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  1. Delaneys Dunky



    23:19 on 26 November, 2013






    I thought Derk played well tonight. Opinions!





    DD…. I often enjoy your comments while lurking….but I must say, IMO Derk


    is looking for a place to hide. The last 2 games have proved that I think.



    HH Gerry

  2. Never mind not being able to beat a team of wounded animals tonight Mr Lennon with that sort of performance we couldn’t beat a team of deid animals

  3. Just in after watching that unmitigated disaster. We were utterly humiliated by the team currently in 13th place in Italy. We have lost an unbelievable TEN goals in 2 seasons to Italian clubs and scored precisely none. We never learn from our mistakes and the Italians must be laughing their heads off at us. Again, ten to nothing!


    Bottom of the group by a long way, with the Nou Camp, and a Barca team needing to win to guarantee first place, waiting ominously on December 11. Yet we have recently had posters forecasting that we would win the Europa Cup! Where on earth do they get their misplaced optimism? The two teams we struggled to beat, Elfsborg and Karagandy, have not won a single game between them in their respective sections, and prop up both their groups. That tells you how we would fare in the Europa Cup.


    I can take getting beat by a better side. What I can’t take is repeating the same errors week after week. Case in point – Charlie takes a corner and places it carefully where Abiati can collect it without moving. O.K. Maybe he screwed up. Next corner – same again. Next corner – unbefeckinglievable – he does it again. Watch the Italians in their box- you couldn’t jam a shoehorn between them and the players they marked. Every ball into the box was attacked and was either won cleanly, or there was sufficient interference to put our player off. Compare this with their corners. Hit short or long, and when they put it in the six yard box, we stand like Subbuteo players, flatfooted and literally yards from their smallest player.


    Forster is a shot stopper. In my opinion, taking his overall game, he is a poor keeper.


    On a roll now- might as well get out another pet peeve. We are slower than a week in gaol, in thought and deed, particularly Commons, Charlie and Joe. If you don’t have speed, you just can’t cut it at this level.


    Final peeve, and this has been happening for several seasons. Our subs are never ready to come on. When Kayal was injured, he looked in distress. He was down on the ground for a couple of minutes. Does anyone say to Joe “Get warmed up, just in case?” No, we wait until Kayal limps off, then Joe starts laboriously hauling his track suit past his boots, and comes on with no warm up whatsoever. I’m sorry, but that is poor planning and execution, and a recipe for a pulled muscle. Compare with Robinho, who was ready, warmed up, and almost scored within 10 seconds.


    I’m just totally disgusted with our Board’s lack of ambition. If we stay on this track, our coefficient will sag, we will no longer be seeded in qualification rounds, we will draw some team like Arsenal, be eliminated before the Group stage, and a downward spiral will be in place. In the meantime we are out of Europe before Christmas, we have regressed badly, three of the four players we bought were not good enough to play tonight, our forward planning re player personnel is abysmal, and I fear that attendances will now plummet because of lack of European interest.


    Rant over – I love Celtic, but as a fan I think I’m being taken for a mug by the Board.



  4. timbhoy in spain on

    1st thing Derk looks to do with the ball is get rid of it … usually backwards.


    At least Forrest-useless as he is does try to go forward

  5. IniquitousIV



    23:36 on 26 November, 2013



    Very good post….Entirely agree-




  6. To all members of the blog. I posted my rant above before I learned the awful news regarding Paul McConville. Please disregard the rant – it is of no consequence now.


    Sincere sympathy and condolences to Paul’s family.



  7. timbhoy in spain on



    your rant was 110% correct.


    I´ve read Paul Mc C´s for a long time time now sir & you do him no disrespect.


    I´m sure he would agree with everything you said.


    May he rest in Peace.

  8. Foster.



    Efe. Vvd. Mulgrew.






    Lustig. Mgeogh. Rogic. Izzy.




    Baldie. stokes.



    Sub. zaluska fisher pukki atajik ledley biton forrest.



    I would try that team on Sunday , I prefer man to man marking , the players don’t seem to play with any freedom , untill we get a creative mid and striker who stays in the opponents box (ryan g cm , billy mckay st ) we’ll be hoping the icelandic boy and maybe watt could be the future , for me punt.ff sammy foster (would rather have kept mcginn)

  9. RIP Paul McConville



    You will be sadly missed.



    My thoughts are with you and your family tonight



    God bless

  10. Ok. Let’s get pukki. Balde derk Sammi on the 1st taxi oot in January. If we can bring a couple of a million for them all the better


    Punt foster also in January then give Neil 10m for a striker and a midfielder

  11. Oh and Peter you spent the whole sum of zero of vics money. It’s sitting in the bank as we have zero strikers


    Nice one peter. Hope you enjoy your 990,000 thousand salary. Obscene

  12. NL has the look of a man who with some justification is polishing up the old ‘can’t take this club any further’ statement.

  13. SydneyTim



    Leaving aside deficiencies on the park, one report suggests that there were close to 10,000 empty seats last night.