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  1. kevinlasvegas Supporting Wee Oscar Knox on

    We Deserve to go through, the fans……… the board lets unite for the next 90+.







  2. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    In the Marine Hotel, Hermanus. Hotel manager has changed the satellite set-up so I can watch Supersports 5 in the room. Great service!



    Don’t think I’ve ever felt so nervous about a Celtic match.

  3. Glued to the telly in a hot and humid spot in the desert. CP looks rocking… 3-0 bhoys.




  4. Not long back after a busy, emotional day taking my Mum wherever she wanted or needed to go……which included a little stop outside our old family home where i grew up with my big brother and sister.



    My Hometown Saltires en Sevilla.


    Always loved that song and now its even more poignant……thank you.



    the long wait is over……..Although i love a few of his songs…..i don’t actually know that many and i had never heard that song.


    Thanks for posting it and i will listen to it a load more now because already it means a lot.


    On listening to it for the 1st time……its probably more appropriate for my brother who sadly, didn’t have a good relationship our Dad and they didn’t even see or talk to each other for the last 25 or so years….stubborn, stubborn gits……such a shame and such a waste.


    I hope it does ease and i know it will……times always a great healer.


    It is a shame that you didn’t get the time with him that you would have liked.


    Life can be so busy and we can just get too caught up in all the things we have goin on in our own lives.


    It doesn’t mean you don’t care about someone, because you don’t go to see them as often as you want to and you clearly loved and admired him so much.


    I don’t know you but something tells me you have really tried to be just like your Dad ever since and im sure he will be proud of who you are and would probably have agreed with YOUR opinions.


    Can i ask…..well im gonna…..did he go suddenly?



    Although my Dad had been ill for a while and had been in hospital for a week…..when the last call to come to the hospital quick came……i got there too late and he was gone.


    My sister and Mum had managed…..they said hello, gave him a kiss and as they put their bags down the nurses left the room.


    When they turned to sit with him he had died.


    It was as if he had hung on to say goodbye before he went.


    I got there about 2 minutes later.



    Proudbhoy……my Dad had only been officially diagnosed with it a year ago so he wasn’t too bad.


    It was frustrating for him but it wasn’t really too much of an issue yet for us all……but we knew harder days lay ahead.


    My heart goes out to you and your family.


    It must take so much love, deep love and amazing resilience to continue to do whatever you can for someone who has that disease.


    Id stayed with him pretty much since he was diagnosed…..although we already new there were issues.


    Sometimes it was tough……not bad…..just losing sleep and time explaining something repeatedly because he had forgot what id just said!


    Sometimes you have got to laugh at things and in some ways…..it can keep you goin.


    I work 12 days, get a weekend off and then work 12 days again and sometimes it involves 5am rises every day……so sleep deprivation throughout that period can make it even more tiring.


    I have a home of my own, but i had just been staying with him to make sure he was ok and to spend as nice a time with him as i could before his condition got too bad and because he stayed in a 1 bedroom flat…..i just crashed on the couch.


    He had a fixation on something he had done in the past and would relive it…..kinda like Grounhog Day but the only thing was he would come into the living room at all sorts of times…..3am…..2.20am was his benchmark…..fully clothed and would wake me up because we HAD to go and do something he had done 5 years ago but was reliving that moment.


    Early days for him though and i cant even begin to imagine what you have to cope with….so sorry mate.



    ohits……you must have shed many tears of joy and sorrow before, during…..and after that game at Anfield.


    It must be 1…..if not THE special Celtic game for you?



    A Ceiler Gonof Rust……im so sorry to hear that bud.


    Its been so tough but its something that i kinda knew was goin to happen some day soon but for you?


    Geezo……you were just a waen :(


    I cannae even begin to imagine what you must have went through.


    Sing yer heart out again tonight and inspire The Tic to the result we need and another amazing night in Paradise!



    dim sam…..hope its gonna be just like 1 of those special nights(although your a wee bit longer in the tooth than me:) )


    My 1st memory of being taken to a game by my Dad was when we got pumped 4-1 by Patick!



    The Honest mistake…….thanks for that offer and never say never eh?


    Maybe i will be down there some day and id…..well……”love to” doesn’t seem the right words, but you know what i mean…….yeah…..id love to hear about that time mate.



    The thing is…..and its always something that bugged me……there was another poster on here called Thunder Road and i kinda wonder if you are maybe thinking im him?



    It wasn’t long after id 1st registered, posted a few times and then went back to lurking or just being too busy to even look at CQN that i noticed someone posting with the same name…..maybe different characters?


    Anyway……it didnt bother me much because i was never posting anyway, but over the last year 2 years ive got absolutely addicted…..and as a result…..ive saw some stuff that makes me feel bad and i thought……mmmm?


    Wonder if that other Thunder Road said some crazy stuff?



    Theres enough split personalities cutting about and…..like it or not…..was i then 1 as well even though i wasnt????



    Thanks to all of you for your kind words today……they have helped more than you will ever know and more than i could have imagined.



    Ive shed a load of tears over the last few more because of you lot……but in a good way, so thank you.



    Gonna shut up now and get the radio on to listen to the game!



    Tonights Walk On is going to be so special……sing it loud Bhoys :)

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