Conceding penalties and red cards at Hampden


Celtic have won two of the last six available domestic cup competitions, leaving four trophies for others. We conceded penalty kicks on three of the four cup games we lost during that time, Aberdeen’s win at Celtic Park in February 2015 is the only occasion in three years we’ve gone out of a domestic cup competition without conceding a penalty during the elimination game.

We were rotten in the cup against Aberdeen but that aside, the lesson is clear, if you want to knock Celtic out of a cup, win a penalty.

The two Hampden semi-finals we lost during that period, to Inverness and Ross County, saw us receive red cards at the penalty incidents (all merited). If you want to make doubly sure of knocking Celtic out of the cup, do what you can to lure then into a red card challenge, especially if you can do it inside the box.  This is the most effective way to beat Celtic.

There are things we can do to mitigate the danger.  Efe (against Ross County) and Erik (against Partick) both conceded penalties by making a challenge from the wrong side of the opponent.  Attempting to make up for being out of position causes more penalty kicks than bad refereeing ever will.    If a player is clear through on goal and you’re the wrong side, get close to him, but don’t tackle and don’t clatter into the back of him.

We all noticed the remarkable attention given to one of Scott Brown’s challenges against Hearts last week.  The subliminal message here was “Scott Brown makes red card challenges”.  Watch for this playing out at Hampden on Sunday.  Scott and Stefan Johansen are the two Celtic players who cover ground quickly.  They are likely to ‘arrive’ at several dozen challenges on Sunday at speed and need to be alert to opponents attempting to ‘buy’ a red card.

We can afford to lose games across the league campaign, but in cup football, the rules have to be:

Keep 11 men on the field
Don’t concede a penalty

If, in cup games, Celtic achieve this, and do their job to a moderate standard, they will go on and win the double.

Oh, and six days before a big cup game we get stories about our backroom team potentially heading to Sunderland.  Aye, sure thing.  First thing I did was check if the ‘news’ came from journos in Sunderland or Glasgow.  Apparently it’s the Glasgow journos who know more about what’s happening in Sunderland than those from Sunderland.  I’m taking a sweep on which Celtic player will be mentioned as a ‘love rat’ this week.

CQN Open Golf Day, 2016

I know the golf types are all excited this morning………. that the closing date for application to attend the 12th annual CQN Open Golf Day will be two weeks from today, Monday 25 April.  After this date we will use the SFA’s best cup-draw techniques to allocate places.

The event takes place at the magnificent Aberdour course in Fife on Friday, 29 July.  Email Taggsybhoy if you would like to attend for the golf, or just for the evening meal and entertainment: .  This year we’re helping Glasgow the Caring City’s Refugee Work (which is at an important stage right now), and the John O’Byrne Foundation.  More soon.
CQN Golf Open 2016

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  1. Good Afternoon.



    Here is a quick round-up of the most recent tidings from Clumpany Towers!



    Firstly, something congratulating Sevco on their Petrofac ‘glory’ and asking if anyone will EVER sort out the Hampden pitch




    Secondly, a systematic demolition of some quite breathtaking nonsense in yesterday’s Sunday Mail. Did you know – for example – that Celtic are a ‘tribute act’?




    And finally, news about my new hobby….




    Have a great day!

  2. What is the Stars on

    hi Twists



    I managed to have €10 each way on Rule The World at 50/1 morning price on saturday

  3. As I was saying before Paul67 spoiled it all.



    Suggestions from Twitter that our most dedicated fans aren’t as interested in Sunday as many might have hoped. Interesting.

  4. Wits


    I picked out 3. Goonyella, Many clouds, and, Rule the world. Kids asked me the most likely. I told them Rule the World. Only had a fiver ew at 50/1, and whilst happy enough, I foolishly put Goonyella up as my CQN nap





    I said last week it will be unlucky on Tarts if they have



    to come to home of the champions 3 times.








    I am more interested in precedent set that run away winners



    of Championship are lowest seeds and if plucky winners this season



    will get the same fate.




    Hopefully they wont get into top 6



    But can you imagine outrage if they have to play



    extra game away from home ? or at a venue



    that doesn’t fit their agenda





    You come across as a reasonably intelligent person.




    I am sure you understand that by the culprit not using the word threat but going to the trouble of finding a picture of Auldied and posting it publicly on a social media forum that action in itself is the threat rather than the person typing something along the lines of ‘Auldheid, I know who you are and I this is a threat”.




    You cannot deny the action of finding and posting a picture of someone in order to identify them publicly is a threat to that person whether you intend to carry out a threatening action against them yourself or otherwise in hope that someone else will carry out a threatening action against them, which as you know as well as I do was the intent.




    So please stop your obfuscating on that point as it just reduces the strength of any other argument you are attempting to make.





  7. What is the Stars on




    I actually thought shutthefrontdoor had a better chance and backed that also










    I have been saying this for years. It will lead to some unlucky decisions, but should cut out inconsistency, and should lead to less………..ahem, cough cough…………honest mistakes.



    I would rather lose to bad luck than bent refereeing.









    I’ve always thought that it should be dependent on one single point.



    Was an advantage gained by the handball?




    HUNDERBIRDS – consistency (or rather lack of it) is the main problem and the thing that gets fans most annoyed. No need for me to highlight examples of when we have felt aggrieved – would be a long list!



    BMCUWP – good shout mate, but it still leaves room for interpretation. I’d just award for any handball – then no need to determine anything further. Cruel but fair! LOL!

  9. Stars


    A few years ago I narrowed the field using the same system I use every year. I say narrowed, but I was left with 8. I thought I’m not betting all 8, so instead of knocking out the lowest rated on my system , I knocked out the 3 biggest priced ones. One of those ? Mon mome!


    On Saturday again I had 6 and this time knocked out the three lowest rated leaving 3, and fortunately I had Rule the world at the top.


    Once bitten………….

  10. MOONBEAMSWD on 11TH APRIL 2016 12:15 PM





    You come across as a reasonably intelligent person.



    I am sure you understanding that by the culprit not using the word threat but going to the trouble of finding a picture of Auldied and posting it publically on a social media forum the action in itself is the threat rather than the person typing something along the lines of ‘Auldheid, I know who you are and I this is a threat”.






    You cannot deny the action of finding and posting a picture of someone in order to identify them publicaly is a threat to that person whether you intend to carry out a threatening action against them yourself or otherwise in hope that someone else will carry out a threatening action against them, which as you know as well as I do was the intent



    So please stop your obfuscating on that point as it just reduces the strength of any other argument you are attempting to make.













    MWD. I don’t understand what you mean.



    The debate between me and Auldheid about use of the word ‘threat’ concerned the posts of Yakutsuki on SFM and has nothing to do with what happened to Auldheid’s picture published on social media.



    Of course I have sympathy with Auldheid. On a personal level, I know how he feels, and I’ve told him so.

  11. “Twitter rumours” about Fergus and PL jumping ship…?



    It MUST be true. Or is there a big game coming up?



    Even if it were true, I don’t think it would be released into the public domain just before a cup semi final (against a second division team with nothing to lose and everything to gain).




  12. Kill Ultra



    Auldheid, my reasons for starting the issue are quite clear. In my opinion the Resolution 12 project was taken over prior to the 2013 by Celtic Plc. Since then the Plc has dictated the pace and direction, controlling completely the non-action and delays with the connivance of you and the other resolutioners.




    Your opinion is wrong because it is misinformed.


    The reasons why the route chosen is what it was have been explained. Provenance of the evidence, the veil on which will be raised after the court cases.


    Then there are the delays at our end down to time constraints and finding resources to back our case. You have no idea of the effort but if you think at this juncture it should all be set out then I don’t question your motives, but I do question your judgement and timing.



    You can accept the reasons given or or disbelieve them. Your choice. I know what took place and have been as open as I could be in the circumstances.



    Time will tell the truth and I welcome the day it does. For now wait and see.

  13. Kill Ultra



    Whether or not the apparent raising of the idea of a threat came from TSFM or otherwise via the public display of Auldheid’s picture on twitter. The threat is there and it is public.



    Time for you to concede the point as the threat is evident no matter were it was made.



    As I said obfuscating on this point renders all your other points meaningless. At least it does in my opinion.



    I am sure a resolution, if your intentions are honest (not for me to question but there is obvious suspicion from the guys with regards your intentions), would be for you to identify yourself to one of the four guys in the present rather than referencing an email dated back 3 years ago, meet up with one of them and discuss the merits or otherwise of your argument then move on from there.



    Seems simples to me.




  14. glendalystonsils on

    I would have thought ,going by the amount of stick PL gets on here, that the Sunderland stories would be more of a boost than a dampener of spirits.

  15. Paul67 et al



    Scott Brown of course is more than capable of getting himself sent off, when he puts his mind to it. Who can forget his attempts at trying to kick Neymar at the Emirates back in 2011 and who on here will fail to remember Scott finally catch up with the Brazilian? Two years later against Barcelona at nil nil at Celtic Park. Patience is the key!

  16. Greenpinata @ 9:22 am




    “The game next Sunday, whether we like it or not will stir emotions among our support that the same semi final against any other team would not. ( Ticket demand and pub sell outs will justify that statement)”



    I understand that and I predicted it but it is happening because people miss them and the edge they will, supposedly, bring to the competition.





    “They are a different club with a four year history but their followers are even more vile in their new life.’



    There is a section of their support who have become embittered by the narrative they have been fed of having been demoed/ punished. Their vileness has never been a factor in deciding whether I should attend or not.





    “And I do not think our manager will survive a defeat. For that reason alone it has got to be worth supporting our team.”



    Interesting change of nouns with manager and team. Surely, if it is the manager that is under threat, that is who we should attend to support. But that is not the reason why all the absentees who stayed away (because of the manager or the board or the pies) are flocking back for this one. It is to see the mighty gers tribute act and there is no getting away from that. If we are going to see them as a new club we need to recognise that some of us have that itch and that need to play them .





    SFTB said – Do you not think we would just be buying in big time to their narrative that we need them, miss them, and will put up with anything, even cheating, to have that enmity back again?




    “To answer your question. In a word No.


    We have no say or choice in who we play. We only have a choice in whether we support our team or not.”




    It is true, as you say, that we have no choice in who we play but we do have a choice in who we turn up to watch. The people who have stayed away from other matches and other SC semi finals will turn up for this one. Why are they going to be there on this occasion? It is not because it is Celtic playing as they have missed other games where Celtic played. It is not because there is a cup final place at stake as they have dodged many previous semi finals but won’t dare miss this one. The only factor unique to this fixture is the presence of a team in blue who are based at Ibrox, and some of us will, wittingly or unwittingly, play into the same club narrative by preserving our hatred for this different club.







    “Defeat is unthinkable and the consequences will be great.”



    And that is the sad bit. Because we have led ourselves to a place where defeat (to them, but not to Morton or Ross Co.) is unthinkable and will lead to sackings, we have invested more than it is worth in the outcome of this particular semi-final. It will be another demand to a dead man walking manager raising the stakes that, no matter what else is achieved, defeat to Sevco will completely undermine this.



    And so we move onto next season. If we lose to the Ibrox club on any of the 3 or 4 league matches, is that unthinkable too? Or we get them again in a cup competition, will losing be a managerial sacking offence? If not, why just for this particular match at this particular time?



    It is inevitable that, if we are forced to play them, we will eventually draw with them and lose to them. We are going to have to accept that, suck it up and live with it like we lived with it in the past.



    I am fully aware of the realpolitik that supports your argument. There will be bums on seats next week and hype and O** F*** “banter” galore.



    And even if we win the match, we will still have lost a little.







  17. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on




    Number one story in the Herald’s sports section today:



    “Colin Kazim-Richards should have been sent off against Motherwell”



    It even knocks the Training Cup and Broonie off the top spot – Kazim must have been bad (although I don’t remember seeing him do anything to merit a red…).

  18. Interesting quote from Warburton- Note the order in which he lists the two Glasgow clubs



    “My concern is if we have any adverse weather this week. If we have adverse weather Thursday or Friday, Hibs v Dundee United on the Saturday and then Celtic v Rangers on Sunday. I’m not sure how you bed a new pitch in over three days but I’m not an expert on ­surfaces.”

  19. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    “I’m not an expert on ­surfaces.” Warburton.


    Really? I thought he was.

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    Latest news on Sunday’s game. If I was Lawwell I would be very concerned:



    “A limited number of tickets are now on sale to Season Ticket holders on a first come, first served basis.



    Bookings will be limited to a maximum of 4 tickets. 4 individual client references will be required.”

  21. I have no interest in watching a SEVCO tribute act in the flesh at Hampden or paying money to support the SFA, primarily because I hate their supporters and feel there could well be a lot of unrest after we dismantle them.



    Stay safe anybody who is going.

  22. glendalystonsils on

    There is a subject on which Mark Warburton is not an expert…………..shocker!!

  23. I don’t go to Hampden at all, 1 it’s a dump, 2 it’s money for the SFA, , I’v no problem with anyone who goes, that’s up to them, but it seems that we are not rushing to buy tickets as others said we would, but you won’t read that in the SMSM.

  24. saltires en sevilla on

    Jungle Jim



    Yes well spotted!



    My understanding is that he was ‘the’ expert on matters relating to surfaces for playing football on!



    That of course and being a City Trader worth lodsamoney



    ….and….getting sacked by 2nd tier Brentford!



    Anything I missed?

  25. —–



    Dear Oh Dear….



    Yon ‘KILL ULTRA’ Is A Slippery Cove..!



    Seemingly At Pains To Tell Us All That He ‘Goes To Chapel’…..



    As If This Somehow Confirms His Somewhat Dubious Credentials.



    Funny How Kenzo Yakutsaki Confirmed That ‘He Was Such A Good Tim’…



    That They Went On Vacation Together..



    But NO Mention Of Them Going To Vigils,Benedictions ….Or Even Lightin’ Candles Together…



    Never Mind Anythin’ Oan The Fancy Architecture Of The Spanish Churches..



    When They Were O’er In The Costas..



    We’ve Had A Word Wi’ Oor Future Director Of The CIA….



    An’ His Trusty Assistant,Molly Norris….



    An’ We’ve Come Up With A FOOLPROOF PLAN…..



    Tae Check The Veracity Of Mr KILL ULTRA’s Claims….



    We Can Do It On The Blog…




    In The Next Hauf Hour…..



    But First…A SINGLE Piece Of Personal Information From YOU….



    Would Immeasurably Help Our Assessment





    In Which DECADE Were You Born ?







    Then…If You Wish To Take The Challenge…..



    We Will Commence In 15minutes….



    With A Series Of Questions On “My First Catechism”…








  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Souness might have just gave HMRC exactly what they have been looking for……admittance of the EBT purposes.


    He said his EBT was for scouting work…..

  27. Paul67


    Looks like it ‘s what you didn’t say rather than what you did!!


    I’d be very surprised if we finish the game , a, with 11 men, and b, without conceding a penalty. Stonewall guarantee.


    However, the mindset must be, we are a million miles better than them, so let’s see the gulf in class, and don not do what was done the last time we played them, that is show mercy. We seriously let them off the hook the last time. My motto – -Never give a mug an even break




  28. Bada



    Just watched the clip on Twitter. I’m amazed he was asked about it in the first place! Why now?



    My God he looks uncomfortable :-)

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