finishing 4th.


    Difference is, last season we didn’t play like 4th seeds, whereas this season we are clearly the weakest team in the group.

  11. At this level in the final third, we have to allow our players to take a chance. We complain about the safety first ball shuffling play in the SPL but when James attacks space, as he did 3 times in the first 20 minutes, he will lose the ball sometimes or end up with a rushed pass or cross. Same with Kris as he shows for the ball and tries to turn. We have had two good half chances in the first half with Mulgrew and Sammi.



    Our players have looked a lot less scared of CL football this campaign. They deserve some reward for their bravery.



    This is not over.

  12. You will not see any Champions League team tonight playing with two wide men and being so light in midfield.Kaka is getting all the room he wants.Tactics for this game as in Amsterdam are extremely naive.

  13. Ye kin say whit ye like aboot whit Ah am Aboot tae say







    Ah must say it.



    Neil,is quite brainless.



    Heck.. He must be..



    Everybuddy and his Dug knows that Sammi, cannot be the Lone Striker.



    In the Middle.. Sammi,is quite useless..



    Sammi, excels oan the Left wing..



    And that is where he should be placed.



    In the Middle?



    Balderdash and Tut ,Tut, Neil.





    Quite Angry

  14. Yes, I think we all agree on what has happened and why.



    Nevertheless COYBIG







  15. GerryBhoy


    20:43 on


    26 November, 2013


    Why have we spent good money on forwards that Lenny does not put in the starting line up?


    === A question many have asked many times how many strikers / forwards have we had on our books over the past 2 -3 seasons that haven’t made the grade – TOO MANY

  16. kevinlasvegas Supporting Wee Oscar Knox on

    As long as the board don’t match our passion we will be second rate in Europe, Pukki no harm to him is second rate and after the money raked in and the run in europe we could have spent a bit more, so the board should have speculated to accumulate but played safe and as a result we are like a blunt knife. Lets see what the second half brings. Fingers crossed.




  17. Tom McLaughlin



    3 reasons



    1. They’ve qualified and there’s a long season ahead


    2. I saw Ajax twice and was not impressed – marginally better than us.


    3. Barcelona pumped them 4-0 at home



    There is a third possibility – minus Messi Barcelona aren’t much of a team – I’m not sure of that.

  18. Milan have their goal so can do what italian teams do best. Need a goal soon or it’ll be juve again

  19. stick with the team bhoys………we are all they have. the manager has been left short changed….we are all Celtic , remember what the alternative is.


    Hail! Hail!

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