Cheltenham, prosecco and the inevitable ban


Spanish authorities confirmed this morning that La Liga will be played behind closed doors for the next two weeks, leaving only Germany and England from Europe’s big five leagues permitting spectators.  Yesterday the Italian government banned all domestic sporting fixtures until 3 April, meaning Serie A games will not take place, even behind closed doors.

Authorities in Germany and the UK will now come under pressure, especially as leagues in Germany and England attract he highest attendances in the world.  The next move is likely to be in Germany, where the confirmed case number is similar to that in Spain and France.

Case numbers in the UK are a quarter those in Germany, France and Spain, there are still only 321 cases here, but if we follow a similar pattern, that figure will be over 1,000 by the weekend, when we can expect non-essential gatherings to be prohibited.  A ban is in the post.

The Cheltenham Festival runs from today until Friday.  The cynic in you might suggest a ban on sporting events will take place after the last of the Prosecco is supped in Gloucestershire.  I hope we do not see the now-annual player photos from the Festival…

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  1. ” closing in on a…………..






    major investment……..:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))







    The Lavvy Door Must Need Some “Paint”




  2. An Dun @ 11:41 pm



    `Spot on and Neil will be judged (however unfairly) on what he does on Sunday.`



    If Celtic win, he will be judged a success ; if we lose, he will be judged a failure? Is that really what you are saying?




    I think they need to revise the advice then regarding hand washing and touch screen hygiene. Granted not everyone can afford to buy antiseptic wipes but I’m sure careful cleaning of your screen with hand sanitiser would do the trick.


    How the switch to a 3-5-2 formation can help Celtic stop the rot against Rangers



    By Matthew Lindsay


    Chief Football Writer



    Shirley he means ROTTEN RANGERS.


    Looks like it is going to be the year of BILLY GILMOUR.



    Well at least it’s not JOHN GREIG

  6. Here’s my thought for today.


    Turn off your mobile display and look at the screen. That’s what you can see.


    A few sneeze and cough marks there? And the rest.


    There may be some tea/coffee/ beer/wine, etc from the last time somebody made you laugh. 😉






    Correct MATT STEWART caused all the world’s problems.

  8. Nae harm to the lad….


    ……….but if thurs even the tiny bit of bunce the huns might get if he’s ever punted………then we can look forward to many a hagiography………of the former currant. Its aw aboot guid news for those that support the horrible basket of assets.




  9. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Getafe will not got to Milan for Europa tie, says club president



    Getafe will not travel to Milan for Thursday’s Europa League match against Inter due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, even if it means losing the tie, the Spanish club’s president said.



    The region of Lombardy, where Milan is located, is at the epicentre of Europe’s worse coronavirus outbreak which has prompted the Italian government to impose a nationwide lockdown.



    The match at San Siro is due to be played with no fans in attendance.



    “We have looked for an alternative to playing in Milan,” club president Angel Torres told Onda Cero radio.



    “We don’t want to be in the focal point of the coronavirus outbreak, we don’t need that. We have also asked the (Spanish) federation to demand the suspension.”



    Spain on Tuesday decided to cancel all direct flights from Italy – though not to Italy – for two weeks in a bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus.



    “If we have to lose the tie, then we lose it,” said Torres.



    “We don’t want to run any sort of risk. We are really excited about this match but if we have to lose it, then so be it.”

  10. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 11TH MARCH 2020 9:19 AM



    Yep. Plus they wouldnt be able to get home anyway, you can fly to Italy just don’t come back any time soon!




  11. ‘MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 10TH MARCH 2020 6:34 PM


    Health – Ethiopia travel advice – › … › Travel abroad › Foreign travel advice





    Medical treatment There are a number of hospitals in Addis Ababa but only private hospitals offer a reasonable standard of basic care for minor health problems. Dentistry options are especially lacking. Ambulance services are also limited. Outside the capital medical facilities remain extremely poor.












    Out there fixing the world.





    Maybe he should have put his own house in order first.’



    Would this line of thinking apply across the board? For example, someone emigrating and working in another country, let’s say Australia, before everything in their profession, in their mother country is ‘in order’.



    Asking for a friend and wanting to be consistent.

  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    Bit of uneducated guessing here, so excuse that, but a wee swatch at the existing CoVid 19 data throws up some observations.



    One of the problems with tracking the virus seems to be the testing rate. The more tests, the more positives, and vice versa.



    If we allow that countries in Europe are testing at an equivalent rate – by no means a given – then you can see a pattern of positives that pretty much doubles every 3 or 4 days.



    The pattern also shows that Spain is about a week behind Italy, and the UK about 4 days behind Spain.



    As I say, IF the countries are testing at the same rate.



    It’s interesting that the UK Health minister has tested positive from a cohort of just 370 positive cases nationally. The likelihood is that cases are greatly under-reported ahead of symptoms appearing.



    Expect a big jump up in the number of positives in the coming days, where 50 new cases per day becomes 100, becomes 200 etc. Question is when does the graph peak, and that seems to be about a week after it hits 500 new cases per day, plus or minus local measures.



    Looks like by the end of the month the UK will be at peak, meaning virtually everyone will have come into contact with the virus, and around 0.02% becoming ill. Call it 10-15,000 illnesses.



    Wash your hands and keep your old folks off the bus seems to be about the only practical advice.

  13. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ‘Ukraine’s capital Kiev will close schools and universities from tomorrow until the end of March to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, city mayor Vitali Klitschko said.



    He said the city would also restrict mass events in the capital, including concerts and conferences. Cinemas and entertainment areas in shopping malls will also close.



    Ukraine has so far reported one coronavirus case’



    Ukraine acting early…




  14. “Wash your hands and keep your old folks off the bus seems to be about the only practical advice.”



    I don`t know if that was meant to be funny but it made me smile :-))

  15. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Useful information regarding Corona Virus :



    From a young researcher who had been transferred from Shenzhen to Wuhan to collaborate with the task force that is fighting the coronavirus epidemic, we receive and willingly transmit to all of this clear, simple and accessible information, which describe exactly what it is. the virus, how it transfers from one person to another and how it can be neutralized in everyday life.



    Corona virus infection does not cause a cold with a dripping nose or catarrhal cough, but a dry and dry cough: this is the easiest thing to know.



    The virus does not resist heat and dies if exposed to temperatures of 26-27 degrees: therefore often consume hot drinks such as tea, herbal tea and broth during the day, or simply hot water: hot liquids neutralize the virus and it is not difficult to drink them. Avoid drinking ice water or eating ice cubes or snow for those in the mountains (children)!



    For those who can do it, expose yourself to the sun!



    1. The virus crown is quite large (diameter about 400-500 nanometers), therefore any type of mask can stop it: in normal life, special masks are not needed.



    On the other hand, the situation is different for doctors and health professionals who are exposed to heavy virus loads and have to use special equipment.



    If an infected person sneezes in front of you, three meters away they will drop the virus on the ground and prevent it from landing on you.



    2. When the virus is found on metal surfaces, it survives for about 12 hours. So when you touch metal surfaces such as handles, doors, appliances, supports on trams, etc., wash your hands well and disinfect them carefully.



    3. The virus can live nested in clothes and fabrics for about 6/12 hours: normal detergents can kill it. For clothes that cannot be washed every day, if you can expose them to the sun and the virus will die.



    How it manifests itself:



    1. The virus first installs itself in the throat, causing inflammation and a dry throat sensation: this symptom can last for 3/4 days.



    2. the virus travels through the humidity present in the airways, descends into the trachea and installs in the lung, causing pneumonia. This step takes about 5/6 days.



    3. Pneumonia occurs with high fever and difficulty breathing, it is not accompanied by the classic cold. But you may have the feeling of drowning. In this case, contact your doctor immediately.



    How can you avoid it:



    1. Virus transmission occurs mostly by direct contact, touching tissues or materials on which the virus is present: washing hands frequently is essential.



    The virus only survives on your hands for about ten minutes, but in ten minutes many things can happen: rub your eyes or scratch your nose for example, and allow the virus to enter your throat …



    So, for your own good and for the good of others, wash your hands very often and disinfect them!



    2. You can gargle with a disinfectant solution that eliminates or minimizes the amount of virus that could enter your throat: in doing so, you eliminate it before it goes down into the trachea and then into the lungs.



    3. disinfect the PC keyboard and mobile phones



    The new coronavirus NCP * may not show signs of infection for many days, * before which it cannot be known if a person is infected. But by the time you have a fever and / or cough and go to the hospital, your lungs are usually already in 50% fibrosis and it’s too late!



    Taiwanese experts suggest doing a simple check that we can do on our own every morning:



    Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you successfully complete it without coughing, without discomfort, a sense of oppression, etc., this shows that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating essentially no infection.



    In such critical times, do this check every morning in a clean air environment!



    These are serious and excellent advice from Japanese doctors who treat COVID-19 cases. Everyone should make sure that their mouth and throat are moist, never DRY. Drink a few sips of water at least every 15 minutes. WHY? Even if the virus gets into your mouth … water or other liquids will sweep it away through the esophagus and into the stomach. Once in the belly … Gastric acid in the stomach will kill all the virus. If you don’t drink enough water more regularly … the virus can get into your trumpets and lungs. It is very dangerous.



    Share this information with your family, friends and acquaintances, for * solidarity and civic sense * !!!!

  16. Just had a text from my oldest Bhoy who teaches in Cluj. All Romanian schools now closed for between 2-7 weeks.


    Nothing like being specific.


    If COVID-19 hits Forres look for a few fine properties going up for sale.


    I was at a special Mass yesterday, good turn out for midweek, with only a couple of under 60’s there and I wasn’t one of them.




  17. weet weet weet on

    imary school football


    The Rules Of The Game




    Matches shall be played over three unequal periods: two playtimes and lunchtime. Each of these periods shall begin shortly after the ringing of a bell, and although a bell is also rung towards the end of these periods, play may continue for up to ten minutes afterwards, depending on the nihilism or “bottle” of the participants with regard to corporal punishment meted out to latecomers back to the classroom. In practice there is a sliding scale of nihilism, from those who hasten to stand in line as soon as the bell rings, known as “poofs”, through those who will hang on until the time they estimate it takes the teachers to down the last of their G&T’s and journey from the staff room, known as “chancers”, and finally to those who will hang on until a teacher actually has to physically retrieve them, known as “nutters”.


    This sliding scale is intended to radically alter the logistics of a match in progress, often having dramatic effects on the scoreline as the number of remaining participants drops. It is important, therefore, in picking the sides, to achieve a fair balance of poofs, chancers and nutters in order that the scoreline achieved over a sustained period of play – lunchtime, for instance – is not totally nullified by a five-minute post-bell onslaught of five nutters against one. The scoreline to be carried over from the previous period of the match is in the trust of the last nutters to leave the field of play, and may be the matter of some debate. This must be resolved in one of the approved manners (see adjudication).




    The object is to force the ball between two large, unkempt piles of jackets, in lieu of goalposts. These piles may grow or shrink throughout the match, depending on the number of participants and the prevailing weather. as the number of players increases, so shall the piles. Each jacket added to the pile by a new addition to a side should be placed on the inside, nearest the goalkeeper, thus reducing the target area. It is also important that the sleeve of one of the jackets should jut out across the goalmouth, as it will often be claimed that the ball went “over the post” and it can henceforth be asserted that the outstretched sleeve denotes the innermost part of the pile and thus the inside of the post. The on-going reduction of the size of the goal is the responsibility of any respectable defence and should be undertaken conscientiously with resourcefulness and imagination. In the absence of a crossbar, the upper limit of the target area is observed as being slightly above head height, although when the height at which a ball passed between the jackets is in dispute, judgement shall liewith an arbitrary adjudicator from one of the sides. He is known as the best fighter”; his decision is final and may be enforced with physical violence if anyone wants to stretch a point. In games on large open spaces, the length of the pitch is obviously denoted by the jacket piles, but the width is a variable. In the absence of roads, water hazards etc, the width is determined by how far out the attacking winger has to meander before the pursuing defender gets fed up and lets him head back towards where the rest of the players are waiting, often as far as quarter of a mile away. It is often observed that the playing area is “not a full-size pitch”. This can be invoked verbally to justify placing a wall of players eighteen inches from the ball at direct free kicks. It is the formal response to “yards”, which the kick-taker will incant meaninglessly as he places the ball. Tactics Playground football tactics are best explained in terms of team formation. Whereas senior sides tend to choose – according to circumstance – from among a number of standard options (eg 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 5-3-2), the playground side is usually more rigid in sticking to the all-purpose 1-1-17 formation.


    This formation is a sturdy basis for the unique style of play, ball-flow and territorial give-and-take that makes the playground game such a renowned and strategically engrossing spectacle. Just as the 5-3-2 formation is sometimes referred to in practice as “Catenaccio”, the 1-1-17 formation gives rise to a style of play that is best described as “Nomadic”. all but perhaps four of the participants (see also Offside) migrate en masse from one area of the pitch to another, following the ball, and it tactically vital that every last one of them remains within a ten-yard radius of it at all times.




    Much stoppage time in the senior game is down to injured players requiring treatment on the field of play. The playground game flows freer having adopted the refereeing philosophy of “no post-mortem, no free-kick”, and play will continue around and even on top of a participant who has fallen in the course of his endeavours. However, the playground game is nonetheless subject to other interruptions, and some examples are listed below.


    1. Ball on school roof or over school wall.


    The retrieval time itself is negligible in these cases. The stoppage is most prolonged by the argument to decide which player must risk life, limb or four of the belt to scale the drainpipe or negotiate the barbed wire in order to return the ball to play. Disputes usually arise between the player who actually struck the ball and any others he claims it may have struck before disappearing into forbidden territory. In the case of the Best Fighter having been adjudged responsible for such an incident, a volunteer is often required to go in his stead or the game may be abandoned, as the Best Fighter is entitled to observe that (a) “you can’t make me”; or (b) “It’s not my ball anyway”.


    2. Bigger boys steal ball.


    A highly irritating interruption, the length of which is determined by the players’ experience in dealing with this sort of thing. The intruders will seldom actually steal the ball, but will improvise their own kickabout amongst themselves, occasionally inviting the younger players to attempt to tackle them. Standing around looking bored and unimpressed usually results in a quick restart. Shows of frustration and engaging in attempts to win back the ball can prolong the stoppage indefinitely. Informing the intruders that one of the players’ older brother is “Mad Paul Murphy” or some other noted local pugilist can also ensure minimum delay.


    3. Menopausal old bag confiscates ball.


    More of a threat in the street or local green kickabout than within the school walls. Sad, blue-rinsed, ill-tempered, Tory-voting cat-owner transfers her anger about the array of failures that has been her life to nine-year-olds who have committed the heinous crime of letting their ball cross her privet Line of Death. Interruption (loss of ball) is predicted to last “until you learn how to play with it properly”, but instruction on how to achieve this without actually having the bloody thing is not usually forwarded. Tact is required in these circumstances, even when the return of the ball seems highly unlikely, as further irritation of woman may result in the more serious stoppage: Menopausal old bag calls police. Celebration Goal-scorers are entitled to a maximum run of thirty yards with their hands in the air, making crowd noises and saluting imaginary packed terraces. Congratulation by team-mates is in the measure appropriate to the importance of the goal in view of the current scoreline (for instance, making it 34-12 does not entitle the player to drop to his knees and make the sign of the cross), and the extent of the scorer’s contribution. A fabulous solo dismantling of the defence or 25-yard (actually eight yards, but calculated as relative distance because “it’s not a full-size pitch”) rocket shot will elicit applause and back-pats from the entire team and the more magnanimous of the opponents.


    However, a tap-in in the midst of a chaotic scramble will be heralded withthe epithet “poaching bas*ard” from the opposing defence amidst mild acknowledgment from team-mates. Applying an unnecessary final touch when a ball is already rolling into the goal will elicit a burst nose from the original striker.


    Kneeling down to head the ball over the line when defence and keeper are already beaten will elicit a thoroughly deserved kicking.


    As a footnote, however, it should be stressed that any goal scored by the Best Fighter will be met with universal acclaim, even if it falls into any of the latter three categories.




    At senior level, each side often has one appointed penalty-taker, who will defer to a team-mate in special circumstances, such as his requiring one more for a hat trick. The playground side has two appointed penalty-takers: the Best Player and the Best Fighter.


    The arrangement is simple: the Best Player takes the penalties when his side is a retrievable margin behind, and the Best Fighter at all other times. If the side is comfortably in front, the ball-owner may be invited to take a penalty. Goalkeepers are often the subject of temporary substitutions at penalties, forced to give up their position to the Best Player or Best Fighter, who recognise the kudos attached to the heroic act of saving one of these kicks, and are buggered if “little Billy” is going to steal any ofit.


    Close Season


    This is known also as the Summer Holidays, which the players usually spend dabbling briefly in other sports: tennis for a fortnight while Wimbledon is on the telly; pitch-and-putt for four days during the Open; and cricket for about an hour and a half until they discover that it really is as boring to play as it is to watch.

  18. The only ‘good news ‘ for the hun hordes, is another £20 million loan to keep the lights on,dressed up as a share issue, when are those renewals due?

  19. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ‘Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte says he is not ruling out even more restrictive measures in the bid to tackle coronavirus.’

  20. BB – exactly.



    I expect the investors to be “jetting in”, with a “Big Bucks Bounty”………an’ ra Bears will “lap” it up!






    Turkey has its first infected person.Checked flying in from some place,found infected,huckled straight away to isolation.As far as reports go,no one else showing infections on the flight.


    It’s a funny old Virus,Saint.

  22. South Of Tunis on

    Covid 19


    Serious and ever more fractious debate in Italy between those who want an even more severe lockdown and those who are worried re civil liberties.


    In addition -Italian plod have expressed concern re growing public anger (and expression of that anger) being directed at individuals who are perceived to be behaving in a way which threatens the health of others

  23. I would not be surprised if Hollyrood takes action to prevent fans going to games.


    Hopefully it’s after we kill all hope for the huns on “beautiful Sunday”



    Cyber jazz hands to all.

  24. So,the Cunning stunts across the City,have found a way to make the buying of shares from one person to another,a form of,”Investment in the club”.No wonder they are rolling in cash over there.


    It’s becoming a fact that one sheet of toilet roll,is more expensive than a Hun share certificate.

  25. AURORABOREALIS79 on 11TH MARCH 2020 9:52 AM –



    I found that post both informative and pretty reassuring. Thanks for that. TIme to hoover the hoose and see how much dust I can inhale!

  26. according to the Herald, Celtic may be able to ‘stop the rot’ vs rangers(sic) with 3-5-2



    last time i looked we had won 2 out of 3 games and have a trophy and are 13 points clear



    some rot!

  27. I see the mum of Lyra McKee has died of a ” broken heart ”


    Some may say, what relevance is that on a Celtic site.


    Well it’s as relevant as the Bobby Sands diarys ( which is absolutely fine with me too )

  28. South Of Tunis on

    ‘GG @11



    “the 1918 Spanish flu ”



    Retired virologist pal sent me this – it gave me food for thought –



    Gunnison Colorado :the town that dodged the 1918 Spanish Flu

  29. So Greenpinata



    What far right neo liberal pish are you gonna come out with today which you apparently have no view on


    – although if that were the case why post it in the first place?

  30. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Interesting observations – in the UK, Germany and Ireland health officials have warned that anything from 60-80% of the population could be infected with coronavirus so I am not sure about a peak in a few weeks. Of course it is possible, or even likely, that a peak for this winter is reached in a few weeks, before there is a dip, and a resurgence of the virus towards the end of the year, which may be what the health officials are referring to when they state those alarming figures.



    I guess no one knows for sure. Slightly encouraging that places near the epicentre in China are slowly returning to work but clearly there is a lot worse in store for us imminently before things get better.




  31. Frankterry,




    Far right : Are you having a giraffe?



    If I’m to identify myself politically, I’m probably soft left , believing that the poorest and most vulnerable in society need our help.



    Now what are you?

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